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Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

The 1987 Bomb 

Volume Ninety-Three 

Virginia Military Institute 

Lexington, Virginia 

"Oldest College Annual In Ttie South" 

Andrew C. Campi 


Kenneth R. Devero, II 


Brian J. Keith 


Scott P. McCumber 


Thomas K. Struckmeyer 


2 Introduction 

Table of Contents 

Introduction 4 

Cadet Life 8 

Institute 66 

Organizations p4 

Corps 130 


Fourth Class 164 

Third Class 188 

Second Class 212 

First Class 242 

Sports 338 

Outrage 384 

Advertisements 388 

Index 430 

The Man VMI Molds 

Upon encountering VMI for the first time a young man is 
overwhelmed by the difference between what college is and 
what he perceived it to be. 

When a mother leaves her little boy at the gate of "Mother 
1" she is leaving her son in good hands or so she thinks. 
Throughout the year she invisions her sons' fresheman year. 
He grows, matures, and becomes the model cadet. Soon she 
receives her sons' first letter. He complains about the food 
and the treatment he gets as a rat. Mother quickly writes back 
sending food, love, kisses, and reassurances knowing that 
things are not nearly as bad as he makes them out to be. 

A new Cadet arrives in the hot months of summer and is 
quickly indoctrinated into the VMI system. The young man 
just out of high school must learn about the Honor Code, the 

military system, and must take part in the physical activities of 
the ratline. By the end of the first month here he is familiar 
with the VMI system. Parents' Weekend roles around in Octo- 
ber, and is a very big occassion for Rats and Parents alike. 
Parents quickly notice the big change in their sons' personal- 
ity. Gone are the timid mannerisms of high school, there is a 
sureness to his voice and movements. He becomes increasing- 
ly aware, with each praise he recieves from his parents, that 
VMI is changing him. His mother notices the change in pos- 
ture, and the gain in strength. Maybe things are not as bad as 
her son describes them(?) She hopes not, but is proud of her 
sons accomplishments, and the increase in selfconfidence that 
her son displays, and is the hallmark of the VMI man. 
When Thanksgiving arrives, the rat goes home and every- 

From Summer 

4 Introduction 

one can see the difference. After the Christmas 
break the rat returns not knowing what to expect, 
and by this point, not really caring. His thoughts, 
and energy are channeled towards breakout. Once 
the rats break out of the ratline they are considered 
to be cadets and are treated accordingly. During 
the first year all a rat has to look forward to is 
Breakout. After seeing his dykes leave, a rat now 
realizes that he is on his own and the third class 
year is quickly approaching 

Coming back after a seemingly short summer, 
the new third classman must accept new responsi- 
bilities. Some may be corporals and others choose 
the road of private. The major change in the third 
class year is that a cadet must learn to organize his 
time. This year is usually a traumatic change from 
rat year and many fall by the wayside due to 
grades. Hence the third class year is often called 
the academic ratline. At the end of the third class 
year there is not much to look forward to unless 
one attends camp or goes on second class cruise. 
At this point the cadet is half way to becoming the 
VMl man. 

Another memory filled year has passed and the 
cadet now looks forward Ring Figure and life as a 
second classman. Everything during the first semes- 
ter is geared towards the big weekend. "Romanc- 
ing the Stone" comes and goes and the second 
must now think about the academics that lay 
ahead. The major changes during the junior year 
and the new and greater responsibilies that the 
cadet has brings one more respect in the Corps. 
The second classmen are often leaders of clubs, 
organizations, and outfits within the corps. This 
year also prepares one for the trials that the first 
class year will bring. 

With the advent of his senior year the cadet now 
realizes that he runs barracks. When parent's week- 
end arrives, the mothers of the one half that have 
survived are justifiably proud. She now sees that 

To Fall 

Introduction 5 

model cadet she once invisioned. In the final year as a cadet, 
the rat system once again becomes an important part of cadet 
life. It is the first class that will set the example and encourage 
the rats along the straight and narrow path that will get him 
through VMI. First class year does not end too soon and 
graduation is the most important thing that will happen to a 
cadet. When the day comes, the happiness in the faces of 
parents, girlfriends, and family is easy to see. 

If one was to take pictures of the rat and the now graduat- 
ing first classman it is easy to see a great difference. The 
change that has occurred over the four years is remarkable. 

Standing before his parents and loved ones is the VMI Man. 
This man has proven that he can withstand strains and pres- 
sures the average college student does not encounter. This 
man has also proven himself to be honorable and has passed 
the main test at VMI, which is "to be whatever one resolves to 
be." As he filters out into the life after VMI many things will be 
expected of the VMI man, as well they should be. It is this man 
that will accomplish not only those tasks asked of him, but 
many more. Thus, the tradition and excellence of VMI will be 
carried on, through this, the newest VMI Man. 

Through Winter 

6 Introduction 

To Spring 

Introduction 7 

Growing In Our Surroundings 

Cadet Life 

New Market 

Throughout the history of the Virginia Military Insitute, it is very easy to find 
examples citizen soldiers. None, however, exemplify the ideal of the citizen 
soldier better than the cadets that fought in the battle of New Market. 

"Many of the boys were still awoke a few hours later when, at nine o'clock, 
the clatter of horse's hoofs come up the avenue in front of the barracks. Then 
the drums began beating the long roll for the emergency, and the sleepy 
cadets arose, quickly dressed and assembled. In the darkness they could see a 
small group of officers gathered about a lantern near the statue of Washington 
in front of barracks' archway. They were reading something. Then the adjutant 
read it to the assembled corps. It was a dispatch from former Vice-President of 
the United States, Maj. Gen John C. Brekinridge. Sigel was moving up the Valley. 
He was at Strasburg, probably heading for Staunton. 1 would be glad to have 
your assistance at once,' the dispatch said. The order was read amid breathless 
silence. Then, parade dismissed, the companies broke ranks one by one to make 
their preparations for the march to Staunton. As they went, wrote Cadet John s. 
Wise, 'the air was rent with wild cheering at the thought that hour was come at 
last.'" (The Battle Of New Market by William C. Davis.) 

It was at about 2:45 that Sunday afternoon, exactly one year otter Gen. 
Stonewall Jackson had been laid to rest, that Gen. Breckinridge called on Col. 
Scott Ship and the Corps to fill the gap in the confederate line. "Put the boys in . 
. .," he said, "and may God forgive me for the order." 

Indeed they were "put in" and it was through their input that the confederate 
forces mounted a major victory in the battle for the Shenandoah Valley. As the 
confederate line weakened, the Corps became front line troops. Then, under 
heavy fire, charged up Bushong Hill and siezed one of the Union connons. 

After the battle five cadets lay dead, five others lay mortally wounded, and 
47 others recieved wounds that day. As a result of the actions of the New 

10 Cadet Life 

Cadet Life 

(Copy continued from page 10) 

Market Cadets, the Virginia Military In- 
stitute became the only military col- 
lege in the nation to enter, as a unit, a 
decisive battle. 

To commemorate those cadets 
who fought and died at New Market, 
each year a special parade is held on 
May 15th. During the ceremony 
wreaths are placed at the foot of 
each of the six cadets buried on post. 
Roll is taken at the parade, and ten 
extra names are called. These names 
belong to the cadets who "died on 
the field of honor" at New Market. A 
cadet honor guard fires a salute to 
honor the New Market Cadets. Stand- 
ing in front of the six graves is a statue 
of "Virginia Mourning Her Dead". This 
statue, sculpted by Sir Moses Ezekiel 
who fought as a cadet at New Mar- 
ket, contains four bronze plates of 
which the names of all the cadets who 
participated in the Battle are listed. 

As the names of the cadets who 
"died on the field of honor" echo 
across the parade ground, one can 
not help but be reminded of the uliti- 
mate sacrifice made by these men, 
which is the Spirit that is VMI. 

12 Cadet Life 

Cadet Life 13 

Alumni Weekend 

Spring 1986 

The Class of 1936 presents General Sam 
S. Walker with its generous endowment. 
The Class of 1936 upholds the giving tradi- 
tion of VMI Alumni which has developed 
over the past years. The VMI Foundation, 
which receives the endowment, will divide 
up the large sum of money amongst the 
different departments and organizations that 
are represented at VMI. It is on the support 
of its Alumni that VMI survives and thrives 
as one of America's finest Institutions. 

Also present at VMI Class Reunions are 
some of its oldest and greatest supporters. 
In the Spring of 1986, the classes of 1921 
and 1926 showed the "new corps" how the 
"old corps" used to march on the parade 
ground. The Spirit shown by the classes of 
'21 and '26 is typical of all classes that have 
graduated from VMI. These VMI men lay 
the foundation on which future VMI men will 
be built. 

14 Cadet Life 

Graduation 1986 

On May 17. 1986, VMI. once again said 
goodbye to a fine class that exemplified 
what the "I" stands for. The Class of 1986 
left its mark on VMI and on the classes that it 
left behind. In the future, '86 will, no doubt, 
carry on the tradition of giving to the Insti- 
tute that gave them so much. 

Commencement exercises began with the 
customary Graduation Review Parade. The 
Review is taken by General Sam S. Walker 
and the Class Agents of 1986. A-lO's gave 
an extra thrill to the ceremonies as they gave 
their own pass in review. Needless to say, 
the crowd was impressed with both the 
Corps and the Air Force's A-lO's. 

After the parade, the Corps forms in old 
barracks to watch the release of all the sta- 
tus slips that had been distributed during the 
year. The is the final sign of the closing of 
another school year. All that is left is the 
partying and the cleaning of barracks. Con- 
gratulations Class of 1986. 

Cadet Life 15 

Matriculation 1986 

On a rainy August 20th, 452 hiigti 
schiool graduates from all across thie 
world decided to make Virginia Military 
Institue their choice for higher educa- 
tion. It was a long evening the night 
before, and an even longer day. The 
morning began as the matriculants 
dropped their luggage inside old bar- 
racks and made their way to Camer- 
ron Hall, 

Once there each matriculant vistit- 
ed with his academic advisors and dis- 
cussed plans for the next year. Finishing 
this he then preceded to sign the ma- 
triculation book and become a "New 
Cadet". The New Cadet signed many 
papers and recocds and preceded 
down the hall, he found waiting for him 
a new commandant and an eager 
Class of 87, New changes in the ad- 
ministration were evident as the First 
Class ran The entire matriculation pro- 
cess. At this piont the New Cadet was 
given his rot bible and a few other 
words of encourgement from the Rat 
Disiplinary Committee, 

Worried parents, confused rats, and 
an efficient cadre could be seen ev- 
erywhere on this day. Each New Ca- 
det recieved the same Culture shock 
given to thousands before him. Later 
that evening, after a full day of mov- 
ing, running around, and screaming, 
the New Cadets were given a special 
invitation by the First Class to take on 
VMI, The New Cadet moss was 
brought to the new courtyard and 
charged by the First Class President to 
accept the VMI challenge. Each in at- 
tendance warily accepted. The mass 
then met their dykes in a short sweat 
party. Following this they were led to 
J,M. Hall where they met the R.D.C, 
Here they were fought how to stand 
attention VMI style. When they re- 
turned to barracks they were met by 
the Cadre, and walked the Rat Line for 
the first time. They were now Rats. 
They were now our rats, they be- 
longed to us, The Class of 87. 

16 Cadet Life 

Cadet Life 17 

Fall Alumni Weekend 

Fall Alumni Weekend was held this 
year on the weekend of 18-20 Sep- 
tember. The weather again as In the 
past few years during Alumni weekend 
was threatening rain. However, as all 
the VMI family know, if there Is to be a 
parade or Alumni function, it will be 
held come rain, sleet, snow, or high 

As is the norm during Alumni week- 
ends, old grads began to arrive early in 
the week. They could be seen all over 
post as they tried to re-acquaInt 
themselves with old, but unforgettable 
surroundings. Friday evening the Alum- 
ni were in full force, as the lights and 
noise from Moody Hall were blaring all 
night. Saturday morning was an event- 
ful one with class pictures, the parade, 
and following these, a luncheon. Short- 
ly after this, all turned out to watch the 
Keydets on the gridiron. 

For their 25th reunion, the Class of 
1961 presented The Alumni Foundation 
with a very healthy donation of over 
2.5 million dollars. This project was the 
highlight of the Class of 61 's reunion. 
Although the football was unable to 

come away with a victory against Fur- 
man, activities, parades, and tailgate 
parties gave rise to an Incredible and 
unforgetful weekend. The Alumni from 
the VMI classes that have gone before 

us definately showed us that the 
VMI spirit does not die, but grows. 
Their support and devotion to VMI 
are unsurpassed by any. 

«* , 


=- %^.^IBt,:J 



, J 




Cadet Life 

General Walker shows off the check presented to 
the Alumni Foundation by the Class of 1961, The 
Class of '61 was visibly proud of its accomplishment, 

Classes prepare to pass in review following Satur- 
day's parade during Alumni weekend. (left) 

The Classes of '61 and '71 take in the Review by the 
Corps. Each class eagerly awaits its chance to pass 
in review again, as it once did. (top left) 

From atop the sentinel box and in the courtyard, 
classes form to give their respective Old Yells as led 
by their class officers and the cheerleaders, (bot- 
tom left) 

Cadet Life 19 

Homecoming Hops 

For the second year in a row. Homecoming Hops fell 
before Opening Hops (which is pretty consistent with other 
forms of logic that prevail at VMI). Nonetheless, Hops at VMI 
are something special. They are a time to escape from the 
regular routine, and even enjoy the company of a lady. 
Those cadets with girlfriends in their home towns find rides or 
make flight reservations. For many, the weekend will be 
worth flying girlfriends in from as for away as Chicago, New 
York, and Mississippi. 

Hops begin with the Friday night formal ball, and continue 
through Saturday night with the informal dance. Often, Sat- 
urday "mourning" classes are slept through as cadets try to 
recover from the night before. 

Following the parade that afternoon, cadets and their 
dotes proceed to one of the most "cherished" events of 

20 Cadet Life 

the weekend . . . the Saturday afternoon football game. 
Soon afterwards, many return to their hotel rooms for more 
rest and relaxation. That evening it's another night of ro- 
mance on the dance floor. 

Homecoming Hops were especialy enjoyable as even 
some alumni deciced to attend the dances. If they are not 
at the hops, their presence is most definitely felt afterwards. 
Various types of partying continue all through the night, as 
cadets moke the most of a short weekend. The hop week- 
end comes to on all to familiar end with the ladies leaving 
their grey clad knights in fronts of barracks and bidding 
them fare-the-well with a most gratifying . . . handshake? 

Cadet Life 21 





cm as 




ime of 

in' roduc- 

e ^ect 1 


y Du 

Homecoming denotes mor« 
the football teams retum 
away game. At VMI it is also in 
true Homecoming for Alumni f 
far back as fifty years or mi 
cadet, past or present, can 
that VMI is your home while 
here. Homecoming becomes a 
renewing old friendships, and ' 
ing friends to a very special par of the 
VMI community. Those who knc iw VMI 
ore amazed at how little thing s have 
changed. Those who are newlto VMI 
are just amazed. 

In a school where social lifd is ex- 
tremely limited, few events or s more 
anticipated than the dan ;es or 
"hops" of which there are six p year. 

None of these is 
collective anticipation 
the corps than 
event took place on 
20th. Cadets and 
preparations as early 
are hotel rooms to be 
to be invited, and num 
tivities to prepare for 
The weekend begins 
on Friday followed 
dance that evening. A 
tinues with parties in 
ington, cadets live an 
one of the biggest 
Early Saturday morning 
to post for their varioui 
They then swear migh 

awa led with more 
on the port of 
September 19th- 
AIl Tini alike start 
as May. There 
r 3served, dates 
reus other ac- 
the weekend, 
the parade 
the formal 
the night con- 
hotel in Lex- 
Alumni relive 
of the year, 
cadets return 
status checks, 
ily as the Offi- 

Horr ecoming. 

V ith 


ev jry 

eve its 

cer-in-Charge runs his midnight inspec- 
tion. Effectively (?) reducing the 
amount of revelry. 

Saturday morning, after classes, ca- 
dets rush to parade and then to the 
football game. Although the team 
didn't fare to well against Furman (34 
to 3) Alumni Memorial Stadium was the 
scene of much "discreet" partying. 
Those couples not yet exhausted from 
the day's events will dance the night 
away at the informal that evening. 

The weekend draws to a close on 
Sunday with Alumni downing Alka-Selt- 
zer and promising to see each other 
sometime. Cadets and their dates say 
farewell on post and at airports, all 
leaving with a weekend to remember. 

22 Cadet Life 

Representing Charlie Company . . . 

The '86 Homecoming 

The Charlie Company Representa- 
tive was BethBruce, a 20 year old Mu- 
sic major at the University of North Car-- 
olina at Greensboro. Her intrests and 
hobies include modeling and music. 
She was escorted by 3rd Classman Mi- 
chael G Murray. 

Cadet Life 23 

The '86 Homecoming Court 

The Alpha Company Co-Representative was Teeki 
Taylor, a 21 year old English major at Sweet Briar College. 
Her interests and hobbies are horseback riding, water 
skiing, and dancing. She was escorted by 2nd Classman 
Mackey W. Carr. 

The Band Company Representative was Alison Tem- 
ple, an 18 yearold Business major at Radford University. 
Her interests and hobbies ore dancing, volleyball and the 
beach. She was escorted by 3rd Classman Michael E. 

24 Cadet Life 

The Bravo Company Representative was ShielbyLee 
Price, a 21 year old Communications major at Mary 
Baldwin College. Her interests and hobbies are horse- 
back riding, dancing, and going to the beach. She 
was escorted by 1st Classman William T. Williamson. 

The Alpha Company Co-Representative was Debo- 
rah Wellman, a 20 year old Finance major at Towson 
State University. Her interests and hobbies are model- 
ing, jogging, going to the beach, and dancing. She 
was escorted by 3rd Classman Brian J. Shotto. 

Cadef Life 25 

The Delta Company Representative was Pamela 
Smitti, an 18 year old Biology major at the University of 
Delaware. Her interests and hobbies are swimming, sail- 
ing, and dancing. She was escorted by 3rd Classman 
Steven L. Frankel. 

26 Cadet Life 

The Foxtrot Company Representative was Kristen 
Kreassig, a 21 year old English major at Sweet Briar Col- 
lege. Her interests and hobbies are drawing, dancing, 
and journalism. She was escorted by 2nd Classman David 
S. Carter, 

The Echo Company Representative 
was Caroline Walker, a 19 year old Bi- 
ology and French major at Mary Bal- 
dwin College. Her interests and hob- 
bies are photography, snow skiing, and 
hiking. She was escorted by 2nd Class- 
man James P. Tuemler. 

Cadet Life 27 

The Golf Company Representative was Cindie Cum- 
mings, a 21 year old Communications major at Mary 
Baldwin College. Her interests and tiobbies are student 
government and television production. Shie was escort- 
ed by 1st Classman W. Clark Barnes. 

The Hotel Company Representative was Syl- 
via Fraker, an 18 year old office secretary in 
McLean, Va. Her interests and hobbies ore 
dancing, swimming, and jogging. She was es- 
corted by 3rd Classman Michael R. BilJunas. 

28 Cadet Life 

The India Company Representative was Laura Jones, a 
20 year old Education major at Radford University. Her 
interests and hobbies are outdoor activities and working 
with children. She was escorted by 2nd Classman M. Ray 

Cadet Life 29 

A Weekend For Parents . . . 

Here at the I, there are numerous 
activities that cadets have to look for- 
ward to. Hops, Corps trips, and open 
weekends readily come to mind. Yet 
perhaps the most emotional event of 
the year, save graduation, is Parents 

Parents Weekend is a time that 
comes once a year. During these 
three days cadets and even rats, can 
relax, sit back and have a good time. 
When the parents come, the hotels 
are booked, the restaurants are full, 
and the parade ground becomes a 
KOA Campground, and most impor- 
tantly, the food boxes are filled. All the 
VMI poraphonalia, and propaganda 
that we see sitting in the PX all year, 
suddenly disappears from the shelves. 

Perhaps no where else on this earth 
are there so many stories told in such a 
short time. The Rats have been here 
for nearly seven weeks, and their par- 
ents are the only ones who will listen to 
their exploits. Over those past seven 

weeks, the emotions and frustrations 
of the Rat have built up to intoleroble 
levels. Dykes are apathetic towards 
the RAt's emotions for they have all 
been through it before. But the parents 
will listen, and to talk to someone who 
really cares, is a feeling rarely 

Parents weekend is also a joyous 
time for the upperclossmen as well. 
Theyn too have stories that they want 
to tell. Everyone has problems, and it is 
good to share them with loved ones. 
Of course it is nice to share all the 
good times we have had as well. 
There is a bond between relatives that 
can never be matched by mere 

Sadly though, not all the parents can 
make it to VMI for this special week- 
end. For some cadets, their cunts, un- 
cles, brothers, sisters, or grandparents 
suddenly become their parents. And 
yet for still others who have no rela- 
tives coming at all, there are always 

roommate's relatives that are more 
than ready to accomodate. 

This weekend in the dawn of Fall, is 
filled with activities. Most cadets start 
by going out to dinner Friday even- 
invg. The next day they perform to the 
best of their ability in the Parents 
Weekend parade. Following is lunch in 
Crozet Hall, the cadet mess hall, for 
both cadets and their parents. A short 
time later, the cadets and there par- 
ents head for Alumni field to support 
the VMI football team. Once the 
game is over, the true weekend be- 
gins. The activities performed are un- 
countable. Some cadets simply visit 
with their parents. Others go sightsee- 
ing. People eat at the most preste- 
gious restaurants they can find. Old 
girlfriends that the parents brought 
with them are anxiously talked to. And 
still others just have a blast by tying 
one on with pop. 

Sunday morning is the day of relax- 
ation as it was ordained to be. The 

30 Cadet Life 

Ed Harrington laughs as his father gets caught by 
the camera lens. Ed and his family were among 
many who ate a tailgate lunch, (left) 

Mom attentively checks the scoreboard, while 
others more interested In the camera flash their 
pearly whites (below) 

Parents talk about the Institute, while a rat gets 
down to more serious matters. As a rat, female 
companionship is often the only thing that gets 
one through the "I", (opposite page) 

Cadet Life 31 

parents get to see how their sons live 
for the better part of the year. Of 
course for some odd reason the rooms 
seem to be so much tidier than on o 
normal Sunday. Finally, the cadets and 
their parents head out to another res- 
taurant to hove a final meal together. 
For most, it will not be until Thanksgiv- 
ing that they see each other again. 

The parents then leave, their cars 
are lighter, but happily their sons food 
boxes are heavier. The cadets are left 
to struggle on, but now with new hope 
and vigor. The parents, being happy 
to see that their boys ore becoming 
men, reflect upon the weekend and 
look toward to their next visit. Parting is 
sad and very difficult, especially for the 
Rats, but it is not a weekend that will 
soon be forgotten. 

The Corps marches onto the field before the 
Parents' Weekend football game verses Mar- 
shall Behind the Corps are some of the many 
spirit sheets used to help boost the morale and 
spirit of both the team and the crowd 

Parents eagerly try to pidk out their son during 
the parade Many parents of new cadets often 
wonder why it is so dificult to pick out their son 
dmong the crowd One would think they all 
have bald heads and dress the sdme 

IBqUKViVEti B lii iff 

!5 19* ■■" !.■■ 

fi 111 III m 

32 Cddet Life 

Pete Kramer, lacking a tailgate, decides 
to start a new tradition of hooding. 

Seeing ttict dad forgot where he parl<ed 
the car, this family has to improvise for 
their tailgating 

Cddet Life 33 

The Corps always roots the loudest during 

Pep Rallies 

Pep rallies are held on Thursday riights before all 
football games. The purpose of the pep rally is to 
get the Corps and the football team psyched up for 
the upcoming game. The traditional VMI Thursday 
night festivities are more than just a pep rally. For 
thirty minutes, VMI becomes a "real" school. Civil- 
ians are allowed in barracks, the rats are encour- 
aged to dress up in outrageous attire, and nobody 
gets boned for being improperly dressed in the 
courtyard. It is not unusual to see anything from 
Indians to Roman Centurions, for it is left up to the 
rat's immaginotion to determine how he should 
dress. The rats love the fun because it is a chance 
for them to let their hair down while supporting the 
football team. The upper classmen also enjoy the 
pep rallies because they can root for the team and 
at the same time, check out all the girls from neigh- 
boring schools using VMI's own rating system. 

This year's favorite pep rally was the one prior to 
the Citadel game. The Corps gathered around a 
bon fire in support of the team, which sparked the 
Keydets to a victory over the Bulldogs. At this pep 
rally, it was quite evident who would have the tenth 
man on the field. 

VMI pep rallies will always be the beginning of the 
roadto victory for the Keydets as we look to the 
future and forget the past. Go Team!!! 


34 Cadet Life 







L^ .^H 






'•' ''^^^^^^fe 


Cadet Life 35 

Corps Trip 1986 

A very important event that allovi/s cadets to display tineir 
spirit and enjoy a fevi/ days of rest and relaxation is the 
Corps Trip. The Corps Trip of 1986 proved to be no different. 
Even a week before the trip, the energy and excitement 
could be felt along the stoop. Cadets could be heard 
talking and planning what the team and they were going 
to do to the Citadel and to Charleston, South Carolina. 
When the day of the Corps Trip arrived, cadets and sup- 
porters loaded into campers, busses, and cars with high 
hopes and expectations of what was to come. 

On a muggy October day in Charleston South Carolina, 
the VMI Corps of Cadets wreaked havoc on an unsuspect- 
ing Citadel. At 2:00 P.M., the fun and excitement reached a 
high point for VMI and its supporters. Spirits and energy 
were high as the "Big Red Team" rolled on to a explosive 
victory over the Citadel. From the flashing red and the 
rousing chants of the fourth class to the energy displayed 
by the team, everyone did their best to let the Citadel Dogs 
know they hod bitten off more than they could chew. 

After the culmination of the gome, men set out to experi- 
ence everything that Charleston, South Carolina had to 
offer. From evening dining to explosive parties, the VMI 
Corps of Cadets showed Citadel that a VMI man parties as 
hard as he works. The Corps also showed the Citadel the 
pride and prestige that belongs to every VMI man by dis- 
playing the qualities of a gentleman and upholding the 
standards of VMI. The 1986 Corps Trip was a trip that won't 
soon be forgotten. Next year, even greater expectations 
will exist as the Corps charges another opponent to add its 
name, and its city to the list of conquests for VMI. 

r^-^i— 1 

36 Cadet Life 

Eric Davis and Denis FitzPotrick are in good spirits 
as they cheer the team to victory over the Bull- 
dogs.(upper left opp) 

The Waste-A-Bago crev^ of room 101 are seen 
here preparing to set out on their journey to 
Charleston, Crew/ members include; Mark Barth- 
olf, Charlie Walker, Lou Buonpane, Dave Cox. 
Jon Sachrison, and dates, (bottom left opp,) 

The VMI flag flies full and proud on the visitors 
side of Bulldog Stadium, On this day the Keydets 
were most victorious over The Citadel Bulldogs, 
47-30 (bottom right opp,) 

Although the weother threatened all day, the 
Keydets' enthusiasm could not be dampened. 
The Corps is shown here mimicking The Citadel 
and their fight song, (top) 

Jay Pennington and his pet flamingo lead the 
Corps in the back stroke as the band plays the 
theme to Hawaii 5-0. (left) 

Cadet Life 37 

The Corps Roots The Loudest 

"Never say die", and they don't. 38 to 31, 88 yards away from ttie endzone, 
and under two minutes to play. Ttiey could have rolled over and died, but not 
the Keydets. Two minutes later the ball is in the endzone, we go for two, score 
and win 39 to 38. "Welcome to the pit", and opposing teams cringe with fear on 
the court. "Brother rat, brother rot", and a rat on the wrestling mat finds an 
added serge of adrenaline crushing his opponent. 

For the second consecutive year VMI has been awarded the Southern Con- 
ference Sportsmanship Award. But why? What is it about VMI? It's tradition, love, 
loyalty, and the desire for the Corps to succeed. It's the bond that holds all VMI 
men together. 

VMI men have been serving our country for almost 150 years, and have never 
once failed to achieve or prevail in our goals. We run across temporary set- 
backs, but always manage to come out ahead. It is this attitude that we take to 
the stands with us when our brother rats are on the field. There is a part of us out 
there. More than that, it is an image the we ore bred to uphold. VMI knows how 
to win and to lose and therefore doesn't step on the little man. 

We are a proud breed. One knows this and feels this when he comes to face 
the Keydets, or to cheer with them. We are a cut above. Our teams represent us 
and our Institut, and therefore we must represent them in the stands. If we are up 
in a game, we are there and are heard. If we are down in a game, we are there 
and are doubly heard. It is our team, our school, and we remain with them to the 

Accepting the Souttiern Conference Sports- 
manstiip Award is First Captain David Furness 

Ttie Corps in full force at the Citadel. 

Loyal cadets Jeff Brown, Terry Fortune, Keith 
Washington. Neal Robinson, Bobby Blackwell, 
and Greg Ellis cheer on the Keydet basl<etball 

38 Cadet Life 

The rat mass, eager for its first 
win at tiome, is in full force 

Ttie University of Richmond is 
summoned to VMI to face the 
Keydets on the court, VMI won 
the contest by 1 1 points. 

Cadet Life 39 

opening Hops 

As in the past several years Openings foliowed after 
Homecoming Hops in typical VMI style. Ttiis year they fell on 
the weekend of October 24-26. Friday started with cadets 
trying to pass their time in class awaiting the weekend's 
events. That afternoon there was the normal review pa- 
rade and then dinner before dancing the night away in 
Cocke hall. Upon completion of their tour of duty at the 
dance, Cadets rushed off to the local motels for some R & 

Saturday morning came all too early and it was rather 
hard to stay awake in class. That afternoon it was back to 
the motel. Unfortunately it rained the entire weekend, and 
afternoon plans had to be moved inside. But when has an 
inside party ever stopped a loyal Keydet from having a 
good time? Later that evening, it was back to Cocke Hall 
and more dancing. 

The weekend ended, after a very restless Saturday night 
for most, sometime Sunday afternoon. Dates packed their 
bags and reluctantly bid their knights in wool armor adieu 
with the all too familiar handshake. Some did manage, 
however, to steal a kiss. Although saddened by the thought 
of returning to the "I", each man did, with an increased 
vigor for learning, and high expectations for the next Hop. 

40 Cadet Life 

(clockwise from top left opp page) Rich LeMay, 
Carl Feddeler. John Lightner, Ashley Abernathy. 
Kenny Walters, Mark Barth and their dates are all 
shown having a wonderful evening during Open- 
ing Hops 

Cadet Life 41 

A Prestigious Event at VIVll. 


On the 17th of September, the VMI 
Parade Ground was the site of a polo 
match between the British Combined 
Services Polo Team and Farmington, a 
team from Charlottesville, Virginia 

This event has occurred every two 
years since 1976, with the Americans 
traveling to Britain on alternating 
years. The series is sponsored by the 
English Speaking Union. This year's 
match was won by the Americans with 
a score of 10 to 6. 

The American Team was made up 
of players from the Virginia area. Mr. 
Garrick Steele of Alexandria has been 
playing polo for ten years and was 
joined on the team by his brother Au- 
dra, of Roanoke. 

Steele said that he liked to try to 
play every weekend, because polo is 
a fantastic game. In regard to the Brit- 
ish Team, Steele said that he enjoyed 
the challenge of playing a different 
team. He added that the "Brits really 
know how to play." 

This was the second time that Major 
Richard Wilson has been to the United 
States on a polo tour. He said that the 
Americans hove a very strong team, 
equal to them in handicap. He said 
that the field was very nice but short 
when compared to a regulation size 
field. He was of course referring to the 
Parade Ground. 

Wilson also said that the Americans 
were used to their own ponies and 

that this was definitely a factor 
throughout the game. He said that 
they, the British Team, were very 
thankful for the use of the ponies any- 

While the British Team was here in 
the United States, they played eleven 
games against various opponents and 
fared well in all their matches. 

Polo is not a new attraction at the 
Institute, having been present for a 
very long time. Having the horses here 
brings back fond memories to those 
who were here when VMI had a caval- 
ry unit. The horses used to be kept in 
the field house. Polo at the "I", just one 
more reason for growth in cadets. 

42 Cadet Life 

Cadet Life 43 

Ring Figure - The Class Of 1988 

Definitely the main highlight of any cadet- 
ship is Ring Figure weekend. It entails many 
hours of work, planning, and much money 
but as any Second Classman could tell, it is 
worth it. Since over 300 brother rats got 
their rings. We raised, and spent more mon- 
ey than any other class. Many thanks go to 
TCFC '88 for this. Through pizzas, class 
dues. T-shirts, and raffles, we raised close to 

The Ring Figure Committee provided ex- 
pert leadership and planning for Ring Figure 
itself. The Ring Design Committee, headed 
by Chris Goff presented a design that, after 
many debates and decisions, met with every- 
one's satisfaction. The class officers made 
sure the class was informed and the permit 
was approved. 

As Ring Figure neared signs of anticipa- 
tion could be seen, as the second class en- 
tered a pre-Ring Figure stupor. Finally, No- 
vember came and last minute preparations 
were made. By the 13th, though, everybody 
was set and a dinner with our Ring Figure 
dykes gave us a taste of having First Class 
privileges. The class pulled its own "all- 
nighter" as it spent many hours to decorate 
Cocke Hall. Evidence of the seconds clandis- 
tine preparations were in evidence on post 
and off as the Cannon Ball, and "the rock" 
on 1-81 were proof of old traditions contin- 
ued. Parents, friends, and best of all, 
GIRLS, took the post by storm Friday after- 
noon. Freezing temperatures did not dis- 
courage a soul as the Class of 1988 formed 
in the Old courtyard to go into J.M. Hall. 
There, the Class was spoken to by General 
Walker, Mr. Slater, and then Tom Reimann 
gave the history of our class. Each person 
was reminded of the hard road traveled and 
the intangible cost of the Ring. As each man 
received his ring shouts of encouragement 
echoed throuhgout J.M. Hall. 

Afternoon gave way to evening as cadets 
and their dates readied themselves for the 
Formal Hop. Cocke Hall was filled as the 
elegant couples walked through the Ring 
and took their place on the floor. Couples 
waltzed(?) to the traditional VMI waltz. Then 
more contemporary music picked up the 
tempo. Soon, time came to depart and the 
Second Class invaded every motel in Lexing- 
ton. Parties lasted well into the night. 0900 
would come too early for many a second 
classman. 0900 did come however, and with 
it the Ring Figure Parade. Due to many 
hours of practice under the care of the first 
class Makeovers did a great job and the 
parade was as always, a success. The Ring 
Figure game with Appalachian State provid- 
ed cadets and dates a chance to see the Big 

Red Team in action. Unfortunately, The 
Keydets fell 19-6 to the Mountaineers and 
many Second Classmen caught colds from 
the frigid temperatures. As the clock ticked 
away, thoughts of the nights activities erased 
the cold, and the score. After the game a 
massive migration could be seen to Rich- 
mond, The Hyatt Regency will never be the 

Pre-meal warmups and a little rest preced- 
ed the Class supper, after which The Waller 
Family started the party with great music. A 
few couples could be seen retiring to their 

rooms early while others preferred to dance 
the night away. A walk in any part of the 
hotel would find Seconds enjoying life to its 
fullest. A few dates were amazed at the 
stamina of their cadets, Everyone found out 
Ring Figure was everthing it is supposed to 
be. Sunday morning set upon us and we 
were thankful that we had until 2 PM to get 
on the road. The road back to the Institute 
was painful. Everyone was sad to see THE 
WEEKEND end. The smarter B.R.s took 
days and came back Monday, still showing 
the effects of the party. 

Many long hard hours were spent converting Cocke Hall from a gymnasium into an elegant 
ballroom. The results of the effort were most impressive, as is evidenced on the facing page 
■'Not until you learn to stay off my toes'" is Ed Wallenthins dales answer to his invitation to 
(Left) Mark Bristol receives his ring from General Walker, (Below) Lou Turnage 
and Mark Wilson work hard at embarrassing their dates. Some must work harder than others 
right Lou^ (Bottom) 

Keeping in shape with 


Coach King's 
Aerobic Workout 

Every Tuesday and Thursday military 
duty is Intramurais. it is a time of physi- 
cal advancement for those who pass 
the VMi PFT. Men are allovv/ed to 
choose between many different sports 
such as Basketball, Flag Football, Swim- 
ming, Fencing, Boxing, Water Polo, 
Racquetbali, Weight Lifting, and Rock 
Climbing. There are also individual 
competitions which include the Biatha- 
lon and the Pentathalon. 

Intramurals are usually based on 
company competition, with the win- 
ning company earning certain privi- 
leges for every one in the company. 
Intramurals were designed to keep the 
Corps in better than average shape in 
order for ail cadets to be physically 
qualified for their service selection. 

For those who don't pass the PFT 
and aren't on the Intramural system 
there is RFT . . . 

46 Cadet Life 

Stockwell's Rangers, better known as . . 

Remedial Fitness Training 

Remedial Fitness Training, known to cadets as RFT, strikes 
fear in the hearts of those who are condemned to suffer 
through it. How does one become a member of this famed 
group? It's simple, just fail the VMI PFT (physical fitness test), 
and start saying "RFT, come find me!" It is amazing how fast 
one finds out that he is on RFT, compared to the time it 
takes to get our report cards. One may question the 
school's priorities. One may be very academically inclined 
and earn all the days he wants, but if he is on RFT, he can't 
use them. RFT takes precedence over everything else at 
VMI, even PT.s. It is not fair, however, to ridicule RFT, for it has 
the physical well-being of the cadet at heart. It is very 
beneficial to those who really work to gain something, and 
for those who don't work hard, it is a long semester of RFT. 

To get out of RFT, the cadets who initially failed the PFT, 
get to retake the PFT every month (months at VMI some- 
times last 37 days). If the cadet passes, he is exonerated of 
his status as a Stockwell Ranger (Coach Stockwell is the 
man in charge of the torturous techniques used in RFT). If 
the cadet fails once again, he is offered charter member- 
ship in VMI's least elite club. The worst thing about RFT is that 
the Phys. Ed. department pays other cadets to work out 
their own Brother Rats!! 

RFT is actually a very new concept around VMI, but there 
is no doubt that it will become a tradition that even the 
class of 2087 complains about. 

The Baffalion Staff of RFT (above, 
left to right) Don Hall. Battalion Ser- 
geant-Major. Victor Gonzales. Bat- 
talion XO, Manuel Melendez, Bat- 
talion S-5. Ashley Abernathy 
(kneeling). Battalion S-1. and Bob 
Buxton, the supreme commander 
— Battalion Commander 

Stockwell's Rangers (left), prior to a 
mission, pose for what might be 
someone's last picture ever taken 
These brave men enter Military 
Duty 4 times a week not knowing 
what treacherous mission they may 

Cadet Life 47 

Our Watering Holes 

During the Dark Ages, the months of 
November through mid-March, life 
around VMI can be very dull. Except 
for the occasional Zoilmon's party, 
nothing is going on. This is not the case 
during the more temperate months of 
the year. 

There are two local places Cadets 
can go when they don't have any 
more weekends, during GP, or just 
when they want to get away from 
barracks. These two places are known 
as Panther Falls and Goshen. 

Panther Falls 

Panther Falls is located approxi- 
mately ten miles south-east of VMI. It is 
on area of natural rock formations 
which create a waterfall and pool. 
Panther Falls offers Cadets a place to 
relax, bring a date, go swimming, or 
jump off the rocks into the water, 
which is more than deep enough. It 
seems that Cadets Tim Walrod, John 
Klassen, Reid Garst, andDoug Messner 
can jump off the rocks without spilling 
a drop. Although located deep in the 
woods, there are even places where 
you con get a sun tan. So with ice 
chest in hand. Cadets make time to 
visit Panther Falls and take advantage 
of all it has to offer. Some of the more 
regular visitors are Cadets Paul Mun- 
son, John Klassen, Chris Peckham, and 
Doug Messner. It seems that some Ca- 
dets receive more attention than oth- 
ers while at Panther Falls. 

48 Cadet Lite 


Goshen is approximately 15 miles 
north-west of VMI. It is the counterpart 
of Panther Falls, offering more of the 
beautiful scenery that is so common to 
the Shenandoah Valley. Goshen is sur- 
rounded by mountains and formed by 
the Maury River, It has plenty of places 
for swimming, lying out in the sun, a 
quiet picnic, tubing on the rapids, or 
just playing Frisbee. Cadets go to Go- 
shen on any warm sunny day and 
spend OS much time there as possible. 

It was a great loss when part of the 
road to Goshen was washed away in 
the great flood of '85. Goshen was un- 
attainable for what seemed a cadet- 
ship. Now the road is fixed and Goshen 
is once again a favorite place for ca- 
dets to go and escape the pressures 
of barracks. 

Chris Peckham is one of many 
cadets who enjoys the relaxing 
atmosphere found at Goshen. 

Kurt Vogan poses for the cam- 
era sporting the most common 
refreshment found out at Go- 
shen. Kurt's wardrobe is also 
very typical of what cadets 
wear at Goshen during the 
warm months 

Sitting around with cadet's two 
favorite pastimes(girls and beer) 
are Cadets Randy Janey, Jason 
Shepord, Mark Cronford, Tom 
Mitchell, and Scott Armstrong. 
This type of group gathering is 
very common at Goshen. 

Cadet Life 49 

Cadets Do Their Share of 

Guarding the Institute 

Mike Humes (right), a second 
classman, performs his duties 
as the recorder of the guard 
by answering the phone and 
writing the message on a 
green status slip The slip Is 
then delivered by an orderly, 
a memeber of the third class 
(far right). 

As Officer of the Day and Of- 
ficer of the Guard, First Class- 
men have many duties to 
perform, such as marching 
out to Limit's Gotes (below). 

Cadet Life 50 

Guard at VMI is one of the less plea- 
surable events that occurs during a 
cadetship. It is 24 hours of trying to 
maintain order in barracks and enforc- 
ing the Institute's rules. This is no easy 
task because there are hundreds of 
cadets breaking the rules throughout 
the day. This is because the Institute's 
rules differ from the class privileges 
granted by the General Committee, 
so there is a conflict of interests be- 
tween those on guard and those not 
on guard. 

All the men on one guard team 
come from the same company. This 
makes it easy to schedule guard 
teams far in advance. Basically, a 
company is on guard every nine days 
with Band Company serving minimal 

The Rat's main duty is as sentinel. 
There are three posts a Rat may walk, 
with two of them inside of barracks 
and one outside of barracks. Also in- 
cluded in the Rat's duties is being the 
supernumerary. The supernumerary is 
an extra guard team member that is 
ready to be used in case of an emer- 
gency. Rats are answerable to the 
Corporal or Sergeant of the Guard. 

The Corporal of the Guard is a Third 
Classman who is in charge of posting 
the Rats at night. They also perform 
certain checks in and around barracks. 
Third Classmen also serve as Orderlies. 

The function of the Orderly is to deliver 
both green and pink status slips, and 
then retrieve pink slips that hove been 
signed. The Orderlies are the responsi- 
bility of the Recorder of the Guard. 

Both the Sergeant and Recorder of 
the Guard are Second Classmen. The 
SOG is in charge of the daytime senti- 
nels and general order in barracks. As 
the Corporal of the Guard, he has 
many checks he must make while on 
duty. The Recorder of the Guard an- 
swers the phone, writes out status slips, 
and records bones. 

The First Classmen on guard are the 
Officer of the Guard and the Officer of 
the Day. The OG runs the guard team 
and makes sure the entire tour of duty 
runs smoothly. He works together with 
the Officer of the Day and performs 
checks around post as part of his duty. 
The OD is the only one on the guard 
team who is certified to place men on 
report. He is the man ultimately re- 
sponsible for the actions of every man 
on his guard team and gives a final 
report of his tour of duty to the Deputy 

Privileges are earned by getting a 
high score on a guard team and they 
range from nothing to 2 extra week- 
ends during the semester. Guard 
scores are also weighed in the compa- 
ny competition throughout the year. 

Robert Burns (above), makes one 
of the many checks that the OD is 
required to make Being the OD 
isn't hard, but most First Classmen 
only want to do it once. 
Guard mount, intormal on the Bricks 
(left) IS the most common type of 
guard mount. There is an informal 
on the stoop in case of bod weath- 
er and a formal on the hill on Fri- 
days Formal guord mounts are 
done with the guard team and 
Band Company as a support unit. 

Cadet Lite 51 

Rat Training '86 

During the fall semester at ttie "I", while most of us were busy with intromurals, 
the rats participated in Rat Training. Though this is nothing new to VMI, to the rats 
this is one of the most challenging and cherished events of the ratline. 

Rat Training is held every Tuesday and Thursday during military duty. Each day 
presents the rats with new obstacles ranging from rappelling to weight training. 
For many, this is the first time they have attempted these activities. 

Rat Training was designed to build confidence in oneself and team spirit or 
unity within each company. The range of activities is able to develop courage 
and over come fears that were thought unconquerable. Some of these activi- 
ties included the 40 Ft. Drop, the Slide for Life, rock climbing and rappelling. In 
each of these events the cadet clone had to battle the elements and his own 
fears to succeed. Beside the individual events, there were also squad tactics 
and obstacles, along with company competitions. These included events known 
as the Ravine and Log P.T. Often each squad was given nearly impossible 
missions with little or no provisions and told to forge ahead. One of the most 
popular activities again this year was the Ranger Pit. Squad battled squad in the 
pit, throwing out their opponents until only one squad remained. This lucky squad 
was then able to challenge their company cadre in the pit. Often the rats won. 

"This year's Rat Training program went very well, even above expectations in 
some areas," commented 1st. Classman Robert Mason the Cadet In charge this 
year. All the objectives of Rat Training were met and often bettered. Each New 
Cadet recieved an equal share of attention, encouragement, and participation 
in every event. 

Shelton Davis prepares his station at ttie rappel- 
ling cliff 

Foxtrot Company, under Steve Neary and Gray 
Wooten, is led to its next activity. 

Two rats attempt the "Dirty Name." 

52 Cadet Life 

Cadet Life 53 

Speakers Visit VIVII 

G. Gordon Liddy 

G. Gordon Liddy, who served nearly five years in a maxi- 
mum security prison for his part in the "Watergate" affair, 
came to speak at the Virginia Military Institute on October 
29, 1986, The event was sponsored by the Cadet Program 

The former staff assistant to President Nixon, and General 
Counsel to the Committee to re-elect the President, lec- 
tured on "Govern.ment: Public Perception vs. Reality" in 
VMI's Jackson Memorial Hall. Because of his popularity, 
there was an admission price to all those who attended 
except for VMI cadets and faculty. 

Acclaimed for his brilliant career, which included a law 
degree and a climb to a supervisor's position with the Fed- 
eral Bureau of Investigation at the age of 29, Liddy prac- 
ticed international law in New York. He soon became very 
well known in the government. 

Since getting out of jail, Liddy has made his mark in the 
Corporate Security Business. His security business is best 
known for its "Hurricane Force" which is the only private 
anti-terrorist unit in the United States. Mr. Liddy described his 
"Hurricane Force" as consisting of ten Israeli Defense Force 
counter-terrorist specialists who are veterans of operations 
in what Israel calls the Northern Frontier which is Southern 
Lebanon and the Becka Valley. 

While giving speeches(right), Mr. Liddy has a very exuber- 
ant personality and kept a very captive audience. After he 
finished his talk, he entertained the audience by answering 
questions, which had a wide range in content. After the 
questions were done with. Cadet J. Beau Johnson(below), 
expressed thanks to G. Gordon Liddy on the behalf of the 
entire Corps. 

Information obtained and printed wltti permission of ttie VMI CADET. 

54 Cadet Life 

The Right Honorable Edward Heath 
Former Prime Minister of Great Britain 

Prime Minister Heath came to VMI on 
October 1 , 1986 as a guest speaker for 
tine H. B. Johnson Distinguished Leader- 
ship Lecture. His speech covered many 
different spheres of leadership. 

The first aspect of leadership he 
spoke about was Europe and the Euro- 
pean Community and the part Great 
Britain played in it. He then described 
how Europeans see the United States 
and the alliance between Europe and 
America. He then commented on the 
relationship of the Super Powers and 
the role of leadership between them. 
He made remarks about the future of 
the Pacific Base and closed his speech 
by mentioning the position of the de- 
veloping countries. 

Before his speech. Prime Minister 
Heath took the review with General 
Walker, and during his speech com- 
mended the Corps for a job well done. 

Cadet Life 55 

The Social Life of Cadets 

Cadets and Their Dates 

Although Hops are a big part of the 
Cadet social life, they are not the only 
part. Cadets invite dates to almost 
anything that is going on around bar- 
racks in an attempt to lessen the pain 
of having to stay around. Football 
games are the biggest date attrac- 
tion during the first semester and bas- 
ketball games are the attraction dur- 
ing the second semester. Besides Hops 
and sporting events, there are not too 
many reasons to bring a date to VMI. 
The dating lounge is an attempt at 
creating a social atmosphere at VMI, 
but it falls far short of a cadet's expec- 

Another attraction that brings dates 
down is the VMI Pep Rally. Although 
they only last for 30 minutes, they are a 
lot of fun and offer an opportunity for 
cadets to spend time with their girl 
friends. The only other real date at- 
traction is the famous Zollman's Party. 
These parties are the best VMI has to 
offer and they are the closest VMI 
comes to being a "normal" school. If it 
were not for our dates, our codetships 
would last even longer. 

56 Cadet Life 

On the opposite page (top) Mark Peltier is with 
his date at a VMI Hop, (bottom, far left) Bob 
Phillips and his dote pose for the camera while at 
a Hop (bottom, left) A cadet and his escorts on 
their way to a VMI athletic event. This page 
(left) Mike Hooper and his friend having a good 
time at the VMI-Citadel football game, (bottom 
left) Even Rats get pretty dates for Hops! (be- 
low) Rob Burns doesn't seem to mind having this 
pretty girl on his shoulders and she doesn't seem 
to mind being there (far below) Todd Willidmson 
and his date, one of the Home Coming runners 
up. pause at a home football game to smile for 
the camera 

Cadet Lite 57 

A Tremendous Learning Experience 

Cadets Abroad 

This Summer, 25 cadets enjoyed the 
unique priviiege of a three week politi- 
cal seminar in West Germany, with the 
West German government picking up 
the tab. Arranged by LTC, Thompson, 
the seminar was run by the Hous Rissen, 
a political studies center in Hamburg. 

The first two weeks of the trip were 
spent in the port city of Hamburg. 
Here, the cadets attended two hour 
lectures twice a day. The lectures 
were concerned with topics such as 
German Politics and East-West rela- 
tions. The cadets were kept busy dur- 
ing the day by the lectures, but at 
night they were introduced to the Ger- 
man night life. When the cadets had 
enough time, they went sight-seeing 
to the most beautiful sights Germany 
has to offer. It turned out to be a quick, 
but well spent two weeks. 

The final week of the trip had some- 
thing quite different to offer. 

58 Cadet Life 

Discovering Communism First Hand 

The remaining week, the cadets 
found themselves in the Communist 
Bloc. They first visited East Germany 
and then went to Russia and visited 
Moscow and Leningrad, 

While in Berlin, the highlight of the trip 
was a day long visit to the Headquar- 
ters of the Berlin Brigade. The cadets 
had a meeting with the Brigade com- 
mander and the military and civilian 
governors of the city. After visiting East 
Germany, the group flew to Moscow. 
The cadets were amazed at the over- 
whelming size of the city and buildings. 
Unfortunately, it rained for most of the 
time while in Moscow, so the cadets 
didn't get to see as much of the city as 
they would have liked 

After three days in Moscow, the ca- 
dets took a train to Leningrad. The 
weather was much better, so the ca- 
dets were able to tour the city. Most of 
the cadets liked Leningrad more than 
Moscow. The cadets headed home 
after a three day tour in Leningrad. 

The trip was very successful It en- 
abled a few cadets to broaden their 
knowledge of the world in which they 

Cadet Life 59 

Living It Up in Lexington 

Cadets Uptown 

When Cadets aren't on confine- 
ment and haven't taken a weekend, 
there Is only one thing for them to do 
— go up town. Lexington offers a 
small, but adequate selection of 
places for Cadets to go. Estelle's, 
Spanky's, and The Palms are the 
places to go to get a drink or bring a 
date, Ron Corr enjoys the company of 
some local townspeople (right) and a 
Third Classman enjoys the company of 
his date at their own booth in Spanky's 
(below right). Then there are the two 
movie theaters that show the current 
movies. Cadets usually flock to the 
Saturday afternoon matinee, but 
some, like Paul Duray and Andy Korol 
(below) enjoy going at night to avoid 
the crowd. 

When all else fails, and everything is 
closed at 1:00 am. and you have GP 
until 2:00 am., there is always Lloyd's of 
Lexington. Lloyd's stays open 24 hours 
and has a good menu. Lloyd's also has 
a wide selection of video games that 
Cadets like to play. 

I '/'M 

60 Cadet Life 

Cadets Confined 

Cadet, that will be 10 demerits, six weeks confinement 
and 30 penalty tours. Cadet, you are reduced to the grade 
of private. By the stroke of a pen a cadet's next 42 days at 
VMI will be spent in barracks, minus a PX check and classes. 

In an environment where discipline is strict and swift, this 
could be considered a light penalty. However, confinement 
life is not lightly taken, constantly having to sign in and out 
v^/herever one goes, trying to avoid demerits, and desper- 
ately trying to find P.T. details in order to avoid marching 
them. What's a P.T. you ask? It's marching 50 minutes, with 
rifle, in a circle, in the rain far no^apparent reason. For First 
Classmen, the Institute, in its unfailing kindness, granted the 
privilege of room confinement in lieu of P.T.s. First Classmen 
can then, instead of marching P.T.s, spend six hours in their 
rooms. One is allowed out of his room only if going to 
formation, class, or the bathroom. 

Confinement's purpose is two fold; a. to deter a cadet 
from breaking the Institute regulations, and b. a punishment 
for those who do. However, once on confinement, the 
regulations are still broken and often more regularly. In order 
to enforce the confinement, checks must be made. Fortu- 
nately only a certain number of checks can be run at a time 
over a period of time. Therefore, cadets know that after a 
check has been run. It will be at least 40 minutes before the 
next check can be run. This means one is virtually free for 40 
minutes unless caught by an Insitute official who knows one 
is confined, Once caught, expect another six weeks in 

Marching P.T s while she waits 

Cadets in line to answer violations of the regula- 
tions to the deputy commandant 

We Came For An Education 

Cadets In Class 

In a world of many diversities, deep down every cadet knows the bottom line 
at VMI is an education. VMI is not the type school to let one get a "normal" 
college education. In particular, one of the first courses every man takes at VMI 
is boxing, affectionately known as "beating and bleeding". Each Rat is "trained" 
in the skills of boxing and then pitched into the ring versus his own classmates. 
Often times one walks from the ring with a new look at fighting. 

Besides physical fitness courses there are the regular undergraduate curricula. 
These courses well represent their fields of study ranging from Technical Writing 
to Advanced Thermodynamics. In each of these VMI is proud to claim a 13 to 
one student to teacher ratio. This obviously provides cadets with an excellent 
opportunity to work with professors on a much more personal level. Professors 
are often very interested in how their students are doing, and encourage 
students to come and see them on a regular basis. 

However, one of the most impressive sights to behold, particularly if one is not 
a member of the VMI family, is the examination period at VMI. Cadets ore 
allowed to schedule their own exams. This is a privilege shared by few students 
at other schools. The exam period extends over a eight day period, and exams 
are scheduled from 9:00 a.m. untill 12:00p.m. Cadets choose the day in which 
they want to take an exam and it is waiting for them. More impressive than that, 
is after the instructor distributes the exam he leaves and is not seen during the 
entire exam. The instructor leaves knowing that on our honor there will be no 
cheating and that the cadets must finish by 12:00 p.m. 

62 Cadet Life 

Cadet Life 63 

Life Within The Four Walls 



64 Cadet Life 

Of The Institute 

During the course of the year, the Institute takes on many faces. In the early 
fall, with the return of school, barracks is like an old lover to which one is 
compelled to return. She stands there with open gates ready for your arrival. To 
the new rat, she is an unfriendly haven for the Corps of Cadets which seems to 
despise each and every one of them. 

As time passes on, however, barracks becomes more friendly to them and 
more unfriendly to the Corps. The routine becomes monotonous and time con- 
suming, leaving no room for leisure. Therefore, making the best of a bad situation 
becomes a challenge bringing out the bett in the Corps. 

With each holiday or special weekend, barracks changes into an array of 
different personalities. For example during Halloween, almost every room has a 
pumpkin outside its door, and the rots even get to go trick-or-treating. During 
Alumni and Parent's Weekend banners are strung from the stoops in order to 
show our spirit and gratitude. The most change seems to occur at Christmas. 
Each room is decorated with lights, there is a large Christmas tree on the sentinel 
box and the cool weather means Christmas break is near. 

The coming of the new year brings yet another change, snow. Barracks then 
erupts into a battle ground with the rats running for cover. The guard team tries 
desperately to stop the war, but is turned back when snowballs fly their way. 
Eventually old man winter heads further south and new life is sprung. The grass in 
the courtyard turns green and the corps goes back into its whites. The rats do 
eventually break out of the ratline and actually get to see where they live. 

But the best part about spring, besides girls in their sun dresses, is that the First 
Class is graduated. It's said that one's cadetship is summed up by four Shake- 
spearian plays: The Tempest, Much Ado About Nothing, A Mid-Summer Night's 
Dream and All's Well That Ends Well. 

(top left) Shortly before final exams the Corps 
Christmas tree is illuminated, Christmas break is 
soon to arrive 

(left) Alumni Weekend and the "old Corps" re- 
turns to see how barracks life has changed. It 
hasn't changed. 

(top) Two minute call on a Monday morning and 
the Corps rushes to DRC Hoys are aired on the 
stoop once each week 

(above) Dan Riley takes his first opportunity to 
read his mail. Often mail is the only link to the 
outside world. 

(left) This bayonetted pumpkin decided to pose 
with Kramer Reeves before making his rounds on 

the third stoop 


Cadet Life 65 



i^'i mi 
% if 

; / .s\ /I: ii* 


Rounding Out Our Education 


Organizations 67 

Wall Street at VMI 

Cadet Investment Groups 

Let's say you were given one hun- 
dred thousand dollars to invest in any 
stock you u^onted. First, you v\/ould 
probably send in that subscription form 
to THE WALL ST. JOURNAL, then you 
might chart the day to day progress of 
those stocks in which you were inter- 
ested. A certain group of cadets actu- 
ally does this (with a real 100,000 dol- 
lars!) They are the Cadet Investment 
Groups. A few years ago there was 
only one Cadet Investment Group. 
Now because of increased cadet in- 
terest, two Investment Groups have 
been established. According to the 
national magazine, THE DOWLINE, 
owned by the WALL ST. JOURNAL, the 
VMI Cadet Investment Groups rank 
right up there with the "big boy" in- 
vestment firms. The magazine con- 
tacted five major investment firms and 
asked them to invest an imaginary 
$100,000 in any stock they wanted, 
over a three month period. These 
companies hod use of various reports, 
inside information, yearly computer 
printouts, and experience. The Cadet 
Investment Groups only had the use of 
Dow Jones computer software, the 
WALL ST. JOURNAL, and good business 
sense. The outcome? A huge profit for 
VMI, and several embarassed invest- 
ment companies. 

68 Organizations 

The two investment groups are un- 
der the cadet leadership of Ron Robin- 
son, who is also the president of group 
A, Warren Michelsen is the president of 
group B. Together, with the help of 
Captain Dan Tatar, the two groups 
compete against each other and oth- 
er firms to moke the most returns. Most 
of the cadets in the Investment Club 
are Economics Majors, but this is not a 
requirement. There ore other cadets, 
such as Todd Arris, who are engineer- 
ing majors. The assortment of majors 
among the members is an asset, in 
that it gives the club many different 
perspectives when trying to decide 
which stocks to buy and which to drop. 

Except for the help of Captain Tatar, 
the Investment Club is run solely by ca- 
dets, which makes the success they 
have even more incredible. Because 
of the interest in the club by both the 
Investment Members and the adminis- 
tration, the Investment Club has se- 
cured its roots in the foundation of VMI 
and will be a popular club among ca- 
dets for years to come. 

Organizations 69 

Entertainment for the Corps 

The VMI Cadet Program Board 

There are times at VMI when a ca- 
det feels the need to get away, but 
because we are not allowed to go up 
town during the week, the Friday night 
movies, presented by the Cadet Pro- 
gram Board, serve as an adequate es- 

The CPB shows ali types of movies 
almost every Friday night. The movies 
are very popular ones that have al- 
ready been in the theaters. The mov- 
ies are shown on the 400 level of Le- 
jeune Hall and are a very big 
attraction to both cadets and their 
dates. To cover the cost of getting the 
movies, the CPB charges $100 for ad- 
mission, which is a fraction of the cost 
at any local theater. They usually have 
two showings so that all those who 
plan to attend can adjust their night 
schedule accordingly. 

The CPB doesn't just concern them- 
selves with movies. They also are in 
charge of bringing live entertainment 
to the Corps. They have had comedi- 
ans, hypnotists, psychics, and even the 
Playboy Advisor. To find out what the 
Corps is interested in seeing, the CPB 
sends out a survey requesting ideas, 
and they make an all out effort to 
bring the requests to VMI. 

One other service the CPB provides 
the Corps is the annual Homecoming 
festivities. They provide the flowers for 
the girls and are in charge of present- 
ing the winner. This is one job they 
don't mind doing. 

If it weren't for the CPB, Friday nights 
would be OS long as every other night 
of the week. The CPB deserves much 
of the credit for the high morale of the 

Brad Chandler presents the Homecoming winner with a flower arrangement. 

70 Organizations 

The Corps' Mountain Climbers 

The VMI Rock Climbing Club 

Imagine yourself hanging over one 
hundred feet down the face of a 
rocky cliff, with a freezing wind biting 
at your entire body. Your face, hands, 
and feet start to feel numb, but you 
persist and conquer that for which you 
strived. Sounds fun. Right? That's ex- 
actly what the VMI Rock Climbing Club 
does. They offer cadets the opportuni- 
ty to hone their skills in rappelling, 
climbing, free roppell, and even ice 
climbing. So if you thought Rat Training 
off the cliffs of the Maury was fun, try 
these guys and learn the true meaning 
of the word FUN! 

One of the "Rock Climbers" takes a break from 
the climb 

Members of the Rock Climbing Club scale o wall 
next to Cocke Hall. 

Organizations 71 

Musical Talent Within the Corps 

The VMI Commanders 

Virginia Military Institute's very own 
stage band, the Commanders, hiave 
played at various functions which in- 
clude Ring Figure and Parents' Week- 
end. Formed in 1919 under the name 
"Ramblin' Keydets", this small yet tal- 
ented group has made a name for it- 
self in recent years. Besides Institute 
functions, the Commanders work has 
brought the "big band" sound to 
places such as the Homestead and 
Hood College. The 1986-87 Com- 
manders are under the direction of 
Cadet First Classman Joseph F. Cough- 

Several "Rat" 
Commanders take 
a break from one 
of many 

72 Organizations 

Vocal Talent Within the Corps 

The VMI Glee Club 

The VMI Glee Club is perhaps the 
most musically talented group of indi- 
viduals in the Corps. The Glee Club is 
under the direction of Lt. Col. Gansz, 
the music director for VMI. The Glee 
Club provides on atmosphere for 
friendly and social contacts, both on 
and off post. Aside from the opppor- 
tunities offered to cadets, the Glee 
Club provides entertainment for many 
events v/hich are viewed by the gen- 
eral public. 

The Glee Club performs for the Corps of Cadets 
during our Christmas season festivities. 

Organizations 73 

Hard Chargin' Armor 

The VMI Tanker Platoon 

So you're roliin' along in your M48A-5 
tank, and feelin' mighty comfortable. 
You're proud to be a member of VMI's 
Tanker Platoon. Eocti day during intra- 
mural time, the members of the Tanker 
Platoon practice their skills out in the 
field. Members of the Tanker Platoon 
even contributed to the Rat FTX this 
year with demonstrations at Hard- 
barger farm. The purpose of the pla- 
toon is to increase motivation of those 
cadets desiring a branch assignment 
of Armor in the United States Army. 
Cadets are able to take v^/hat they 
have learned in the classroom and ap- 
ply it practically in the field. No other 
college in the nation has this type of 
training, so VMI is unique in this aspect. 
A note to all you land based fighter 
jocks: You can go up and kill every MIG 
in the air, but you'll realize the potential 
of Armor when that Russian tank com- 
mander is sitting in your O Club drinking 
YOUR liquor! 

One of the 

prepares to 
go into 

74 Organizations 

This future officer gains experience and sl<ill in what it tal<es to be a tanl< 
crew commander in the U.S. Army. 

Four of the five tanks composing the Tanker Piatoon wait for the next 
sequence of action at Hardbarger's Form. 

* -' 


^'''' ^4 ''i'< .u^i^iiii^.^^i^'- ^\\*- 

Organizations 75 

The Institute's Varsity Lettermen 

VMI Monogram Club 

These Monogram Club members provide sup- 
port for the Big Red team 

The Monogram Club is an organiza- 
tion mode up of the varsity letter win- 
ners and is one of the largest clubs at 
VMI. One of the functions of the Mono- 
gram Club is to provide support for the 
"Big Red" team at various athletic 
events. And on the lighter side, the 
club is also responsible for several out- 
rageous parties held at the Sports- 
man's Club. Of course there is life after 
G.P., but WHO CARES? The Monogram 
Club, in usual fashion, provided VMI 
and the surrounding female colleges 
with excellent entertainment — VMI 
Style! This style includes wild women, 
wild music, women, (not so evil) fire- 
water, women, etc. Thanks Monogram 
for making '87 a year to remember. 

Organizations 76 

Working for Tomorrow's Leadership 

The VMI Circle K Club 

The VMI Circle K Club is one of over 
700 clubs nationwide that is a college 
level branch of the Kiwanis Club. The 
club is a community service organiza- 
tion that has been extremely active in 
the VMI, Lexington, and surrounding 
communities. The club also provides 
fellovi/ship by interacting with Circle K 
Clubs at other colleges and universities 
throughout the Commonwealth, hold- 
ing many social events. The VMI Circle 
K Club also offers subscriptions to nu- 
merous national newspapers for the 
enjoyment of cadets. Circle K also 
makes available flower corsages for 
the many Hops held here at VMI. 

One of the services provided by Circle K is the 
availability of numerous newspapers for the 

Organizations 77 

Building Good Relations Within the Corps 

The VMI Promaji Club 

The VMI Promaji Club was founded in 
1972 by the first group of block cadets 
to matriculate in 1968^ They came to 
the "I" during a time of great social 
unrest between whites and blacks in 
America determined to succeed. They 
felt the need to establish on organiza- 
tion that would cater to their needs 
and help the rest of the Corps under- 
stand our cultural differences and simi- 
larities. Thus, they founded Promaji, 
which is Swahili for "togetherness", 
with the help of Col. Buchanan and the 
Mom Street First Baptist Church, Their 
goal was to provide on open line of 
communication and establish a rap- 
port between the black cadets, the 
Corps, the administration, and the Lex- 
ington Community through goodwill 
and fellowship. 

Today, the immediate objectives 
and goals of the Club have changed 
somewhat since its inception, but the 
basic principle on which it was found- 
ed still prevails, that is, to cater to the 
needs of the black cadet both cultur- 
ally and socially. However, the Promaji 
Club must never cease to fulfill its obli- 
gation to enlighten the Corps cultural- 
ly. It must foster relations and never 
seek to seperate itself from the Corps 
for it was founded by the Corps, and 
for the Corps and is port of the Corps. 
With the help of those such as Col. 
Buchanan, Maj. Troppoli, Maj. Lindsay, 
and alumni, we will not come up short. 

This description of the Promaji Club 
was written by Michael Maxwell, who is 
the president of the club. 

78 Organizations 

Smoke, Fire, and Hard Work . . . 

The VMI Firefighters 

In May of 1986, a major forest tire 
occured near Buena Vista. Many acres 
of valuable woodland forests were de- 
stroyed. The fire itself wreaked havoc 
with everything in its path. The men 
that fought that fire, and numerous 
others, have to go up against intense 
heat, smoke, high winds, changing 
weather, and most importantly, the 
fire itself. These men make up the VMI 
Firefighters. To be a part of this team 
requires forty hours of initial training 
with the Virginia Division of Forestry, 
the National Park Service, and the U.S. 
Forest Service. Each year, the fire- 
fighter must take part in a re-familari- 
zation course to keep up on the tech- 
niques of combating forest fires. Once 
qualified, these men may be called on 
at any time to assist local, state, or 
federal agencies in combating a for- 
est fire. 

The 1986-87 Officers of tfie VMI Firefighters; Stu- 
art F Halasz, Sqd. Leader. Craig H. Covert, Sqd, 
Leader; Andrew C Compi. Unit Commander; 
Ronald L. Carr, Sqd. Leader; Kenneth R. Devero, 
Sqd, Leader. 



Organizations 79 

Foil, Epee, and Sabre 

The VMI Fencing Team 

This small team is one of the oldest intramurals at VMI and has had a sharp 
decline in interest in the last few years. Last year, the Fencing Team almost 
dissolved because of this. However, the team was saved with the help of Major 
Tate. He picked up the program and started rebuilding the team from almost 
scratch, and in his second year he has compiled a solid team, worthy of the 
competition they would face. This year's schedule contains some "big names" 
such as UNC, N.C, State, Duke, Army and Navy. At most of these schools, fencing 
is a varsity sport while here at VMI, it is not. 

Fencing is a sport of finesse and strategy, combined with several bodily skills 
such as speed, reaction, hand-to-eye coordination, endurance and concentra 
tion. This sport is not learned within one semester and takes years of practice to 
master. For this reason, fencing is not practiced much in the United States 
because people cannot bring up the discipline or patience to learn the fine skills 
necessary for the sport. Practice in fencing seems ultimately boring because it 
consists of constant drills of attack and defense, retreat and advance. All these 
drills pay off when a fencer goes out on the strip and the lessons of practice 
become second nature, making the match a fluid game of strategy with the 
sole purpose of downing your opponent. This year's team consists of; Coach — 
Major Tate; Foil — John Scarpino, J. P. Lemaire, Don Pham, Epee — Sam Tote, T. 
J. Williams, T, J. Reilly; Sabre — Jose Corpuz, Yung Kim, Dan MocNulty 

J. P. Lemaire 


The Fencing Team is sinown 
here in tineir meet against Wil- 
liam 8c Mary. 

Organizations 81 

The Few, the Proud, the 

Cadet Waiters 


The Cadet Waiters are perhaps the most unappre- 
ciated group of cadets here at VMI. Our alarnns sound 
at the horrific time of 0635 in the morning. We dress 
noiselessly, so as not to wal<e our roomates. We brush 
our hair in a darl< mirror, hoping that we look somewhat 
presentable. The OG whispers into his mike "Cadet 
Waiters will form in one minute." We trudge out the 
door past the sentinel and form our group in front of 
Washington Arch. After roll call, and on inspection, we 
march to Crozet Hall, and prepare to serve the morn- 
ing meal. Serving the entire rat mass and their cadre 
takes approximately seven to ten minutes, not bod for 
ten people serving perhaps three hundred and fifty. 

82 Organizations 

Yet being a Cadet Waiter is not 
so bad. We have our good times, 
and it is a good way to meet a ma- 
jority of thie corps. We do hove to 
be careful of sucti social faux pas as 
wiping our nose on our tiand, and 
then reaching down to serve some- 
one a plate of spagetti, or should I 
say CHICKEN!? The waiters ore 
headed by Ron Carr, who does an 
exemplary job of controlling and 
handling the Corps. Due mention 
must go to the management as 
well. It is not easy to prepare food 
for 1300 cadets three times a day. 

Finally we would like to thank all 
the replacement waiters. They 
know who they are, but probably 
don't realize just how helpful they 
were. Thanks. 

The Cadet Waiters work- 
ing in tiarmony with ARA 
to provide the Corps with 
the best possible service 


Spiritual Growtli Witliin the Corps 

The VMI Religious Council 

Religious Council Officers 

Jim Ring. Bill Beyer, Scott Jones, and Ctiris Hall. 

The VMI Religious Council is a cadet 
organization designed to help cadets 
expand their spiritual lives through vari- 
ous religious activities both on and off 

These activities include Sunday 
morning chapel services, retreats, 
concerts, an annual Religious Encoun- 
ter Weekend, and the First Class Bible 
Presentation Service, 

The Council consists of a president, 
vice-president, secretary, and treasur- 
er. Also included in the Religious Coun- 
cil are representatives from various re- 
ligious organizations such as the 
Fellovi/ship of Christian Athletes, the Of- 
ficers Christian Fellovi/ship, the Baptist 
Student Union, the Canterbury Fellow- 
ship, the Nev\/man Club, the Wesley 
Foundation, and the Navigators. Oth- 
ers include several members at large, 
a faculty advisor. Col. Thomas W. Da- 
vis, a military advisor. Captain Mark D. 
Moncure, and the Chaplain, Charles C. 

The goal of the Religious Council is to 
represent cadets of all faiths and to 
enrich the religious atmosphere of the 
Institute in hope that everyones spiritu- 
al life W\\\ continue to grow both now 
and in the future. 

84 Organizations 

Religious Clubs 

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes 
has become, over the last few years, 
one of the focal points of Christian fel- 
lowship here at the Institute. To call the 
group the Fellowship of Christians 
would be more exact, for they are 
made up of varsity athletes and men 
who only ploy intramurals. They do 
share one thing in common and that is 
to increase their spiritual growth, and 
their faith in Christ. FCA is a place to 
learn about God, praise Him, and de- 
velop a personal relationship with Him. 
FCA is a place to see movies, read the 
Bible, pray, share experiences with 
others, and most of all, find a true 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes 


^.^, „..^ 

"..-^ '""^ 


b*-i«f 1 ?s --.*•„ ...^ 



Baptist Student Union 

The Baptist Student Union is a non- 
denominational group which promotes 
inter-collegiate relations through Chris- 
tian fellowship. From car washes to ca- 
noe trips to fellowship suppers and 
state conventions, the Baptist Student 
Union is geared toward having good 
clean fun while reaching out to the 

Organizations 85 

The United States Marine Corps . . . 

VMI Semper Fidelis Society 

The Semper Fidelis Society is an or- 
ganization for future Marine Corps offi- 
cers. The Semper Fidelis Society, af- 
fectionately known among the Marine 
Corps Cadets as Semper Fi, works with 
the VMI Navy ROTC department in 
sponsoring several guest lecturers and 
distinguished Marine Corps officers to 
give cadets insight as a potential lead- 
er in the Marine Corps. This year's presi- 
dent of Semper Fi is Cadet First Cap- 
tain David J. Furness. Many members 
of Semper Fi participate in the Bulldog 
platoon as their selected intramural. 
The purpose of the Bulldog platoon is 
to increase physical performance and 
promote espirit de corps which will aid 
those cadets going to the "real" Bull- 
dog after their second class year. The 
Few, the Proud, the MARINES. 

Members of the Bulldog Platoon 

86 Organizations 

Ready, Aim, Fire . . . 

The VMI Cadet Battery 

You are standing at "Present Arms" 
during what seems to be a normal pa- 
rade, suddenly thie command "FIRE" is 
echoed oft the walls ot grey and a 
thundering repercussion of shock 
waves turns the crowds' heads and 
knocks off your shako. You've been 
exposed to the Cadet Battery. The 
Cadet Battery consists of those cadets 
interested in Field Artillery and gun- 
nery. Back in the "Old Corps", the Ca- 
det Battery consisted of Matthew, 
Mark, Luke, and John, but since then, 
they have been retired and replaced 
with the lOS-mm howitzer, a most 
powerful adversary (that is, if you're an 
enemy infantryman). Members of the 
Cadet Battery are called upon to ren- 
der honors and gun salutes to distin- 
guished guests, visiting foreign digni- 
taries, and high ranking military 
officials. The Cadet Battery offers on 
excellent opportunity for cadets pur- 
suing a commission in the United States 
Army-Field Artillery Branch by giving 
"hands-on" experience with the 105- 
mm howitzer. 


1 i 










f. r, 




' iL 


wj^M^-MtiaM \ 











Organizations 87 

The United States Air Force 

Arnold Air Society 

Arnold Air Society is a private, pro- 
fessional organization affiliated with 
the Air Force and Air Force ROTC. Cre- 
ating a more efficient relationship be- 
tween cadets and AFROTC, to help in 
creating more effective Air Force offi- 
cers, and further enhancing the tradi- 
tions and concepts of the Air Force are 
among its goals. Arnold Air Society is 
represented here at VMI by the Jeffer- 
son Scott Dotson Squadron, named af- 
ter a VMI graduate killed in the Viet- 
nam War. During the year, the 
Squadron undertakes many communi- 
ty service projects, such as the annual 
Lexington Halloween Party and 
Thanksgiving and Christmas food 
drives. The Squadron also holds an an- 
nual dining-out every April during Eas- 
ter Hop weekend. The experience 
gained in AAS is geared to better pre- 
pare the future officer for military life in 
the United States Air Force. 

88 Organizations 

The Institute's Future Engineers 

I.E.E.E. and The Engineering Society 

The VMI Engineering Society is an 
engineering honor society composed 
of the top one-eighth of the second 
class and the top one-fifth of the first 
class. The society will eventually lead 
to VMI's inclusion in the notional engi- 
neering honor society, Tau Beta Pi. By 
recognizing outstanding engineering 
students and professionals, the VMI En- 
gineering Society fosters a spirit of lib- 
eral culture in engineering colleges. 
The Engineering Society is actively in- 
volved in preparing all engineering stu- 
dents for the EIT exam, and opening 
communication lines between stu- 
dents and faculty. 

rhe local chapter of the Institute of Electrical 
and Electronics Engineers. 

The I.E.E.E. is led this year by President Gory David Smith, 
Vice President Timmothy W. Walrod, Secretary Douglas R. 
Messner and Treasurer Perry E. Jones, and advised by Col. 
Richard Skutt. The I.E.E.E. provides on opportunity for electri- 
cal engineering students to listen to and talk with their 
professional counterparts during monthly visits to Roanoke. 
And with the bi-annual cookout at Col. Skutt's, the aca- 
demically inclined engineer is offered a chance to kick 
back and relax. 

Organizations 89 

The United States Army 

Association of the United States 


The Association of the United States 
Army is on organization geared to- 
wards cadets pursuing a commission in 
one of the numerous branches of the 
United States Army. A. U.S. A. sponsors 
several guest lecturers for the benefit 
of Army cadets. The George C. Mar- 
shail Company, here at VMI, supports 
the annual George C. Marshall 
R.O.T.C. Awards conference each 
April. The most outstanding cadets 
from every Army R.O.T.C. detachment 
in the United States sends cadets to 
this event sponsored by the George C. 
Marshall Foundation. Besides the Mar- 
shall conference, A. U.S. A. sends ca- 
dets to the National Convention held 
each year In Washington, D.C. This 
year's president is Cadet First Class- 
man Steve Baird. 

Army aviation, the dream of many potential 
Army officers here at the Institute 

90 Organizations 

Searching for answers 

Society of Physics Students 

The Society of Physics Students is a 
notional organization which promotes 
educational activities related to the 
physical sciences. Academic achieve- 
ment Is rewarded by membership in 
the Physics Honor Society, Sigma PI Sig- 
ma, The VMI chapter sponsors guest 
speakers, picnics, and field trips to fur- 
ther interest the Corps and local com- 
munity in the fascinating field of Phys- 
ics. This year's president Is Cadet First 
Classman Dean Kratzenberg. 

Organizations 91 

The United States Navy 

The Trident Society 

The Trident Society tries to otter a 
natural environnnent for naval ofticer 
candidates in a traditionally Army ori- 
ented college. This is achieved by ac- 
quiring distinguished Navy ofticers, vis- 
iting naval bases, and participating in 
sailing regattas. This year's president of 
the VMI Trident Society is Cadet First 
Classman David M. Smith. The Trident 
Society also tries to promote a better 
relationship betv^/een VMI's naval 
ROTC personnel and the cadets. 

92 Organizations 

Outdoor Recreation 

The VMI Rod and Gun Club 

Its five a.m. and you 
can see the frost on your 
breath. You pull out a 
plug of "Red Man", (eh 
Cliff?) and you sit and 
wait-hoping the dogs will 
get a good run and not 
tire out. Far off you hear 
barking and then an 8- 
pointer is spotted on the 
ridge in front of you. Slow- 
ly you squeeze the trigger 
and BANG!, end of story. 
Brand new to VMI this 
year, the Rod and Gun 
Club promotes hunting 
and fishing for those inter- 
ested "rednecks" here at 
the Institute. This year's 
president was R. Danner 

Preservation of Quality 

Timmons Society 

The Timmins Music Society is the clas- 
sical music organization of VMI. It is 
named in honor of James W. Timmins, 
a 1949 graduate and a great lover of 
classical music, who was killed in Ko- 
rea. The Timmins music room, on the 
top floor of Preston Library, is the exclu- 
sive meeting area of the society. 
Events which ore sponsored by the so- 
ciety include lectures, trips to area 
classical music programs, and the 
yearly New York City excursion which 
includes a visit to the Metropolitan Op- 
era and the New York Philharmonic. 

Organizations 93 

The Corps' Miracle Workers 

Hop and Floor Committee 

The VMI Hop and Floor Committee 
worked again this year to make our 
social events successful and smooth- 
running. Besides decorating Cocke Hall 
for every hop, the committee con- 
tracted the bands and sold tickets in 
order to ensure that the VMI Hop was 
on event to be looked forward to and 
enjoyed by the Corps and their dates 

The Hop and Floor Committee preparing for an 
upcoming Hop. 

Ttie results of a well organized Hop Committe is 
appreciated by this couple. 

94 Organizations 

The Virginia Military Institute 

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program 

The VMI Alcohol and Drug Abuse 
Program has a primary goal of reduc- 
ing the incidences of alcohol abuse 
and illicit drug use among cadets at 

VMI is committed to pursuing the 
ideals of the responsible use of alcohol 
and a drug-free environment for 

The program is organized into a 
committee structure consisting of an 
Executive Committee, an Education 
Committee, a Counseling Committee, 
and a Discipline Committee. 

The Executive Committee consists 
of a chairman, the Institute physician, 
and representatives from the faculty, 
staff, athletic, and ROTC departments. 
Also on the Executive Committee are 
the chairmen of the other committees 
and at least one cadet from each of 
the other committees. The committee 
seeks Corps-wide support for a no 
drug use policy, approves plans of the 
other committees and monitors and 
evaluates their activities. 

The Education Committee is com- 
posed of three members of the faculty 
and staff and 20 cadets from the up- 
per three classes. It is headed by LTC. 
William J. Stockwell and the vice-chair- 
man is Cadet C. Scott Jewell '87. The 
purpose of this committee is to devel- 
op and implement educational pro- 
grams to help cadets moke responsi- 
ble and Informed decisions concerning 
drug and alcohol use. 

The Counseling Committee Is com- 
posed of four members of the faculty 
and staff and 10 cadets from the three 
upper classes. They are responsible for 
providing alcohol and drug related 
counseling services to cadets who are 
referred or who seek assistance. 
Counselors may refer cadets to other 
professionals. All counseling sessions 
are confidential, voluntary, and non- 

The Discipline Committee consists of 
two faculty and staff members and at 
least one cadet from each of the 
three upper classes. They are responsi- 
ble for informing all cadets of Institute 
regulations as well as state and local 
laws governing the use of alcohol and 
other controlled substances. Cadets 
who are on the Education or Counsel- 
ing Committees are prohibited from 
being on the Discipline Committee. 

The Education Commltee is very ac- 
tive. The VMI Drug and Alcohol Com- 
mittee realizes that people drink, for 
whatever reasons. Its main objective is 
to educate cadets so they will drink 
responsibly. This committee has many 
on-going programs to help cadets 
make a responsible decision. Some of 
these activities are the quote of the 
week in the Friday Funnies (weekly 
Commandant's report), the Drug and 
Alcohol bulletin board, articles in the 
CADET, speakers, videos, the Alcohol 
and Drug Abuse course, and the alco- 
hol effects demonstration. 

All these programs have helped to 
promote education for responsible 
drinking within the Corps. Though there 
is no sure way to measure their effec- 
tiveness, the members of the Commit- 
tees are confident that they have 
made a positive impact on the Corps 
of Cadets. 

The Educational Committee Is pic- 
tured above. There is an even distribu- 
tion among the three upper classes. It 
is important to have outgoing men in 
order to recruit new people each 
year, otherwise Interest in the program 
might diminish. To the right are LTC 
Stockwell and Cadet Scott Jewell. 
Both of these men put a lot of time and 
effort into the program. 

Organizations 95 

Those that ^ot caught 

The Number 1 Club 

Sachrison, JE; 1) Failure to 
throw Tac out of window af- 
ter getting caught with evil 
fire water. Rah Old Mil! 2) 
Unauthorized lending of un- 
authorized vehicle. 

"That'll be 15 demerits, four monttis 
confinement, and 60 penalty tours." 
"Yes sir," replies ttie cadet, who then 
about faces and leaves the comman- 
dant's office as a new member of the 
elite number one club. This year's dub 
had a healthy 21 members with Jon 
Sachrison leading the club with two num- 
ber ones. Offenses that merit a number 
one are usually singularly committed, but 
the members of the Room 301 Party Club 
(left) were all caught, tried, and convict- 
ed at the some time. After receiving a 
number one, which is the highest penalty 
a cadet can receive besides suspension 
or dismissal, members of the club be- 
come very "religious" and constantly 
pray for Amnesty, which was granted a 
generous five times. 

96 Organizations 

Andersen, M.: High "spir- 
its" in trie ratiine. ie. 
Drunlon rat carousing in 

Bartholf, MC: Failure to 
throw Tac out of window 
after getting caught with 
evil tire water. Rah Old Mil! 

Bierman, JW: Partal<ing of 
fine Southern swill, ie. Old 

Bowles, BT. Owning and 
operating a finely tuned 
and highly precisioned 
German road machine as 
G second classman. 

Bridges, TA: Disobeying a 
direct order. 

Buonpane, LM: Unautho- 
rized use of roommate's 
unauthorized vehicle and 
using unauthorized ver- 
bage to the Tac in an un- 
authorized manner. 

Byrne, HB: Running Into 
Col. J.C. Cummings while 
exceedingly inebriated. 

Chester, TM (the molest- 
er); Beating the hell out of 
a "New Cadet", ie. pick- 
ing him up by his blouse 

Coughlin, JF: Imbibing 
barley and hops of a less- 
er breed (Old Mllwdukee) 
shortly before quasi-am- 
nesty was granted. Kudos 
Col. Everywhere. 

Eckoff, RW; Strike threel I 
was out. Nailed by Cum- 
ming's little bro. What do 
VMI dnd Old Milwaukee 
have in common? Noth- 

Flynn, DL: Unauthorized S- 
5 Tour during OCMNI. 

Jussila, MA: Failure to in- 
vite Commandant to an 
after taps cocktail party 
on land yacht. 

Klassen, J.; Failure to invite 
Commandant to. an after 
taps cocktail party on 
land yacht. 

Lemay, RD: Unauthorized 
vehicle up town. Self 

Marsh, KL: Dealing in hu- 
man fulfillment while in- 
toxicated Busted by un- 
dercover commandant. 

McCarthy. JT: Imitating 
Mario Andretti in the 
streets of Lexington in an 
unauthorized vehicle. 

McLean, JM: Celebrating 
21st birthday uptown with 
buddy Jack Daniels while 
the natives were restless. 

Nelson, SF: Failure to run 
over Maj. Walters while 
visiting on post after taps 
and wearing unautho- 
rized civilian clothes. 

Shepard, BP: Trying to 
carry a case of beer by 

Opt. Cummings. 

Stone. PD: No one would 
complain if the football 
team were 38-2. 

Organizations 97 

Civil War Roundtable 

The column continues down the hill and fords the creek at 
a little over waist high, every man careful to keep his pow- 
der and rifle dry. The fight here was obviously fierce and 
bloody, another rear guard action. Bodies lie on the em- 
bankment, half buried in the mud and others floating in the 
shallow water, by now a large pool of blood. 

As we cross the stream, the men relieve their tension of 
the approaching fight, and possible death that awaits, in 
their own ways. Some crack jokes, others whistle or sing, 
and a good many mutter something to themselves or per- 
haps they are just making peace with their maker. Word 
has it that the enemy plans to make a stand somewhere 
beyond the woods. I'm glad, at least we can get this te- 
dious marching and counter marching over with and settle 
the issue once and for all. 

Suddenly, a thunderous volley crescendos through the 
woods. We can see the head of the column coming on line 
along the edge of the treeline. Col. Hefner orders us up at 
the double-quick and we form with the leading regiment. 

We exit the treeline and immediately feel the weight of 
another volley, the men falling as if the ran full speed into a 
brick wall. The file closers tighten up the formation and we 
effectively close the gaps in the line like we have in so many 
battles before. We are ordered to fire by company and 
immediately answer with deadly effect upon the enemy. 
Despite their losses, they mostly stand fast. Our whole bri- 
gade is now gaining momentum like an incoming wave. 
Their artillery opens up with double canisters, at times, tak- 
ing 20 of our boys out with one shot. It was like a giant 
shotgun blast. 

Our line begins to stagger, men, many not even wound- 
ed, throwing down their rifles and heading for the rear 
despite the obsenities hurled at them by the line closers and 
officers. Another volley rocks us hard. We are now within 
100 yards of them and men on both sides are going down 
fast. I hear a slucking sound next to me and hear the dull 
thump of a lifeless comrade. Another shell detonates only a 
few yards away knocking me down. I'm dizzy and stunned 
but quickly realize that I am unhurt. I slowly pick myself up, 
too bad the guy next to me can't do the same. 

The attack has become disorganized. We once left the 

treeline as one body, now many units, some almost entirely 
decimated, begin to fall back, ours included. We still have 
the presence of mind and the dignity to keep our faces to 
the enemy. I trip over a stump, no a body. There are hun- 
dreds sprawled out all over the field in the most grotesque 
positions the mind can imagine. Many of the wounded give 
the field a crawling effect. As we begin to reach the shelter 
of the treeline, whence we came, the firing slackens off. 
Our officers, or rather, officer, Lt. Massengill, begins to 
reassmble the pieces that are left of the regiment . . . 

This account of the battle of Sayler's Creek was recorded 
by a VMI cadet. This particular battle did not occur on April 
6, 1865, but rather, on April 6, 1986. It is a small portion of the 
action experienced by many Civil War re-enactors from all 
over the country. Several are members of the VMI Civil War 
Roundtable. They have gained national recognition in this 
ever growing hobby for their authenticity, skill, endurance. 


and professionalism. Although at annual New Market re- 
enactments they depict the Corps of 1864, they generally 
depict older cadets who left the Institute so they would not 
miss the adventure of war. They soon found, however, that 
war is no picnic. 

Today's club members also go into living hiostories and re- 
enactments with much of the same excitement and enthu- 
siasm as their ancestors. They soon learn that the hobby 
takes a lot of hard work and stamina. The only thing lacking 
is the bullets. This is what the hobby is all about: trying to 

understand where our predecessors were coming from, 
who they were, what they ate, and how they lived, taught, 
and died. 

Despite the hard work, the club does manage to have a 
good time. They participate in three or four re-enactments 
a year. Hopefully, within the next four years the club will 
participate in re-enactments of the battles of Cedar Moun- 
tain, Gettysburg, New Market, and the surrender of Lee at 
Appomattox. This year, the CWRT was lead by first class- 
man, C, Ashley Abernathy. 

Organizations 99 

The 1987 VMI Cadet 

One of America's last independent college newspapers. 
The CADET is the weekly newspaper of the Corps of Ca- 
dets. Published in the offices of The News-Gazette of Lex- 
ington, the publication provides a summary of the week's 
events, and a preview of upcoming events. Editorials, fea- 
tures, columns, and cartoons give coverage for all aspects 
of cadet life. One of the most popular features is the humor 
page. Subject of much criticism, the Dartboard is a way for 
cadets to vent their anger and poke fun at Institute officials 
and other cadets. 

The paper is published each Friday except during exam 
periods. Corps trips, and Holidays. The editor, managing 
editor, and the business manager are normally selected for 
the next year during spring of their junior year by the Publi- 
cations Board. Upon selection by the Board, the incumbent 
staff prepares to take over the publication in April. 

Often quite late into the evening on Thursday nights the 
CADET offices are the center of activity in barracks. The 
editor of this year's CADET was First Classman Michael C. 
Moore. Assisting Mike were Victor Sredl, managing editor. 
Dean A. Barr, business manager, and John Lightner, asso- 
ciate editor. The humor/apologies man at large this year as 
always was Mr. Beef Diesel. The CADET made drastic im- 
provements in its publication excellence this year. 

Vic Sredl makes last minute layout 
adjustments before sending the Pa- 
per off to ttie press. 

The V.M.I. Cadet 



Victor Sredl 

Managing Editor 

Michael C. Moore 


John Lightner 

Associate Editor 

Dean A. Barr 

Business Manager 

Frances Aretiart Typist 

Lou Buonpane . News and Features Editor 

T. Bruce Bones Sports Editor 

Alan Cowan Editorial Editor 

Curran Bowen Entertainment Editor 

Brian Collier Pliotograptter 

Todd Arris Circulation 

Matt Morgan 

Alan Cowan Ad Manager 

Jack McCarttiy Columnist 

Wayne Fuller Consulting Editor 

H. Craig Walker Writer 

Randy Janey Writer 

Tom Mitctiell Writer 

Jim Hassell Layout 

Bob Rutin Layout 

Beef Diesel Humor/ Apologies 

Man At Large 

The VMI Cadet, student newspaper of tite Virginia Military Institute, Is published every Friday 
during the academic year except during Corps Trips, Iwlidays and exam periods. In the offices of 
The News-Gaiette of Lexington, Va. A yearly subscription is $12.00 on post and $14.00 mailed off 
post. The VMI Cadet was entered as Second Class matter September 19, 1944, at the Post Office in 
Lexington, Va., under the Act of March 3, 1079. The VMI Cadet offices are located in the VMI bar- 
racks, and the mailing address is: Box 7, VMI, Lexington, Va. 24450. 
postal number-USP6S4-SB0 

too Organizations 

John Lightner and Mike Moore solicit subscriptions and ad- 
vertisements during Cadre 

Lou Buonpane assists the Beef by reviewing the copy for 
the Dartboard. Lou was the news and features editor. 

The CADET Staff members pose for their group picture. 
Hey guys!! Why don't you pull up your ponts. 

Organizations 101 

The Ability To Excel 



The curricula in biology ore designed 
not only for those students who intend 
to follow a career in the many biologi- 
cal sciences, forestry, marine biology, or wildlife management (B.A.), but 
also for those who intend to become physicians, dentists, veterinarians, or 
pharmacists (B.S.). They may also lead to careers in teaching, public health, 
and drug manufacture. The B.S. curriculum meets all standards recom- 
mended for admission to medical and dental schools. 

Both curricula also provide for studies in the social sciences and human- 
ities and strive to give the student a broad cultural background which 
should help him to take his place in the world in which he lives. By judicious 
choice of electives, the student is exposed to courses designed to develop 
the capacity of understanding man, the ultimate biological organism, in 
relationship to himself and to others. These curricula, therefore, do not 
produce narrow specialization in biology; rather, they offer a liberal educa- 
tion with concentration in those sciences appropriate to a biological ob- 

The B.S. degree represents a more detailed, comprehensive study of 
general subjects of biology. The B.A. program contains a larger portion of 
liberal arts courses, including language, and the study concentrates on 
broader, less technical areas of biology. 

In addition to its normal facilities, the Department of Biology maintains a 
herbarium which at present houses some 3,500 species filed on over 25,000 
sheets. A museum of the Virginia Archeological Society is under the auspic- 
es of the department, and it contains some 70,000 American Indian arti- 

A student with a cumulative quality point average in all biology courses 
of 3.0 or better and with no deficiencies may at the end of his Second Class 
year become a candidate for a major with honors and as such will prepare 
an honors paper under tutorial supervision. A definitive plan for the honors 
paper must be presented by the student for approval of the Department 
Head and the instructor best qualified in the particular field of interest; work 
is performed under the supervision of this instructor. During the Spring se- 
mester of the First Class year, the candidate for honors will take a written 
and/or oral comprehensive examination in biology and make an oral de- 
fense of his honors paper. 

104 Institute 


Chemistry is VMI's second oldest de- 
partment. Ever since 1877 the VMI 
chemistry department has ottered the 

sound basic training required tor a career in chemistry or any vocation 
requiring a strong background in science. Our graduates hold a variety of 
positions in industry, government, education, and the military. Many obtain 
additional graduate or professional training in biochemistry, chemical engi- 
neering, medicine, or management. 

While the department is currently housed in historic Maury-Brooke and 
Richardson Halls, many hours of time have been expended this year on 
planning for a new chemistry-biology building to be constructed adjacent 
to the physics building. We are looking forward to moving into into what we 
believe will be one of the finest science facilities in the country. Our new 
building should be completed sometime in 1988, 

Chemistry faculty members are very active in research. The depart- 
ment's summer research program gives cadets and students from other 
area schools a chance to work for an extended period of time on a project 
directed by a faculty member. The department is also headquarters for the 
Center for Glass Chemistry, a branch of Virginia's Center for Innovative 
Technology. The Jones Scholarships, provided by a generous alumnus, 
make it possible for the department to offer financial support of up to full 
payment of tuition for students majoring in chemistry. 

The department's instructional program is fully approved by the Ameri- 
can Chemical Society, and the student affiliate chapter of the ACS spon- 
sors speakers, field trips, and social events during the year. 

Civil Engineering 

Civil Engineering and people. The two ore intimately connected. 

Civil engineers design transportation, energy, v^/ater and sanitation sys- 
tems that people must have to enjoy life. One of the great revi/ards of civil 
engineering is the personal satisfaction derived from solving such problems 
as water pollution and making communities better places to live. 

To prepare for a challenging and satisfying career as a civil engineer, 
cadets at VMI receive a solid bacl<ground in the basic sciences and princi- 
ples of design. A sensitivity to the needs of society comes from the study of 
literature, humanities and social sciences. The graduating engineer thus is 
aware of his principles of serving people and of the high standard of ethics 
his career requires. 

Once the cornerstone of VMI's curriculum, the Civil Engineering Depart 
ment is now the senior engineering department at the Institute. Its curricu- 
lum has kept pace with advancing technology and exposes cadets to the 
major branches of civil engineering: structural, environmental and 

In addition to course work, the prospective civil engineer does extensive 
lab work, writes technical papers, completes numerous research projects, 
and participates in professional seminars exploring ethics, fairness and hon- 
esty in engineering. At the end of the program, the VMI-trained civil engi- 
neer has all the education and hands-on experience necessary to play a 
central role in upholding the support systems responsible for the rich quality 
of American life. 

VMI civil engineers ore highly regarded and eagerly sought by private 
businesses and the military alike. From the very beginning, the Civil Engi- 
neering Department has helped graduates select their first jobs. In every 
cose, a position has been found for each new engineer. This record speaks 
for the quality of the program and the graduates. 

Col. Donald K. Jamison, 
neering Department, 

Head of the Civil Engi- 


Col. Edward L. Claiborn, Head of the Depart- 
ment of Economics 

The English economist, Alfred Mar- 
shall, wrote that, "Economics is a study 
of mankind in the ordinary business of 

life". This definition forms the basis of the Economics curriculum at VMI. The 
Economics Curriculum provides cadets with a fundamental understanding 
of economic forces and systems through a liberal arts curriculum emphasiz- 
ing the development of analytical tools, and methods of analyzing public 

The major itself consists of introductory and theory courses in Principles of 
Economics, Computer and Statistical Applications, Macroeconomics, Mi- 
croecomomics, and Calculus. With electives in Money and Banking, Public 
Finance, Government and Business, Managerial Economics, and more. 

In addition to the materials available in Preston Library, the department 
maintains its own Economics Reading Room stocked with such publications 
as "Forbes", "Fortune", "Business Week", "Barron's", and "The Wall Street 
Journal", along with various professional economic journals and Federal 
Reserve publications. 

The Economics Department is also headquarters for a unique experiment 
begun in 1984 by the VMI Foundation, Inc. to give cadets practical invest- 
ment and decision-making experience: The Cadet Investment Group. 
Consisting of two competing sub-groups with about 15 members each, the 
Group is charged with managing $200,000.00 of the school's endowment 
fund through the buying and selling of common stocks. With the help of the 
Value Line Investment Survey and a computer link-up with several Dow 
Jones databases, the cadets make all the decisions. In the group's first two 
years of operation, the cadets achieved a 7% and 32% net return, respec- 
tively, during the nine month academic year. 

Looking toward the future, as a result of the success and popularity of 
the Cadet Investment Group and the Department's Management Minor, 
the Economics Department has announced that it will begin offering the 
Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Business starting with the Class of 1991 . As 
a response to calls for more practical application of ecomomic theory, the 
change in the curriculum's name and course structure should definitely 
increase the attraction of VMI to those men motivated toward studies in 

Finally, the overall objective of the Economics Department is to produce 
VMI men who can analyze many diverse topics, both in a professional 
capacity and in private, day-to-day living. While also having the ability to 
interpret notional and international events in light of their economic impact 
on a particular sector of business. Written by Ronnie Robinson 

Electrical Engineering 

The Electrical Engineering Department offers one of three engineering 
majors at VMI. Due to the small size of the department, there is a close 
bond between the cadets and the faculty. We believe that this closeness is 
not found at larger institutions; but rather that it is a characteristic unique to 
small schools. 

All of the courses in the department are taught in a small classroom 
environment, where each cadet is given the opportunity for individualized 
attention. In addition, all professors within the department have their Ph.D. 

Among the many courses offered within the department are machines, 
power, electronics, automatic controls, microcomputers, and computer 
programming. These courses are supplemented by various electives token 
outside the department. Included among these electives are severaf Hu- 
manities, Mechanical Engineering, Math, and Physics courses. It is no longer 
true that engineers are narrow minded and illiterate. 

The EE faculty are involved with their students outside class to an extent 
not found in the large universities. Professional societies such as the Institute 
of Electrical and Electronics Engineers help the cadets gain a better under- 
standing of the meaning and the responsibilities of being an engineer. 
Honor societies such as Eta Kappa Nu, and the VMI Engineering Society 
reward cadets with recognition for their academic achievments. 

The EE faculty ore constantly expanding their own educations. Recently 
Col. Nichols, the department head, returned from a tour of the Far East. 
While in the Orient, Col. Nichols visited various engineering schools in the 
People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Thailand, The Republic of China, 
and the Phillipines. 

Written by Gary David Smith 

Col. Lee L Nichols Jr. Head of the Department of 
Electrical Engineering. 


LTC Charles E. Fraley, Head of the Department 
of Academic Computing. 

Academic Computing 

The Department of Academic Computing is VMI's most recent addition 
to Institute academia. It is headed by LTC Charles E. Fraley. The purpose of 
the department is to provide assisstance and offer advice on the many 
aspects of computers. 

Each year, the Department holds workshops and demonstrations on the 
use of computers and computer software. These services are made avail- 
able to cadets, faculty, staff, and local residents of the VMI community. 
Through these workshops, the Department hopes to eliminate the natural 
fear many people have about computers. They teach you that you need 
not be a computer programmer with a degree in computer engineering, 
but just be willing to learn and have fun with a now common and everyday 

Academic computing also offers one academic course which is now a 
graduation requirment for all new cadets. This course is designed to give 
cadets an introduction to the fast paced world of micro-computing using 
the IBM-PC personal computer. The basics of computer operation and care 
are taught. The course makes use of the Peach Text 5000 series softwear. 
With this cadets are able to learn how to use a word processor, a spread 
sheet, and a data base management system. Even with so many different 
types of computer software on the market today, one introductory course, 
like AC101, could lead the student to learn about that software on his own. 

Often, situations arise when the experienced computer user has trouble 
with software or the computer itself. In this area, the Department offers 
advice on probable errors and how to correct them. 

In general, the Department of Academic Computing's sole purpose is to 
make people more "computer literate" in the ever increasing world of 
electronics and computers. 

Written by Michael Wright 

Institute 109 


^ C> "* '^° t>%Q\u at the end — after gradu- 

ation — if you major in English, what 
can you do? The ability to speal< and 
write clearly and effectively, to use research materials creatively, to ana- 
lyze and interpret written materials of all sorts, to think about people's 
motives and understand why they act as they do — these are skills de- 
manded in just about any occupation. They are what the English curriculum 
offers. Majoring in English should, after all, result in the growth of the whole 
man, as your life is ordered, extended, and enriched by what you learn. But 
you are also prepared for professional training of various sorts. English is, for 
example, a pre-iaw and pre-business curriculum. There is a chance to take 
more than enough electives in science to make it a pre-medical curriculum 
too. As a matter of fact, English graduates of the Institute have done 
successful work in graduate schools of law, business, medicine, theology, 
psychology, and art as well as English. Others are at work practicing medi- 
cine, commanding troops, watching stock tickers, heading banks, manag- 
ing businesses, writing for newspapers, preparing advertising copy, running 
colleges, raising money, editing periodicals, painting pictures, selling shoes, 
writing novels, and managing theaters. 

Literature deals with one central subject, human nature, a constant 
which is endlessly variable. Literature teaches more about people than any 
other discipline and it does so in the most interesting and fascinating way — 
by allowing the reader to experience life and to anticipate its complexities. 
Thus, so often, our English major graduates who ore now lawyers tell us that 
they are immediately able to recognize thier client and understand how 
best to assist him because they have seen him before, in Chaucer, Shake- 
speare, Dickins, Melville, Conrad, or Fitzgerald. 

An English graduate, now an Army officer, recently wrote: 
"I am happy I was an English major because it has broadened my percep- 
tions so much. Perhaps in no other field is there such an opportunity to 
plumb the very innermost aspects of the human condition, and so come to 
terms, in a way, with the broadest concerns of living in our society. I also 
think that I've a healthy respect for the language, and am able to commu- 
nicate properly to others so that they will understand me. More importantly, 
English trained my mind ... I am able to cut through to essences more 
quickly than I was before, and think with more clarity. Perhaps this honing of 
the faculties is the one great thing I acquired from the study of literature." 

Col. George L, Roth, Head of the Department of 


Col.Willard M, Hays, Head of the Department of 
History and Politics. 

The Department of History and Politics 
at VMI seeks to produce educated men 
who are prepared to assume the respon- 
sibilities of citizenship. We could say that the department creates the well- 
rounded individual. It gives the cadet the broad understanding of the past, 
essential to the educated man, while also allowing him to pursue more 
specialized interests. 

The cadet majoring in history begins his training with the study of the 
basic problems of natural science, economics, and mathematics. Examples 
of the courses which serve this purpose are chemical science, statistics and 
calculus, enviromental and ecological biology or geology and principles of 
economics. These subjects give the cadet the necessary tools for under- 
standing the world in which we live. Along with these courses, the history 
curriculum stresses education in English literature and composition. For the 
history major, the English language is an instrument for written and oral 
communication, important for the well-rounded history education. 

The VMI cadet is not limited to courses in history, English and the sciences, 
but will become proficient in a foreign language. At VMI, the cadet takes 
three years of either Spanish, French, German or Russian. 

As a history major, the cadet has numerous opportunities to branch off 
into a particular field of interest. Each semester courses are offered in the 
principal fields of modern European, Far Eastern, Latin American and Ameri- 
can history. All of these courses emphasize an understanding of develop- 
ments and problems rather than the mere cataloging of events of the past. 
They also give attention to social, economic and cultural phenomena as 
well as political and constitutional problems. 

In the History and Politics Department there are several opportunities to 
expand one's knowledge in a desired field of interest. The departmental 
honors program and the International Studies program offer the cadet a 
chance to specify a field of interest and probe deeply into a particular 
topic. The honors program is offered to cadets who have demonstrated an 
excellence in the field of history at the end of the first semester of the 
second class year. The International Studies Program offers the cadet on 
area of concentration in the international affairs field. The cadet is familiar- 
ized with such topics as American Foreign Policy, National Security Affairs, 
and selected foreign areas and cultures. 

People ignorant of the history major's education are often unaware of 
the vast oppurtunities open to him after graduation. The history major is 
graduated with the ability to understand national and international issues, 
and to manage affairs essential to law, business, politics, goverment ser- 
vice, and the armed forces. On top of the VMI experience, the history 
major at VMI graduates ready to tackle the world with success. 

Written by Brooks Gruber 


The mathematics department 
at VMI has a threefold mission: (a) 
to maintain strong programs 
leading to a B.S. or a B.A. in math- 
ematics, or to a minor in comput- 
er science; (b) to act as a service 
department for every degree- 
granting department at the Insti- 
tute; (c) to serve the Rockbridge 
community through the VMI eve- 
ning program and by acting as 
consultants to the community's 
business, educational, industry, 
and civic interests, 

This has been a year of transi- 
tion for the department of math- 
ematics. In the fall of 1987 the 
Institute w\\\ admit its first comput- 
er science majors, and much 
preparation has been done to 
ready us for this. Col. Deal has 
undertal<en the arduous task of 
pursuing a Master's Degree in 
Computer Science at the Univer- 
sity of Virginia while still teaching 
half-time at VMI. Major Walsh is 
working similarly at Virginia Poly- 
technique University, and LTC 
Tierney successfully completed in 
the summer of 1986 the demand- 
ing two-summer program of the 
Institute for Retraining in Science 
at Clarkson University in Potsdam, 
New York. With the additional 
computing expertise of Colonels 
Piegari "and Bolen and LTC Lo- 
minac, VMI's mathematics facul- 
ty demonstrates uncommon mul- 
tidisciplinary capabilities. 

Lt. Col, Thomas C, Lominac, Head of the Mathe- 
matics Department 

1 12 Institute 

Col. Richard S. Tandel, Head of the Department 
of Mechanical Engineering 

Mechanical Engineering 

The Mechanical Engineering Department first began in 1941 as a service 
department, charged with teaching certain mechanical engineering 
courses to civil engineers, electrical engineers, and physics majors. It was 
not until 1982 that the Institute received permission from the Virginia Coun- 
cil of Higher Education to establish a degree granting program in mechani- 
cal engineering. 

Since this beginning in 1982, the department has changed drastically. It 
has gone from a service department, with no students, to one with 181 
undergraduates. The number of faculty has increased from five to eight, 
with seven of these being Registered Professional Engineers. Five of them 
also hold doctoral degrees. Already two classes of mechanical engineering 
students have graduated; 19 cadets in 1985 and 39 in 1986. The depart- 
ment has seen such growth that two out of the last four matriculating 
classes have had more mechanical engineers than the two other engineer- 
ing departments. 

The latest focus of the department has been to apply for department 
certification by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology 
(ABET). With this accomplishment, the department will join the ranks of the 
other two engineering departments on Post. ABET has visited the depart- 
ment and will notify it of the outcome in the spring of 1987. Another great 
challenge to the department has been the implementation of a policy to 
stamp out computer illiteracy. The department has set up a computer- 
aided-drafting laboratory that uses the Apple lie and the IBM VERSACAD 
systems. Along with the engineering computer skills, the department has 
been channeling its students into becoming proficient on the IBM word 
processors, to keep up with the rapid pace of technology. 

The future of the department is bright. Many new courses have been 
developed in the last few years with the promise of more to come. New 
instructors have brought expertise in different fields along with experience 
in the outside world, giving students a look of what is to come. The students 
are becoming more aware of the outside world of engineering through the 
instructors, professional societies, guest speakers, and field trips. The idea of 
aiding and protecting society with an engineer's work is instilled early in a 
student's development as an engineer. At the pace of technology today, 
there is overwhelming proof that mechanical engineers will play an impor- 
tant part in the future of engineering, and the M.E. department at VMI is 
very capable of supplying the engineers to meet this challenge. 

Written by Robert D. Sweaney and Robert E. Buxton Jr. 

Modern Languages 

The Department of 
Modern Languages is the 
next to the youngest of 
the degree-granting curricula at VMI, but is one of the original fields of 
study offered to cadets as early as 1839. The study of foreign languages 
has always been recognized as one of the fundamental elements in the 
education of the well-informed citizen-soldier. This recognition has never 
been more in evidence than in our modern day, when the concept of the 
"global village" has rendered obsolete the isolationist postures of some 
previous generations. The VMI Department of Modern Languages seeks to 
meet the needs of today's cadet by rigorous programs in French, German, 
Spanish, and Russian. Offering the B.A. degree in the first three of these 
languages, the departmental faculty is a lively mix of senior and junior 
professors with various backgrounds in a host of subject areas. Long per- 
suaded of the importance of the international perspective and inveterate 
travelers in their own right, the faculty members engage in research topics 
in the national literatures of the language, as well as in the latest develop- 
ments in the techniques of language learning. Dedicated teachers and 
conscientious advisers, the ML faculty is often seen around Post guiding 
cadets in extra-curricular activities such as the Posit Committee, the Varsity 
Swim Team, the VMI Theatre. The VMI Foreign Study Committee encour- 
ages a variety of study abroad opportunities for cadets and is presently 
working closely with the VMI administration to renew the long-standing ties 
between VMI and the Ecole Polytechnique in France. Instructional emphasis 
is always on a practical working knowledge of the languages studied with 
a goal toward improving the career opportunities for language alumni in 
the foreign service, the CIA,international low, international business, and 
the armed services. The brand new, nearly completed language learning 
center in Scott Shipp Hall introduces the latest high technolgy into lan- 
guage classrooms where further work is underway developing new teach- 
ing software, video cassettes, and audio materials. This practical bent 
coupled with an abiding interest in the cultural, historical, and literary devel- 
opments of Spain, Latin America, France, and Germany, makes the diplo- 
ma in modern languages a valuable symbol of VMI's pursuit of excellence 
within an international perspective. 

Col. Michael S. Harris, Head of the Department ol 
Modern Languages. 

Dr, Clark King, Head of the Department of 
Physical Education, 


Physical Education 

The citizen-soldier concept is based on both the mental and physical 
realms. As a consequence, an integral component of the VMI educational 
experience is the physical development of cadets. 

The VMI Physical Education Department has four major goals. They are: 
1) to achieve and maintain an optimal level of physical conditioning, 2) To 
educate cadets in the principles underlying the development of exercise 
programs, 3) To develop life-long skills and provide recreational activity, 
and 4) To develop self-confidence and leadership abilities in cadets. 

Five major components of the Physical Education Department are in- 
volved in achieving the aforementioned goals. They include: 

1) Physical Education Courses — Each cadet must complete four credit 
hours of physical education to meet the requirements for graduation. Every 
cadet is required to take instruction in boxing, wrestling, sv^/imming, and 
principles of conditioning. In addition, each cadet must complete three 
additional elective courses. 

2) Physical Fitness Testing/Remedial Fitness Training — Cadets are re- 
quired to demonstrate a minimal level of physical conditioning by passing a 
physical fitness test consisting of push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and a 3 mile run. 
Cadets unable to meet minimum requirements attend remedial fitness 
training until they are able to meet the minimum standards on the physical 
fitness test. 

3) Rat Training — All rats not on athletic permit participate in this pro- 
gram. It's major goals are to increase physical conditioning and self-confi- 
dence. A sample of some activities included are: rappelling, slide-for-life, 
climbing House Mountain, obstacle courses, leadership reaction problems, 
and pugil sticks. Rats are directly supervised by over 80 upper class cadets 
who benefit tremendously from this valuable leadership experience. 

4) Intramurals — Cadets choose from a variety of activities and partici- 
pate twice per week. Activities available include: football, basketball, 
weight training, boxing, racquetball, cross country, ironman competition, 
and septathalon. 

5) Club Sports — Five club sports are available for cadet participation. 
Club Sports meet four times per week and in most cases compete against 
club teams from other colleges and communities. They include: rugby, 
boxing, karate, fencing, and water polo. 

Institute 115 


The department's goal is to stimu- 
late intellectual growth through edu- 
cating cadets in the disciplines of phi- 
losophy and psychology. The department's staff helps students achieve 
these goals through the use of effective teaching methods. 

Although neither psychology nor philosophy is offered as a major at VMI, 
there is a large enrollment in the courses offered by the department. 
Courses in philosophy are required by the English and Modern Language 
curricula. A psychology course is required by the management concentra- 
tion offered by the Economics department. All other courses in the depart- 
ment ore electives. These electives present a beneficial and challenging 
educational experience. 

The department offers a minor degree in psychology that is open to all 
cadets. Cadets pursuing the minor degree not only gain an interesting 
complement to their education but also a tool to enhance competitive- 
ness on the job market. The interest in psychology manifested by cadets 
does not stop at the undergraduate level. Each year, despite the lack of a 
major, one or two cadets continue the study of psyct>ology in graduate 

The study of psychology is not limited to the classroom atmosphere. Two 
psychology courses. Educational and Developmental, allow students to 
tutor at local public schools and a community day care center. These 
courses enable cadets to participate In an educational aspect of commu- 
nity service. 

The department is also increasing faculty and student involvement in 
research. Faculty and students work together on research projects which 
give the student practical experience on data gathering and lab experi- 
mentation. Another positive attribute demonstrated by the department is 
its dedication to independent research. This research has resulted in the 
presentation of papers and important journal publications, and has given 
substantial credibility to the VMI Philosophy and Psychology Department. 
Written by James R. Greene 

Cdr. William G. Hughes, Head of the Department 
of Philosophy and Psychology. 

116 Institute 


Col. Philip B. 
Physics and 

Peters, Head of the Department of 

The Department of Physics and As- 
tronomy is located on the main floor of 
Mallory Hall, and at one time or anoth- 
er will be included in every cadet's schedule, A well-based knowledge of 
the laws of physics is essential to the education of every cadet. Because of 
this, a general course is incorporated into the curriculum of all science- 
related majors and is also offered as on elective for those majoring in the 
liberal arts. 

However, there is much more to be found within the walls of Mallory Hall, a 
fact that Is not as well known as it should be. Once past the limits of general 
knowledge, there is a wide variety of specialized physics courses designed 
to focus a cadet's mind on one of the many fascinating fields within Physics. 
For instance, if one enjoys working with his hands there are courses offered 
dealing with both the mechanical and electronic aspects of Lab Tech- 
niques. However, for some it is much more satisfying to put one's mind to 
seemingly impossible tasks. For those, the department operates a sub- 
critical nuclear reactor and particle accelerator which are both ready for 
exploration. There are also numerous opportunities to put one's imagina- 
tion and creativity to work in courses which allow cadets to become active 
participants in actual research that is often being conducted by the Physics 
professors, these courses often lead to recognition in one of the many 
Physics journals which can be found in the department's extensive library. 

As the department's formal none implies, physics is not the only discipline 
that may be pursued. In recent years, more and more cadets hove been 
turning their eyes and their minds toward the heavens. To accomodate this 
growing interest, the department now offers even more courses in Astrono- 
my, ranging from a general course for the casual observer to an advanced 
course in Astrophysics for the serious student who wants to learn the work- 
ings behind the wonders of the night sky. In order to assist cadets in the 
pursuit of this field, the department possesses a fully operational planetar- 
ium as well as an observatory. 

The Department of Physics and Astronomy has much to offer in knowl- 
edge, diversity, and prestige. A cadet only has to have the desire to learn. 
Written by Dean A. Kratzenberg 

Aerospace Studies 

Here at the Institute, ROTC is an integral part of every cadet's life. And for 
some of them. Air Force ROTC is their choice. Located in Kilbourne Hall, 
Detachment 880 was one of the original 78 AFROTC units established in the 
country. Since September of 1946, it has been providing commissioned 
officers for the United States Air Force, some of whom hove attained 
General's rank. Recently, the Detachment has also been recognized as 
one of the most productive in the nation. In 1985 and 1986, it ranked 
second in the number of Second Lieutenants commissioned into the Air 
Force. Much of this success can be attributed to the officers and staff 
assigned to the Detachment, all of whom are VMI graduates or graduates 
of other military colleges around the country. In order to obtain on assign- 
ment at VMI, all must have a master's degree in their specific field of study, 
and successfully complete the Air Force's Academic Instructor School at 
Maxwell AFB, AL. The Detachment is a full academic department, with the 
Professor of Aerospace Studies a member of the Academic Board and the 
Superintendant's staff. 

Aerospace Studies courses involve Air Force History, coammands and 
organization, leadership and management skills, and national security is- 
sues. These courses provide the essential foundation for future officers. 
AFROTC cadets also have the oppurtunity to attend field training, ad- 
vance training, and airborne training during the summer months. 

The Jefferson Scott Dotson Squadron of the Arnold Air Society is also an 
integral part of the Detachment. Named for a VMI graduate killed In the 
early years of Vietnam, it is primarily a service-oriented organization, with 
goals of creating a better understanding between the Air Force and 
civilians. Squadron activities in the past have included such things as the 
Lexington Halloween Party, Thanksgiving and Christmas food drives, visits to 
Air Force bases, and assisting in the Marshall Awards. The Detachment's 
annual Dining Out is also organized and run by the squadron. Presently there 
are 45 members in the squadron, each getting a better insight and experi- 
ence into the traditions and customs of the Air Force. 

Through these special programs and other activities. Detachment 880 
has helped to better prepare its graduates for a rewarding career in the Air 
Force and beyond 

Written by Micheal M.Humes 

Col. Donald L. Wolfswinkel. Head of the Depart- 
ment of Aerospace Studies. 

Military Science 

Col. David V. Harbach, Head of the Department 
of Military Science. 

Anyone that knows of VMI, knows of its long and proud tiistory as a 
supplier of fine young officers to ttie United States Army, and the United 
States Army Reserve. Army ROTC training at VMI has, and always will 
produce graduates that are "citizenry trained and accustomed to arms", 
or in other words, some of the world's finest citizen-soldiers. This concept of 
the citizen-soldier is rooted deep in VMI tradition. It is one of the three legs 
of the VMI stool that makes this tradition hold true today. 

To understand how VMI has played such an important role in this coun- 
try's call for the finest officers, you must first know some of the history of 
military science at VMI. Since its founding in 1839, VMI has required all 
cadets to study military science and tactics. By the year 1881 VMI had 
produced over twelve hundred graduates, and of these, over two hun- 
dred and fifty were killed in battle during the Civil War. However, the end of 
the Civil War did not bring about an end to VMI involvement in future wars 
fought around the world. When the war clouds appeared over Europe in 
1914, again VMI answered the call to duty. A camp for military training was 
established on the VMI post, and Army officers again began the task of 
preparing young men to lead in combat. Again in World War II, the Army 
ROTC Department prepared cadets for military service in a terrible and 
bloody conflict. Another very important date in the history of military sci- 
ence at VMI, was December 22, 1916. It was on this date that the Superin- 
tendent officially notified all cadets of the recently passed Officer Reserve 
Act. This established Army ROTC and three branches at VMI: cavalry, field 
artillery and infantry. The Board of Visitors also included an engineer branch. 
This system is quite similar to that of the Military Science Department of 

Today, the Virginia Military Institute has one of the largest ROTC detach- 
ments in the country. VMI has produced more general officers than any 
other ROTC unit in the nation. Today's ROTC offers a challenging and 
flexible program that develops leadership skills required for success in any 
career field. To make this program work, the Military Science Department is 
broken down into four branches: infantry, artillery, armor, and engineers. 
Each if these departments is geared toward teaching cadets the basics of 
their respected fields while also working to develop the leadership skills 
necessary for any branch of the Army. One of the reasons that VMI is set 
opart from other ROTC units is the "hands-on" training available to the 
cadets. Some equipment available to the cadets is: five M48A5 tanks, five 
M101A1 howitzers, and three two and a half ton trucks. Upon graduation, 
some sixty percent of each class are selected for active duty. The remain- 
ing cadets become citizen soldiers and are assigned to short tours of active 
duty followed by a period in the U.S. Army Reserve or National Guard. Army 
ROTC at VMI — developing the citizen-soldier. 

Institute 119 

Naval Science 

The Naval ROTC pro- 
gram was established at 
the Virginia Military Insti- 
tute in 1974. Since that time. Naval Science cadets have had the opportu- 
nity to pursue commissions in the Marine Corps or the Navy. 

Navy Option cadets may choose to be commissioned in the Unrestricted 
Line for duty in the aviation, surface, or subsurface communities. Regardless 
of warfare selection, all Navy option cadets receive instruction in naval 
propulsion systems, weapons systems, navigation and piloting, and leader- 
ship and management. They are also required to complete at least one 
four to six week cruise aboard a Navy ship. 

Marine Option cadets are afforded the opportunity to earn a commission 
in the Marine Corps which can lead to duty as an aviation or unrestricted 
ground officer. Courses of instruction for Marine Option cadets at VMI 
include naval propulsion systems, weapons systems, evolution of warfare, 
and amphibious warfare. Prior to their commissioning as Second Lieutenants 
in the Marine Corps, Marine Option cadets must complete a demanding six 
week summer training course, known as Bulldog, at Quantico, Virginia. 

The Naval Science Department sponsors two extracurricular activities at 
VMI, both of which are active in community affairs. The Semper Fidelis 
Society is a professional organization for prospective Marine Corps Officers 
which promotes events consistent with the goals of the Marine Corps. Navy 
Option cadets can participate in the Trident Society. The Trident Society 
sponsors the sail training program and supports the professional develop- 
ment of its members through a wide variety of activities. Both the Trident 
Society and the Semper Fidelis Society conduct Distinguished Speaker 
Programs in their areas of interest. 

Col. Thomas J. Solak, Head of the Department of 
Naval Science. 

120 Institute 

The Chain of Command 
and Institute Officials 

President of the 
United States of America 

Governor of tine 
Commmonwealtln of Virginia 

Superintendent of tlie 
Virginia IVIilitory Institute 

The Dean of the Faculty 

Executive Assistant to 
the Superintendent 

Chaplain to the 
Corps of Cadets 

Director of Admissions 

Commandant of the 
Corps of Cadets 

Deputy Commandant 

The President of the United 
States of America 

Ronald W. Reagan 

The Governor of the 
Commonwealth of Virginia 

Gerald L. Baliles 

The Superintendent of VMI 

General Sam Sims Walker 

General Walker is eleventh in the line of distinguished superintendents who have served the Virginia Military Institute 
since its founding in 1839. 

General Walker was commissioned in the Infantry at graduation in 1946 from the United States Military Academy 
where he was a Cadet Captain and Regimental Commander. In his 32 year career as an Army officer he held such 
positions as Commanding General of the Third Infantry Division, U.S. Army, Europe; United States Commander, Berlin; 
and Deputy Commanding General of the United States Army Forces Command. General Walker earned his fourth 
star when he was made Commander of the Allied Land Forces, Southeastern Europe, the Command from which he 

Before entering West Point, General Walker attended VMI as a member of the class of 1945, entering the Institute 
in 1941 and resigning in 1943 to enter the U.S. Military Academy. At VMI he was a center on the Rat football team, a 
member of the Rat wrestling team, and a cadet Corporal. At West Point he continued with plebe football before 
switching to lacrosse, the intercollegiate sport in which he was twice mentioned for All American honors. He was a 
starting midfielder in the North-South All-Star lacrosse game of 1946. 

General Walker is married to the former Charlotte Behrenberg, and they are the parents of two sons, both 
graduates of the U.S. Military Academy, and a daughter who is a gradute of Auburn University. 

124 Institute 

Dean of the Faculty 

Brigadier General John Williams Knapp 

Brig. Gen. John W. Knapp, Dean of the Faculty at VMI, has spent more than half his life in Lexington and at VMI — 
first as a VMI cadet, 1950-54, and since 1959 as a member of the Institute faculty. He became Dean of the Faculty on 
August 1, 1984. 

Brig. Gen. Knapp, a 1954 civil engineering graduate of VMI and a Registered Professional Engineer in Virgino, holds 
M.S. and Ph.D. degrees (1962 and 1965) in environmental engineering from Johns Hopkins University, and is vi/idely 
known for his engineering research, public service, and contributions to engineering education. He joined the VMI 
faculty in 1959 and served from instructor through professor of civil engineering, including two terms as head of the 
civil engineering department. His honors include the 1978 Halliburton Foundation Education Award for Excellence in 
engineering teaching and the 1979 Bliss Medal of the National Society of American Military Engineers in recognition of 
his contributions to engineering education and military science. 

A 30-year veteran of Army Reserve service. Brig. Gen. Knapp is Deputy Commander of the 97th U.S. Army Reserve 
Command. The unit is responsible for the command and control of more than 100 Army reserve units in 12 states and 
the District of Colombia. Promoted to general officer rank in 1983, he has commanded units in the Army's 80th Division 
(Training), and is a graduate of the Army War College. 

As a cadet at VMI Brig. Gen. Knapp rose to the rank of cadet first lieutenant, head cheerleader, vice president of 
the glee club, and captain of the 1954 Southern Conference Championship swimming team. 

Institute 125 

The Executive Assistant 
to the Superintendent 

The Chaplain 

to the Corps of Cadets 

Col. Leroy D. Hammond 

Col. Leroy D. Hammond, Executive Assistant to the 
Superintendent of VMI, is a 1957 civil engineering 
graduate of the Institute, v^/here he vjas A Company 
commander, editor of the Bomb.and a member of the 
cadet glee club. 

He joined the VMI staff in 1985 following a 28-year 
career in the Army Corps of Engineers, retiring as Dep- 
uty Commander of the Corps' eight-state Southwest- 
ern Division. Previously he served as Chief Engineer for 
U.S. Army Forces in Italy, Greece, and Turkey. He com- 
manded engineer units in Europe and Vietnam and 
served as a resident engineer for Minuteman missile silo 
construction in Wyoming, Nebraska, and Colorado. 
He is a graduate of the Army is Command and Gener- 
al Staff College and the National War College, and 
holds a master's degree from Stanford University. He is 
a former member of the faculty at the U.S. Military 
Academy, where he taught engineering fundamen- 
tals and computer programming. He has also taught 
resource management on the graduate level at the 
Army's Command and General Staff College. 

Col. Charles C. Caudill 

Col. Charles C. Caudill, who spent 23 years as a chap- 
lain in the United States Air Force, is the John M. Cam- 
p'og Chaplain to the Corps of Cadets, and an honor- 
ary Brother Rot of the Class of 1983. 

A native of North Carolina, Col. Caudill received an 
A.B. degree from High Point College in 1953 and a 
Master of Divinity degree from Duke University in 1956, 
the year he was ordained an elder in the United Meth- 
odist Church and commissioned in the Air Force. He is, 
in addition, a graduate of a number of military service 
schools, including the Squadron Officers School, the 
National Security Course, and the Air Command and 
Staff College. 

In addition to his military decorations, Col. Caudill 
holds the 1967 Finnegan Award recognizing him as the 
chaplain who had made the greatest contribution to 
single airmen in the Air Force. In 1974 he headed a 
chapel team that was winner of the Edward R. Chess 
Award for having demonstrated the highest pastoral 
concern for human needs in the Air Force. 

Col. Caudill and his wife, Shirley, are the parents of 
three sons. Twins Mike and Marc, and Chris (VMI '83). 
All are currently Air Force Officers. 

Director of Admissions 

Colonel William J. Buchanan 

Colonel William J. Buchanan, a 1950 graduate of VMi, became the Director of Admissions in September 1977 after 

in World War II when he entered VMI from his home at Wheeling, West Virginia in the fall of 1946. '"J^e four year that 
followed he compiled an impressive record. Graduating in 1950 with distinguished academic ^ta^^ in ^® *^/^\°;y 
curriculum he was vice president of his class, regimental commander of the Corps of Cadets, and vice P^esdent of 
5he?adS honor court. He was named to "Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and College dur ng 
h^ seniofyear at VMI. and at graduation was recipient of the highly prized Cincinnati Medal, an annual awa d to the 
VMI graduate who is selected by the Faculty as most distinguished for efficiency of service and excellence of 

"""cSonS Buchanan was commissioned upon graduation from VMI in 1950 and served on active duty ,n the United 
States Army until his retirement in 1977. He was commanding officer of the 194th Armored Bngade at Fort Knox 
Kentucky, when he was assigned to VMI in August, 1972, as Professor of Military Science ar^d Comrjandant oj 
Cadets He is a graduate of the National War College and of the Army's Command and General S ^ff CoNege^He 
served three tours of duty in Vietnam, and his decorations include the Silver Star, the Legion of Merit with three oak 
leaf clusters, and the Distinguished Flying Cross. .^r^n^H -ac iit+io n<; 

Col. Buchanan will be retihng this year. Upon being asked what he plans on doing, he quickly replied. As little as 

Commandant of Cadets 

Colonel David Vincent Harbach 

Colonel Dovid V. Harbach, a career officer in the United States Army, is Commandant of Cadets and Professor of 
Military Science at VMI, where he was graduated in 1961. He began his duties as head of the Institute's Army ROTC 
program in June 1986. 

A decorated combat veteran of two tours of duty in Vietnam, Col. Harbach previously was Director of the 
Weapons Systems Department of the U.S. Army Armor Center and School at Fort Knox, Ky. Before that assignment, 
he commanded an armor battalion in Europe. He is a graduate of the Command and General Staff College and the 
Army War College and holds a master's degree in public administration from Shippensburg University. 

A native of Reading, Pa., Col. Harbach received his VMI degree in civil engineering and served during his first class 
year as cadet captain and commander of Company C, the winner in 1961 of the Commandant's Cup for highest 
achievement in physical fitness. He is, in addition, a distinguished military graduate of VMI and a former member of 
the cadet glee club. 

Col. Harbach's military decorations include the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star Medal with three oak leaf clusters, the 
Meritorious Service Medal, the Army Commendation Medal, the Army Achievement Medal, and the Combat Infantry 

Col. Harbach and his wife Charlotte ore the parents of two children, David and Melissa. 



Capt. Harold Willcockson 

Cadets oftentimes refer to VMI as the "Mother I". If 
the "I" is our mother, then the Commandant's office is 
our father. To many cadets this man iS the comman- 
dant's office. He has the unpleasant responsibility of 
acting as disciplinarian. As enforcer of the Superinten- 
dent's rules and regulations, the Commandant dele- 
gates most of the issuing of penalties to his Deputy. 
Therefore, most cadets will report to Capt. Willcock- 
son, leaving only the most serious discipline problems 
having to report to the commandant. Also, if a cadet 
desires special privileges for extenuating circum- 
stances, Capt. Wilcockson must judge if the circum- 
stances are valid enough to warrant these privileges. 

Within our own circles, the corps has affectionately 
nicknamed Capt. Willcockson, "Weird", because of 
his seeming inconsistencies in the penalties he awards. 

Capt. Willcockson was born in Arkansas and came 
to the Institute after 28 years of service in the U.S. 
Army. He is a member of the Lexington Kiwanis Club 
and the Lexington Baptist Church. His hobbies include 
woodworking and hiking. He is also married and the 
father of three children. He resides on post. 

Judy, Sandi, Melindo 

Sandi Shiplett, Melindo Jones and Judy Ellinger are 
some of the most important people in the VMI system 
as well as in a cadet's life. They process the endless 
mountains of paperwork that is generated by this Insti- 

These women are the Corps' "big sisters". If a cadet 
has a problem interpreting a regulation, they ore the 
"voice of the administration". If a cadet believes he 
has circumstances which may warrant special privi- 
leges, many times he consults them to get an idea of 
how the commandant will react to his permit. Many 
times their advice has made the difference between 
getting a furlough, and getting confinement. 

The secretaries mourn the passing of their friend and 
colleague, Mrs. Patricio J. Henson. (Inset) 

Er:^«f^.>^:j#;sr^^_. ;^ -...^^ 

Bearing The Mantle Of Responsibility 


Regimental Staff 

David J. Furness 

Regimental Commander 

Neal J, Naff 

Executive Officer 

Kevin P. Sincavage 

Regimental S-1 

Gary David Smith 

Regimental S-2 

Monte C. Ferguson 

Regimental S-3 

Somkiat Sampan 

Regimental S-4 

Paul D. Russo 

Regimental S-5 

Wayne G. Fuller 

Regimental S-1 Lt. 

John S, Phillips 

Regimental S-3 Lt 

Ronald L. Carr 

Regimental S-4 Lt. 

Mark K, Johnson 

Regimental S-5 Lt 

David C, Cochran 

Regimental Sgt, Major 

Micheal R. Wright 

Regimental S-1 Sgt. 

1 m^^^S 


132 Corps 


R' ^ \ 


First Battalion 

BF^ ^hL r mitt. ^C^^ 

Col. David Harbach adjusts G. David 
Smitln's dyke job during a Friday Evening 

Matthew C. Howard 
Battalion Commander 

Robert D. Sweaney 
1st Battalion Ex-O 
Wilfrid C. Trammel 
1st Battalion S-1 
Todd E, Arris 
1st. Battalion S-2 
James C. Pennington 
1st Battalion S-3 

Edward C Ledford 
1st. Battalion S-4 
Aaron N. Robinson 
1st, Battalion S-5 
James W Bierman 
1st Battalion Sgt. Major 
T Bruce Bones 
1st Battalion S-1 Sgt. 

Terry L Plunl< 
Regimental Color Sgt. 
Adam C Volant 
Regimental Color Sgt. 
J. Christopher Goff 
Regimental Color Sgt. 

Corps 133 

Second Battalion 

R. Danner Friend 

2nd. Battalion Commander 

Fonandus Gayle 
2nd Battalion Ex-O 
James B, Johnson 
2nd Battalion S-1 
Chinowat Noiwan 
2nd, Battalion S-2 
Russeli L. Mitchell 
2nd Battalion S-3 

Bradley J. Maak 

2nd. Battalion S-4 

William D. Beyer 

2nd. Battalion S-5 

Mark C Bartholf 

2nd, Battalion Sgt. Major 

David M. Smith 

2nd. Battalion S-1 Sgt, 

134 Corps 

Third Battalion 

Third Battalion Commander Al 
Pontono brings his staff to 
present arms during the 
Parents' Day parade^ 

Robert K, Burns 
3rd. Battalion Ex-O 
Miaheal D, McDaniel 
3rd Battalion S-1 
Brooks S Gruber 
3rd Battalion S-2 
C, Ernest Edgar 
3rd. Battalion S-3 

Dean A, Kratzenburg 

3rd Battalion S-4 

George C. Spence 

3rd Battalion S-5 

Eric J. Davis 

3rd, Battalion Sgt. Major 

Robert B Kinn 

3rd Battalion S-1 Sgt. 

During the early part of the first semester 
Friday Evening parades were a very common 
exercize Here the 2nd and 3rd battalions 
stand at present arms. 

Corps 135 

Band Company 

Martin C^ Ewald 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Alan S Greene 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Stuart F. Halasz 
Platoon Lieutenant 

William P Hancock 
Company Commander 

Joseph F. Cougtilin 
Drum Major 
William O Seiferth 
Drum Major 
Andrew C Compi 
Guidon Bearer 
Trent H. Beck 
First Sergeant 

136 Corps 





- CL n i:ouJ-Tf -ppEST^Njl ^ r. jn 

%\ ^^^^ ^■•■#Ct:f -i^^i * 

Alpha Company 

138 Corps 




Bravo Company 

John S. Boughton 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Owen J. Curley 
Platoon Lieutenant 

John R, Pilloni 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Andrew C Zolper 
Company Commander 

James M, Bright 
Guidon Bearer 
John F. Rymon 
First Sergeant 
Daniel E, Zalewski 
Master Sergeant 
Todd M Robinson 
Operations Sergeant 

140 Corps 




Charlie Company 

Samuel F Nelson 
Executive Officer 

Bradford Chandler 
Platoon Lieutenant 

James M, Cranford 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Robert A, Eaton 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Mark A Corrice 
Company Commander 

Thomas P Hurrell 
Guidon Bearer 
Samuel L Russell 
First Sergeant 
Kirk Dewyea 
Master Sergeant 
Paul C, Brotzen 
Operations Sergeant 

142 Corps 


rt O O (SOLn) TftL P^ESWN p ft r r JP^ 

HilWiiHI'BiipBW ■ 






Delta Company 

IM Corps 




H -^t^ 



Echo Company 

Ronald A Robinson Jr 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Jon E. Sachrison 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Scott T. Jones 
Company Commander 

Christopher M Stathis 
Guidon Bearer 
James P Tuemler 
First Sergeant 
Calvin N, Anderson 
Master Sergeant 
Hugh J McMenamin 
Operations Sergeant 

146 Corps 






■fr. . ri 


Foxtrot Company 

Dennis J. Kiely 
Plotoon Lieutenent 

Nathaniel W. Pendleton 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Kurt R Vegan 
Company Commander 

William E Zins 
Guidon Bearer 
Christoptier G Hall 
First Sergeant 
Steven M Neary 
Master Sergeant 
Chistopher T, Goerner 
Operations Sergeant 

148 Corps 

TH^^^— ''' 





Golf Company 

Claude A. Abernathy 
Guidon Bearer 
David L, Wiiliams Jr. 
First Sergeant 
Frank J. Delbarto 
Master Sergeant 
Sheiton A. Davis 
Operations Sergeant 

150 Corps 

- n 



»®-,.9- 9 g ? p W^i*;T(^^Ego» „ . ^ . 




Hotel Company 

Louis M, Buonpane 
Platoon Lieutenant 

James R. Greene 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Jason W. Stiepard 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Craig H, Covert 
Company Commander 

Manuel R, Malendez 
Guidon Bearer 
Charles J, Shuster 
First Sergeant 
James J Steptiens 
Master Sergeant 
Mictieal E. McGrow 
Operations Sergeant 

152 Corps 




r ifiCOLd-T 1«PRES£PN S s 
y'^ ^W- ^"^ ,' - --- -*- -* 

^: --ai :•??': :*^ -«i :-<?:'•.*: ^ 

►> 'ii *< 








India Company 

William A. Berneski 
Executive Officer 

Gregory L Ellis 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Andrew V. Korol 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Micheoi W, Maxwell 
Platoon Lieutenant 

William F Callahan 
Company Commander 

Kevin D Barker 
Guidon Bearer 
James B, Adams 
First Sergeant 
Nicolas J Lovelace 
Master Sergeant 
Joseph B. King 
Operations Sergeant 






154 Corps 

r r-" 




156 Corps 

The 1986-87 VMI Honor Court 

A Proud Tradition of the Virginia IVlilitary Institute 

Betiind every group or institution 
there is always one main ideal thiat 
binds the nnembers together. At the 
Virginia Military Institute, this ideal is 
one of honor. The honor system is an 
intricate part of every cadet's action 
and, as such, the duty falls on every 
cadet to extensively learn and live by 
this system. The VMI Honor Code simply 
states that a cadet does not lie, 
cheat, steal, nor tolerate those who 
do. This code is designed to instill hon- 
orable conduct. For this reason, there 
is no margin for variation from it. There 
is but one penalty for violation of this 
code — dimissal. 

The honor system was originated by 
cadets and has always belonged to 
the cadets. The court itself consists of 
sixteen members elected from the first 
and second classes. The court has two 
primary purposes, the first being to 
teach and instill in the Corps the high- 
est sense of honor and the second be- 
ing the duty of deciding the inno- 
cence or guilt of an accused cadet. In 

the event a cadet is found innocent, 
he is exonerated of all charges, bear- 
ing no stigma. If a cadet is found guilty 
of violating the honor code, he is dis- 
missed in disgrace, never to have his 
name mentioned within the four walls 
of the Institute again. 

Although the code is administered 
by the Honor Court, its real strength lies 
within the Corps. The Corps is the 
guardian of the code and jealously 
protects every aspect of it. This re- 
sponsibility falls on every cadet, no 
matter to what class he belongs, or 
what rank he holds. There is on Honor 
Court sheet posted in every room in 
barracks as well as every classroom, 
explaining the code of honor. This 
sheet is only a guide and not a definite 
set of rules. 

It would be unrealistic to have one 
set of rules to cover every situation 
that a cadet might encounter. For this 
reason, it is the responsibility of every 
cadet to read the sheet very closely 
and to remember that he is responsible 

for all his actions. If a cadet is ever 
confused about the code or its appli- 
cation, he consults an Honor Court 
member. It is the responsibility of every 
cadet to understand the code thor- 
oughly, for ignorance of the Honor 
Code is no excuse. 

During ones codetship, it is hoped 
that a cadet does not follow the code 
for the sake of the code itself, but that 
the cadet develops within himself his 
own sense of personal honor which will 
remain with him throughout his entire 
lifetime. This is the bond that links all 
VMI men. 

The above passage is a version of 
the letter Robert Sweaney, President 
of the Honor Court '87, wrote to the 
Rats in the Bullet, It is through this letter 
and many stoop talks during Cadre, 
that the Rats get introduced to the 
VMI Honor Code, The Rats ore expect- 
ed to abide and enforce the system 
once they matriculate, for honor is the 
most important part of anyone's co- 


Officers: (seated) iriomas K Farleigh Jr. Prosecutor, Robert D Sweaney President, Kevin P Reardon 
Prosecutor, (standing) John S, Bougtiton Senior Voting Member, Mark A Barth Vice-President, and 
James R, Greene Senior Voting Member, 

Court: (seated) John S, Boughton, Thomas K, Farleigh, Robert D, Sweaney. Mark A, Barth, Kevin P 
Reardon, James R, Greene, (standing) Kirk J, Dewyea. James P, Tuemler, Robert A, Choszor Jr , Mark 
D Lamb, R, Danner Friend, John H, Barnard, Daniel C, Young, G, Christopher Spence, Alfred A, 
Pontono Jr , and Thomas F Reimann, 

The honor Court would like to ex- 
press its deepest appreciation to Col, 
Floyd Duncan, the Superintendent's 
Representative to the Honor Court, 
Over the years. Col, Duncan has dedi- 
cated more than just his time to the 
court. He has seen to the well being of 
not only the system, but to the Court 
members and the corps. On behalf of 
the Court and the Corps, Thank You 

Robert D, Sweaney 

Corps 157 

The 1987 General Committee 

(seated) James C Pennington Jr 1st Class Vice 
Pres , Neal J. Naff 1st Class Pres , Ctiarles E Edgar 
IV 1st Class Historian, (standing L to R) Ttiomas F 
Reimann 2nd Class Historian, Bobby N. Turnage 
Jr, 2nd Class Vice Pres , Adam C. Volant 2nd 
Class Pres , Edwin C Cox 3rd Class Pres , Ronald 
K Jones 3rd Class Vice Pres , Timottiy J Finkler 
3rd Class Historian 

Cadet government, as distinguistied from ttie Ctiain-of-Commond, is vested in the General Committee and its 
subcommittees: Executive Committee, Rat Disciplinary Committee, and ttie Officer of the Guard Association. These 
governing bodies handle matters which are not concerned with the Honor Code, but which reflect upon the 
appearance, discipline, and reputation of the Corps. 

The rules of the committees ore published for the information of the Corps. It is the duty of each cadet to know and 
to comply with these rules. Ignorance of published rules is no excuse. 

The General Committee, authorized by the Superintendent, is of, by, and for the Corps. The General Committee is 
designed to maintain the standards of the Corps inside and outside of barracks. It enforces the system of class 
privileges and ensures that actions by individuals in the Corps do not fall below the standards and traditions of VMI. 

Class privileges authorized by the General Committee are published each year for the Corps. Any cadet who 
assumes a privilege of a higher class will be brought before the Committee. 

Class privileges are privileges which, through custom and tradition, have been assumed by the respective classes; 
in certain cases these are not recognized or permitted by the Institute regulations. Class privileges in conflict with 
regulations are exercised by the cadets at their own risk, and cadets are subject to report by the authorities and by 
cadets on duty in the same manner as for other infringements of the regulations. 

Each class has all privileges authorized for a lower class. Actions which bring discredit upon the Corps are 
answerable to the General Committee. It is composed of the nine class officers with each class having an equal 
vote. The President of the First Class presides. 

The purpose of the Executive Committee is to enforce and improve the standard of appearance and conduct of 
the Corps of Cadets. Cases handled by the Executive Committee are usually of a serious nature reflecting on the 
entire Corps. Penalties up to and including Dismissal are given. It is also composed of the nine class officers with the 
President of the First Class presiding. 

158 Corps 


The General Committee also has two recorders, 
Todd Williamson and Wilson Brown The G C is 
under the guidance ot its faculty advisor Maj, 
Stephen Tate 

Appearing before the G.C this rot has decided 
that it would probably be best if he stopped 
taking privileges 

A ^^'^ ^ 

Corps 159 

Officers of the Guard Association 

The purpose of the OGA is to create 
and maintain an environment condu- 
cive to the success of the cadets and 
the Corps at the Virginia Military Insti- 
tute. The OGA is an agency of the 
class system and is responsible directly 
to the First Class president. The func- 
tion of the OGA is to facilitate commu- 
nications, harmony, and discipline at 
VMI. All First Class Privates are mem- 
bers of the OGA, with one representa- 
tive elected by each company. 

Before the RDC v^/as created, the 
main job of the OGA v^/as the disciplin- 
ing of the Rats. Nov*/ that that job has 
been transfered to the RDC, the OGA 
concerns themselves v^/ith a different 
aspect of barracl<s life. The OGA is re- 
sponsible for all investigations initiated 
by the General or Executive Commit- 
tees. Investigations vary in form rang- 
ing from alleged hazing cases to a 
class privileges infraction. After the in- 
vestigation, the OGA member makes 
a report and a recommendation to the EC or GC. It is then up to the Class system to decide just action. 

This years OGA President was Stewart B. Wharton, III, with Ted Fishbacl< as the vice-president and Paul Munson as 
the secretary. These men, along with the rest of the OGA, made a strong impact on the class system. Through their 
efforts, the jurisdiction of the EC and GC was widened. 

Cadets Paul Munson, Cliff Bunn, and Andrew Campi discuss OGA matters during ttie Cadre period. 

H^^^ ^' 

--^ .->>1 


jI:^^^ m 

(left to right) Andrew Campi, John Ficcoro, fjich LeMay, Ted Devens 
Ted Fishback, Stew Wharton, Paul Munson, Cliff Bunn, H. Byrne, and 
Wilson Brown. 

(left to right) Ted Fishback, vice-president. Stew Wharton, president, Paul 
Munson, secretary. 

160 Corps 

The R.D.C. 

The Rat Disciplinary Committee, a sub-committee of the General 
Committee, is the First Class's Principal disciplinarian unit for way- 
ward Rats. Elected by their peers, the R.D.C. was known for its swift 
and extreme measures in dealing with Rats that didn't want to follow 
the guidelines set for them by The First Class. 

Under the leadership of this year's president, Denis J. Kiely, the 
R.D.C. has been able to exercise many older traditional punishments 
lost in recent years (to include workouts at the R.D.C). The Commit- 
tee also moved its meeting place back to the fifth stoop vice Cocke 
Hall where it has been for the last several years. This year's Commit- 
tee, under the watchful eye of the Commandant's staff, was able to 
pursue an active role in the Rats' well-being. The R.D.C. was always 
present to make sure they received plenty to eat, plenty of exercise, 
numerous hearing checks, and kept their appearance immaculate(?). 

The R.D.C. presented the biggest obstacle for the Rat Mass to 
hurdle on their journey to becoming a VMI Class. The Committee 
forced the New Cadets to utilize self-discipline, perseverance, and 
motivation to overcome the hardships of the ratline. It required also 
that each Rat cast aside all aspects of individuality and replace it 
with the concept of unity and the Brother Rat Spirit. 

John Pilloni presents a matriculant with his Rat Bible, 

(front) Jason Shepard, Denis Kiely, John Nolan.{rear)Doug Flynn, Rick Whitty, Bill 
Berneski, Steve Cade, John Pilloni, Dean Barr, John McCarthy, Mark Cranford. Not 
pictured; Anthony Brads. 

Corps 161 

The Source Of Loyalty 


A New Beginning 

On a warm summer day in the mid- 
dle of August from as far as London, 
England to as close as Montpelier 
county, Virginia, men tiave gottiered 
to attempt to become VMI men. 
There is a feeling in the air and expres- 
sions on many faces that show that not 
much is known about the experience 
of VMI. Yet these faces show that we 
want to experience all that the presti- 
gious institute has to offer. The ideals 
and standards of excellence that pro- 
duced such outstanding and impor- 
tant men such General "Stonewall" 
Jackson and General Marshall have- 
iured us toward the irresputable and 
undeniable Virginia Military Institute 

Even though we did not know what 
to expect, we knew it would not be 
easy. Nothing that is really worthwhile 


Saying goodbye and ready to meet the chal- 
lenge, (above right) General Jackson's statue 
provides encouragement. 

is. We could imagine the sacrifices that 
we would hove to live with. Instead of 
choosing the easy way out we pur- 
sued our dreams. We have begun to 
realize that our dreams will only be met 
through our working together as one. 
From the examples set by our dyke 
class and the lessons taught us by our 
cadre, we will one day hold our heads 
up high and our chests out and we will 
proudly say we are men of VMI. 
The trials and pain that we face are 

only stepping stones to achieve the 
true prize that we all seek. The one 
syumbol that will proudly show and 
boast that we are the men of the best 
school in the nation. The coveted ring, 
and the glory and honor that come 
along with it. Right now, we may seem 
to far away to even reach for such a 
dream, but to hove a goal, one must 
first realize what life offers. We realize, 
and we dream. 

164 Fourth Class 

The shock first hit when I entered 
the arch for the first time. Just the 
thought of so many important peo- 
ple recieving educations at the insti- 
tute was overwhelming. You could 
feel the nostalgia radiating off of 
the walls. I asl<ed myself the ques- 
tion, do I belong here? Do I stand up 
to the standards set by the Insti- 
tute? These thoughts stayed in my 
head as I set down my luggage and 
looked around. The history and the 
prestige of the Institute was enough 
to make me and all my brother rats 
give everything we have to live up 
to the name. 

Fourth Class 165 

The Famous "Rat Bible" 

If someone would have told us that we would be carrying around a 
booklet wherever we went, many of us would have passed it off as a 
joke. We laugh no longer. Our rat bible is here to stay with us until that 
special day when we can either treasure it or stuff it away like an old 
school book. However, the carrying of the book is not as special as 
receiving it. We, as rots, can testify to that. 

Even though we may not particularly enjoy carrying the book 
around and answering the questions that the upperclassmen ask us, 
we understand the importance of knowing the history behind the 
Institute. When we ore slack, or just can't remember, the upperclass- 
men always find ways to "work out" the kinks in our memories. 

166 Fourth Cla: 

Joseph Massie and Bo Johnson give 
special attention to a new cadet 
who just recieved his rat bible, 
(above left) After a long afternoon, 
a few new cadets relax by reading. 

Fourth Class 167 

One of if not the biggest tasks we, ttie moss of 
'87 tiad in front of us was to adjust to thie military 
system at VMI. The important techniques of 
marching, standing at attention, and the proper 
way to salute were taught to us by our cadre. 
Soon afterword we began to recieve our practi- 
cal training as we marched in meal formations 
and back and forth in practice sessions. 

Another part of our transformation was learn- 
ing to keep our rooms in the order prescribed to 
us by our cadre. In no time at all, we were folding 
our clothes and rolling and unrolling our hays ac- 
cording to the specifications of the blue book. 
We were well on our way to becoming stract 
military rats. 

Transforming From Civilians 

168 Fourth Class 

A major part of VMI life is learning 
the skills that are carefully taught by 
Cadre. Marching constantly gives us 
practical training in a necessary skill. 

To Military 

Fourth Class 169 

Our First Big Party! 

"Our big party was like nothing any 
other school could or would want to 
imagine. In the place of alcohol, we 
had sweat. In the place of women, we 
had a bunch of mean upperclossmen 
ready to rock. In the place of real mu- 
sic we had motivational music; then 
we danced. None of the current 
dances were in, but all the old ones 
were remembered and used. Some of 
my brother rats were doing push-ups 
while others were on their backs doing 
sit-ups. During all of this, our dancing 
partners, the upperciassmen made 
sure we got our money's worth. 

It is currently understood that VMI is 
like no other Institution anywhere. 
Therefore, the activities that occur are 
for from any activities that other so 
called military institutes can concieve. 
The best class in barracks, the Class of 
1987, has provided us with numerous 
events and activities to enhance our 
physical as well as mental growth. 
There is no institution like VMI, the 
events and challenges prove that 
without a doubt. 

170 Fourth Class 

The Commandant's Message 

If any of my brof her rafs were unsure 
of their reasons for enrolling at VMI, the 
connmandant's message was sure to 
enlighten them. After the shock of 
plunging into VMI life head on, we did 
not expect to be spoken to, much less, 
treated like human beings. His mes- 
sage, I found out much later, kept 
many of my brother rats from leaving. 
He understands what we, as rats, are 
going through and he believes in every 
one of us and our ability to survive the 
ratline. Colonel Harback spoke from 
experience. What better person to in- 
sure that our experiences at VMI are 
proper than a man who has experi- 
enced them as well as others. A VMI 
man can be whatever he resolves to 
be, our Commandant, Colonel Har- 
back, is a living example of what we, 
as rots, can achieve 

Fourth Class 171 

Thomas C. Agostini 
Lavale, MD, 
Ki-Sung Ahn 
Fairfax, VA. 
Brian N. Albro 
Marzetta, GA. 
Stanley Alexander 
Washington. D.C. 
Leon B. Altman 
Crescent, lA. 

David K. Amsden 
Holden, MD. 
Amuel G. Anderson 
Covington, VA. 
William T. Arnold 
Fort Worth. TX. 
Elior Assimalopoulos 
Wofeboro. NH, 
William Ator 
Valdosta, GA 

John Aydlette 
Mt, Pleasent. SC, 
Thomas E. Bailey 
Marietta. GA. 
Anthony Lynn Baker 
New York. NY. 
Chris Baker 
Chilhowie. VA, 
Alan K, Borr 
Richmond. VA. 

172 Fourth Class 

Glen S. Barr 
West Chester, PA. 
Andrew S. Beasley 
Newport News, VA 
David G. Bender 
Herndon. VA. 
Christopher Bish 
McLean VA. 

Christopher Todd Blekicki 
Norfolk, VA. 

Kelly Blendsoe 
Blockstone, VA 
David Allen Blond 
Sedley, VA 
Charles Bodnar 
Virginia Beach, VA. 
Silviu Bora 
Cicero, IL 

Don Maynard Bowers 
Harrisonburg, VA. 

William Joseph Bowers 
Dunwoody, GA. 
Donald Bowman 
Madison, VA. 
Paul Brayden 
Joliet, IL. 
John P. Brethour 
Hays. MS. 
Albert G. Bullock 
Kensington, MD. 

Fourth Class 173 


il^. J 

Brian Dyer Burkette 
Hot Springs, VA 
James Burke 
Falls Church. VA. 
John T Burlson 
Fort Hood. TX 
Joseph Burns 
Ellicott City. MD, 
Robert N. Butler 
Chesapeake. VA. 

Gordon B Byrne 
Greenwich. CT 
John B Cabell 
Richmond. VA 
Francis Cager 
Upper Mariboro. MD. 
John Caine 
New York. NY 
Christopher Callahan 
Smithtown. NY 

Micheal L Camp 
Tabb. VA 
Eric B. Carpenter 
Fairfax. VA. 
Leonard H. Carson 
Chesapeake. VA, 
Sean Carty 
Alexandria. VA, 
Lloyd Covin 
Tampa, Fl, 

174 Fourth Class 

Robert Chenery 
Chesapeake, VA, 
Shawn Childress 
Brookneal. VA 
Mark Cheadle 
Petersburg, VA, 
Jin Hyun Cheng 
Springfield, VA 
Chris L, Chretien 
Hayes, VA, 

Charles Clark 
Atlanta, GA. 
Joey Clark 
Buena Vista, VA. 
Robert Edward Clark 
Dallas, TX, 
Gregory T. Clifton 
Charlotte, NC. 
Finnie Coleman 
Pensacola, FL. 

Thomos F Collette 
Virginia Beach, VA. 
Andrew Conville 
Annandale, VA. 
Kevin T. Cool 
Salsbury, MD. 
Thomas A Cotman 
Hampton, VA. 
Christopher Cowley 
Blacksburg, VA 

Fourth Class 175 

Cooperation Starts Early 

One important aspect of the rat line 
is learning to cooperate and live with 
your brother rats. Living and cooperat- 
ing \N\\h your brother rats starts as soon 
as you first arrive at your room and 
egan to arrange it in military order. 
From then on, you help each other 
dress properly and keep each other 
avi/are of the responsibilities of a rat. 

James Maxwell Cox 
Richmond, VA, 
Eustus L. Croft 
Uvoldo, GA. 
Mark Crane Croft 
Powell. TN 
Charles Crone 
Meodow Bluff WV. 
Jeffrey H. Crist 
Chester, VA. 

Lloyd Hommond Croft 

Lynchburg, VA. 

Stepnen P. Crone 

Portsmouth. VA, 

Mork Cumbee 

Monsfield, PA 

Mork Stephen Cunningham 

Richmond, VA 

Robert M. Cunninghom 

Los Vegos, NV, 

David Dorden 
Newport News, VA. 
Luis G Delvolle 
Coral Gobies, FL. 
Mark Wolter Dick 
Front Royal, VA. 
Glen Kelly Dickenson 
Fredricksburg, VA. 
Vincent E. Diprofio 
Eastkingston, NH. 

176 Fourth Closs 

w% w^i w^^ 

Christopher G Dixon 
Bellefonta, PA. 
Micheal E, Doczi 
Manassas, VA 
William Patrick Donahue 
Forflond, ME 
Clint Douglass 
Robinson, 11, 
James Dufford 
West Sunberry, PA. 

Sean Galvin Duffy 
Ardmore, PA. 
Richard Anthony Duke 
Chesterfield, VA 
Stephen A, Duncan 
Fredncksburg, VA 
Micheai P Dunleavy 
Chesapeake, VA. 
Ian A. Duthie 

Todd S Eckloff 
Enumclaw, WA 
Timothy K Edwards 
Franklin, VA. 
Ryan Hunter Eggleston 
Midlothian, VA. 
Charles E Ellis 
Cloremont, VA 
Christopher Paul Engel 
Virginia Beach, VA. 

Edward Andrew England 
Mechonicsviile, VA 
Mark J, Eyre 
Manhattan Beach, CA. 
Taylor B Farmer 
Richmond, VA 
Laurence M. Farrell 
Le Bellmore, NY 
Micheal E, Faunce 
Weymouth, MA. 

Timothy H Feagans 
Lynchburg, VA 
Timothy Feeney 
Baltimore, MD 
Micheal L Ferguson 
Son Francisco, CA 
Carlos Fernandes 
West Palm Beach, Fl. 
Peter J. Finan 
Dumont, NJ. 

Stephen Finfon 
Hopewell, NJ. 
Ross Fitzhugh 
Alexandria, VA. 
Dennis G Fogler 
Virginia Beach, VA. 
Robert Forgie 
Montvale, VA, 
Ryan Foster 
Chesapeake. VA 

Fourth Class 177 

Raynor A Garey 
Dayton, OH. 
William Gospar 
Johnstown, PA. 
David A George 
Woodstock, VA. 
William David Gillette 
Odenton, MD. 
Robert Stiawn Gimbert 
Crozet, VA. 

John Clark Golden 

Herndon, VA. 

John P Gottu^ald Richmond 

Donald R. Green 
Richmond, VA. 
Micheal O, Green 
Lexington, KY, 
Charles D. Greene 
Candler, NC. 

Robert Charles Greenway 

Monroe, NY 

Lee Griffith 

Blue Jay, WV. 

Robert J. Gudz 

Gales Ferry, CT, 

Max Guggenheimer 

Lynchburg, VA 

John Hahn 

Salem, VA 

Mike Hall 
Mentor, OH 
Kevin Hanford 
Rensselaer, NY. 
Doug Harper 
Parkersburg WV 
Eric Lamar Harrison 
Fort Washington, MD 
Paul P. Hartigan 
Fairfax, VA 

178 Fourth Class 

John Bryan Haslam 
Asheville, NC, 
Gregory D. Hatchett 
Newport News. VA, 
Lawrence Havird 
Portsmouth, VA. 
Hayes J, Penn 
Petersburg. VA. 
Timothy J. Haynie 
Reedsville, VA. 

Rob Hayes 
Alameda, CA. 
Quill O Healey 
Atlanta. GA. 
Patrick M, Heins 
Hunt Valley. MD, 
Mathew Hemenez 
Vista. CA, 

Douglas W Henderson 
Bridgeport. WV, 

Mark Hennigan 
Allison Park, PA 
Mathew W, Henning 
Roanoke. VA, 
Micheal Henshaw 
Arlington. VA. 
Marvin M, Herbough 
Fort Belvoir. VA. 
Stephon Herzog 
Arlington. VA. 

Jon Eric Hilliard 
Richmond, VA. 
Elson H. Hin 
Lancaster. VA. 
Micheal Glenn Hirsh 
Mt, Jackson. VA, 
Paul W Hollard 
Richmond. VA 
Timothy Sean Hoover 
Gloucrster, VA, 

Jim Hubbard 
Richmond, VA. 
Reed Elliot Hudgins 
Reisterstown. MD, 
Todd B, Hudson 
Fairburn. GA, 
Christopher Barrett Huff 
Blacksburg. VA. 
John B, Hunter 
Dallas, TX, 

Boyd Hutchin 
Pittsburgh, PA 
James A, Hynes 
Hamburg. NY 
Ramil Ibanez 
Suitland. MD. 
Randolph S, Jackson 
Reno, NV, 
Rost David Jackson 
Stony Brook, NY, 

Fourth Class 179 

Bradly Jay Johnson 
Hershey. PA. 
Barry Johnson 
Chritiansburg, VA, 
Christopher Johnson 
Bedford, VA. 
Lawrence F. Johnson 
Silver Spring. MD. 
Renard D. Johnson 
Temple Hills, MD. 

Harold L, Jones 
Amherst, VA. 
John M. Jordan 
AltaVista, VA. 
Steven Bruce Kaplan 
Richmond, VA. 
Jeff L. Raster 
Greenville, SC. 
David A. Kaulfers 
Midlothian, VA. 

Micheal B. Kemp 
Roanoke, VA. 
Richard Kermon 
Norfolk, VA, 
Terrence Kerner 
Richmond, VA. 
Mike W. Kimberly 
Modesto, CA 
Rick Allen Kimmel 
Shreveport, LA. 

John G, King 
Ridgefield, CT. 
Zachary L. Kluckowski 
Levittown, PR. 
Staphan Knelling 
Mobile, AL. 
Keith K. Kornegay 
Newport News, VA. 
Paul Krikorian 

Todd Jason Jacobs 



Suffolk, VA. 


Carl F, Janicki 



Cillegeville, PA. 

R" 1 

^ ^ ^l^M 

Arturo Johnson 








^ H '*^ ^9 


M^K* J ^^^H 

1 A J 


f^^ 1 

mhHP s.^^ 

te. .J 

W^— ■ 




180 Fourth Class 

Paul D Kucik 
St, Cloud, FL, 
Andrew Kvasnicka 
Petersburg, VA, 
John Paul Lanzillotta 
Arlington, VA, 
Christian R Larlee 
Ramsey, NJ, 
Wetsel Le 
Asheville, NC. 

Jean Guang Li 
University, MS, 
Chun-Hsing Lin 
Pinebluft, NC, 
Steven R Under 
Elking, WV 
Cy Liu 

Pengshan, Taivi^an 
Arthur Vonmontke Loving 
Mechanicsville, VA 

Micheal A, Lythgoe 
Gainesville, VA 
Travis Mabery 
Suffolk. VA, 
Gary Maddox 
Woodbridge, VA 
William A Madison 
Alexandria, Va 
Anthony Mcnniello 
Saratoga Springs, NY, 

Micheal Allen Manning 
Arlington, VA, 
James Allen Manning 
Staunton, VA, 
Peter Mcloren Mantz 
Portsmouth, VA 
Kenneth Lee Markwalter 
Bristol, VA, 

Pablo Antonio Martinez 
Hialeah, FL, 

Barry A, Maxon 
Louisville, NE, 
Paul E- May 
Birmingham, Ml. 
Andrew MCcraig 
Dallas, TX, 
Brian J. McCarthy 
Watertown, NY 
Demetrius R, MCCIarty 
Norfolk, VA, 

Chris Mcconnell 
Arlington, VA, 
Brian R Mccormack 
Richmond, VA, 
Timothy Mclaughlin 
Cooperstown, PA 
Daniel Mcnulty 
Rochester, Ml 
Mark Wyatt Mcswoin 
Wilmington, NC 

Fourth Class 1 81 

Richard McWIIIiams 
ForestParks, GA, 
Scott Mead 
Clearwater, FL. 
Richard R Mehl 
Bellmore NY. 
William C, Meivin 
Herndon VA 
Andrew T Mergens 
Scandia, MN. 

Alan Meshaw 
Fayetville, NC, 
Kevi Miller 
Oliver Springs, TN 
Jeffrey T Millican 
Wesferville, OH. 
Charles Minnergerode 
Newport News, VA 
Arland D Moon 
London, England 

Matthew J Moore 
Millersville, MD. 
Micheal Wilson Moreiock 
Martinsville, VA, 
Chilton E. Morris 
Summersville, WV 
Jeff Moushigan 
Salem, VA 
Dominick M, Mullori 
Woodbridge, VA 

Kelly Glenn Mussick 
Smithville, VA 
Todd Northrop 
Albany, GA 
Micheal Ober 
Pittsburgh, PA, 
Patrick Oleary 
Pownotaw, VA 
Robert Ondrick 
Amherst, VA 

James David Osborne 
Springfeild, VA. 
Philip Robin Oviatt 
Pasedena, MD 
George E Palamar 
Clifton, VA 
Carmine D Polumbo 
Fredricksburg, VA. 
Richard W L Pan 
Hong Kong 

Jeff Paul 
Perrysburg, OH. 
Ronald Darren Payne 
Stafford, VA. 
David E Peoco 
Mechanicsville, VA 
Garrett C Peck 
Carmichal CA 
Robert Micheal Pedigo 
Virginia Beach, VA 

182 Fourth Class 

Andrew Titone 
represents the rat 
class on ttie field. 

Thomas C, Pegram 
Ridgeway, VA. 
Jon Pels 

Goithersburg. MD. 
Jon Peterson 
Carton, VA 
David M. Petka 
Avella, PA, 

Ctiristopher Lee Phillips 
Marietta, FL, 

Micheal B, Pilley 
Fairfax, VA 
Joe Pittman 
Arlington, VA. 
Charles S. Plageman 
Midlothian. VA. 
Patrick Poon 
Athens. GA. 
Chriss Pratt 
Selkirk, NY. 

Thomas Pugh 
Signal Mountain, TN. 
Paul David Quinn 
Pomona. MD. 
George A. Rahab 
Johnstown. PA. 
James Robert Raines 
Woodbridge, VA. 
David Barton, Ratliff 
Salem, VA. 

Fourth Class 183 

Micheal Sarno 
Huntington Valley, 

Andrew L. Schaaf 
Fairfax, VA, 
Chris Schinstock 
Sierra Vista, AZ, 
Dennis Schmidt 
Peeksville, NY 

Jon Rouer 
Buckhannon. WV, 
Jeffrey A. Rawes 
Chester, VA, 
Robert M. Reass 
Creve Coeur, MO 
Carl E. Rhodes 
Portsmouth, VA. 
Coleman R. Rice 
Richmond, VA. 

David B, Rich 
Norton, MA 
Larry G. Riddick 
Tabb, VA. 
Lawrence Allen Ritter 
Whitehouse Station, 

Micheal J. Rivinius 
New Hyde Park, NY. 
David Robbins 
Tucker, GA. 

Douglass M. Robbins 
Salem, VA. 
Kenneth Robinson 
Midlothian, VA. 
Steven M. Roenker 
Virginia Beach, VA. 
John J. Roman 
Bethlehem, PA. 
Micheal Roman 
Pylesville, MD. 

Kenneth Anthony 

Charleroi, PA. 
Victor Sabino 
Lancaster, PA 
Brian Sadler 
Red Art, VA. 
Nick Solido 
Lynchburg, VA. 
Gregory M. Sandway 
Alexandria, VA. 

184 Fourth Class 

Paul Schmidt 
New York, NY 
Jason W Schmoyer 
Germanville, PA 
August Schrichte 
Washington, D C 
Matthew J Schwarzmann 
Baltimore, MD, 
Edward H Sebnng 
Pylesville. MD 

James Cochran Setze 
Baton Rouge, LA. 
Charles A Sewell 
Mareilto, GA 
Hunter Shirey 
Mechonicsville, VA 
William Marshall Simpson 
Richmond, VA. 
Gregory C Skinner 
Staten Island, NY. 

Thomas G Slater 
Richmond, VA. 
Mario Small 
Suitland, MD 
Charles Samuel Smith 
Edinburg, VA 
Eric C. Smith 
Suffolk, VA 
Holes Randolph Smith 
Mannassas, VA. 

Philip Raymond Smith 
Lynchburg, VA 
Scott E Smith 
Kenbridge, VA. 
Scott Spellmeyer 
Menonds, NY. 
Douglass C Spitz 
Long Branch, NJ 
David R Stanley 
Ashland, VA 

John L. Stehn 
Maspeth, NY. 
Leonard J. Stellitano 
Pittsburgh, PA. 
James B Stevenson 
Pittsburgh, PA 
Daren Stills 
Montpilier, VA. 
Samuel N. Stocks 
Charleston, WV. 

Mitchell G Stockwell 
Richmond. VA 
Burrell Sullivan 
Fredncksburg, VA. 
Timothy R. Sullivan 
Standordsville, VA. 
Stephen P. Summo 
Leesburg, VA. 
Laura Swanson 
Sterling, VA. 

Fourth Class 185 

Micheal Swanson 
Martinsville, VA 
Alvin Foster Taliaferro 
Ctiester, VA. 
Paul L Tallot-Kelpsa 
Mentor, OH. 
Thomas F. Talley 
Ctiahalis, WA, 
Brian Tate 
Riverside. CT, 

Ashley Lionel Taylor 
Suitland, MD, 
Charles M Taylor 
Richmond, VA 
Thad Tegtmeyer 
Watseka, IL, 
James Devonn Temple 
Culpeper, VA. 
Micheal David Tev 
Richmond, VA, 

Garrett Thompson 
Merritt Island, FL. 
Glen A. Thompson 
Richmond, VA. 
Andrew J. Titone 
St Louis, MS. 
Todd D. Toler 
Chesapeake, VA, 
William Tremaglio 
Meriden, CT 

Paul Christopher Trimboli 
Kenova, WV. 
Richard Hunter Trumbo 
Alexander, VA 
Peter A Tunnard 
Fairlawn, NJ 
Brett Turner 
Ookton, VA. 
Jeffrey Tysinger 
Verona, PA 

Robert John Uhorchuk 
Bridgewater, VA 
Lee Usher 
Summerville, SC 
Paul Volenzuela 
Clifton Forge, VA, 
Steven O, Vaquez 
Prince George, VA 
Sergio P. Vespa 

Chinh Tuong Vu 
Richmond. VA. 
Richard S. Walters 
Falls Church. VA. 
Yuh-Huei Wang 
Fengshan, Taiwan 
John P. Washington 
Pitcoirn. PA, 
Chris Watson 
Roanoke, VA. 

186 Fourth Class 

Tyler S. Way 
Basking Ridge, NJ 
Charles Andrew Weening 
Coyonne, NJ 
John Douglass Welch 
Norfolk. VA. 
David S West 
Choppaqua, NY. 

Thomas C. West 
Stone Mountain. GA. 
Neil D Whitmore 
Harrisonburg. VA. 
Timothy D, Whitt 
Harrisonburg. VA. 
Christopher Whittaker 
Reston. Vo 
John A, Whittington 
Tappahannock, VA. 

Franklin Whittlesey 
Bridgewater. VA. 
Peter Wick 
Huntsville, AL. 
Brian E Wilkerson 
Burnswick. NJ. 
Allen Damon Williams 
Roanoke, VA, 
Anthony L, Williams 
Basking Ridge. NJ, 

David Ramon Williams 
Roanoke, VA, 
Kelly Wilmore 
Wytheville, VA, 
Micheol Woodbury 
Springteild. VA, 
Brian Woodford 
Vinton. VA, 
Stephen T Wray 
South Boston. VA, 

David D, Wright 
Kilmarnock, VA, 
Jeremy L, Wright 
Berne, NY, 
Stephen Yarbrough 
Lilburn, GA, 
David Yockel 
Virginia Beach. VA, 
Antonio Zang 
Centerville. VA. 

Fourth Class 187 


The Class of 1989 has now matured 
to the status of thirdclassmen. With this 
rise came privileages and responsibil- 
ities. We were given the task of help- 
ing the first class administer a produc- 
tive ratline, as seen below with the 
actions of Matt Tederick and Bill 
Crone, We also gained other responsi- 
bilities besides military. We can see the 
intensity in the eyes of Tracy Toye as 
he assumes new responsibilities on the 
football field. All in all it was a trying 
year, but those of us who survived will 
be better for it. Now walk with us 
through the class of 1989. 

Tederick, Matt 
Crone, Bill Toye Tracy 

A weak mass of 374 highschool graduates congregated at the Virginia Military Institute on August 21st, 1985. This assembly has 
bonded together to form the 275 strong class of 1989. The 150th class of the VMi. 

In following with tradition, we were quickly introduced to the seriousness of our Honor system, the unique military bearing, and 
strenuous academics as well as being constantly tested of our dedication to the Ratline. 

Our mass also realized that the rest of the Corps was not at rest with the administrations interpretation of the Rat Line. Naturally, 
we often felt we were the cause for the aggravation, and or the outlet for the corps. 

Despite the indecision of our outlook towards the Commandant's office, we took the initiative in a number of steps in proving our 
desire to become a class. For instance, our entire mass woke up at 0400 one morning and went to Alumni Field to successfully evade a 
second class sweat party. We also amassed together to raid the RDC meeting (once they even knew we were coming). Finally the 
highpoint of rebellion was trashing 3rd classmen's rooms. However, we happily paid for it with a 25 minute sweat party. Those were 
just a few highlights of our Ratline. 

Third class year presented new responsibilities. Not only did our cadre successfully exemplify the VMI standards, but the entire 
class has consistantly showed our enthusiasm in making sure the rats knew their place in the corps. Even though there was some slight 
friction about our standing amongst the corps, our class has showed the Institute our maturity by continuing to execute our role 
towards the rats in a professional manner. 

As the sequis centennial class we have great expectations for a couple of reasons. First we have a very cooperative and fervent 
commandant that will complete his tour of duty at VMI when we graduate. Secondly, and most importantly, the diversity in 
personalitities made us a strong class that is eager to assume the upcoming obligations, and at the same time enjoy the three class 
system that is now beginning to form at VMI. 

From our brief, but rich history, we can only look forward to initiating many lasting precedents, as well as keeping the plentiful 
traditions of VMI strong. 

It is as much my eagerness, as it is to the class of 1989, to record an unparalled history that will set a standard for generations to 

Tim Finkler Class of 1989 Historian 

Andy Tunnard Chairman — Sesquis Centennial Committee 


Third Class 189 

Third Class year is a year of new responsibility for all third 
classmen. For some third classmen, this responsibility starts in 
the midst of August, the Cadre period. Third classmen tradi- 
tionally hold the position of corporal, the most unreasonable 
person in the rat's new life. There are not many rats that will 
forget the intensity of their cadre corporal. As displayed be- 
low by Dwayne Miller as he quizzes a rat on rat bible knowl- 
edge. Cadre was not all yelling. Alot was done to introduce 
the rats to the "military" way of life. On the right. Foxtrot 
corporals,Bill Crone, Ken Gheen, andTom Henning instruct their 
rats on squad drill. 



John J. Adametz 
Belle Vernon, Po 
Seth D G Ainspac 
Lombertville, NJ 
Robert W, Alder 
Mountainside. NJ 
Henry J. Amoto 
MulliCQ Hill, NJ 

Charles Anderson Jr. 
William D Anderson 
Matthew Ans 
Parkersburg, WV 
George T, Armbruster 
Virginia Beach 
Richard T Armel 

Scott R, Baber 
Brandon L.R, Baca 
W. Patterson AFB. Oh 
William H, Bain 
Daniel T, Baker 

190 Third Class 

T1 > i < i I f ■ W I w 

Foi those who returned early for Cadre great 
challenges arose. These were to toke o moss of 
civilians and teach them everything you know 
about VMI in one week, to work with the upper 
two classes and make the "busy" Cadre week 
run smoothly. For those who participated in Cad- 
re the days were full, beginning at 6 a.m. when 
the Rats doors were kicked in and ending at 1 1 
p,m when the Rats were put to bed. In between 
was a day full of running, instruction, and yelling. 
Marc Peltier, of Band Co, (right) and Matt 
St. Clair, of Alpha Co. (left) illustrate the proffe- 
sionalism that was dislayed by all members of the 
Cadre In spite of all the hard work and the busy 
schedule of Cadre it had its fun moments as 
seen here in the face of John Mason (above), 
India Co, corporal. At the end of this week, the 
Cadre, with hoarse voices, tired feet, and mem- 
ories, were as happy as the Rats were that Cad- 
re was finally over 

John S. Banigan 
Boonton Township, NJ 
Michael H. Banigan 
Boonton Township, NJ 
Troy T. Barbour 

Raphael S. Barsamian 

James H. Black 
FPO Seattle, Wa 
Craig K, Bornemann 
Virginia Beach 
George E. Bouchard 
Lexington, Va 
Daniel B. Bowen 
Glen Carbon, III 

Donald A Bosden 
Virginia Beech 
Lloyd N Bell 
Atlanta, Go 
Michael R Biliunas 
Gary A Bissel 

Angelo J. Biviano 
Hammonton, NJ 

Third Class 191 

Steven A. Breheny 
New York, NY 
David C Brown 
New Kensington, Pa 
Eric L. Buchanan 
Signal Mt, TN 
Vincent D. Buser 
William S, Cairo 
Coral Springs, Fi 

George H. Bowles 
Steven D. Boyd 
Pittsburgh, Mo 
Kevin E Boyum 

Robert W. Bradford 
Ellicott City, Md 

Samuel B. Callejo 
Barstow, Ca 
Francis J. Campion 
North Brunswick, NJ 
Paul R Canada 
Brett L, Carter 
St, Cloud, FI 

Upon return from summer furlough one of the first 
new responsibilities taken on by some third class- 
men was that of Rot training Cadre. Here corpo- 
rals Ken Krynski (far right) of India company and 
Kyle Nordmeyer (right) of Foxtrot company cast 
menacing looks upon the new Rats as the week 
long Cadre period rolls into full swing During 
Cadre 40 corporals such as these were responsi- 
ble for the training and DISCIPLINE of the new 
Rats, Many other Third classmen returned as sup- 
port personnel and assumed positions in the 
QMD, for distribution of uniforms to the new ca- 
dets, and served on the Cadre Guard teams. 

192 Third Class 

Harlan A. Carvey 
Virginia Beach 
Peter R, Catalano 
Virginia Beccli 
Joseph A, Cefalu 
Raleigh, NC 
Robert D, Childress 

Stephen M. Chiles 
Columbus, Oh 
David D. Clement 

Kenneth H Cobb 
Brian B, Collier 
John T, Corley 
Decatur, Go 

Jose L. Corpuz 
Edwin C. Cox 

Christopher M, Crawford 
Birminghdm, Ml 
Nathaniel L. Cross 
Glen Allen 

Third Class 193 

Along with assuming new leadership roles in the military 
structure of the Institute, many third classmen proved them- 
selves on the athletic field as well. With many positions left 
open as a result of the graduation of the class of 1986. 
Many third classmen were called upon to fill the spots, on 
VMI's many athletic teams, left open by their dykes. Attain- 
ing these starting positions meant ending summer furlough 
early and returning to the Institute early for rigorous prac- 
tises in the hot August sun. (right)Quarterback Dave Brown 
pilots the Keydets to their stunning 47 to 30 victory over the 
Citadel. His "awesome" passing in this game promted the 
Richmond Times to award him the title "Air Brown", (far 
right) Dan Kirsch races for the goal against the Citadel, 
(left) Jim Wall punts the ball away for the Keydets. (below) 
Derek McCown makes a determined move for the ball on 
the Keydet soccer field. 

Michael S. Crotty 
Prince George 
Curran Ttiomas 
Wall. NJ 

Gerald N. Damron 
Huntington, WV 
John E Davis 
Pittsburg, Pa 

Robert W, Davis 


Benjamin B Dawson 


Kent L Docne 


Ion J Dolon 

Ramsey. NJ 

Quinn P Donovan 

Pittsburg, Pa 

Sean J Dooley 

Michael W, Doucette 
Toronto. Canada 
Steven E, Druiett 
Brian P Duffy 
Valley Cottage. NY 

194 Third Class 

Gerald D, Ernst 
StJoseph. Ml 
Ashley A. Fairchild 
Buena Vistaf 
Thomas P. Fanshaw 
Glyndon, Md 
Jeff H. Farleigh 

Gordon L, Fox 
Steven L, Frankel 
Rehoboth Beach, De 
Mark F Frozier 
Mitchell H. Fridley 

Timothy J. Finkler 
John R Fisher 
Winston-Salem. NC 
Daniel J, Fitzgerald 
West Chester, Pa 
Matthew T, Folsom 
William Foo 
Kowloon, Hong Kong 

Third Class 195 

John R, Gentry 
Camp Lejeune, NC 
Charles E. Getz Jr 
APO Son Francisco, Ca 
Kenneth J. Gheen 
James G. Gilbert 
John R, Glitz 
Choumont, NY 

Matthew E. Gallagher 


Darren L. Galleo 


John D. Gates 

Azrou, Morocco 

Robert C. Gates 

Tucker, Ga 

John C. Glover 
Joseph E. Grealish 
Yorktown Heights, NY 
John C, Gregory 
Dennis N Gwynn 
Longwood, Fl 

196 Third Class 

Third Class 197 

Neal A, Heimer 

Colorado Springs, Co 

George T Henning 


Thomas L. Hernandez 


Edward L, Herrington 


Robert I Hoar 

Upper Montclair, NJ 

Sean M. Halberg 


Thomas N Homner 


Michael W, Harding 


Derek W, Hams 


Andrew Y. Hoofnagle 

Todd A Hooks 
Kittanning, Pa 
Thomas Infantino 
Virginia Beach 
Thomas B, Inge 

198 Third Class 

Jon M Jacobs 
Prince William 
Raymond T, Jernigon Jr. 

Christopher A, Johnson 
Prince George 
Roger F, Johnson 
Virginia Beach 

Rufus A. Kay 
Lavonio, Ga 
Scott J, Kealoha 
Eugene. Or 
Michael J. Kelley 

Peter R, Kelley 
Norton, Ma 

Jeffrey P. Joiner 
Columbia, Md 
Ronald K, Jones 
Mark A, Joynt 
Virginia Beach 
Didier Kaczmarek 
Mark A. Karns 
Severna Park, Md 

The strides many third classmen made in sports was due to the 
relief of the pressures of a trying rat year. Concentration could now 
be better directed toward the matter at hand, competition. To the 
far left we see Anthony Mcintosh laying a devestating hit on a 
Citadel player as the Keydets walked over the Bulldogs. Some 
sports were not available for participation during our rot year, but 
were permissable this year. On the left we see two thirdclassmen 
participating in such a sport. Steve Nezas and Pat McMohan cheer 
the Keydets on to victory in that same win over the Citadel. Above 
we see Kevin Jones displaying his perfect technique in tossing the 
rugby ball as interested on-looker Fred Smith observes. To the right 
Ed Rodriguez shows the determination of third class athletes as his 
exhaustion after a good race is evident. 

Third Class 199 

Robert A, Kuhn Jr. 


Michael A, Lake 


Peter R. Lampmon Jr. 


Andrew Lavin 

Dallas, Tx 

Joseph C. Lawrence 


Gregg R. Kendrick 
Valparaiso, In 
Daniel W Kirsch 
Huntington. NY 
Rober M. Kolb 
Upper Marlboro, Md 
Kenneth S. Krynski 
Folsom. Pa 

Joseph S, Lawson 
South Boston 
Kevin A. Leamy 

Scott D Leonard 
Virginia Beach 
Kevin M. Lewis 
East Northport, NY 

The third class year, besides giving the cadet added responsibilities, allows him more privileages, and thus a 
better chance to learn the finer points of socializing. Parties in Lexington and abroad served as an outlet for 
thirdclassmen to meet members of the opposite sex. This theory is proven with the good showing third classmen 
made at some of VMI's social events involving the opposite sex. Above Kent Doane makes a strategic move on 
one of the many females that invade barracks during pep rallies. Our success with the young ladies was also 
shown at the homecoming competition. Thirdclassmen were represented well. Directly to the right we see 
Steven Frankel, next to the representative he escorted, both flash those million dollar smiles at a photo session 
for homecoming. To the far right, Zeke Moore and the young lady he escorted gaze starringly into each others 

200 Third Class 

Marc C. Littlecott 
Clyde K, Littlefield 
Norcross, Go 
Brian M. Loughery 
Glen Ellyn, II 
Jihn-Khon Lu 
Washington. DC 

David A. Martin 
Williamsville, NY 
Jeffrey A. Martone 
James J, Mosella 

Michael E. Masley 
Oley, Pa 

Robert B, Lucas III 

Trenton, NJ 

Martin L. Malloy 


Aleksander M. Manoff 

Falls Church 

Todd W, Mark waiter 


Thomas P. Marshall 

Ellisville. Mo 

Third Class 201 

Derek R. McCown 


Dan E. McGrew 

Weirton, WV 

Anthony Q, Mcintosh 

Lexington. NC 

Thomas A, McKee 


Brian R, McKenzie 

Greendale. Wi 

Patrick D. McMahan 

Neil E McSweeney 
Virginia Beach 
Paul A. Mele 
Silver Spring. Md 
Christopher R, Menia 
Virginia Beach 

202 Third Class 

Third classmen fared alot better with the 
young ladies at football games since 
they no longer had to sit with their "mass" 
high up in the stands and yell motivated 
yells and all that good stuff. We could 
spend alot more personal time with our 
dates, down nearer to the field and 
away from that yelling. To the left, 
(pg.202) we see Jay Lawson making the 
most of his newly acquired situation. Next 
to that picture, to the far left we see Mike 
Murray taking a victory stroll with his stun- 
ning date and the winner of the home- 
coming. Way to go Mike! 

Hops ore an opportunity for all classes to 
entertain youn ladies from surrounding 
colleges, and for some, from home. A 
hop can be a reunion with a distanced 
sweetheart or a blind date set up by a 
brother rat. Either way. Hops are a way 
for thirdclassmen to get away from the 
trying times of third class year and enjoy 
themselves. We see exactly this in the 
pictur'^s directly to the left, (above) Paul 
Pardew and Rob Gates seem to be doing 
a good job entertaining their dates, (be- 
low) Kevin Wood seems as happy as a 
cadet could be, with an embrace from 
his date. 

Michael D. Mezzacca 
Edison, NJ 
Gera S, Miles Jr. 
Dwayne G Miller 
Randolpri AFB. Tx 
Robert A, Miller Jr. 

Thomas F, Moore 
St. Mary's. WV 
Michael G. Murray 

Lawrence A. Nathan 
Garland, Tx 
Ronald W Nelson Jr. 
Chattanooga, Tn 

William E Miller III 


Lennon Mings Jr. 

Newport News 

Christopher D Mitchell 


Michael J Monfalcone 


Michael E. Moore 

Locust Grove 

Third Class 203 

Steven H. Nezas 
Marlborough, Ct 
Geo-ge D. Noewatne Jr. 
Madison, Ct 
Kyle P, Nordemeyer 
Balaton, Mn 
Gary G. Nowlin 

Robert R, O'ferral! Jr. 

Christopher W. Ogden 
Naples, Fl 
John H. Osborn 
Akron, Oh 
William G. Oxtoby 
Macomb, II 
Brian D. Pannell 
Derwood, Md. 

Paul H. Pardew 
APO New York, NY 
Todd A. Patnesky 
Bristol, Tn 
Jonathan A. Paul 
Tyler, Tx 

Richard F. Pell IV 

Third Class year is a new beginning. We 
have seen some of the new responsibil- 
ities a thirdclassmen acquires, and we 
have seen some of the benefits of now 
being an upperclassmen. True, this year 
can sometimes be traumatic, with all the 
new academics practically poured on 
you, but it always seems that the class of 
'89 will pull through and make the best of 
it. We are now beginning to be leaders 
and men. Directly to the right, we see 
Charles Anderson directing a lost rat to 
his next station on matriculation day. 
Next to that we see Tom Fanshaw enjoy- 
ing a moment with a family member after 
a parade. On the far right we see John 
Paul thinking to himself "that rat can't 
possibly be that out of shape", at rat 

204 Third Class 

Marc D, Peltier 
Colombus, Oh 
Marcus N. Perdue 
Hot Springs 
John P. Piedmont 
Duncan C. Porter 
Mobile, Al 

Craig J. Price 
Ramsey, NJ 
Sean W. Raborn 
Natural Bridge 
William M Rader Jr. 
Springfield, Oh 
George P. Raiford 
David B. Ratliff 

Kramer W, Reeves 
Thomas J. Reilly 
Jonesboro, Ga 
David R. Reynolds 
John L. Roberts 

Third Class 205 

Here we see som facets of third class 
year. Directly right we see some third- 
classmen waiting at the base of the infa- 
mous third stoop for some helpless rat to 
have "fun" with. Next to that we see 
Gary Bissel and Greg Kendrick enjoying a 
tailgate party. Since the end of our rat- 
line it is up to us to keep in shape. On the 
for left we see a group of our brother 
rats, led by Scott Baber, doing exactly 

Edward J. Rodriguez 

Fallston, Md 

Andrew L. Rose 


Gregory A. Rougeau 


David M. Royer 


Paul Rozsahegyi 
North Royalton. Oh 
David D Ruohomaki 
Brentwood. Tn 
Daniel E, Schnock 
Brent R. Selnau 

Thomas W, Shadle 
White Hall. Md 

Thomas D. Shelton 
Justin G. Shepard 
John C, Shipley 
Fayetteville. NC 
Brian J. Shotto 
Bel Air, Md 

206 Third Class 

^ i ^ 


Gary A. Sibayan 

Stephen J Simulcik 
Richard A Skiff Jr. 
Middlebury, Ct 
Fred W Smith 
Dale City 

Matthew G. St.Clair 

Jarrettsville. Md 

Bruce S, Stables 


Steven W. Stafford 


Allan R Stoneman 


Hyun S. Song 
Rome, Go 
Matthew E Sossi 
New Windsor, NY 
Richard L Sparks 
Virginia Beach 
Robert A Spieldenner 
East Sandwich, Ma 
Thomas N, Spivey 

Third Class 207 

Alwyn B Taylor 


Matthew A, Tederick 

Front Royal 

Craig S. Thompson 

Hamilton Square, NJ 

Jack R. Toepfer 

Shenectady, NY 

Christopher A. Tognoli 

Allentown, Pa 

Kevin P. Sullivan 
Michael P. Sullivan 
APO San Francisco. Co 
Keith E. Sykes 
Yuh L, Tarng 
Washington, DC 

Tracy S, Toye 
Staunton, Va 
William V Trumpore 
Littleton, Co 
/Kndievj J. Tunnard 
Fair Lawn, NJ 
William E Tyus 
Petersburg, Va 

Friday Evening Inspection, They were bad 
as a rat, but even worse this year when 
we know we could be doing something 
better, like racking. Another disadvan- 
tage of an FEI is the increased likelyhood 
of being boned, thus ruining running that 
period and getting that extra weekend 
that is so valuable to a thirdclossmen. On 
the left Todd Patnesky "looks on anxious- 
ly as his weapon is inspected, thinking 
"pleassssse don't bone me". 

208 Third Class 

Richard S. Valack 
Manila. Phiilipines 
Robert F Vonwinkle 

Gory M. Vaughn 
Newport News 
Alfredo M, Versoza 
APO San Francisco. Ca 

Mark A. Whisenont 
Robert L, White 
Robert L. White 
Virginia Beach 
Randall N. Willard 
Virginia Beach 

William J, Walker III 

James R. Wall 
Key Biscayne, Fl 
Steven H, Warren 
Basking Ridge. NJ 
Steven E. Wasko 
Madison. Heights 
Seaborn J. Whotley 
Rome. Go 

Many of our brother rats, 
as rats, were nice, under- 
standing, and tiad all of 
ttiose humanitarian traits 
that everyone admires. 
Rob White was such a 
person. Note the word 
was. It seems that in the 
hot month of August 
many of our brothers put 
on their newly acquired 
brass, and out comes the 
"beast from within". On 
the left we see a perfect 
example of this, as Rob in- 
troduces this rat to his be- 
loved clipboard. 

Third Class 209 

Thomas J. Williams 
Glades Spring 
David S. Williamson 
Annapolis, Md 
Lowell D. Wilson Jr. 
Tacoma. Wa 
Matthew L. Wilson 

Kevin P, Wood 

Randolph L. Wood 
Beaufort, SC 
Harold L, Wyatt 

In a nutshell. Third class year is a year 
turmoil of tribulations. The academic rat 
line coupled with our new found responsi- 
bilities is a good summation of this year. 
Of course we have our fun and games as 
the class of '89 always will. Many of our 
brother rats fell by the wayside after rat 
year and couldn't return after rat year. 
Whatever the reason, academics or mili- 
tary, or they just didn't accept the chal- 
lenge, our class thinned out once again. 
For those who were able to, and chose 
to stay, experienced the hard times and 
the good times of third class year. Let us 
not forget we still have a way to go, for 
this is only the second step in the ladder 
of manhood at VMI. Brother Rats, are you 
ready, let's go. Rah Virginia Mil, Rah Rah 
Rah, Rah Rah, VMI, '89 '89 '89. 

210 Third Class 

Third Class 211 

The Class of 1988 

212 Second Class 

Second Class History Time Marches On 

As class historian 1 have been given the privilege to speak briefly on the history of our class. In doing so I have chosen certain times 
and dates which seem to stand out as milestones or accomplishments in our becoming a class and our contribution to grow as a class. 

In evaluating our cadetship, overall, I couldn't help but notice that these same milestones seem to fall all on the same day of the 
month — the fifteenth day to be exact. 

August 15, 1984 — a day many of us can now look back on and smile about but at the time were scared to death. We were no more 
than a conglomeration of strangers with a common goal — to make it through the ratline. But we were quickly taught that there was 
only one way to make it through and it was by means of a process called unification. So it was at that point that the first signs of a class 
beginning to form were noted. Day by Day, week by week we sweated the ratline out together getting to know one another more than 
just friends but as Brother Rats. 

Thanksgiving then exams and then fianlly Christmas break. Four weeks. Just as quickly as it had began it came to an end and we 
were faced with the decision of having to return to the misery of the ratline. 

January 15, 1985 — the first morning back at the Institute and the first sweat party of the new year; one of the many that were to 
come before breakout. Rumors began to spread — breakout could be as early as January or as late as April. However, in keeping with 
a tradition our dykes had stated for us, they decided for breakout to be on February 15 — exaclty six months after matriculation. And 
so on that date the Class of 88 was born. 

Exactly two months later, April 15, our class officers were elected and representation on the General Committee was soon to 
follow. Then our dykes graduated. 

Cadre Third class year was highly successful but then came the beginning of classes where we learned within the first week or so 
exaclty what was meant by the "academic ratline". Five tests over the course of two or three days — one, two, even three all nighters 
in a row required drinking coffee like it was going out of style. 

Then of course the first few signs that Ring Figure was not just a myth came in the form of TCFC 88 and the respective Ring Figure 
Committees. With the tremendous success of these committees we found ourselves far ahead of the planned schedule. 

As our third class year drew to an end, we were again reminded that Ring Figure was closing as we placed orders for our rings. 

With summer passing in no time at all, the Cadre returned andthe count down began — 92 days. Cooperation and endless efforts of 
the respective Ring Figure Committees and TCFC allowed plans and arrangements to be finalized far in advance and thus it was not a 
matter of catching up but one of staying ahead. 

Sixty days quickly became fifty days and so on and before we knew it there was one week to go — time to add the final touches: try 
the ring on for the last time, paint the cannon ball, and of course decorate Cocke Hall. 

And so finally here we are today — the beginning of Ring Figure weekend — and keeping with class tradition (tomorrow being 
November 15) we have reached the day that we have for so long awaited. Yes, Brother Rats, it is finally our turn to wear the Ring! 

/^ .J»JJuai.«u*luJL^ 

Second Class 213 

David S. Carter 

Snoopy, Dove, Dick 
History. Army — Infantry 
Virginia Beochi, Virginia 

Frank J. Del Barto 

Psycho, Beoner, Biff, Senior Man 

History — U.S. Army 

Mystic Islands, New Jersey (Exit 58) 

1 ♦ 

Douglas M. Jacobsen 

"Cousin" "Cuz" "Jal<e" 

History — Navy 

Novata, California 

F Co Virgin Private, Sweet Briar Ranger. Treas Interna- 
tional Relations Committee. College Republicans, Ring 
Figure Band Committee Pres . Ring Design Committe 
member, '88 class patch chairman, close minded indi- 
vidual club 4, 3, 2, Georgetown — ODD Model U N 

Lacrosse 4, 3, 2, Ring Figure Color Guard 3, New Market 
Color Guard 4, 3, Cadet Asst 4, 3, 2, Manager 2, Bowl- 
ing Alley ABC officer 3, 2, Rat Cadre 3, 2 

International Relations, Naval Aviators, Summer seminar 
in West Germany and Soviet Union, Penalty tours 

Well, (why break a tradition) It's hard to believe it will 
oil end with a piece of animal skin First and foremost I'd 
like to thank both my mom and dad for without their 
support both financially and mentally there certainly 
wouldn't be a history to write I do love you both To 
Grandpa, you were never able fo see me attain my 
goal but I did try to do well To Chuck and the Steen- 
burghs thanks for pulling for me for without your help I 
would never hove known what VMI is like Most of all fo 
Knsten, welt what con I say You've made my cadet- 
ship more than 1 could have asked for Thanks and I love 
youi To my roommates and B R 's, well I'm going fo miss 
fhe times we've had and thanks for puffing up with me 
know what people when they say they've never met 
a keydef they didn't like and certainly '88 holds this as a 
fact The 22 crew sure has taught me a lot and I'll 
always remember fhe beast is fhe cheapest The times 
have been unreal and words cannot sum it all up so 1 will 
noy try Good Luck Men "Live in accordance with fhe 
highest awareness of truth that you know There is no 
greater purpose in life than this one " Anonymous 
Good Luck Dave — from fhe22 crewi 

I come to VMI fo study History, play Lacrosse, and 
upon graduation be commisioned in fhe Army Now 
that I have accomplished all of those things I hove 
come fo realize that I need fo thank many people, I 
would like fo start by thinking my parents It's because 
of your sacrifices mom and dad that I am graduating 
and I want you both to know that I am very grateful 
and 1 love you both very much for giving me this 

Besides mom and dod I owe a great bit of thanks to 
fhe gang — Ai, Tom, Dan, Chris, Rucker, Tony and Mark 
Together we hove shared priceless memories which are 
too numerous fo mention here but not too numerous to 
mention in fhe years to come Have one for me Natu- 
rally, I hove saved fhe best for lost Eri, my princess, I 
owe more than I could ever re-pay You've been with 
me for five years now and on May 30th we shall be 
married and be together forever I love you more than 
words can express and promise fo make you fhe happi- 
est woman alive If is due fo your many colls and letters 
that we are together today and I wont you fo know I 
appreciate all the time, money and energy that you 
have spent on us I owe you a lot but on May 30th I'll 
start to repay you 

Cadets often times regret fhe stuff theywrife in their 
yearbooks (dedicating their lives fo giris who drop them 
before graduation, etc.). So. I'm going fo keep this 
short and non-regrettable I must acknowledge fhe tre- 
mendous support and encouragement given me by my 
parents, an absolutely fantastic couple deserving fhe 
best life has to offer Thanks for fhe memories goes fo 
the Beef Boys, (We know who they ore — hopefully fhe 
institute doesn't), fhe original #342 crew (Robert E Lee, 
Damien, 'Gloin and Phil), Barney, Tony, Nick, "Domsky," 
"Owger"' Mr Mike, "Bonnie," fhe inhabitants of Room 
#244 and my roommate Hugh P B — basically a great 
individual, and Donzo — you do help. Dude 

Graduation and Ring Figure the some year? Sounds 
like a good deal, I'll take it — and run! 

Dykes 1985 — Meade King 
1990 — Ricky Kimmel 

Dykes 1985 — Bob Baldwin 

1990 — Paul "Psycfio Z" Schmidt 


f ' ptr 


ii! iiiri 'Iff ir F 

1 1 m' III III! II II 

214 Second Class 

Richard Scott Luther 


Mechanical Engineering — Army 

Clifton Forge, Virginia 

Todd Kyle Ookes 

TKO, Toddster, Karate-Kid 

ML/PO — Army 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Christopher B. Wilson 

Wilse, Champ 

English — Army 

Richmond, Virginia 

Rat 4, Pvt. 3, Sgt 2, Cadre 2, fi^ember of ASME 4, 3. 2, 
Vice President of ASME 2, Beer Bucket Vice President 
and President 3; So-Called Fishing Trips 4, 3. 

Soccer 4. Ivlartial Arts Club 4. 3. 2, Cheerleader 3, 2 

Now that I finally mode it through this lifetime a VMI, I 
realize this place has given something bock to me. My 
education end my many memories will soon repay thier 
cost. As for the memories a VMI I will never forget them. 
good or bad. 

I realized many years ago I would not make it through 
this school alone. I also realized how grong of friendships 
one developes here, when two of my best friends did 
not return from Christmas furlough rat year These expe- 
riences have shown me the many ways I have been 

The people who I owe most to for this are my parents. 
(Thonk you for all you've done) you both are the best. 
Gary, Ann. and Susan thanks for the letters and the 
encouragemenf. especially sue. you are the best friend 
I will ever have Tab and Rob, there were no better in 
'85 thanks for helping me through rat year 

Now to my lovely roomotes; thanks Pete for the 
many, many "What if Questions" and Tim for the un- 
bearable "Hooper Moods" and Mike for the "Spanish 
Translations". You guys are a different bunch to live 
with but your the best anyway Good Luck Class of 
1988, Rat Roomotes (Mack your all thats left), and 
friends. Rick Luther 

Well, after two very socially lucrative yearsat Virginia 
Tech I decided to get radical and transfer into this 
school Although my night time festivities have suffered 
greatly. I would do it all over again if given the chance 
Brian and Ron, you two have made the lost two years 
definetely on interesting experience I wish both of you 
the best of luck as first classmen next year and yes, I will 
come by and visit next year Jeff, you did an awesome 
|Ob of being my dyke during my rdt year and I hope 
that I have been able to instill upon my dyke the some 
idedls and values that you passed on to me Hunter, 
you've been a great dyke Let's keep our friendship 
through out the years To my Brother Rots, the class of 
88, 1 wish I could be with you for our first class year but 
after five years of college its time to move on Lastly, I 
would like to thank my parents who have supported me 
throughout my my rather lengthy college career. Just 
think of all that extra edicdshun I got by going for that 
extra year Thanks Mom and DadI I Love You! 

Andrew, Champ, Jimbo. and Skip, the 250 gods who 
provided me an entertaining, unforgettable experi- 
ence Thanks. Hats off to the Institute for giving me a 
better grasp on who and what I'll never be It's an 
incredible feeling I'll miss the ■150 experience but 
that's OK 

Peace be with the 296 Bockstabbers, Cope, T- 
Squdred, and my pseudo B.R.s in '152 Cheers. 

"I've seen this happening in other people's lives and 
now it's happening in mine" 


Dykes 1985 — Tab Warlightner 
1990 — Keith Kornegay 

Dykes 1985 — Jeff Hill 

1990 — R, Hunter Trumbo 

Dykes 1985 — Matt Henderson 
1990 — Mike Doczi 

Second Class 215 

James B. Adams 
Timotliy A, Alger 
Kevin L Alvis 
Tony L. Ammons 
Virginia Beach 
John R. Ancona 

Ted T Andersen 


Colvin N, Anderson 


James D, Anderson 

Louisville, KY 

Micheal S. Anderson 

Virginia Beach 

Francis D Andres 


Mark S Arboneaux 
Folibrook, CA 
Edward R, Armstrong 
Bay Shore, NY 
Bo H, Balk 
Falls Church 
David F Baker 
Acton, MA 
Andrew F Barends 
Camp Hill. PA 

The Color Guard is composed of second class- 
men, except for the Sergeant Major They com- 
peted in several competitions throughout the 
year, and are a major focal point at parades. 
The Color Guard also accompanies the Superin- 
tendent on various dedications both to and for 
the Institute, 

^^P[ JtM-L .^^^,v ■*«• 0t^ 'j^k*»''<^HR*^Wi*Mfl^^i»^ ■■ 

216 Second Class 

David A. Omstead 

Dave Omstead, better known as 
"Pig", is a good representative of the 
leadersliip potential in ttie Second 
Class, He is a second class Electrical 
Engineer from Old Tappan, NY, and is 
one of the twelve second classmen on 
contract with the Air Force. After a 
restful summer, including Air Force sum- 
mer camp and VMI summer school, he 
returned to VMI to fulfill his role as Al- 
pha Company First Sergeant. 

As First Sergeant, Dave is solely re- 
sponsible for the accountability of his 
company. Alpha Company this year 
musters approximately 90 cadets. He is 
also responsible to the company com- 
mander as the senior NCO in the com- 
pany. Although many of these jobs 
may often be unpleasant, and over- 
bearing, Dave is able to manage both 
academics and First Sergeant. When 
asked about his job, Dave remarked 
that he was not always pleased with 
some of the duties of his position. 

Jetfery S Barratt 


Christopher T Beck 

Wellsville. NY 

Trent H Beck 


Peter H Bernstein 

Atlantis, FL 

Michael A Beyer 


Sean M Bischoff 


Richard D. Blocker III 


Thomas E Bohlman 


Boniface. John III 


James C D Bo wen 

Atlanta, GA 

Second Class 217 

Christopher J Bready 
Johnson City, TN 
Hugh P Bnen 
Jonathon M Bristol 
Kingsport, TN 
Paul C Brotzen 
Santa Monica, CA 
Thomas M Bruffy 

Michael S Bryant 
Elkton, MD 
James S Buddo III 
Virginia Beach 
Christopher N Bunn 
Zebulon, NC 
William E Burns 
Belmont, MA 
William B Butler 
West Point 

Donald W Colder Jr 

Virginia Beach 

Robert J Cantonio Jr 


Walter M Carr Jr 


John P Cartwright 

Dallas, TX 

Martin O, Castillo 

Jersey City, NJ 

In the tradition of flaming. Bill Nixon is shown at a 
more mellow moment Nix was responsible, on 
matriculation day, to bring the rats into barracks 
for rooms and other necessary arrangements 
such as haircuts 

218 Second Class 

Matriculation day poses a chiallenge for all classes and room arrangement for the rat mass is one of many 
responsibilities that a sergeant has. Here Paul Brotzen, Thongvit Noonpack, and Sam Russel await the arrival of the 
new rats into barracks. Upon the arrival of the rats, these men assigned them their rooms and their bedding. Also 
these Sergeants were in charge of the orderliness of the rats in their company throughout the matriculation process. 
Immediately following room assignments, rats were to eat and get their hair cut. With the arrival of the rats, these 
men assigned them their rooms. 

Charles C Cayce 
Atlanta, GA 
Stephen T, Champion 

Francis W Charlonis 
Yorktown Heights. NY 
Robert A. Choszar 

Robert E. Clay III 

Michael C Coleman 
Frankfort, KY 
Walter W Coleman 
Christian A, Comberg 
St, Petersburg. FL 

Thanh C. Chau 
Chung C Chung 

Christopher A, Clark 
Lynhurst. OH 
Christopher J Clark 
Wyoming. OH 
Robert J Clark 

Second Class 219 

Theodore E. Comeau 
Perry Hall, MD 
Gregory L. Connor 
Lenox, MA 
Michael E, Corson 

William H, Cronenberg 
Ozone Park. NY 
Robert S, Crow 
Severna Pork, MD 

Alvero F. Cuellar 


Neol J. Culiner 


Theodore J. Cusick 

Towson, MD 

Jason M Dohlquist 


Eric D Danna 

Shrewsbury, PA 

Antonio S Davila 


Scott R, Davila 


Robert S. Davis 

Virginia Beach 

Shelton A Davis 


Francis X Devenoge 


One of VMI's favorite weekend pastimes is tail- 
gating before Saturday's football game. The fel- 
lows from room 237 are no exception. Matt 
Wouben, Charlie Richardson, Frank Musorra, and 
Mike Coleman ore preparing for the game on 
parents weekend Absent from the crew Is the 
notorious Tom Bledsoe. 

220 Second Class 

Wild men Cloyd Tavenner and Chris Starling enjoy the weekly occurance of the 
pep rally before all football games They seem tied up at the moment though 

Second Classmen use their own unique rating system in order to desperately get 
a lost minute Ring Figure date from the second stoop judging area 

Mike McGraw seems to be successful in getting his hands on a girl, but it seems 
obvious that she has her sights set on a new target. 

Second Class 221 

Brian A Demers 


Crinstopher M Demmons 

Framingham, MA 

Kirk J Dewyea 

Broad Run 

Erich W Diehl 


Jeffrey B Dixon 


Patrick B Donovan 

Pittsburgfi. PA 

Tomas C Doupnik 


John L Doyle Jr 


Mork G Doyle 


Robert L Draper 


jQson Dudjok III 

Clearwater, FL 

Brian K Durham 


William R, Dyer 


Wayne R Eggleston 


Joseph D. Elie 

Mariboro, MA 

Where would a cadet be 
without his radio'' Appar- 
ently Brian Barnes finds 
time to relax between 
studies while listening to 
some of his favorite tunes 
However, the English ma- 
jor may be listening to an 
original rendition of one of 
Plato's dialogue for 

222 Second Class 

The First Class may have Fanandus 
Gayle but Phil Jones and Bill Wong 
act as an integral part of all home 
football games for the Second 
Class, These faithful canoneers fire 
"Little John II" whenever the Big 
Red Team scores. 

Dan Shrimpton practice self de- 
fense skills while listening to his fa- 
vorite rendition of Neal Naff's music 
to work rats out by. 

Shawn P. Evans 
1 Olympic Fields. IL 
Frederick G Ferares 
Miller Place, NY 

Kevin C Fitzpatrick 

James F Flono 
Yarmouth, MA 

Todd J Freiwald 
San Diego, CA 
Robert A. Gardner 
South Charleston. WV 

Second Class 223 

Charlie Company cadre sergeants march their rats down to Crozet Hall 
to the beat of the drum cadence 

Jimmy Weatherford enjoys the gome while Jeff Dixon appears to hove 
his mind on other matters 

Jim Tuemler and his date, Carolyne, watch the play during the night 
football game against James Madison, 

David Q Gibbings 

Virginia Beach 

Andrew M Gillespie 


John M Gillespie 


Ronald V Gillespie 

Old Toppan. NJ 

Christopher T Goerner 

Doylestown, PA 

Jonathan C, Goff 
Oregon, OH 
Gregory C. Gooch 

Eugene T Gormley 
Phoenicia, NY 
Robert E Lee Gowc 
Houston, TX 
Wilbur T Gregory III 
Ft Richardson, AK 

224 Second Class 

Jimmie S. Griffea 


George B- Griswold III 


Christopher G. Hall 

Warren, OH 

Gregory J, Hall 


Christopher M. Hannum 

Oley. PA 

Brent H. Hashimoto 


Brian A. Hatheway 

Rolla, MO 

Peter H. Heisey 

Ft. Wayne, IN 

John P, Heslin 


David T.Hickey 

Falls Church 

Geoff S. Skkr 

Geoff Sklar, shown here "down for 
the count" is one of VMI's resident por- 
ty animals. The Civil Engineer from Nor- 
folk is a member of the Trident Society 
and is a Navy option cadet. Lost sum- 
mer he spent his free time with the 
Navy in addition to doing some con- 
struction work. 

When asked about Ring Figure, 
Geoff said he is going to have a blast 
and, "its about time we get them." 
Geoff loves being a private since he 
has no responsibility and can be a "Rat 
daddy." Being very laid back is one of 
Geoff's main goals at VMI. Strangely, 
Geoff takes boxing as an intramural. 
Why? "I like getting my bell rung", he 

replied. Could that be the case here? 
Upon reminiscing of rat days, Geoff 
was noted for running around in his 
room in his skivies five minutes before 
Friday Evening Parades would form up. 
Another memory relates to his birthday 
while he was a rat. His Hotel Company 
Brother Rats decided to give him a 
blanket party on his birthday. The idea 
of the whole thing seemed to upset 
Geoff, to soy the least. After they had 
him thoroughly convinced that he was 
a dead man, they stormed into his 
room, and after faking a few punches 
kicked up a melodious version of "Hap- 
py Birthday". Some may also remem- 
ber Geoff OS the "defendant" in the 
Hotel Company "trow" court. 

Second Class 225 

Here. Chris Bunn looks down field tor on open receiver 
Criris saw oction part ot ttie season, while sharing quarter 
backs assignments with Dave Brown 

Second Classman, Mark Reilly controls the ball on our soc 
cer team Mark has also lettered in the sport, while spend 
ing free time with Wildman Simpson, 

John Boniface, better known as "Bonehead", prefers the 
"run for the rack" intramural that gives him the opportuni- 
ty to chill out. 

John Wright is one of the many Second Classmen that 
helps with Rat Training Here, he expertly shows how to 
eliminate Commies and Core Bears, 

226 Second Class 

Paul F. Hicks Jr 

Valley Grove, WV 

Robert L. Hildebrand 


Roy Hill III 


Kyle W Holtzman 


Gregory C, Hootnagle 


Timothy J Hooper III 
Annapolis, MD 
Lewis S, Hurst 

Carmine C Inteso Jr, 
Toms River, NJ 
James E Jannusch 
Naperville, IL 
William T, Jasinski 
Boonton, NJ 

Ptiillip C. Jones 
Hopkinsville, KY 
Ptiillip W Jones Jr 

Alexander J Kay I 
Phillip E Key 
Baltimore, MD 
Brian J Keith 
Laredo, TX 

Thomas B Kennedy 
John J Keppeler 
Indian Rocks Beach, FL 
Grant L Kiehl 
Virginia Beach 
Myron R Kindley Jr 
South Hill 
Joseph B, King 
Wallingtord, PA 

Stephen G King 
Buena Vista 
Knorkchoi Kloyoroon 
Washington, DC 
Matthew B Koloseike 
Audubon, PA 
Peter R Kramer 
Stephen J Krickovic 

Mark D Lamb 

Milford, NH 

Michael L Lamb 


John A, Larue 


Eric D Lossalle 


Gregg M Lovangie 

Bernordston, MA 

Second Class 227 

Jyh-Der Lee 
Washington, DC 
Michael J. Leeney 
Bridgeport, CT 
Timothy J, Logan 
Ft. Atkinson, Wl 
Nicolas J, Lovelace 
Apo New York, NY 
Raynard B, Lynch 

Harlan R, Maass 

Claremont, CA 

John L MacMichael Jr. 


James T. Maggelet 

Plymouth, MA 

Rodney T, Marks 


Raymond W, Marsh 


Matthew J Martin II 
Cutchogue, NY 
Kip A, Mattis 
Glen Cambeii, PA 
Sevren D. Maynard 
Akron, OH 
Michael M, Mayo 
Steubenville, OH 
Andrew S Mc Allister 
Newnan, GA 

John E Mc Connell 


Peter M. Mc Crary 


John D Mc Crory Jr. 


Scott P Mc Cumber 


Derek C, Mc Farland 

West Friendship, MD 

Hammond Urner assists the Second Class during 
a motivational session for the rat mass at DRC 
This year workouts were deemed a major as- 
pect of the rat line However, enthusiasm was 
not at a peak during Second Class sweat parties 
this year 

228 Second Class 

John Kay, the Alpha Company Master Sergeant, seems to treat his date much nicer 
than he treats his rats. As a matter of fact, I seriously doubt if she ever called him "sir". 
Here John spends a great evening at the hops v/ith one of the many lovely ladies who 
seem to bring out the best of every cadet at VMI, 

John Cartwright and Kevin Alvis ' Vhoop it up" at the Hops vi/ith their dates. This type of 
"fun loving" is typical of the Second Classmen and their dates during hop w/eekends. 

William M, Mc Garrah III 
Morrow, GA 
Matthevi/ W, Mc Ghee 
Hugh M, Mc Gloin 
Bronxville, NY 
Michael E. Mc Grav^ 
Baltimore, MD 
Steven D, Mc Kone 
Poolesville, MD 

Hugh J. Mc Menamin Jr. 
Jay S, Miller 
Clark D. Mitchell 
Sewickley. PA 
William J. Mitchell III 
Bokersfield. CA 
Carl A Mitlehner 
Frederick, MD 

John P. Moore 
Metuchen, NJ 
Stephen M. Morris 
Bridgeport, WV 
Mark S. Moss 

James M. Mumma 

Thomas S. Munno 
West Islip. NY 

Second Class 229 

Lewis Sigmon 

"Good ole' boy" Lewis Sigmon from 
Cornelius, N.C. spent liis summer in Rus- 
sia and Germany with the International 
Relations Committee. Lew a Marine 
scholarship. History major, especially 
enjoys Civil War class with Col, Barrett. 
Though he is unattached at the mo- 
ment. Lew was able to meet this nice 
young lady at the Citadel game in 
Charleston. With Bulldog coming up 
this summer. Lew is anticipating anoth- 
er challenging summer break. Every- 
one knows that behind every great 
leader there are good supporting roo- 

PaulL C Murray 
Great Falls 
Frank V. Musorra 
Cleveland. OH 
Stephen M. Neary 
Virginia Beach 
Charles E, Nelson 
Raima D Mallrc. Spam 
William F Nixon 
The Burg. WV 

Thongvit Noonpackdee 
Washington, DC 
Gerald T. O'Buckley II 
Jamaica, NY 
David A. Omstead 
Old Tappan, NJ 
Patrick R Oneill 
Weathertord, TX 
Michael D. Owen 

Edward R. Page 

Pittsburg. PA 

Garith C Palme 


Michael V. Pannell 

Olive Branch, MS 

John V Parrott 


Stephen C. Pearson 


Don H Pham 
Washington. DC 
Tung T Phan 
David A. Pitts 
Richmond B. Pitts 
Erie, PA 
Terry L Plunk 

230 Second Class 

William B Powers 

Bethesda, MD 

Tony A, Putre 

Essex Junction, VT 

Stephen Quintcvalli 


George W Reagan Jr. 

Montgomery, Al 

Bradley S Reed 


Mark Reilly 

Corapolis, PA 

Charles V Richardson Jr 


Scott R Richardson 


Philip D Riggleman 

Beverly, WV 

Danny W Riley 


James W Ring 

Phillip G Roberts III 
State College, PA 
Franklin T Robinson 
Gregory E Rollins 
Albemarle, NC 
Samuel L Russell 
Ft Sam Houston, TX 

John F Ryman 
Aspers, PA 
Daniel P Salyan 
Robert B Sawyer 
Tocoma, WA 
John J D Scarpino 
Garden City, NY 
Michael Schenstrom 
Malogo, Spam 

Ace photographer Chris Clarke gets out of yet 
another parade in the ndme of "helping the 
Institute " Chris contributed greatly to the Sec- 
ond Class section with many photographs, espe- 
cially the ones of the cheerleaders 

"The bathroom, sir''" Here Shelton Davis gives 
directions during matriculation He was one of 
the Operation Sergeants that helped parents 
that day The Operation Sergeants also report- 
ed back early to tram the football rats before 
cadre Shelton and all the other Op Sergeants 
were a fine example of the exellent leadership m 
the Second Closs 

Second Closs 231 

Gregory B. Secrist 
Buena Vista 
Andrew E. Seliga 
Jacksonville, AR 
Benjamin W L. Semmes 
Garden City. NY 
Gunttier M. Seyffert 
Thunder Bay, Ontario 
Daniel M Stirimpton 
Basi<ing Ridge, NJ 

Charles J. Shuster Jr. 
Falls Church 
James L, Sigmon III 
Cornelius, NC 
Thomas R. Simmons 
Fort Spring, WV 
Emmett D, Simpson 
White Sulpher Springs, WV 
Wayne A Sinclair 
Pheonix, AZ 

Geoffrey S, Sklor 


Russel S Sloone 


Dennis J, Smooladen 

High Bridge, '^U 

Mark A. Snedecor 

Richardson, TX 

Thomas F, Spetz 

Sheffield, PA 

J J, Wanat quickly 
points out to these 
three freshmen, where 
the action is in Lexing- 
ton. "Spankys and the 
frats should be rockin' 
on Wednesday night; 
you can always hook 
up with some Sem girls 
if you get there pretty 
early " Of course, all 
Second Classmen 
know these facts. 

II + 

232 Second Class 

Victor J. Sredl 
Paducah, KY 
Scott D, Stacheiek 
Middletown, CT 
Christopher C- Starling 

Christopher L. Start 
Grand Blanc, Ml 
James J. Stepnowski 

Kenneth A, Stewart 


Richard L. Stone 


David C, Sullivan 

Wilmington, DE 

Joseph A. Swider Jr. 

Oakdale, PA 

Joey B Swink 


Samuel L, Tate 
Goldsboro, NC 
Cloyd T Tavenner IV 
Oaks, PA 
Robert A Taylor 

Gregg A Thomas 
Westminster, CA 
Samuel R Thorpe 
Gibbstow/n. NJ 

Second Class President, Adam 
Volant introduces a new rat to 
his Rat Bible Adam seemed to 
work around the clock during 
the first semester because of 
Ring Figure and misunderstand- 
ings between the First and Sec- 
ond Class. 

Second Class 233 

Thomas R. Towers Jr. 


Steven G. Tuck 


James P. Tuemler 

Culloden, WV 

Josheph S, Turlington 


Bobby N. Turnage Jr. 


John H, Urner Jr. 
Hagerstown, MD 
Andrei P. Urtiew 
Livermore, CA 
Thomas J. Ustach 
Modesto, CA 
Kultawat Valjai 
Washington, DC 
Michael L, Vitulano 
Secaucus, NJ 

Adam C, Volant 
Lexington, VA 
David K, Wade 
Apo New York, NY 
Edward D. Wagner 
New Canaan, CT 
Edward D. Wallenthin Jr. 
Attleboro, MA 
Aubrey A, Wdlton 
Locust Grove, GA 

PhU Kay 

Phil Kay is a unique cadet in the 
sense that he carries rank in the Corps 
although he is not obsessed with this 
fact. In his words, "Not even happy 
about it, let alone obsessed." 

The English major from Baltimore 
really enjoys the city life because 
"There is a lot more to do in the city: 
I've never been hunting in my life," Go- 
ing to JMU, the "frats", Sweetbriar, 
and concerts are a few of Phil's favor- 
ite pastimes. "There ore three things I 
like; a cold beer, a good woman, and 
a bad woman!" is Phil's most memora- 
ble quote-. Future plans include en- 
trance into the Armor Branch of the 
Army upon graduation, due to his 
three year scholarship. Phil says that "I 
would rather ride than low crawl." 
Phil keeps busy at school in Circle K, 
and the religious council, ("though I 
have not gone to a meeting yet, it 
looks good on my resume."). "I lift 
about five days a week, however, I 
haven't run in two years since I don't 
have to earn aerobic points." Obvi- 
ously, Phil is an inspiration to all laid 
back cadets. 

234 Second Class 

John J. Wanat 
Phoenixville. PA 
Kevin C- Warren 
Richmond, VA 
Stephen W Waters 
The Burg, WV 
W.lham M. Wauben 
Reston, VA 
-James Weatherford 
Danville, VA 

Timothy J. West 
Petersburg, VA 
Trace P West 
Norfolk, VA 
Thorpe C Whitehead 
Moneta. VA 
James W Wiecking 
Richmond, VA 
Calvin E. Williams 
New York. NY 

David L. Williams 
Chesapeake, VA 
Delaney C Williams 
Hampton, VA 
John P Williams 
Staunton, VA 
Oscar R Williams 
Chester, VA 
Anthony W Wilson 
Radford, VA 

Daniel B Wilson 
Richmond, VA 
Mark R, Wilson 
Palos Hills, IL 
Douglas W. Wishart 
Union, NJ 
William D Wong 
San Fransisco, CA 
Eric Woodhouse 
Virginia Beach, VA 

The Rat mass met the Second Class on an afternoon in 
the usual fashion. Here, Tom Kennedy. John Keppeler, 
and "Good Ole' Boy" Lew Sigmon administer work- 
outs to rats. The Class of '88 eventually got to know 
their "Ring Figure" dykes and hope to work successful- 
ly with the new class next year. 

Second Class 235 

James Wright Jr. 
Stanley, NC 
John A, Wright 
Farmingville, NY 
Daniel E. Zaiewski 
Bowie, ND 
Robert E. Zoeke 
Henrietta, NY 


It is our pleasure to introduce to you Mr. Mi- 
chael J Leeney and Mr Thomas F. Spetz Theses 
two gentlemen were the masterminds for the 
fund raising campaign for the Class of 1988, Also 
known OS "Ace" and "Spaz" these pizza sales- 
men helped our class raise forty six thousand 
dollars for Ring Figure 88. 

When questioned about our successful opera- 
tion Ace told us that he went with Pizza Hut 
because they gave us a profit of 20% on every 
pizza sold. Other inivations that TCFC 88 came 
upO with was having our own telephone (which 
this year's thirds brought from us), allowing each 
night's salesmen get a free pizza as well as hay 
down the following morning. 

When Ace was asked if he was glad that his 
job was complete he responded with a resound- 
ing Golly Gee, yes! Not enough thanks could go 
to the Crazy Men of room 215. But tell us Ace 
and Spaz, why was your office next to the 
'can"? Well, because as thirds we needed easy 

Here ore two last looks at the Second Class, 
Chris Goff shows the stern side of a sweat party, 
and doing what Seconds do best (having fun) 
Charlie Richardson and Rich Stone get haydown 
at a pep rally. 

236 Second Class 



NOVEMBER 14-13, 1986 

Second Class 237 

After some long hours of decorating Cocke Hall, the preparation paid off. The 
streamers were raised and everything was set in place for Friday night's formal 

Tension mounts as these seconds patiently wait to hove their name called to 
receive their class rings and become the proudest members of the Brotherhood 
of the Ring. 

The Class of 1988 received the largest ring in VMI history. Here, Scott Griffea 
shows his approval and pride as he receives his ring from General Walker 

23S Second Class 

John Bordelon receives his well deserved ring from General Walker as Boo Tur- 
nage gets another ring ready for its well deserving owner. By the end of the 
ceremonies Boo's arm was a little on the tired side after handling oil that gold. 

Here Gregg Thomas, Jason Dahlquist, Sam Tote. Jim Mumma. Lew Sigmon, and 
Todd Cokes show off their rings. These rings could be listed in the Guinness Book of 
World Records as they were contested to be the largest college ring, weighing in 
of 34 pennyweight. 

Mike Leeney is defi- 
nitely happy that Ring 
Figure is here. Maybe 
now he won't have to 
work out of a bath- 
room at night 

Second Class 239 

Saturday saw a lot of activity, especially Ring Figure Parade and the football gome 
against Appalachian State. Foxtrot Company staff, led by Chris Hall, marches off the 
Parade Ground Below them, the makeover Regimental Staff is ready to Pass-in-Re- 
view. At the game,Severin Maynard seems more interested in the clock than the game 
At the Hyatt, Colonel Jones, his wife, Terry Plunk, Sam Russell, and John MacMichael 
enjoy the meal with their dates Steve Neary, Drew Barends, Charlie Coyce, and Dan 
Blocker prefer to get away from the formalities and start a party, Jeft Dixon and his dote 
find a quiet spot for some special moments alone 

240 Second Class 

The different types of partying can be seen fierc. Mark 
Lamb. Bob Chaszar. and Steve Neary {at the Hyatt} 
literally "enjoying" company with each other in a bath- 
tub- Its clear all three needed the rest after a hard 
Greg Hoofnagle and his date prefer a more mellow 
moment away from the rowdiness. Many couples en- 
joyed time alone on this very special weekend. 

Below, Cloyd Tavenner and Chris Starling are definitely 
not mellow as they seem to have a problem traversing 
the carpet while they regress to their true selves. 

Tom Reiman was the Class of 1988's 
recipient of ttie Douglas Carter Francis 
Award for being an outstanding example 
of the term "Brother Rat". Tom is a mem- 
ber of the Honor Court, General Commit- 
tee (Class Historian), and is a Sergeant in 
the Corps- He also maintains a 3.2 G.P.A. 
in Mechanical Engineering, which caused 
him to be selected to the Honor Society 
of Engineers. Ask any Second Classman, 
and he would tell you Tom is one of the 
nicest guys you could meet. Only this dis- 
position could get Tom through the un- 
usual demands placed on him by his class, 
the Corps, and academics. He has defi- 
nitely earned the respect of his Brother 
Rats. When asked about the award, Tom 
said he was greatly honored to receive 
such recognition from his class and hopes 
to keep producing in the year ahead. 

Second Class 241 

The First Class 

Ned Jamison Naff 

Class President 

James Cloy Pennington Jr. 

Class Vice-President 

Charles Ernest Edgar IV 

Class Historian 

242 First Class 

The Class of 1987 

A class history is not so much a record of things done 
and left undone as it is one of the motivations behind 
them and the effects they hove had. For three years, the 
Class of '87 has compiled a lengthy list of successes in all 
its endeavors as a class: serving old traditions, starting 
new ones, and in a very real sense, leaving VMI better 
than Vi/hen \fje came as 387 individuals on August 17, 
1983. Since then, '87 has characterized itself as different, 
always different, and that difference has allowed, 
forced, made easier the projects we completed with 
such success. 

The horor stories of Rat year are best left to myth — 
they sound better there anyway. But from a Ratline 
made significant by its high attrition rate within our ranks, 
bitter controversy within the Old Corps and extreme 
length which fatigued the entire school emerged a class 
that — though small or perhaps because of it — worked 
as a cohesive unit with clearly defined goals and 

Third class year began as any other would except that 
we had to face what would become in successive class- 
es on alarming trend — the loss of a class officer before 
the start of the year. However, we simply elected anoth- 
er into the vacant position, early on, the responsibility we 
showed in that potential class crisis meeriy seemed to us 
the next logical step. We quickly put our officers in order 
organizing the committees for our Ring Figure which 
seemed far away. Meanwhile, the typical third class atti- 
tude to give the Rats as good as we had gotten the 
previous year was frustrated by a first class that wanted 
to do things differently from our dykes. So we watched, 
we waited and we learned and when finally given the 
oppurtunity by the class of'85, we responded with an 
enthusiasm and vigor that would be so important later. 
With Spring came our first birthday and our coming of 
age with the party at BV; a rousing success, '87 proved 
to everyone that we were unique in a positive way and 
could handle ourselves maturely while still having a good 

As second class year began, our reputation of excel- 
lence snowballed as we gathered funds for our Ring 
Figure. Our rankers had the Colors and sabers again and 
our responsibilities netted us privileges such as FCP and 
extra GP. Ring Figure approached and the sometimes 
heated debates over Ring designs, class patches and 
TCFC dissolved before the spectacle of our Midsummer's 
Night Dream. As the countdown grew shorter, November 
4th, 1985 ensured that Ring Figure, like everything else 
'87 hod done, would be different. 

Two solid weeks of rain turned a drought into a flash 
flood the likes of which Rockbridge County hod never 
seen. While classes still met officially, the boys turned out 
in force to help surrounding communities salvage what 
little they could and for three days, served as the only 

relief agency in Southwestern Virginia. The night before 
Ring Figure, after the successful innovations of dining with 
our Ring Figure Dykes and practicing the Figure of the Old 
Corps in Cocke Hall, the class volunteered its services to 
the community for the entire morning before we went to 
receive our rings. Ring Figure would be the final proving 
ground for our class: if we could reverse the last several 
years of hotel wrecking parties and keep our BR.'s out of 
trouble then '87 would be set for First Class year. We did. 
While turning a profit on Ring Figure ( in itself a minor 
miracle), our behavior proved that cancellation of Satur- 
day classes on Ring Figure was in order for an event of 
this magnitude. Afterwards, we did not fade into the 
wood work but continued to benefit the Corps with Zoll- 
man's parties and other social events and as the year 
closed, the plans for First Class year were in place. 

Consistent with our character as a class, our leadership 
had divised a document that set forth the functions, 
responsibilities and privileges of each class in barracks. 
VMI went back twenty years such that the First Class 
supervised and coordinated all activities in barracks 
while the seconds and thirds carried out their responsibil- 
ities as rankers, members of the Honor Court, enforcers of 
the Ratline and so forth. Commensurate with their re- 
sponsibilities, the under classes were granted greater 
privileges with Rats and uptown. As a result, the GO 
gained a strength it hod not had during our time as 
cadets; the Administration had faith in us and we pushed 
for and won the right to handle coses within the Corps 
that would have, in previous years, never been given to 
us to handle. We hod free rein to run our dykes' Ratline as 
we saw fit. We had a clearly defined plan of what we 
intended to do with them, wanted them to show us and 
how we would discipline and reward them, all spiced 
with creativity and immaginotion. We showed that, con- 
trary to what past classes had told us. Smith Hall really 
wanted us to run barracks ourselves and was perfectly 
willing to do so provided we did so with responsibility and 

From the outset of our life as a class, we have always 
looked toward, our motivation being to have much fun 
as possible, win as many privileges for the future as well 
as moke our lives as cadets easier and more enjoyable 
and still benefit the Institute. During Ring Figure, our class 
stressed the theme of responsibility, of looking out for 
each other and having all the fun we could handle within 
the boundaries of good sense and safety. As First Class- 
men weathering the triumph of success and the tragedy 
of a lost Brother Rat equally, we have not selfishly blown it 
all in iotous living but have continued on the path we 
mode for ourselves to leave a legacy of responsibility, 
purpose, and success that will stand the Institute, the 
classes behind us and especially our dykes in good stead. 
CEE IV '87 

First Class 243 

Claude A. Abernathy, Jr. Charles M. Allgood Jr. 

Mike Andersen 

Trashman, Abs, Ash, Stickman, Aberfatty. Abby 

Economics — Air Force/Civilian 

Richmond, Virginia 

Civil Engineer — Army 
Boydton, Virginia 

The Imperial Sphincter, Hawk, Geekster 


Staunton, Virginia 

Virgin Private 4, 3, 2, 1. G Co Guide On 1. Soccer 4, 
CWRT 4, 3 Pres 2, 1: FCA 4, 3, 2, 1. BOMB Advertising 
Manager 3, AAS 3, Stockwell's Rangers 2, 1 Semi-Pro 
Club 3, Academically Undistinguished 4, 3. 2, 1: Club 
149. MBC 1, Summer Stud 4. 3, 2, Shine Me Club 1. 

Virginia State Cadet 4, 3, 2, 1, Pvt 4, Cpl, 3, Sgt. 2, 
Second Lt 1, ASCE 4, 3, 2, 1, Martial Arts Club 1. Rat 
Cadre 2, Anti-hooks Society 2. 1, Southern Sem Society 
2, 1, Conceited Society 4, 3, 2, 1, 

Football 4, 3, Rugby 4, 1, Number One Club 

Almost four years ago I thought that graduation was 
such a long time away. Now. it is here. At times it 
seemed to take forever, but novK the vifoiting if over 
and it's time to move on. It has taken me all four years 
at the "I" to understand whdt if has done for me, and 
yet I can't explain it. 

For someone to put up with this place for four years Is 
beyond me So why did I come'' Well, I suppose it was 
your picture dad that made up my mind. Ever since I 
can remember I wanted to look like that picture. Well I 
look a little different, but now there ore two paintings 

There were many things good and bad that I will re- 
member, so there. Peanuts, shine me, $100. Breakout 
84. Ring Figure 87, and hundreds more. But the best 
memories are the friendships that I have mode — Kieth, 
Scott, Bill, Gray, Andy, Pete, and especially Rock for 
helping me along and keeping me straight when I 
needed if 

A special thanks to Gamo, if It were not for you I would 
not have made it to VMI, I love you very much. Mom. 
dad, Susdn, Grahm thanks with putting up with me 
these four years I love you all very much John 3 15, 16 
Revelations 22 21 CAA 

Charles, what is left to say'' We shared a part of our 
lives here at VMI that changed us both. I will never 
forget our all night arguments in which we finally 
reached the conclusion that all we were doing was 
losing sleep I don't think I could have picked a better 
roommate even if I had needed to You showed me a 
devotion and determination in everything you did, thdf 
I have not seen in any other man nor do I think I will ever 
see if again We became roommates the day you 
moved in and now we part as friends, but more Impor- 
tantly, Brother Rats MDM I hated VI so much when I first 
come here, but now I'm so glad I decided to stick it out 
Isn't self satisfaction greofl Many thanks go to Mr and 
Mrs Herbert for their support and help in getting me into 
VMI Thank you mom, dad, grandparents, and family for 
putting up with me these four years Most of all, thank 
you Michael for rooming with me through some pretty 
fun times I will always remember my experiences here, 
and hope my dykes. Bill and Tom, get as much out of 
VMI as I did 

I remember the first time I ever saw Mike, it was matricu- 
lation day and this guy came in the room with a dumb 
smile on his face I thought how in the world is this guy 
smiling because following him through the door was all 
of F troop's cadre This type of special treatment lasted 
all year, but Mike beat it No matter how hard the 
problem is he does fine This is the type of guy Mike is, he 
has the right outlook and I know he will go far otter 
graduation But the best thing I can say about Mike 
Andersen is that I am able to coll him my friend. MTF 
Life at VMI wds always interesting with Mike around 
Remember Va Tech? There was never o dull moment 
in room 61 Mike will always be remembered as a com- 
petitor who gave his best whether it was football or 
rugby Not only is he a fine athlete, but he is a true 
friend Best wishes RDF 

As I write my history, I realize it is impossible to include all 
the memories, good friends, gratitude, and respect 
that 1 feel Thanks especially to my family and close 
friends Let if suffice fo say that going to VMI has been 
one of the best choices I have ever made I have 
gamed more and become a better man for it. Best 
wishes and God bless MA 

Dykes 1984 — Zone Johnson, C. Hinton, M 
1990 — Steve "Smeve" Fitton 

Dykes 1984 — Rob Clark 

1990 — Tom Bailey, Bill Melvin 

Dykes 1984 — Chris Hively 
1990 — Chris Covj\ey 

244 First Class 




K- W 




^ ,1 
^ } 





^ . • '^^ 


Scott R. Armstrong 

Todd Emory Arris 

John Thomas Avis 

Mole, Tennessee, Econ-monster 

Economics — Special Student 

Lebanon, Tennessee 

Tea, Shammer 

Civil Engineering — Air Force 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Nut, Crazy Nut, Party Jack, Fratman, Cute 
Civil Engineering 
Roanoke, Virginia 

Pvt, 4, 3, 2, 1 MVI Investment Club 3, 2, 1, International 
Relation Club 3, 2. 1, Foreign Study 2, Young Economics 
3, 2, 1, Dean's List 3, 2, 1 , Illegal Car Club 3. 2, Unlucky at 
Lauderdale 3, 1, Cape Cod Massacre 1. 

Wrestling 4. 3, 2, Captain 1. Monogram Club 3, 2, 1, 
Investment Club 2,1: Academically Distinguished 3,2, 1 , 
Dean's List 4, The CADET Circulation Manager 1: Chi 
Epsllon Honor Society 2, 1. Engineering Society 1, Ring 
Figure Rock Committee 2; CE Seminar Chairman 1, Cpl 
3, Sgt. 2, Lt, 1 Plug-N-Chug Staff Writer 2. 1 

Corporal 3, Circle K Club 2. 1. Blood Committee 3, 2. 1; 
Plug-N-Chug 1, Dean's List 3. First Class Private Pledge 

As I reminisce over my four years at VMI, I can honestly 
soy that I made the right decision to come here I 
definately would not do it again, but I'm glad I did 
Perhaps the most important lesson I have learned here 
is nothing worthwhile ever comes easy — only with hard 
work and dedication is success obtained It does not 
take long to learn here that to be successful at VMI, 
you must depend on your friends to keep you going, I 
could not have asked for better friends than the "fel- 
las": Randy Marc, Carl, Jason, and Tom — you know 
there will always be a cold one in the fridge for youi A 
very special thanks goes to my parents for their love 
and support over the past four years Dad — if I be- 
come half the man you ore, I will consider myself suc- 
cessful — thanks for all your help Mom — I guess you 
have suffered more than I did over the past years — 
sorry if I caused you too much worry — I could not ask 
for any better mom — you are the best! I love you both 
— I hope I hove made you proud 
Finally, I wish to thank God for blessing me throughout 
my cadetship and my entire life — "in all ways ac- 
knowledge Him, and He shall direct thy patfis" Pro- 
verbs 3 6 

The underlying desire and goal to succeed at what 
ever we do brought us very close The memories con 
never be erased The best and the worst many times 
we've shared You exemplify without o doubt the quali- 
ties one needs to be successful. On May '16, buddy, we 
can finally say we've beat VMI hands down, but not 
without taking several shotsi MCF 
Well roundedness is something that few obtain Todd 
has managed to combine the two An honors student, 
fdntastic wrestler, party animal and on awesome 
roommate The memories we have shared in club 02 will 
never cease to amaze me He is intense m everything 
he does wrestling, academics, partying But he is also 
so laid bock Hell of a combination! We could stay up 
shootin' It anytime, ask Monte and Mike, GORoh! Chair- 
force 02 ruiz Zip, zip, zip See ya at the Beach, I know 
you'll be there! WEC 

Ray Year — what the hell am I doing here? Is it worth it? 
Three years later I'm thrilled to say VMI was one of the 
best decisions of my life! My friends, thanks for unselfishly 
devoted time Mom. Dad, Kim, Da. and Kofy. thanks for 
all the love, support, and encouragement that mode 
my years at VMI much easier. I couldn't hove done if 

I guess all of you were expecting me to write something 
onfi-VMl but •since I don't have anything good to say, I 
won't I would like to thank my parents, Carl, Jimmy, 
and everyone else who put up with me. however. I will 
probably still be complaining when 1 finish I am eagerly 
awaiting to pick up where I left off four years ago 
"No progress of humanity is possible unless it shakes off 
the yoke of authority and tradition" Amore Gide 


1984 — 
1990 — 

Jeff Morris 
Andrew Conville 




Dykes 1984 — Robert "Burt" Bready 
1990 — Todd D Toler 

Dykes 1984 — Jimbo Bishop 
1990 — Jones I.C III 

First Class 245 

Timothy Lee Bailey 

Brown Bomber, T NT. 

Mechanical Engineering — Air Force 

St Louis, Missouri 

Boxing 4, 3, 2. 1, Virginia State Golden Gloves Champi- 
on 1985, St Louis Golden Gloves Champion 1984; Mis- 
souri State Champion 1983. American Boys Club Cham- 
pion 1983, ASME; Promoji Club 

Steven L. Baird 

Economics — Army 
Olympia Washington 

Investment Club 2, 1; Rot Training 2. 1: AUSA 4, 3, 2, 1, 
Pistol Team 3, 2, Ranger Platoon 3, 2: Corporal 3, Sear- 
gent 2, Distinguished Military Student, Distinguished Mili- 
tary Graduate 

Bruce Edward Bangley 

Doulbe-B, B-Squored, Bruiser, Droop 

Economics — Air Force 

Suffolk Virginia 

Fall Baseball 4, 2, Academic All-Americon 4 (Just Kid- 
ding); Tidewater Country Club 3; Dean's List 2 (Honest); 
That's all I can think of I guess I wasn't very active. 

Unbelievable, breath-taking, and incredible are some 
of the words that come to mind when I see myself as a 
first classman at VMI I hove no regrets for attending 
VMI, for it has been an experience that I picture the 
years spent here I think of the word sacrifice Upon 
matriculation one basically gives up the weekend par- 
tying, doting, and social lite style Thus choosing the 
discipline and rigorous demanding role of a VMI cadets 
lite takes a unigue person To stay after the decisions 
has been mode is a phenomenom within itself To grad- 
uate from VMI is almost o mission impossible Thanks to 
the support of my family I struggled on even when it 
seemed like there was no way I love you Mom and Dad 
without you I never could hove mode it Thanks also 
goes to my brother rots who didn't make it and those 
friends who were there when 1 needed them most 
As the weeks count down toward graduation the 
Brown Bomber presses forward 

I met Steve dfter the radio active rainstorm on Silas IV, 
where the dreaded moon priests held the entire planet 
of tour buttocked tree frog economists in slavery and 
subjection On the other hand, perhaps I met him during 
cadre at VMI At that time he was o motivated marine 
rot He mode the change to the Army, and has re- 
mained loyal to the follow-me attitude by attending or 
joining all applicable schools, conventions, comps and 
associations In all these endeavors he has been im- 
menantly successful, and the tokens of his success 
grace my lampshade (e g Jump Wings, etc ) This is a 
fair trade for his blue funks, which were porticalarly dire 
3rd-2nd class year Alas, time is short and words inode- 
quet to bid farewell to a friend, and express what many 
blessings I hove recieved from knowing Steve Just one 
more thing — What does Dominus Fecit mean'' 
Aw Nutsi 

Bruce arrived from the "Peanut Capital of the world" 
with a "Droopy" smile and a will to survive. Bruce sur- 
vied Horder's speech and then the forced marches 
right "BANG" In all seriousness, Bruce Bangley is one of 
the best brother rots and comrades one could hove at 
VMI After taking a year oft, he come back to the 
institute and showed everyone what he was capable 
of doing B-Squared, Good Luck and I cherish our good 
times G A S 

Bruce is one of the most mellow guys you can find 
anywhere But woe be to he who gets in the Double-B's 
way after a losing effort in Cameron Hall Really though, 
he's an easy guy to get along with as long as you don't 
get him up an hour early for Cadet Waiters C.RG 
My history is a bit premature, as I will not graduate for 
another year Charlie, Redrum, Good Luck after you 
get "outto here" Everything will work out well I'll miss 
you next year. Greg. I'll see you next year, so I'll write 
more about you then, Spaz Terry, you were o good 
addition this year Good Luck to everyone at home, I'll 
thank you next year when I hove more room. I'll still be 
here. To everyone else, do as I have done here. Hope 
for the best and trust that that is what you get B E.B 

Dykes 1982 — Russell G. Stewart (R D C. Pres.) 
1990 — Z Gluckowski, B Davis, A 

Dyke 1984 — John Jaworski 
1990 — Thomas Tally 

Dyke 1984 — Steve Reardon 
1990 — Todd Jacobs 

246 First Class 

Kevin Dwan Barker 

Bob, Boris, Kev, Kelvin 

History — Air Force Missiles 

Tol<yo, Japan 

Pvt 4, Cpl 3, Cdt-Waiters 2, 1; Bomb Staff 3, 2, 1; Luxury 
Club 4, 3, 2, 1, camp 2; New Market Death March 4, 3, 
Mercedes Club 3. 2, 1, Leopard Lodge Society 4, 3, 2, 1; 
Guide-on Bedrer 1: SCSC; Tokyo Air Club 3, 2, 1, E4, 13, 2, 

John Hansen Barnard 


Physics Navy 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Corporal 3; Col. Stalnaker Cor Rental Club 3; Wilming- 
ton Club 3, Water Polo 3, 2; Spring Break Clearwater 3, 
2, 1; Circle K 3, 2, 1; Pool Party Club 4, 3, 2, 1. SPS 4, 3, 2, 
1 , Swim Team 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Mallory Schuffle 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Honor 
Court Rep 1, Swim Team Captain 1, Dive Club 1; Sweet 
Briar Regular 3, 2, 4. 

Clark Barnes 

History — Army In 

Rat Training 3, 2, 1 Cp 3. Sgt 2, It 1, Cadre 2, 1: Public 
Relations Commitee 1, S-5 Staff 3, 2, 1 

Kevin, better known as Bob "come on down" Barker to 
his really good friends, can easily be called a guardian 
of endurance Not for his auditory capability that en- 
ables him to play hours of "elevator music" but for his 
mental discipline and resolve to prevail over much 
more than just rat year Bob's unparalleled and famous 
knowledge of luxury autos is surpassed only by his re- 
gard for others and their points of view. Conversation 
with him always is pervaded with amiability and good 
humor JFL 

Kevin, you've proven to be more of a friend to me than 
anybody could want Your sense of humor and light 
hearted nature have made my life at the "I" much 
easier through the laughter we've shared. I hope some- 
day you'll get that Mercedes AMG that you've always 
wanted All the luck in the future to a great guy! Friends 
Always AVK 

1 remember when Kevin first moved in with us. I must 
odmitT did not know him. After two years I'm not sorry 
that he became one of us I hope we can always stay 
as one. Good Luck KRV 

Our 2 years together have ben memorable buy - 


Four years goes by so fast, only when your looking back 
at ifi Tempus Fugit My friends interested me in VMI and 
I'm glad I came My roomotes have been the best and 
constantly entertaining Den and his laundry marker 
and coafhangers; endless possibilities Rob, the pre rack 
talks have been great! By the way, how was that blind 
date third cidss year'> Dave I iove hearing your stories, 
you're the boy I'm glad we adopted you and vice- 
versa Scott Jewel, wish you stayed longer the swim 
team has been great! All those good times Keep up 
the good work Thanks ARN, COL, HARRY Now the 
philosophical part. VMI blends challenges, struggles, 
struggles, and good times into what might be called on 
"Emotional Rollercoaster" With the ability to change 
your day for good or bad in a matter of minutes This 
ongoing challenge to prevail teaches one to cope and 
always look toward to better times , here friends watch 
out for you especially when you're down IE confine- 
ment. It has been a learning experience. 

Thank you so much Mom and Dad for your support. 
Love and Friendship It means everything to me 
Finally, Sean, yes you Keep up the good work Hove a 
happy four Gregg, you're a great R D Special Dedica- 
tion to my friend of fifteen years. Spike Bis Gluck 1987, 

August 1 7 1983 the class of 87 matriculated We fought 
and struggled and finally made it to this point. During 
the struggle some interesting things happened A class 
was molded , but more importantly friendships were 
cast in concrete. Friends for life Brothers, Brother Rats. 
That makes it all worthwhile The confinement, PT's, 
Sweotporties, everything To my roomates John "get 
me up at 7 30", Greg, "need any help with your home- 
work'^" Craig "where this weekend, Hollins Baldwin or 
Randy Mac''" Thanks guys you're the greatest To ken- 
ny good luck the ball is in your hands As with any other 
cadet without the patience and understanding and 
support of my parents and of course Cindie I would not 
of made it When I was at my lowest oil of you were 
there to widen my perspective. 

Mom and Dad. I love you more than you will ever know, 
Thankyou for everything, LoVone you are the best, 
may God shine all of you I love you dll 

Dykes 1984 — Mark Kultura 

1990 — Paul Tallet-Kelpsa 

Dykes 1984 — Don Suggs 
1990 — Sean Carty 

Dykes 1984 — Cubby Zendt 
1990 — Ken Kovac 

First Class 247 

Dean A. Barr 

Mark Albert Barth 

Mark Copelar^d Bartholf 

English — United States Marine Corps 
Westchester, Pennsylvania 


History, French — Army 

Lovettsville, Virginia 


English — Army 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Semper Fi 4, 3, 2, 1 . Posit Committee 3,2,1; CADET Staff 
1. Circle K 2, 1. RDC 1. No DSB 4, 3, 2, 1. Ring Figure 
Honor Guard Comdr 3. Corporal 3, Reg CIr Sgt 2 — 
BUSTED!, Pit Lt 1, Crazy 4, 3, 2, 1, One of UNK's 

Cpl 3, Ops Sgt 2,- D-Co Commander 1, Honor Court 2. 
Vice President 1, Mdrine Corps Marathon 1, Public Rela- 
tions Commitfee 1, The Early "Rick James Appreciation 
Society" 3, 2, 1. Airborne 1, 4 year Army Scholarship 

Cpl 3: Illegal Party 3, Pvt 3: Sgt-Ops-Maj — 21, Wres- 
tling 4 Rat Training 3, 2, House Mountain Cadre 2. Club 
"01" 3, 2, 1. Certainly English 4, 3, Rugby 2 1; Illegal Car 
Club 4, 3, 2 (HAH) 

Never before hove I seen a place with so many restric- 
tions, yet life IS lived to the max The best part of the "I" 
is the friendships Roomies, I love you all We've hod one 
of the closest rooms here Al, you moy be nasty but we 
still love yd Andy, you're an example for us at the "I" 
Pig, I'm glad we never enlisted, it's been too much fun 
here My best wishes to you all My Dykes taught me 
well Sully, you were the best Al, Killer, Andy, Stdsh, 
Tooge, thanks for the good times and guidance I'll 
never forget Mom, Dad, I'm sure I caused a few grey 
hairs, but you've never held it agdinst me I couldn't be 
where I am without Parents as great as you Paul I 
forgive you for going to Canoe Univ You've helped me 
through some hord times Glen, I guess we've started a 
tradition, you make me proud Good luck i Hey Bear, I 
haven't forgotten you and never will, you hove taught 
me what love is Thanks for your never ending support. 
Finally, UNK, you were right when you said these four 
yeors will fly by Yeah I'm ready to leave but I'll miss this 
place, and oil my friends 
"We are the Athenians forged by Sparta" 

I come here 4 years ago because I thought I needed 
discipline I'm not sure if I picked up ony of that but I did 
acquire many of the other things VMI has to offer For all 
my complaints, VMI offers everything needed to get 
by, to live under adverse conditions and to excell I do 
not love this place, 1 do however respect it and all it 
represents As with everything difficult m life, one needs 
others to moke it through and I was allowea more than 
my share of excellent people to associate with 
Roommates Jim and Charlie, I'll see you at the reunions 
keep in touch, and good luck with those thats Adrian, 
good luck with Tind, he's going to graduate, it's still our 
fault, Spence heres a one-eyed trousersnake filled with 
butterbeons to ya Reardon Wah "Royick" good luck 
Brad, Ted, Stu, you "Do Boys" All you D Co boys in 1 1 1 
take core Molehead, take it easy like only you know 
how to do Cheryl thank you for making VMI bearable 
and JMU on experience Doc Monsour I owe you and 
thank you Mom thanks for the inside info on Cheryl My 
parents and family, I love you all I couldn't hdve done it 
without you Beau keep dancing Wedge, good luck 
dnd study! Cidss of '87 LET'S GET OUT OF HERE! 

I don't know how you've done it but you've put up with 
me for 4 years. Gawd, I know its been tough on you. I'm 
indebted to the "I" for throwing us together our RAT 
year That was the beginning of the best friendship 
anyone could dsk for Even though your ability to say so 
much w/out really saying it has bugged me I've some- 
how learned to cope w/it Thonks for oil you've been to 
me I'd Sdy it but it just doesn't sound manly, so you'll just 
hove to know it JES Well Mark, ore we really out of 
here"^ We've been throught too much for the space 
available — Georgetown weekends, Idte study bull 
sessions, psychiatric advice on the wiles of the fairer 
sex, patiently putting up with your warped observations 
on the nature of things What more could one want in a 
roommate^ Nothing Eventually you'll get what you de- 
serve — no one else wonts it so bad Can we turn Phil 
off now"? LMB The first I heard of Mark was that for a 
permit he's alright Well, Mark you've been much more 
than alright You've been on excellent friend dnd room- 
mate You're generosity and oil around sincere friend- 
ship have been a highpoint of my time at and away 
from VMI I hope our paths cross many times in and out 
of the Army DFC Thank you Mom and Dad for your 
never dieing love and support Coach King — Thank 
you Roommates — best of luck always to the others — 
thanks I love students 

Dykes 1984 — Stephen M, Sullivan "Sully" 

1990 — Mike A. Hall, Mike Ho-Ho Sarno 

Dykes 1984 

Scott Hand 

Andrevj "Wedge" Schaaf 

Dykes 1984 — Bart Combs 
1990 — John Welch 

248 First Class 

James Earl Bean 

William Alan Berneski 

Hugh Joseph Bettendorf 

L,L,, Hollywood, Beanhead, Jimmie, Beaner 

Electrical Engineering — Army (FA/Aviation) 

Salem, Virginia 

The Ape, Grape Ape, Bill 

Mechanical Engineering — Navy 

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 

Shoe, Ratendorf 

History/Political Science — US, Marines 

Winchester, Virginia The South 

Private 4, 3, 2, 1; Cpl, 3, Wrestling Team 4, 3, 2. 
Monogram Club 2, 1, Circle K 3. 2. 1; Barbarians 2, 1. 'f 
Social Committee 1: Summer School 5, 4, 3, 2; IEEE 2, 
VMI Surf Team 4, 3, 2, 1 

Cpl. 3: Sgt, 2, Lieut 1, Rat Platoon Leader 1, RDC, 
Dean's List 3. 2. India Co X O . Martial Arts Club 2, 1 
"AGE" Suffix Society, Academic Rat Line 4, 3, 2, 1 

Cpl 3, Block Runner 4, 3, 2, 1, Glee Club 4, 3, 2. 1; 
Treasurer 3, Debate Team 3, 2, 1. Vice Pres 2. President 
1; International Studies 3, 2, 1, Semper Fidelis Society 4, 
3, 2, 1 Foreign Studies 2, Woodcreek Sigma 3, 2, 1: 
Douglas Carter France Award Committee 2 

Going to a military scnool might seem like every little 
boy's dream, I guess that I always wanted to go to a 
miliatary school and look lil<e a little tin soldier I got my 
chance and here I am at VMI Once you get something 
that you always wanted, it seems like it never fulfills all 
of your expectations, but I am not disappointed with 
my coming to the Institute The experiences I have hod 
here can never be replaced, just like all of the friends I 
have made The "1" has been a constant challenge 
Between academics, wrestling practice, and the lock 
of sleep you always feel as if you ore going to fall over 
the edge 1 would like to thdnk my roommates for help- 
ing keeping me away from that edge Rennie and 
Lapthe, 1 con hardly believe that we are almost ready 
to leave our mark on the world, GOOD LUCKI Nagle, 1 
hope that all of your plans unfold exactly the way you 
wont them to Manuel, Max, and Chi your nightly visits 
mode the room seem like the UN Moy all of the Roa- 
noke boy's dreams come true Coach Broine, I can't 
soy thank you enough Lost of oil, but certainly not least 
Tiki, for all of the encouragement and pushing For with- 
out your effort i probably would not hove made it 

From matriculation to graduation. Bill has been an often 
maddening example of self-control while all around him 
falls opart Living with the Grape has sometimes been a 
frustrating experience, buf his caustic comments to- 
ward pinheods and the more bogus aspects of VMI are 
priceless Grape, you're one in a million. G P.T 
To the Ape, my decadent friend It's been gredt having 
you around You are one of a kind I know you will go for 
because of your determination to always excel GOOD 
LUCk in the future I hope your head doesn't glow too 
much of nuke school M G W 

Bill, we might not have always got along, but you add- 
ed character to the room and 1 enjoyed it 1 have 
known you for years and still can't predict you, but you 
were always there when we needed you GOOD LUCK 
in nuke school PUP. 

I would like to soy thanks to everyone who mode this 
"EXPERIENCE" possible, especially mom and dad, 
grandma and Aunt Ndncy Your patience with me was 
infinite, your guidance invaluable 1 like to think VMI has 
bettered me, or should 1 say battered 1 know, in the 
future. I shall be able to draw on my experiences here, 
and take with me o real sense of honor, pride, and 
accomplishment. GOOD LUCK Mark Exit, The Ape 

A challenge was what I sought. We reap what we sow, 
I've gone to the edge and made it back as Lord Buron 
said "with fascination in his very brow a finished 
gentleman from top to toe'-' 1 hope 
Thanks mom and dad for letting me follow my dream, 
"Victory IS a thing of the will" Foch Marshall of France 

"When you hove a thousand regulations you lose all 
respect for the rules" Winston Churchill 
Wiedersehen Virginia Militar Insfitut 

Dykes 1984 — David Collie 

1990 _ Brad Johnson, Tony Williams 

Dyke 1984 — John Wisienski 
1990 — Mark Cumbee 

Dyke — Tom "Buliett-Head" Berry 
1990 — Robert "Chip" Chenery 

First Class 249 

William Davis Beyer 

James W. Bierman Jr. 

John R. Blackwell Jr. 

Bill. Beaker 
Chemistry — Army 
Brookfield, Wisconsin 

History — Marine Corps 
Trumbull, Connecticut 

Frog Fresh, H,D,, Shorty B., Bob, Bobby 

History — Air Force 

Baltimore, M.D. 

Religious Council 4, 3. 2, 1 Secretary 2, President 1, 
Officers Christian Fellowship 2. 1 Chapel Service Coord 

3, 2, 1 Prayer Breakfast Coord 2, 1, Cadet Assistant 1, 
Cadet Public Relations Committee 1. Dean's List 2; Pvt 

4, 3, 2. Second Btn S-5 1, V-Pres ACS 1, Who's Who. 

Rat4. Cpl 3. Sgt 2, First BN Sgt Maj 1, First Bn's S-4Lt, 1. 
Pvt 4. 3. 2, Rat Training (House Mountain) 2. 1. Sport 
Parachute Club 3. Semper Fidelis Society 1. Marine 
Corps Scholarship 2, 1. Dean's List 2; Ghetto Club 

Track 4, 3. 2. 1 Captain 1. Promoji 4. 3, 2. 1; Monogram 
Club Vice Pros. 1 VMI Recruiting 1. Wheats 3. 2. 1 
Summer School 4, 3, 2. 1. True Blue 1 

Who ever thought that the skinny kid from Wisconsin 
would have made it through the toughest military 
school in America'' A chemistry major who wants to be 
a chaplain! A VMt cadet that doesn't drink i Bill's cadet- 
ship was not typical and neither was his performance, 
both were exceptional "Beaker" devoted himself to 
Christian service at VMI and in the community In addi- 
tion to being a tough racquefbali player. Bill was one of 
the most respected men m barracks I love hime and will 
stand beside him in whatever he does Good luck bud- 
dy. — R.A.R, 

Bill is quite a "Mole"-culel He has been a great inspira- 
tion to the Religious Council and to many of his BR's He 
will always be remembered as President of the "God 
Squad" to many, but "Beaker" to his roommates We 
love you Bill — G L E 

I come here with dreams of becoming a military Chap- 
lain and because of the many blessings that God be- 
stowed upon me. today those dreams are looking 
more like reality Thank you Chaplain and Mrs Caudill. 
Col. and Mrs Hammond. Dave. Greg, and Ronnie. Greg 
and Bo. and dll my friends for your unending love ond 
support Mom. Dad. Lisa, Tom. Helen, and Mabel I love 
you all very much, thank you. and may God Bless You 
Always Philipians 3 13 

During Rat year, many a Wednesday and Saturday 
afternoon was spent breaking in shoes at the b'ball 
courts, but marching Pts wasn't half the task it should 
hove been I found, much to my delight, d BR with the 
same sense of humor (and conduct status) as myself 
From that point on. our relationships blossomed like a 
dafodil in spring When ole Chipper moved in with me at 
the beginning of second cidss year. I really began to 
reap the benefits of his friendship (not to mention the 
pleasures gamed from his mony antics sliding across 
cars uptown, drinl<ing in bdrrocks. disturbances after 
taps, and optionol red lights) Whenever there was fun 
to be had. Chip had it — and usudlly included me You 
left me with alot of fine memories I probably would not 
have otherwise hod, and a friendship I'm sure will en- 
dure Good luck in the corps Chip, and give me a call 
sometime Pubie 

As my codetship drdws to an end. I can look back and 
say. with only a tew exceptions here and there, that 
I've enjoyed it Mr and Mrs. Evdhs. Kim. Kris, and Beth 
you've been great Dad. if I con turn out to be half the 
man you are, I'll consider myself a success. 

As I look back on the years that I have spent here at 
VMI (this includes summers) it is interesting to see how 
this place has changed me Not really understanding 
what the Institute was all about made it difficult to 
adjust As the years went on a love for the "I" had 
grown inside me that is very hard to express I would not 
trade the experience of being o part of the "I" for 
anything in the world It is as if what I have been through 
was mode easier by several people who I would like to 
thank My Mom and Ddd for being so supportive, to my 
brother and two sisters who I love alot To Monica a 
very special friend who has put up with plot over the 
lost 4 years (I love you) To the track team and the 
Wheats there will never be another group of guys as 
smooth OS us To my roomates it's our turn nowl And to 
all those that space does not allow me to mention 
Most of all I would like to thank the driving force behind 
every step I take and one who has been with me every 
step of the way — God 1-800-VMI-1987 

Dykes 1984 — Brian Kroli 

1990 — Tim Bosetti, Greg Sandway 

Dykes 1984 — Shawn Flores 
1990 — Bill Bowers 

Dykes 1984 — Keith Belcher 

1990 — Mario Small, Donald Roberts 

250 First Class 

William H. Blanton 

Thomas Bruce Bones 

John Stamper Boughton 

Will, TD 

Civil Engineering — Air Force 

White Post, Virginia 

Brother B, BB, Sarge, Boner 

Mechanical Engineering — Army (Sort Of) 

Richmond, Virginia 

Leroy. Tex, Mewt Mobis, Often, Boughtini 

English — Unknown Soldier 

Dallas, Texas 

Rat 4, Cpl 3, Pvt 2, 1; Stockwell's Rangers Cadet Assf 3 
Summer Fun 2'/?, 1'/2, '/2, Academically Extinguished 3, 
AFROTC 4-YR Scholarship, Crew 70: The Projects 2, 1 
Dean's Other List 4, 3, 2, 1 + . Female-in-Barrocks Club 3, 
1 Century Club 

Soccer 4, 3, 2; Monogram Club 4, 3, 2. 1, ASfv/IE (Troll) 4, 
3, 2, 1 Sports Editor VMI CADET 1, Waiter 1; Breakfast 
Club 2. Airborne Special Student 1: Twisted Beach 
Dweller from He 2. Cpt. Suthard Appreciation So- 
ciety 1. TCFC 3 

Honor Court 2, 1, Rat Training 2, 1, Semper Fidelis Soci- 
ety 4. 3, 2, Naval Aviators 1 Ring Figure Honor Guard 3; 
RING FIGURE fvlAGAZINE Staff, Dean's List 4, 3, 2, 1; Presi- 
dent Kayakers Anonymous, Club 37, U.S. Parachute As- 
sociation; Drone Pilot 3, 2, 1; Running Amuck in Virginia 

Will If there was a word to describe him it would be 
casual He was the only person in the room who would 
take everything in stride The only time he would get 
emotional was when he couldn't see Tina on the week- 
end. Will was a real First Class private who cared about 
the "I" and his Brother Rots But to me who cored little 
about the place, he was more than a BR, he was my 
friend. Good luck Will (and Tina) in whatever you do. 
PLC '87 

I got to know Will 3rd Class year. It has been interesting 
watching him slowly but surely get through this place 
The best way to describe him would be private (■Ist 
Class that is) Will had unequalled concern about his 
appearance (would you believe equolled'') Good luck 
Will and may you live long and prosper — Mr. Spock- 

WEZ '87 
I'd hdve never mode it through VMI alone, it was that 
demanding. My parents pushed me diong the track 
and also bought me the locomotive Bill and Ron. you 
were both a source of relief from the mundane days 
And Tina, you were and dlwoys will be the beautiful light 
at the end of my darkest tunnels To all my BR's. good 
luck in the future. WHB 

As I sit and reflect on my 4 years at VMI the question 
'Why'^" seems so unimportant The fact of the matter is 
fhot I did come here and I've mode it I've seen many 
people come and go But the ones that stuck it out are 
real mutants Kudos go to Mole. Ades. Burt, Meat, Bill 
McFly. Stick. Happy. Party. Button the list goes on All 
these guys are great and deserve mdny thanks While 
I'm on thanking people I would like to thank the people 
that meant the most to me First, my roommates of 
three years Brad. Ted and Stew Gredt times have 
been hod Then there is the 'Squaftly" family Thank you 
for keeping insane enough to make VMI appear ratio- 
nal I was blessed with a very cool family Thank you 

It's been a strange ride Now it's time to get oft and get 
a job 

"Are Susie Q's getting smaller or am I getting bigger''" 
Freddie "the Cat" Bryant 

"Lazy fokes' stummucks don't git tired" Uncle Remus 

"The comedy is finished" RL 

Who IS that Texan with the Ray Bans'' I've pondered this 
many times with deepest sincerity, and all of my ques- 
tioning yields the one answer I knew oil along — he is 
my kin Our blood has mixed together forever Stomper 
has a spirit for living which has infected me many times. 
His love for his friends dnd for his school has made its 
mark And his lough ad fiery eyes ! will always remem- 
ber That Texon is a very special man Salud. dinero, y 
amor, y tiempo gustarlos ACZ 

Four years ago I started on whot hds seemed to be a 
strange mix between o bod drug induced hallucination 
and a casual rap session with some great friends It's 
been a love-hate relationship with this place the whole 
fime I've made it. but I con only give the credit to my 
friends and fdmily I need not nome my friends They 
know who they are Thonks guys, you've been and shall 
remain true brothers Four of these brothers need men- 
tioning though To my roomies Owen, Kenny, James 

and Jon. Thanks for sticking by me through the he 

of 2nd Cidss yedr I apologize for your suffering the side 
effects of the pressures I was under I'll dlwdys cherish 
our four years and great times together My family, I 
love you and don't deserve all you've done for me. All 
I've done has been for you and the Lord. JSB 

Dykes 1984 — Jeff Roach 

1990 — John Golden, Richard Kerman 

Dykes 1984 — Mike Sullivan 

lOQO - Glenn Thompson 

Dykes 1984 — Mathevi/ Gartem 

1990 — Mark Cheadle, Andrew McCaig 

First class 251 

Bowlman T. Bowles 

History — Army Infantry 
Richmond, Virginia 

Corporal 3, Sergeant 2, Private 1. BOMB Staff 3, 2: 
Rugby 1, Football 4. Pistol Team 2. 1. Co-Captoin 1. Raf 
Training Cadre 3, 2, VMI Firefighters 3, 2, 1 Rod & Gun 
Club 2. 1, 87 Social Commitfee 2, 1. S S 3, 2, 1. Number 
One Club 2, 1. Vmi Ballistics Club; John C Fan Club 3. 2, 
Deans Other List 4, 3, 2, 1. F C H 4, 3, 2. 1 

Anthony Steven Brads 

Buggo. Bear, T, T-Dog 

History — Army Infantry 

Buena Vista. Virginia 

Pvt 4,Cpl. 3, Sgf.2, Lf 1, Cadre 2, 1. FootbalW; Baseball 
4: Ranger Pit 3. RDC 1, Lynchburg College Club 4, 3, 2, 

1. AROTC Scholarship 4, 3, 2, 1, Airborne School 3, Histo- 
ry Dept Cadet Asssfont 1, Engaged Club 4, 3, 2, 1, 
Overdebt Club 2. 1. USMC Marathon 1, Ghetto Corner 

2. 1. Boys From B V 4, 3, 2. 1 

Paul Joseph Brannigan 

Bran, Sfiamdog, Peewee, Newt, Slug 

Biology B.S. — Army 

Asfiville, PA 

Rugby 2, 1. Young Democrats 3, 2, Rod and Gun Club 2; 
Dean's List 3; Forced Corporal: Pirate 3, 2, 1: Inferior Five 
3; Runnin' Rebels 3; Rat Daddy 3, 2, 1, Red Front Ranger 
4, 3, Second Class Cor Club, Slug's Nest 3, 2, 1, Spadzs 
Master 3. 2. 1. Air Jammer 4, 3, 2, 1 (Hugo and the 
Aquanouts), Porwoy Mtn Climber 2, Mutant 2, 1 

In writing this. I can't help but think how a self-written 
history is )ust as irregular as my own cadefship After 
receiving almost every institute pendlty in the book 
(and surviving) I hope that I have learned my lesson My 
first thonks has to go to my parents, whom I love most 
dearly Thanks for everything Dad! Mike P its "been 
cool mon", Frazier, our goodbys are only for present 
Mike W I love yd! I am fortunate the friends I chose 
aren't "errand boys and grocery clerks" Tripp I 

guess the discripfion that comes to mind is unique. Yes, 
he's a character, that one It's been an interesting ex- 
perience, but a learning one to say the least Living with 
him IS like trying to drink a gloss of milk while riding a 
roilercooster But seriously, there is o lot to Tripp than 
meets the eye It's difficult to really get to know him, 
but It's worth the effort Buck, if there is ever anything i 
con do. just let me know I'll be there MKD Scorates 
and Milhouse Nixon, both went the same way through 
the kitchen Plato the Greek or Rin-Tin-Tin. whos more 
famous to the millions billions'' — When they kick at your 
front door, how you gonno come'' With your hands on 
your head, or on the trigger of your gun The Clash 
Service! Ability! Worth! Nonsense! Join a 
clique! — Telemaque 

I didn't think thqt this ddy would ever arrive, but it finally 
did Well, it's redlly over and now I can acknowledge 
those who supported and pushed me through this 
pidce To Mom. we did it, thanks for everything, to Fred, 
thanks for what you,ve done for Mom. Jamey. Anne, 
and 1 To Jdmey. 1 couldn't ask for a better brother. To 
Anne, well she can't read yet but anywdy, to the rest 
of the family, thanks for always being there. 1 can't 
forget Howie and Nance, thank you so very much for 
everything Now the best for last! To kim, my Bugga, 1 
love you Thanks for helping me through the many 
tough times as well as the great times, and for putting 
up with my odventures I can't wdit to begin our life 
together, forever 

As for the "1". if taught me o gredt dedl dbout people 
I've mode friendships that will endure, had times I'll nev- 
er forget, and 1 guess it would be sdfe to soy that it was 
all worth it Finally, to Wally, Pete, Scott, Wig, Wierd 
(Kev). Dickey, dnd Herbie, good luck and God Bless! 
Herbie, remember "snow cadets"! Wally, Monday will 
be over soon! 

The moon was full, yet the only light came from a barely 
flickering campfire that all were encircling for warmth 
and (Do you believe in monsters'') protection. The 
youngest spoke up: "Tell us a story, wise one — A really 
scary, evil one." And so I began 

I came here on 17 August ■1983 with one thought in 
mind — "Thank God I'm not poying for this" However, I 
met Hoppy and Peckerhead, and the Corps trip in the 
battlewagon (WAKE UP!) was a blast Third class year 
sucked If It wasn't for meeting the greatest guys alive, 
my presence now could be debatable Jerry, Ddh and 
Steve, you guys kept what fraction of sanity 1 had left 
and made it fun Ah, the Slug's Nest Home of orange 
and iced ted bdtfles, sports orend. rock concert holl. 
HMWHC meeting room and voted THE grossest room in 
barracks I'm so proud! Second cidss yedr brought Ring 
Figure and rugby entirely too much fun! We averaged 
56 demerits, worked so hard to get negative, played 
gomes til 0300, and generally broke all the rules. Now 
It's almost over it hasn't been a carnival, but it has 
been fun! Fish, Bear, Pecker, Moondog, Whit and all you 
crazies (you too. Egg) Good luck, success and fun to 
yd Thanks Mom and Dad, Major Dan et at, I appreciate 
it! Guess what? Never mind. PJB 

Dykes 1984 — George "Bull" Woltz 

1990 RW '-bambi" Hays, JC "Slim" 

Dykes 1984 — Michael Locher 

1990 — Mitchell Stockwell 

Dykes 1984 — Jim Moore (vi/ith Wimpy, Hip, 
and Bum) 
1990 — Ryan "Shadow" Foster 

252 First Class 

Earl Fritz Braunlich 

TrQnt Bridges 

James IVIichael Brigint 

Fritzer, Kluge 

B.S. Biology — Army 

Wheeling, West Virginia 

Rat 4, Cpl 3, Pvt 2. 1, FCA 4. 3, 2, 1, Treasurer 2. Vice 
President 1 Football 4. 3,2, 1, Special Forces Captain 1, 
Track Permit Rider 3. Sink Dweller 1, Weight Room Ani- 
mal 4, 3, 2, 1 

Spider, Cutty, True Blue, Tetta 
Electrical Engineering Army-Armor 

Cpl — 3, Promaji 4. 3. 1, Football 4, 3, 2, 1 Track 1, lEE 2, 
1, lEE Computer Society 1 Monogram Club 1, Tailback 
Union 4, 3, 2, 1, Wheats 3, 2, 1: KAATN 4, 3. 2. 1; True 
Blue 2. 1 Captain Football 1 

Lopperheod, Notso, Loppage, Dull, Jimpo, 


Economics — USMC 

Muenster, Texas 

Parachute Club 3, Hop & Floor 4. 3, 2. 1, Marathon Man 
1 Arnold Air Society 3, 2, Semper Fedelis Society 1 Avid 
Redskin Hater 4. 3, 2. 1, Club 37 Cocktail Party 3. 2, 1; 
Pig's Worshipping Society 3. 2, 1. President of Brighfs 
School of Social Drinking 3, 2. 1, Sin Lodge Member 3, 2. 
Cpl 3, Private 4. 2, 1 

I never knew exactly what I was getting into when I 
came to VMI. When I decided to come here I thought it 
was going to be just another college, the only excep- 
tions being military training and uniforms During matric- 
ulation I realized it was quite different from what I had 
expected- Through the experiences of the ratline I de- 
cided that I didn't like VMI but I was going to graduate 
from VMI, 

The past four years have been tough No aspect of this 
school has ever come easy for me. everything has 
been a challenge I'll never know what I've missed by 
comming here, but I do know I've gamed many experi- 
ences and learned lessons that are unique only to VMI, I 
believe I'll be a better man for it. 

One thing that VMI gives you is true friends. I would like 
to thank all the friends VMI has given me. Kris you were 
a great dyke and help me make my first two years My 
roomies were the best Cliff and Ken Kluge 1 and 2 
Buttonhead-crazy hairlip Texan, Sus — my partner in 
Klugeness- I'll never forget all the other friends I've 
made and the good times we've had 

Special thanks to my parents, family, and friends at 
home Mom and Dad I love you both very much You 
helped me in every way you could 

Most importantly, thank you Lord for giving me the 
strength to make it so far and please help me to contin- 
ue on 

Looking back over the past four years I have seen 
many changes in people around me, I only hope I 
haven't changed Many times the institute has tried my 
patience and each time I was able to go along with the 
game, now the game is over and I must move on to 
more important things 

No one makes it through the trying times of VMI alone, 
that's why I'm very greatful to my parents, my brothers 
and sisters. And a big thanks to my roommate Max. and 
to Mark, Eric, Jeff and of course Tom 

Thanks Cat for the time you were with us, I love you and 
God Bless you 

James you always come to me with the hardest favors. 
How do I explain the history of a man called "Loopper- 
head'"' How con I explain the sight of you staked to the 
Old Courtyard in tour underwear'^ How can I explain 
how you played on invisible bass with a blue gross 
band'' How con I not laugh when you tell us you can't 
die'' How can I tell you that I will miss you or even why 
only that I will^ Maybe James said it best. "Baroa!" 
O J C For three years we have shared the pleasure, 
pom and pandemonium of being roomies in Club 37 
God knows our exploits should hove left us at Slippery 
Rock State Teachers College, but the Big Man kept an 
eye out for us Now it time to soy goodbye, and to call 
you a mere friend would truely be wrong We hove had 
the pleasure of seeing you win, lose and just be con- 
fused and alt the while we were right there beside you 
You hove honored us by showing a side of yourself that 
too few ever see James Thanks, your Roomies 

To my roommates, I could not have asked and re- 
ceived better To my friends, I could not have have 
mode it without y'oll To Ginnie, I cannot thank you 
enough You have added a lot of happiness in these 
four years To the most important people in my life. 
Mommy and Papa, thanks for making it all available I 
love you 

Dykes 1983 — Kris "Pfeff" Pfefferkorn 
1990 — "Big Joe" Pittmcn 

Dykes 1984 — Reggie Smith 

1990 — Joe France, Andy Titone 

Dykes 1984 — Peter Hall Nealley Jr 
1990 — 

First Class 253 

Thomas Clarke Brooks III 



Midlothian, Virginia 

Varsity Track. Monogram Club, RFT, Mobile Club, Virgin 
Private, ATT 

Jeffery Rodney Brown 

Skully. "Steel Man", "Sl<ully Rock"; "Ca\ 


Electrical Engineer — Arnny 

Wakefild Virginia 

VarsityFootbolM, 3, 2, 1, Promaji Club 4, 3,2, 1, IEEE 3, 2, 
1 Cpl 3, Sgt 2: Pvt 1: Varsity Track 4; Monogram Club 
3, 1; The Wheats 3, 2, 1; Public Relation Committee 1; 
Ghetto Crew 3, 2, 1 

Wilson Morris Brown 

Buster, Bass Mouth. Elephant Man Part G 

EE — Army 

Raleigh, North Carolina 

Soccer4, 3, 2, 1; Monogram Club 4, 3, 2, 1:IEEE4, 3. 2. 1: 
OGA 1. GC Sec 1; Wolf2, 1, Monday Night Football 
Club; Tuesday Night X Club; Wednesday Cockpit Club; 
Thursday Night "Ruins" Club; Friday Night Cocktails; 
Clean Plat Club, FFL 1; Cal II Club; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1 

It may not hove been pretty, but I mode it, and hod fun 
doing It I did olot of crazy things, but that was just to 
break the monotony I would like to thank so many 
people, and they know who they are, I love you all A 
special thanks to my parents because they deserve 
one I left my mark on VMI so it will never forget me I 
know I will never forget VMI 

Well, it's almost over now and I can't leave without 
thanking some important people in my lite Mom and 
Dad, I don't know what I would hove done without the 
two of you 1 love you both To my brothers and sisters 
who I'll always be grateful to for listening at times when I 
really needed it Thanks Mrs Byrd, the friend that my 
roommates always wanted to meet, for all the late 
night conversations and support I needed when noth- 
ing would go right Neol and Clarence, Hey there was 
no way 1 could leave the two of you out but I tried 
Thanks a bunch for everything Thanks to my friends and 
"associates" I was able to endure the "I" and I will 
always remember them Dykes, hang in there because 
it can only get better LOVE YOU ALL, Skully 

Well J-RO, it's been 31/2 years living with your goat 
smelling ossl we have many memories. You know what 
they are. Take care! Scrap 

Hey Scrap, what's the other guy's name that we room 
with? Man. you were illin'. Remember rat year Brown 
shine up? Yes sir. Scott, shine up? Yes sir Man we use to 
trip Take core Skullyl Boob — O! 

Well, here I am in room 126 and it is o typical night, I am 
sitting here BSing with my roommates So before I write 
this I am going to hove to stop and drink a beer with 
Ricky and Todd 

Now that I am feeling much better I think that I would 
just like to remember some of the great times I hove 
hod here at the I Like the great road trip down to the 
Citadel and the killer Zolloman's parties But nothing 
beats coming back early from a weekend on Sunday 
just to find your roommates ready to go bock out for 
Sunday flag I have really hod a good time here, maybe 
to good of a time Sure there was plenty of low points 
but they all seemed to go away as fast as they come, 

I would first like to thank my parents so very much for 
putting up with me all these years. I could have never 
done it without your support Mom those Sunday after- 
noon talks really did help whether you thought so. I 
would also like to thank all the great friends I have 
mode here To the Mohairs next door that always kept 
us well supplied with brass and shoe polish To my room- 
mates for making sure that the room atmosphere was 
always stress-free. PS, Wish you were here Bowman, 

Dykes 1984 — Chris Zendt, John Hirtz. Jack 
1990 — Jimmy Greer, Dan Mcnulty 

Dykes 1984 — Bob Epperson 

1990 — Travis Mabrey, Charles Ellis 

Dykes 1984 — Spruill "Spruill's Boy" Thompson 
1990 — Keats Wade , John "Tiny" 

254 First Class 

Bradley A. Brzozinski 

Zoz, Siick, Yankee 

Economics — Special Student 

West Islip, New York 

Wrestling 4, 3, 2, 1; Ringo Team; Club 22 3. 2, 1. Virgin 
Private 4, 3. 2, 1. Red Front Ranger 3, Girls 3, 2. 1. 

James C. Bunn III 

Honey-Bun, Bunhead 

CE — Army, Corps of Engineers 

Astiiand, Virginia 

ASCE 4, 3. 2. 1, OGA 1; Rat Training 1; Rod and Gun 
Club 2. 1, Big Red Club 4, 3. 2. 1 Private 4, 3, 2, 1: 
GOWBC 4, 3. 2, 1 , Room 111, Pink Belly Committee 3,2, 
1; Hooks 3, 2. 1,IHY4, 3, 2, 1, Estelle Club 3, 2, 1,64 East- 
West 4, 3, 2. 1; Recondo, Dean's Other List 4. 3, 2. 1. 
Zollman's Walking Wounded 3, 2, 1: Swogmaster 4, 3, 2, 
1, Stang Club 1 

Louis M. Buonpane 

Lou-dog, Guido, Dego, Baby-head 

English — Army 

North Haven, Connecticut 

Rat 4, Cpl, 3, Pvt, 3, Pit, Sgt , Regt. Sgt 2, Pvt 2, Pit, Lt, 1; 
Army ROTC Scholarship 4. 3, 2, 1, TCFC '87 Vice-chair- 
man 3, 2, Social Committee Treasurer 2, 1, Rat Training 
2, 1, English Society 3, 2, President 1, Number One Club, 
Waste-a-bago Crew 1: Red Front Ranger 4, 3, CADET 

I came to VMI in August of 1983 as a determined dnd 
psyched young man who was ready to fake on the "I". 
Well, after about a month that all changed and I was 
amazed at how many upperclassmen had token an 
interest in my development as a cadet As I look back 
over the last 31/2 years, I can't say it's been fun, I've 
hod o lot of bod times and plenty of disappointment, 
but the good times were great and the friends I've 
made I'll never forget Mike (alias forehead brother), 
that Florida trip and the ZZ Top weekend were unreal 
Bobby Z , how about that World Series, especially 
game 6, gotta love those Mets! And lastly, Mark, one of 
my many roommates that didn't leave, you scare the 
hell out of me You guys are the greatest! I'm not done 
yet, I've saved the best for last I'd like to express my 
greatest thanks to my entire family, for without their 
love and support, 1 never would have made tf Mom 
and Dad, words con not express the love and appreci- 
ation I hove for you both Thanks! Last of all, I'd like to 
dedicate this history to my Brother Rat, king Moyse, 
where ever he is "Hey cool, coming to VMI was a 
mistake, staying was not " "I mode it " "What a long, 
strange trip it's been." The Dead. 

Cliff, how do 1 describe my best friend? I won't! Thank 
you! I love you! PEJ. 

Cliff, if I ever go into combat, I wont to follow a leader 
like you — hard-headed, hard driving, and never on the 
defensive Of course, we would share some cold ones 
at the O Club every Monday night. Thanks for every- 
thing, Recondo NJN 

Well, Cliff, we've spent four "unusual" years together 
now, but we've stayed together through all of them. 
You've been more like a brother to me and I thank you 
for making these years fun I wish you and Janet all the 
happiness in the world. RDS 

Well, it's great to finally be sitting here first class year 
ready to take the big step from the "I" into the real 
world I wouldn't be here if if weren't for my roommates 
And Mom, Dad, Richie and last but not least Janet. 
Thanks, I love you all Good Luck, Guys of '87. 

Lou, it's almost over, thank God! We've had some try- 
ing times, but I wouldn't have swapped them for any- 
thing The good times for outweigh the bad Thanks for 
being there when needed Come on, who else could I 
hate more'' Best of luck in all you do Lou, what's a 
mortgage'' JES 

What can I say to a person who has always loved VMI 
though at times hated it with a passion'' Love hurts By 
the way, how's your dog'' I'm glad you didn't drive out 
of here that night — I hate trunks Finally, to a friend m 
confidence and roommate who always comes through 
when a lough is needed I'd grab a long neck for you 
anytime Why don't you shave, you Frito Bandito lookin' 

Friendship is not measured in time but in quality These 
last two years would mean nothing without your per- 
ceptive insight and sharp, sarcastic wit Good luck in 
the Army I look forward to reading your first novel, DFC 

Four years of d love-hate relationship is hard to de- 
scribe, but I wouldn't change a thing perhaps. 
Thanks to Mom, Dad and the USTC for all your support, 
"Great is the rumour of this dreadful knight, and his 
achievements of no less account," Henry VI II ill 1,7. 

Dykes: 1984 — John Munno 

1990 — Chris Schinstock 

Dykes: 1984 

Mark Briesmaster 
David Stanley 

Dykes: 1984 

Michael C. Hightower 

Ed Swanson, Paul Hartigan 

First Class 255 

Todd Eric Burdette 

Burd, Mikey, Dingo, Caped Advenger, Grinch 

Mechanical Engineering — Army, Corps of 


Stewortsville, New Jersey 

Track and Field 4,3,2,1 Wrestling 4,3.2, Private 4,3,2, 
1, Md) Mulherin's Fdn Club 3, 2; ASME 3, 2, 1; Airborne; 
Midnigtit Engineer 1 

Robert Kevin Burns 

BRF, Burnie-Boy, Burnze, Bubbo 

Electrical Engineering — Army 

Attiens, Georgia 

Football 4, 3. 2, 1 Cpl , Sgt , Cpt,; Illegal Car Club 2, VMI 
Engineering Society 1. SS Corps 1 

Dennis E. Butts 

Old Man, Butord, Grandpa 

Civil Engineering — Air Force 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Rat 7, Civilian 6, 5, 4, Pvt 3, 2, 1, Circle k 3, 2, VP 1, Reg. 
Divit Advisor 1. 

I don't know how many times I've sdid ttidt I hate this 
pldce but there's no other place in the world I would be 
proud of graduating from I came to VMI tor disciplinary 
redsons, not l<nowing what I was getting into The Rat 
Line and the historical background And I have many 
people to thank tor helping me through these post four 
years, and I would like to thank a tew personally To my 
fVlom and Dad, without their support I wouldn't be here 
now 1 owe you a million thanks, or of least 31,000 I love 
you both so much To Jeff, who put up with me for 21/2 
years, and getting rid of 'the athlete" Good luck to 
you and Jo And finally to the entire PX family, without 
all of your love and caring and the gredt times, this 
pidce would seem like )ust another military school. 
Thank you all. but all in all. if I had d chdnce to relive 
"the VMI experience" end go through this wonderful 
challenge ogam. I would be honored Well goodbye 
VMI ond here I come cruel world. P.S Thought I forgot 
obout April. I've never did and I never will Friends forev- 
er, KMB class of 2008 

To whom it may concern get me out of here. I hate this 
place I 

it's the truth when people say it oil goes by so fast It's 
kind of hard to believe it's time tor gradudtion I'll be 
ledving d place of pushups, confinement, and PT's, but 
I'm also leaving a place full of friends To all my Brother 
Rats Thank you tor oil the good times — there will be 
many more Tp John and Mike — two closer friends I'll 
never have To Mom and Dad — thanks for helping me 
through! I love you 

Robert K Burns 

20 Aug '80, 1 began what I thought would be 4 yeors of 
life at VMI What I ended up wiyh is 7 years of lite at VMI, 
VWCC, CPCC. Roanoke Col , and bdck to VMI. So 
many times I thought I could see the light dt the end of 
the tunnel, just to find out it wos an oncoming tram My 
epic journey is now coming to an end; I hope! I must 
thank one group of people first The entire class of 
'87 I couldn't have come back to a better bunch. Rob, 
you're like a brother (in-law)! John and Dave, no one 
deserves ds much free entertainment as you two have 

Robert, you did it the right wdy, I did it my way but 
we both did it! Thanks for the support and guidance 
Leigh Ann. how anyone could put up with all the stuff 
you hove in the past 7 years. I'll never know, but I 
couldn't have possibly done it without you too! I luv yo! 

Finally, I owe more to my parents than I can possibly put 
on paper Your never ending support left me no other 
choice thon to keep going I will always be indebted (7 
years of tuition) to you both! I love you both very much 
Thanks The aecade ot Dennis Butts finolly comes to 
a close? Hey Log Now the real fun starts!! DB 

Dykes: 1984 — Rob "Nubby" Knarr, Glenn, 
1990 — Paul "Yup" May 

Dykes 1984 — Warren Winning 

1990 — Ross Fitzhugh, Pat Poon 

Dykes 1981 — Dave Hinchee; 1985 — Glenn 
1990 — Ray and Day Williams 

256 First Class 

Robert E. Buxton Jr. 

Harold Brandon Byrne 

Steven G. Cade 

Bucky, Bubba, Flounder, Stain, F.S. 

Mechanical Engineer — Army SS 

Exeter, New Homshire 

Private 4, 3, 2, 1 Corporal 3, Sergeant 2; ASME 4, 3, 2, 1 
AUSA 4, 3, Engineer Platoon 3, Football 3. Band Compa- 
ny 4. 3, 2. 1, Engineer Society 1; VMI Firefighters 1: 
Deon's List 4. 3, 2. 1; Who's Who in America's Colleges 
and Universities. RFT Gold Card Member 2. 1 

"H", H-Mon 

Modern Languages — Army (Infantry) 

Greenwich, CT 

Private 4, 3, 2, 1 Corporal 3, Lacrosse 4; Rugby 2, 1, 
Timmins Society 2, 1 Number One Club, Demerit Mag- 
net 4. 3, 2, 1, OGA 1 

Beaker, Monk, Hook, Swagman, Spazman 

Civil Engineenng — Army 

Pulaski, Virginia 

RDC 1. Cadre 2, 1. Ring Figure Committee (Band) 2, 1, 
Hooks 2, 1, ASCE 4, 3, 2, 1: Orienteering Club 2, 1; Col 3; 
Sgt 2, XO 1, Swap Thing Society 2, The Ten 2, 1, SCSC 

I would like to thank everyone who has made my VMI 
experience possible From the members of the Admis- 
sions office, to the instructors, to my BR's, and especially 
everyone at home that helped and supported me 
through the four long years A special fhonks to my 
roommates, Marty and Bob, for putting up with me and 
making the time fly Also my smcerest fhonks has to go 
to my mother and my family for their support for my 
endeavors Thanks to all for what you have done for 

"You see thing's, and you soy, 'Why ?' But I dream 
things that never were, and I say, 'Why not ?'" 

— George Bernard Show 

"Back to Methuselah" 

Part 1, Act 1 

If someone asked me to describe H, physically I would 
hove no problem. I would soy "He is a younger version 
of Capf Dittrich" or I would say his head is sort of square 
with a flat section on the back However, as a cadet 
and person H would be far more complex Some peo- 
ple hove described him as charming and good tem- 
pered On the other hand, he was described by the 
wife of on alumnus as the devil himself But whether he 
was dazzling some Hollins freshman or running naked up 
Letcher Ave at 4 30 am, H kept his sense of humor no 
matter how out of control things were He is an admira- 
ble figure for this,some thing his BR's will miss in years to 
come It IS strange to think that the time for H and me to 
port IS finally at hand Just a few short months from now, 
I'll say goodbye to my closest friend Soon dll the time 
we shared together will be retold at olumm reunions I 
have gained a lot from the times we shored together, 
when he leoves there will be something missing from my 
life Good luck with all you undertake it was a pleasure 
sharing toothpaste with you these past 3 years Your BR 
and friend SUS 

To both my families, thank you for all your support, 
without It I could never hdve reached this point To Rob, 
Joe, Brett, Nat, Payne, Pecker, etc Best of luck as you 
move on These years hove been the best ever Gordy, 
stick with it, I know you will prevail HBH 

Beak, maybe when our VMI experience is over, we can 
think of it OS o long "Vision Quest" with some blank 
spaces I'll never forget drinking at Estelle's at 10 00 am 
Sot morning, and 1 scotch, 1 bourbon, 1 beer at 
Spanky's Who knows, maybe it has been a "Vision 
Quest " I think we hove proven that "girls" don't rule us. 
Jack, Jimmy, and Bud do Also, remember when you 
moke love, think of "dead people " Good luck, and 
remember we are the "Boys of Summer " Head 

Steve It's been redN I will never forget your moves, 
but of least I know you won't be late Thanks for helping 
me keep Head in line Without you, the room would 
have been a dioster area I know your L L and career 
will go well, and I feel our paths will cross again one day 
To a fellow hook and roommote. Swag it if nothing else 

Well it's my turn now Mom and Dad. thank you for all 
the listening you did Your support and advice were 
always well token Ken. you were more than a good 
bonk and dyke my 3rd class year Julie, there will always 
be a space in my heart for you Kathy, Bil, and Michelle, 
thanks for giving me o break from this place Finally, to 
my BR's, I'd go to hell and back for all of you 

Dykes 1984 — Kevin (Brookies) Brooks 

1990 — Guido Diprofin, Grasshopper Hin 

Dykes 1984 — R G McManus 
1990 — Dennis Bundens 

Dykes 1984 — Jeff Perkins "Perk" 

1990 — Brian Woodford. Willie Crane 

First Class 257 

Andrew Clark Carmpi 

Ronald Lee Carr Jr. 

Beel, Junior, Trash. Caila 
Mechanical Engineering — U.S.M.C. 
Atlanta, Georgia 

Drew, Camp, Drupe, Droopy, Drewsie, Wop 

Economics — Army 

West Long Branch, New Jersey 

— International Relations Con — 

Elm Grove, Wisconsin 

Rat 4, Cpl 3, Ops Sgt 2, Capt India Co. 1. ASME 4, 3, 2, 
1. Semper Fidelis Society 2, 1, Ring Figure Rock Commit- 
tee 2, Enforcer. Preston Library 3, 2, 1 Charter Ruler, 
Club 02 

Pvt 4, 3. 2. 1, OGA 1, BOMB 2. Editor 1, VMI Firefighters 
3, 2, CIC 1 Baseball 4, Cadet Assistant 2, 1, DMS 1. 
Member Mike HInckle Philosophical Society 3, Bond Co 
Guideon, Member Crew Of 72, Trash Shute Bend, The 
Projects 3, 2, 1; Stu Halasz Fan Club 3, 2, 1, Tanker Pit 3, 
2; Dean's other list 3, Dean's List 2, 1 

Pvt 4, 3, 2, Cpl 3, Regt S-4 Lt 1, Waiters 2, 1, Head 
Waiter 1. Econ Cadet Asst. 1, Omnicron Delta Epsilon 
Econ Honor Society 2, 1 , Dean's List 3, 2, CMBT ENGR Pit, 
3, 2, VMI Firefighters 2. 1: Crew 70 Projects 2. 1. Spa 
Gang 1 

Bill, you barely mode it into 02, the vote was 2-0! You 
really brought another dimension into our room and I'm 
glad because we've mode guite a friendship, the 4 of 
us, out of this ungodly ordeal Probably as near brothers 
as possible You and I managed to be cool along with 
the beachboys and still be oorah MCF Beele Calla 
I'm glad I got to know wild Bill I hove hod some of the 
best time with this hard charging Marine Work hard and 
play hard you didi The 1 Troop CMDR always acquiring 
beverages for club 02 How did he become a captain 
after a couple large doses of confinement^ Must be 
doing things right at the "I" TEA HMMMM I don't 
know where to begin Should I start with the late night 
rap sessions in 02 or the Anheuser Busch appreciation in 
Preston or the midnight Bic lighting sessions No matter 
where I begin the result is always fun and plent of Maj 
Gleason cups of Jobe the next day Beel, tear them up 
in Quanfico Blow 'em away in Florida Then give my ass 
a ride MDW If wds really something, VMI that is 
Thanks to all who mode it possible, esp the Wentzs, 
John and Barbara Dykes, best of luck M, T, and M — 
the spirit and times of 02 will live forever Mama, Daddy, 
John, your love and support could not hdve been more 
perfect. To VMI Later , . , 

Drew IS not the type one meets everyday A better 
roommate I could not have picked He could always 
make me smile, and our arguments were olways a 
close match It wasn't until our first class year that I 
realized what d good organizer and dedicated individ- 
ual Drew IS Lucky is the girl who picks Drew, as he will 
make a good husband and father Drew, may happi- 
ness always be yours Thanks for everything Keep in 
touch S F H 1 first met Drew the night before we 
matriculated 1 thought he was an obnoxious Yankee 
That Yankee turned out to be my closest friend and 
rommofe for three years He is one hell of a man! The 
Army IS gaming one fine officer in Lt A C, Compi I see 
nothing but excellence in him and expect nothing less 
than that from him I shall not forget you Godspeed 
Drew K R D II 1 would like to thank Ken and Stu for 
being good roommates and even better friends Joe, 
you've been a great friend and were a pleasure to 
room with during Summer school LTC Gonsz — Thank 
you for being a good friend and a good employer 
Most importantly, thank you Mom and Dad and Mike, 
Tom, Casey and Mane, you've all had a part in my 
cadetship and we finally made it! I owe dll of my suc- 
cess to oil of you I love you all very much! Drew 

Ron IS a perfect example of what VMI wants in its 
cadets A regt ranker, an Ac-stud, head waiter, all 
indicdtive of a responsible and capable personality But 
of more importance (to me at least) is that Ron was a 
good friend Hop loans, car rides or just someone to folk 
to Ron helped me out more times then I con remem- 
ber His antic helped to liven the room and made for 
many a laugh (Sloopy vs Darth Vader, eh JP?). Good 
luck Roni WHB 

I will probably remember Ron most for his roll in the mess 
hall second class year He'd get up dt 6 25 am for 
cadet waiters after late studying until 1 or 2 As a 1st, 
Ron was head waiter (1 don't care what anyone else 
says, he did a good job). His power and rank never 
went to his head (as it sometimes does with rankers). 
Good luck Ron, 1 know you will succeed in all your 
endedvors WE2 '87 

All I wont to soy is thanks to my folks, my sister, my 
roommates and the rest of my friends for being there 
for the bad as well as the good times at the "I", I won't 
forget (how could I forget!) Ron 

Eugene Warren 

H.B Philips, Buck Clark 

Dykes 1984 — MW Demory. JE Clark, TS 
1990 — Robert Clark, Ronald Buxton 

Dykes 1984 — Robinette, JR 
1990 — Duncan, SA 

258 First Class 

Peter John Carty 

Michael Elliott Cestaro 

Bradford Char^dler 

Mechanical Engineering — Navy 
Williamsport, Pennsylvania 

Cestank, Cespool 

i S. Biology — Air Force 

Vienna, Virginia 


Mechanical Engineering — Air Force 

Redding, Connecticut 

Track/Cross-Country 4, 3, 2, 1 ASME 4. 3, 2, 1; Mono- 
gram Club 3, 2. 1: VMI CADET 1 

Rot 4, Cpl 3, Sgt/Ops Sgt 2, Lt 1 Cadre 3, 2, 1987 
Faceted Stone Construction Committee. Dive Club 4, 
3: Illegal Car Club 2, Illegal an Almost Caught Barracks 
Rapel Club 3; Bathroom Literature Supplier 3, 2. 1, Think 
Huge — Get Huge Club 2, 1 

Cpl 3, Regt Sgt 2, Lt C-Co 1. Chairman Ring Figure 
1987, Cadet Assistant 3, 2, 1. Vice President CPB 1, Alan 
D'Andelot Belin Memorial Sober Recipient 4. American 
Legion's Academic Excellence Award, Who's Wtio 
Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, 
VI Engineer Honor Society 

While at VMI, I've often wondered what it is that makes 
one want to come here Why pay for oil this punish- 
ment? For me, being relatively unfamiliar with VMI in 
high school, it was simply an alternative to the acade- 
my Since then I've changed my way of thinking VMI is 
no longer just on alternative VMI has something spe- 
cial, and everyone that went here has it. I can't explain 
what it is I don't know But it is there I can't soy that 
there haven't been times that I've hated VMI. or 
longed to go to a more typical school. But I can soy 
that it was o good choice and I think it was the right 

And of course I need to thank my parents. Mom and 
Dad you both know how much you mean to me With- 
out your presence earlier, who knows where I'd be 
today To Dave, Jean and Robert, your successes were 
always on inspiration To Tim and Elizabeth, you have 
your whole lives ahead of you. make them the best 

If you think I'm going to write something sentimental 
you're wrongi When you leave and I remain for another 
year, then I'll be sentimental What will I do for a room- 
mate' I'll never find anyone quite like you We always 
hod on "unspoken understanding" We couid read 
each others mind i think brothers act like us Endless 
were the practical jokes which we directed at one 
another and others We were continuously playing the 
"insulting word game" and all the other stupid, imma- 
ture, and gross things brothers do Mike, do well m your 
continuing education, because one of us will have to 
make it big. the other bigger RDL III 
VMI has proven to be a valuoble side road on my 
steady drive toward the future Its unique system, has 
provided me with opportunities not available at normal 
colleges, while at the same time it has token away 
opportunities In the long run. the positive has out- 
weighed the negative 

To my friends, thanks You've made these four yeors 
unpredictably exciting. To my mother and father, my 
deepest appreciation Your boundless support ond 
guidance has has enabled me to be where I am today 

1 never thought the day would come that I would be 
writing my first class history, but, it did — Thank God 
(and of course it's late) AS I look bock over my past 4 
years, I've seen olot of change VMI definotely has its 
own way of shaping a persons outlook on life I wonder 
why I come here Now with graduation so near I con 
honestly say that I'm glad I came The possessions I 
have gamed are vast and numerous One of those 
possessions that I cherish very much are the friendships 
that hove developed In this environment, friendships 
are so important 

1 know that I couldn't have mode it through this place 
without these strong bonds But first, without a loving 
family, and two very interested parents, who knows 
where I'd be I love you all for tnose letters of encour- 
agement and long phone calls I couldn't hove made it 
without you 

As far OS Institute life goes, thanks Chris, Steve, Pat, 
Ace, and Doug for a fun first year Now, tor the three 
members of cell 117, Ted, Stu, and Bruce you guys 
made the whole place seem worthwhile Saying we ore 
;ust friends is on understatement You three are like 
brothers to me Bill, Bill, Jim, Mark, Gorp, Pecker, and Rob 
thanks for making this club so much fun. 

Dykes 1984 — Jack Ditt 

1990 — Abe Patterson 

Dykes 1984 — Rob Rubino 
1990 — Brett Turner, Mike Teu 

Dykes 1984 

Christopher Caplice 
Chris "Spaz" Tremaglio 

First Class 259 

Timothy M. Chester 

John Albert Chicoli 

Troy Lee Clark 


History — United States Navy 

Richmond, Virginia 


Economics — Army 

South Fork, Pennsylvania 

Freebird, Meat, Beef, Grapeape, Fridge 

History — Army 

Buena Vista, Virginia 

Pvt 4. 3, 2, 1. RDC 3 months. Rat training 2. Ring Figure 
Committee 2, Trident Society Secretary, Rugby 4, Aza- 
lea Festival 3. 2. 1 Cadet Assistant 2 Number one club. 
Cockpit Ranger, Early sticl< club. Rums committee, 
JCPSC President, MLFC 2, 1, Summer School 4, 3. 2, 
DFFC 1, 

FootbalM, 3, 2, 1 Cpl. 3, Pvt 4, 2, 1, Fellowship Christian 
Athletes, Summer School Staff, RU "3" 

Football 4, 3, 2, 1, Freebira 4, 2, 1 Special Student; 
Injured Reserve 2, Pvt 4, 3. 2, The Ghetto 2, 1 Football 
Scholarship 4, 3, 2, 1, Spring Break Crew 4, 3, 2, Bellyflop 
Champ 3, FFL Representative, QMD President, Zollman's 

A mastermind at beating the system, Tim took every 
opportunity to moke my (our) stay at VM\ as drunk as 
possible F O 

It seems like yesterday, those early Sundays with Peggy 
ana Sharon, but most of all, I'll remember the attitude, 

"ready to drink a beer and forget about VMI" and our 
many crazy driving adventures, i e Easter break 3rd 
class year Steve Tooker 

What con I say, if the stick ran even a half hour before 
taps he was at the door "Tim wait up " He will be 
known for his great pick up lines "Hey, don't look at 
me" and "Baby, your love keeps me hanging on" both 
which rarely worked, well maybe a few times R Heme 
To me he will always be the best super colossal 4x4 car 
crushin' Big foot Announcer Everyone will remember 

"the Crazy " for his profound statements — snappen 
Matt tvlorgan 

I'm not going to miss Vtvll but I sure will miss all the great 
friends I have mode here IVIany thanks to my father 
ana sister and my best friend for their support 

Four short years ago, with some strong parental guid- 
ance I come to VMt The place t tola my parents that 
""looked like a prison" How I remember August 1983! 
That was one helluva hoircufi My emotions have run a 
gauntlet from Sweat Parties to Ring Figure I am glad I 
chose Vfvll and fortunate enough it accepted me 
must thank everyone who helped me endure my four 
luxurious years here It is hard to express the utmost 
thanks to my parents and my four wonderful sisters I 
appreciated every word of encouragement you gave 
me t thank God for answering my prayers and all the 
prayers my parents bestowea on me 
To offer my roommates a thanks would not be enough 
How you three ever tolerated me I'll never know Greg, 
Clark, Craig, you were the brothers I never had After 
three years maybe I'm glad I never haa any You were 
the greatest! I VMI has been very good to me and I 
have learned a lot I hope someday 1 can repay the "I". 
It has given me friendships that can last a lifetime VMI is 
a place where you always leave with more than you 
came with It is the road less travelled but I am proud I 
made the trip VMI is long distance but it's Toll Freei 

I came to VMI on matriculation day expecting the 
worst to happen, and it did. But I knew what I was 
getting into This is where my dad wanted me to go, so I 
figured I could do something good tor him as well as for 
myself It was a long hard rooa which contained many 
obstacles But my ddd and mom and the rest of my 
family was always there to bock me up Thanks for your 
love and guidance, I couldn't have made it without 
you I also maae a lot of good friends while at the 
institute Among them were my roommates, Ricky, 
Chris, and Derrick They maae the worst of times a little 
easier to live with As Derrick and I split so do the Free- 
birds, but the legend will live on! I olso have to thank 
Susan for the good times and the bod She stuck by me 
during the ratline and all of the hell that came along 
with it I wouia also like to thank Lori for being there 
when I needed someone to talk too She gave me a 
special friendship that I will not forget Thanks and I love 
you all' I wouia also like to wish my brother, Joey, Good 
Luck in his stay at VMI Hong in there Boi Pablo ana 
Monte, my rots They were good friends and I wish them 
the best 

Dykes 1984 — Mark Morgan "Dog Head" 
1990 — William D, Gillette "Razor" 

Dykes 1984 

Anthony Agostinelli 
■ Jeff Paul 

Dykes 1984 — Scott "Scoobie-Doo" Carter 
1990 — Pablo Martinez, Monty Craft 

260 First Class 

David Caswell Cochran 

Clifton Marcellus Coger 

Mark Alan Corrice 


Math — Army 

Roanoke. Virginia 

Conan, Cogman, Kluge 

Economics — Social Student 

Rocky Mount, Virginia 

Buck, Buffer 

Economics — Army, infantry 

Morristown, New York 

Red Front Ranger A. 3. Marboro Man Admires 4. 3, 2, 1: 
Cpt 3, Sgt, 2; RSM 1, Cadre 3, 2. 1. Gowbc the 10, Wild 
Hair 4, 3, 2, 1; Biscoyne Skipper 3, 2, 1, Rat Training 3. 
Boxing Club 3. 2, Ranger Pit 3, 2; 

Football 4, 3, 2, 1, Wrestling 4, 3, 2, 1, Society of Young 
Economists 3, 2, 1, Investment Club 2, 1, Promaji Club 4. 
3, 2, 1, kkjge Club 4, 3, 2, 1 

Pvt 4, Cpl 3. Sgt 2. Chorlie Co, Commander, Society of 
Young Economists 3, 2, 1 AUSA Vice President 1. Cadet 
Assistant 1; Daytona Beach Road Trip 2, 1; Airborne Air 

I'll never understand how/ someone can study so little 
and get such good grades, Dave will be the next great 
mind, that is if he works at it It has been quite an 
experience living with this man He always provides a 
beyond-the-Twilight-Zone concept to think about. 
You're pretty strange, Dave but at least you're never 
dull. Go beyond 25i M C A, 

Roanoke, the Biscone, Beer, Oyster Bowl, the list could 
go on forever As the room ABC man, you caused 
many a party to begin Third class year, what I can 
remember, was mode more bearable I think those 
many hours of Cochran logic have finally got to me, I'll 
never be the same Hove fun in the Infantry, ho, ho. 
Always have o Dreeenk on me S T,M 

I think that it is very appropriate that I am writing this on 

I I Nov I have been reminded why I come here and 
why I stayed To my family and friends, I just want to soy 
thanks especially to my mom and dad without whom I 
couldn't hove made it DC C 

If seems like it wos only four years ago when I came 
through VMI's gates and I knew I had a up hill battle 
Now, that I'm almost at the top of that hill, 1 carry with 
me o lot of remembrance of sucking it up My first year 
brings thoughts of hearing my name called in ranks, 
making friends with the RDC whom always invited to 
their parties That year, I always consider myself a BR 
because I never knew my rat bible questions and mode 
it easy to draw my Cpis attention away from my BR's 
and brought it on myself My third and second class 
years were filled with the thoughts of my ring and 
avoiding summer school In those two years, I learned a 
lot about friendship and teammates, Econ buddies, and 
Hollins friends I give my thanks and love to God, family 
and friends who supported me in my endeavors to 
succeed at VMI and not give up when things got rough 

It's kind of hard to sum up 4 years at VMI in one short 
poragroph so I won't even try, but I would like to men- 
tion a few things that VMI has given me VI has taught 
me the meaning of honor, self-discipline, committment 
and of friendship In four short years, which in retrospect 
seem much shorter now, 1 like to think that the scared 
and insecure boy that walked through limits gates in the 
summer of '83 has evolved into o man Sure of his 
actions and reddy to meet life makes up for two-fold in 
responsibility and leadership I would not trade my ex- 
perience here for anything in the world To Sammy. 
Bob, Craig, Trip, and Joy the best friends a person could 
ever ask for This place has drown us together end we 
need to keep It that way To my family, which has 
always been there to support me, I thank you And 
finally, to my mother who belongs in a category of her 
own, thanks for everything You've always been there 
for me when I need you. I've tried to make you proud I 
hope I've succeeded. I LOVE YOU 
Pom is temporary — Pride is forever 

Dykes 1984 — Tim Longanocre 

1990 — Buddy Garbett, Monty Loving 

Dykes 1984 — Darly Robinson 

1990 — William Ator, Harold Rogers 

Dykes 1984 — William Seover 
1990 — Brian Sadler 

First Class 261 

Joseph F. Coughlin 

Craig Hoffoss Covert 

Michael H. Cowan 


Physics, Army — Infantry 

San Antonio, Texos 

Vert, Woodstock, Shorty 

Economics — United States Marine Corps 

Rodnoke, Virginia 


Electrical Engineering U.S. Air Force 

Madison. Virginia 

Pvt 4. 3. 2. Cpl 3, Lieutenant — Drum Major 1: Com- 
manders 3. 2, 1. Treasurer 2. President 1, Number One 
Club 3, Wrestling 4. 

Rot Training 2, 1. Firefighters 3. 2. 1. Semper Fi 4, 3, 2, 1; 
Sport Parachute 3. 2. 1 Public Relations Committee 1 
Young Republicans 2. Cadet Assistant 1. Cadre 3, 2, 
Academically Extinguished by 1; Cpl. 3. Pit Sgt 2, H Co 
Copt. 1, FTHC 3, 2, 1, Illegal Car Club 2. 

Rambo Training 2. 1. BSU 4. 3, 2, 1, BSU Council 3. 2, 1; 
State BSU Council 1, Glee Club 4, 3, 2. 1. IEEE 1, Arnold 
Air Society 1, CWRT 4, 3, 2. 1, Cfiapel Choir 4, 3, 2, 1. 

Joe is one of a kind He is in no way predictable, which 
mokes him a fun person to be with Joe and I have 
shared many good times together with Ring Figure be- 
ing the biggest In fact, looking back, most of the good 
times I had at VMI, Joe was a part of them Although he 
was a ranker. Joe hod a good private attitude — he 
had no problem voicing his opinion I hove no doubt 
that Joe will be a good officer and go far in the Army. 
He IS a hard worker and demands good results from 
himself and others I am proud and fortunate to hove 
Joe as a close fnend I'm sure our paths will cross again 

— and I look forward to that day Joe — good luck with 
everything you do — you deserve the best keep in 
touch Your friend. Drew 

The post four years at VMI have been an experience I'll 
treasure always This doesn't imply that I'm anxious to 
relive these four years, but I'm grateful for having the 
chance to attend VMI Although I never haa much time 
to spend with family, they are forever closest to my 
heart and their support made my cadetship bearable 

— J F C If a man does not keep pace with compan- 
ions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drum- 
mer Let him step to the music which he hears, however 
measured or far away — Thoreau 

How can one elaborate on 4 of the most enjoyable yet 
excruciating, exciting and sometimes boring, repressa- 
ble and downright unforgettable years of his life'' Its 
almost impossible Yet, I can extend a sincere thanks to 
all my friends who've seen me through VMI I cannot 
start without mentioning my roommates Clark, Greg 
and John How we ended up together is another story 
but I couldn't have asked for better roommates. 
You've rewritten the definition of friendship ana close- 
ness and that I'll never forget Thank You Mom — Dad 
— some things are better left unsaid I owe you so 
much that can never be repaid I love you both very 
much Thanksi The good times hove for outweighed the 
boa — road trips with the boys, corps trips, weekends 
at nearby colleges, spring break, and the variety of 
new friends met and places visited I can only hope that 
my dykes will profit as much from their experience at 
the "I" as 1 have Pete and Mike — good luck and press 
on Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it Gary 
(84) Its my turn now, are you feeling old yef 
"Luck Is not something you can mention in the pres- 
ence of self-made men" E,B, White 

When I first got here, I said to myself "What the 

''" Well, it's 4 years later and I'm still saying to 

myself "What the ''" I've spent four years trying 

to figure out this place and I've come to the conclusion 
that this place is like a Chinese finger trap, the harder 
you pulled, the more it pulled down on you But catch- 
22 also prevoilea, if you didn't pull, it still pulled down on 

In leaving this place, I find that I could not have made It 
without the love of a very special person, I thank her for 
the time and care she has shown me, and I take great 
pride and pleasure in making her mine I hope that we 
will be able to survive the ratline ahead of us, and make 
o better start than the one that brought us together 
four years ago 

Mike, you've been a good roommate and friend. We 
haa a lot of fun together Good luck on your marriage. 

Remember, never stop saying, "What the ?" 


Dykes 1984 — Tom Higgenbotham 

1990 — Mike Herbaugh, Bill Madison 

Dykes 1984 

Gary K, Moynard 

Mike Inteso, Pete Tunnard 

Dykes 1984 — Dave Adams 

1990 — Michael L, Ferguson 

262 First Class 

Raymond Alan Cowan 

David Francis Cox 

J. Mark Cranford 

English — Army 
Suffolk, Virginia 

Davo, Big Dave, Uncle Dave 
History — United States Army 
South Boston, Massachusetts 

— Air Force 
Holden, Mossochusettes 

Pvt 4, 3, 2, 1: Rat 4. Cpl 3; Sin Lodge 2: Ring Figure Mag 
Ed 2: Cadet Staff 2. Editorial and Advertising Ed 1. 
Bomb Staff 2. 1. Circle K 2, 1, English Society 3. 2, 1 Red 
Front Ranger 4. 3; Unwhipped 4, 3, 2, 1 . Cddet Ass't 2.1: 
Rat Football 4. Blue Whaler 3, 2, 1. No DSB 4, 3, 2, 1. 
Stripes Mean nothing 3, 2, 1 

Boxing Team 3, 1 Pre Law Society 1, English Society 2. 
1. History Dept Cadet Ass't 1 

Tennis 4, 2, Cadre 3, 2, CpL, Sgt , Lt., Sports Parachute 
Club 3, Summer School 3, 2, Dean's List A. 2; Dean's 
Other List 3, 1 Illegal Cor Club 3, 2, RDC 1 Unlucky at 
Lauderdale 3. 1. Cardinal 1; Subway Slam 1 

It's hard to believe but I depart VMI with positive feel- 
ings and I wouldn't trade my time here for anything The 
best thing VMI taught me is, we don't exist alone and 
we must be able to dedl with other people I made the 
best possible friends here Owen, Lil 'J, Kenny, Herbie, 
BB, James, Leroy, Neal, Dove, you are true friends. 
Dean, Z, Pig, y'oure like brothers Pig you're a truly com- 
patible gross roommate I'll never forget Cadre, Easter 
break with MD 20/20, Ring Figure, Post RF at Econo 
Rack, Anticipating RF II, Zollmans and who knows what 
we'll do next' All of you have a place to stay if you can 
find where I live. You con bet it will be in the south 
Thanks Alumni J Nurney, J Cockey, B Holland, you're 
inspirations represent VMI the way it should be SBC, 
RMWC. MBC. Hollins for you're hospitality on nights of my 
cadetship My biggest thanks to my family. Mom. Dad, 
Bob, without you I couldn't hove mode it When 1 walk 
across the stage for that diploma it's yours as much as 
mine. I love you and thanks for everything. 
"Vesterddys are over, so I can't look back for too long. 
There's too much to see waiting in front of me and I 
don't think that 1 can go wrong " J Buffet 
Thanks VMI I got what 1 came tor A Cowan "87" 

Davo. the calming factor in the room tor the past two 
years At times yes. But oh. We all know' You're forgiven 
all your sins Ever since our first meeting, way back 
when, I've known that I've hod d friend I could count on 
whenever 1 needed you Your misfortune has been our 
fortune You hove been the best roommate bums like 
us could ask for Best of luck to the "great Algonquin" 

Davo, I first heard of you through slanderous testimony 
of your former roomies, little did I know it was all true. But 
should have known that two yankees would hit it off 
Thanks for making life bearable with your subtle wit and 
caustic observations which never tail to leave me 
laughing I'll always be available to hoist a few with 
someone I admire, so just give me a ring Best wishes for 
your future, from one who knows you Uave what it 
takes L MB. 

When 1 met Davo for the first time he scared the hell out 
of me during cadre when he come screaming into my 
room Since then its only gotten better The "Great 
Algonquin" has shown me how to accept things with a 
smile 1 will thank you always for the friendship and ad- 
vice that helped me survive, at times you were the only 
sane individual here By the way. Do you really think 
they deserve it' M C B 
Thanks Mom, Dad, and Richie DF.C. 

Cdog has impressed me with his ability to take things 
seriously without losing sight of what is important and 
what IS not Mark is like a brother to me Shep 87. 
Mark embodies all those traits of nobility and honor that 
all cadets dre supposed to have but rarely do. Which is 
not to say that Mark never pulled a heinous drunk, 
which he did I owe him so much for the stunts I've pulled 
here But he still loves me TJM 

What can I say about my best buddy Anyone who can 
still be your buddy after hours of incarceration must 
really be a good friend He's always been the mediator 
among our group, the one who does oil the right things 
at the right times Mark's the brother 1 never had RKJ 
Trying to describe how I've changed during the Idst four 
years con only be measured in terms of those things 
that have remained unchanged From the love and 
support of Mom. Dad, Dave and Brian To the special 
friendships of all the Holdenites, and finally the brother- 
hood of the fellas. All of you have kept me going 

Dykes 1984 

Bob Chapman 

Eric Smith, David Darden 

Dykes 1984 — Lorry Williams 

1990 — Mike "Doc" Pilley 

Dykes 1984 

Kevin Sample 
Dave Amsden 

Owen Joseph Curley 

Mark Jason Current 

Edward Charles Dandar 

History — United States Navy 
Winchester, Virginia 

"Stormin Norman" 
Economics — MS 
Middletown. Ohio 

The Barbarian, "Spandar", Baby Face 

History/International Affairs — Army 

Nokesville. Virginia 

l^ugby slug 1,2,3, Whose who, Lt 1 , Sgt 2, Cpt 3, Rat 4, 
Cadre 4, 2, Force QMD, Brighfs School of Social Drink- 
ing, I and I School, Club 37 cocktail hour social degener- 
ate, Rugby Hero: Gonzo's fan club, Honley's Inquisition 
Torturee, SCSC, Ring Busters, American Hot Wearer, 
Rugby Queen, RWGUE club member of dung heap #37, 
Navigation stud 

Basketball 4, 3, 2, 1 
Monogram Club 4. 2, 1 
Private 4, 3, 2. 1 
Ringo Team 3, 2, 1 

Ranger Pit, 4; Tanker Pit 3, 2, 1, Bugler 3. 2, 1; Herald 
Trumpets 4. 3, 2, 1, Theater 2, Drug and Alcohol Com- 
mittee 3, 2, 1; Cadet Assistant 1, Corporal 3; Maggot 4; 
Chief Bugler 1 . Striving to Get Out 4,3,2,1; Bond 4, 3, 2, 
1, Private 2, 1, Barbarian 4. 3, 2, 1. 

What do you say about someone you lived vi/ith for 4 
years? Do you start by telling of his rifle manuel in his 
sleep or his attempted parachute jump out of our rat 
room'' Rather than that I think I'll tel about Owen as a 
friend dnd brother, for this is the side that best describes 
him Owen has lived in our room with his zony wit keep- 
ing us up when we were down He is the kind of friend 
who will literally give you the shirt off his back without 
the asking He has been a catalyst between 5 vastly 
different personalities in the room, keeping us together 
in some trying times Christ said, "It is more blessed to 
give than to receive " Owen is a giver and he is always 
ready to give a twinkling eye, a hardy lough and an ear 
to listen Owen I wish there were more with your spirit in 
this worid of takers JSB 

My mind's eye sees flashes, bit of scenery, faces and 
emotions of 4 years That is my history, locked in my 
mind so hard to describe to those who never lived it So 
I would simply like to thank those who helped me 
through this ordedl Mom and Dad thanks for your love 
and support I love you both John James, Li'l Jon and 
Ken. you are my friends and brothers To the RFC, you 
mode the gdme more fun and the beer colder. Finally 
thank you BR's of '87, I will more than miss you all. 

Well, it's been a long journey, but it looks like the train is 
finally pulling into the station. I must admit that my time 
here hasn't been the greatest, but I've hod my share of 
good times I think thot the greatest thing about VMI 
ore the people that help you through the good times 
and bdd To oil my friends, thanks for everything, the 
real party is about to begin I can't begin to thank all 
the people that helped me through these extremely 
intense yeors. but I do hove a few that I would like to 
mention To my family and pdrents. you're the greatest 
Maybe someday I Cdn help you out the woy you hove 
for me ever since I can remember To the Lamberts, 
you're the ideal friends dnd I hope we keep in touch no 
matter what happens Linda, what con I say Without 
you I could never hove done it I would especially like to 
thank Coach C and everyone involved with VMI Bos- 
ketball Good luck and hopefully I con get back to 
check some games out That about wraps it up 

"What a long, strange trip it's been" 

Grateful Dead 

It's a good thing Ed came along when he did. He saved 
me with a room, friendship, dnd loyalty against all odds. 
We have mode the rough years together and our 
friendship is eternal Few people know "Eddie" and I'm 
thankful for him His loyalty to his positions is extraordi- 
nary He's taught me about the world ond been my 
brother I've given him quick reflexes Remember there 
IS light in this world Also, never forget the dark nights for 
strength and the triumphs for courage JSP Baby face 
has always been there in times to trouble He is the true 
meaning of the word "brother rot" When times ore 
hard he is always there to help and consult When times 
ore happy he is there to shore in rejoicement I will 
always look back on my codetship and remember Ed- 
die, for it would be impossible to imagine life without 
him RJD I've spent four ordous years of the "I" and 
now look to the future with enthusiosm A specidi thank 
you to my family, w/o them you ore nothing Dad, you 
taught me to be a leader, a soldier and d man through 
experience and couragel Thanks to MSG Cockron and 
Major Lindsay for their time, advice and support Thanks 
Bone, you're the best Ursula you mode these last two 
years fun, exciting and special I LOVE YOU! Look out 
world here comes the BARBARIANI! Good luck CJW 

Dykes 1984 — Gene Sampey 

1990 — Taylor Famer, David 


Dykes 1984 ■ 
1990 ■ 

Scott Williams 
Mark Craft 

Dykes 1984 — Eddie A, Adkins 

1990 — Chris Whittoker. Tom Collette 

264 First Class 

Eric Jonathan Davis 

Raymond J. Davis Jr. 

William Jesse Davis 

No Shave Davis, Little Hairy Monkey 

Biology — Minor in Psychology — Navy 

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania 

Civl Engineering — Navy 
Haddonfield, New Jersey 

Bill, Elmer, Stump, Elmer Fudd 

Mechanical Enginering — Navy 

Aston, Pennsylvania 

Private 4, 3, 2: Battalion Sgt Major 1. Hop and Floor 3, 2, 
1; Moe 3. Cadet Librarian 2, 1; Lt Schaefer Fan Club 1, 
Clark King Fan Club 3. 2 1, Sport Parachute Club 3, 1; 
George Hamilton Cocoa Butter Open 4, 3, 2. 1: Vaca- 
tion in Lexington 3, 2, Ecto Containment 2, 1; Athletic 
Committee 1; Academically Extinguished 

American Society of Civil Engineers 2, 1; Trident Society 
2, 1, Private 4, 3, 2, 1, A S C E Community Service Pro- 
ject 1 

Pvt 4, Cpl 3, Sgt 2, Pvt 1. NROTC Scholarship 3, 2, 1, Rat 
Training 4, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Committee 2. 1; 
Religious Council 1, Trident Society 2, 1, Vice President 
1. ASME 4, 3, 2. 1. Troll 2, 1 

V Ml. is really an unusual place Many weird things have 
happened over my years here, le. the ratline, cadre, 
me having rank, etc , I must take pride in V M I for 
making sure that t was able to grasp all tne concepts of 
Calculus and Organic Chemistry a second time before I 
headed into the real worid In all seriousness, I've mode 
some of the best friends I'll probably ever have m my 
lifetime I wish oil of you the best in the future Thanks 
Mom and Dad for putting up with 4 years of V M I also 
Part of the diploma is yours too To Jim ond Susan, 
thanks for the experience What are you going to do 
for Spring Break now'' Thanks for handling my finances 
Kent and thanks to my sisters for their support over the 
years also DON'T WORRYi EJD 

As Eric has said, he has made some of the best friends 
he'll probably ever moke at V M I Well, Eric has also 
been one of those friends His never ending sense of 
humor, and outgoing personality have mode him one 
of my reosons for stoying dt V Ml I could not hove 
asked for a better roommate As a friend, he is always a 
good listener and he can gripe as good as the best of 
us If Eric ever learns how to shave, he may even do well 
in the Navy I only hope they worn the women before 
his ship comes in. Good Luck MKJ 

Every one knows that in the merchantmen the seamen 
are divided into watches — starboard and larboard — 
faking their turn at the ships duty by night This plan is 
followed In all men-of-war. besides this division, tnere 
are others, rendered indispensable from the great num- 
ber of men, and the necessity of precision and disci- 
pline Not only ore pdrticuldr bdnds assigned to the 
three tops, but in getting under weight, or any other 
proceeding requiring all hands, particular men of these 
bonds ore assigned to eoch ydrd of the tops And not 
only are particular bands stationed on the three decks 
of the ship at such times, but particular men of those 
bonds are also assigned to particular duties Also, in 
tacking ship, reefing top sails, or "coming to," every 
man of a frigate's five-hundred-strong, knows his own 
special place, and is infdllibly found there He sees noth- 
ing else, attends to nothing else, and will stdy there till 
grim death or an epaulette orders him away Yet there 
are times when, through the negligence of the officers, 
some exceptions are found to this rule Melville 

Ifs hard to believe that the time has arrived to write first 
class histories. I con remember being accepted to 
V M 1 and thinking that 1 knew what I was getting in to 
Well, from the moment 1 walked through Jackson Arch 1 
was sure 1 had made the Piggest mistake of my life But 
looking bock, 1 Pelieve that it was the best choice True 
to her promise, V Ml made me grow quickly, and for 
that I dm grqteful Due to V M 1 's constant pressure 
friendships have been made that will last a lifetime To 
my roommate Warren, you're a true friend We've 
been through it all and hdd d lot of good times Thonk 
you to oil my good friends Thdnk you for making this a 
nicer place To Doug, Colely, and Dennis, I wish you the 
very best Take care and God bless you always 
One thing is sure and that is that 1 would never hod 
mode It without the help of my family and girlfriend. 
Mom and Dad. Thanks for your endless hours of prayer 
and support You deserve this diploma as much as 1 do 
Donna, you deserve a special thank you Words cannot 
express my gratitude You hove always Peen there 
when 1 needed to talk Your letters, encouragement, 
and understdnding hds mednt so much Thank You 1 
love you very muchi 

Dykes 1984 

Duane C Olinski 

Joe Kennebeck, Chuck Taylor 

Dykes 1984 
1990 ■ 

Robert Carpenter 

Hunter Webb, Tommy Pegrom 

Dykes 1984 

Steve Plystak 

Doug Harper and C Co Rots 

First Class 265 

Michael Kern Dawson 

Scruffy Grins, Bucky Baretta 

Biology — Navy 

Aaronsburg, Pennsylvania 

Rugby 3. 2, 1. Ring Construction Committee 3, 2. Fire- 
fighters 2. Cadet Recruiting Committee 2. 1; TCFC 
Sec 3, 

Edward P. Devens 


Springfield. Virginia "Most of the time" 

Rat Training 3, Hop and Floor 4, 3, 2, 1, President of Hop 
and Floor 1, OGA 1, ASCE 4. 3. 2. 1, Corporal 3. 

James Tansey Devens 

Givil Engineering — Army 
Blacksburg, Virginia 

Cadre Cpl, 3, Varsity Golf Team — Rat; Scuba Club 2, 
1 Circle K Club 2, 1 American Society of Civil Engineers 
4, 3, 2, 1 Rock Committee. 

"There is o rood, no simple highway, between the 
dawn and the dark of night, and if you go. no one may 
follow, that path is for your steps alone " THE GRATEFUL 
DEAD Although "Bucky" isn't a genius or a ranker, he 
posesses traits which aren't meant for Vfvll, they are 
meont for the real world fvlike, everyone who knows 
you admires you for your hardworking ways and your 
uncanny ability to see things through As for me, I'll 
always be around for ya waiting with on extra beer up 
on top of the wall BTB 

I hope I can give as much bock to my family as they 
have given to me Their love and support have helped 
me through good and bad Thank you for being there 
Susan, my feelings can't be put into words Vou were 
there I hope I can be there for you Our future holds 
promise Looking back on a codetship filled with medi- 
ocrity. I know that I'm ready to leave To my class- 
mates If you've been a friend. I thank you 

"And if the cloud bursts thunder in your ear, you shout 
and no one seems to hear. And if the band you're in 
starts playing different tunes, I'll see you on the dark 
side of the moon " PINK FLOYD 

It is hard to believe it started four years ago I still have 
this clear mental picture of signing the guest book be- 
fore I left my parents that happy day Regrets — to me 
they get fewer as time goes by I will say that I am 
ready to drive my truck load away On a more serious 
side, I can say that Vfyil was an experience I shell always 
keep with me There is no other place that produces 
men as does Vf^l I will dlwoys cherish the friends I have 
made while at Vfyil, we shall meet ogam 

To my family — f\/lom and Dad words can never express 
my deepest appreciation for your love and support, I 
would have never made it without you Unk, what con I 
soy. you always took the time to listen and make me 
smile when I didn't think it possible, 

D T , Jamie, you guys made doily life bedrable. we 
should hove gotten together before 1st class year How 
about a road trip to Tech sometime? 

PS— Ash, you still should hove come bock Good luck 
wherever you ore. Whit — Ash. Brothers in Arms. 

With doubtful thoughts as a rat I can still remember my 
dyke telling me how quickly time will pass here at the 
"I", Now that graduation is upon us I know what he 
meant Time has quickly passed and as I look back only 
the tun times ore present in my memory All the late 
nights of studying and shining up hove faded and all the 
unique adventures with unreplaceable friends remain, I 
want to, first of all, thank my parents and my family for 
oil their love and support throughtout my codetship — I 
love you all Second of oil I'd like to thank koren for 
always being there, your love, dolly letters, and won- 
derful weekends made this place bearable I'm looking 
toward to spending the rest of my life with you! Lost of 
oil I'd like to thank my Uncle Ted for teaching me never 
to quit, your unselfishness and sacrofices will never be 
forgotten Cousin Ted and D T — Thanks for a good 
final year — stay in touch! Good Luck Chris, hang in 
there! To my Brother Rots — It's finally our turn. Go '87! 
One final word — Thdnks Rick, 

Dykes 1984 — H D, "Hal" Homner III 

1990 — Milliard JE. Mavor JH, Ellis JL 

Dykes 1984 — Bill Noel 

1990 — Larry Johnson 

Dykes 1984 — Garter Jordan 
1990 — Ghris Huff 

266 First Glass 

Kenneth R. Devero 

Dev, Devo, DDDDevo, Barrel Head, Ken 

Economics — Navy — Special Student 

Fort Worth. Texas 

Pvt 4. 3, 2, 1 BOMB Staff, DKRM MGR, 3, Photo ED 2. 
Managing Ed ,1; VMI Firefighters 2, 1; Cadet Waiters 1: 
Rat Training Cadre 3. 2: Second Class Cor Club. Dean's 
Other List 4. 3. 2. 1. Mike Hinckle Philosophical Society 3; 
Stu Halasz Fan Club 3. 2. 1: Crew 72 Trash Shoot Bends 
— The Projects 3. 2. 1. TCFC Treasurer 3. 2. 

Charles Braxton Dozier 

Mathematics (with a minor in TV.) — No 


Lanham. Mary I — wait, we moved 

Not Applicable 

Paul H. Duray Jr. 

Pablo. Frenchy, Doc, Reds 

History — Army 
Westwood, Massachusetts 

Ranger Pif 4. 3. 2. Rat Enrichment 1. The Spirit of Sid 
Remembrance Club 4. 3. 2. 1, Buena Vista Reconstruc- 
tion Crew 2 

Ken is one of very few who really understands and 
knows me. so it goes without saying how close we are. 
Ken has my respect and love because I know how 
tough VMI has been for him He is destined for success 
because of his hard charging attitude I'm glad we 
roomed together for 3 yedrs — he could always make 
me smile When Ken and I say goodbye. I'll be saying 
goodbye to a brother Thanks for everything ACC VMI 
was on up hill struggle for Ken. yet he fought the battle 
valiantly We had our shore of differences, but we also 
have on eguol number of war stones to tell Ken was on 
authority on nearly every aspect of the BOMB, and I 
admire his dedication fo it He took core of me when I 
was sick, and harassed me when I wasn't I'm glad to 
hove had him for a roommate, and proud to hove him 
for a friend Keep in touch, "buddy", SFH. I write this 
knowing that I actually will get out of this place Oh 
what a wonderful time I've had. I want to thank my 
father for the financial assistonce and the semesterly 
kick in the seat I needed Thank you Mom for putting up 
with my lock of correspondance And to Reneo. we've 
made it It con only get easier from here, I love you! To 
my roommates. Drew and Stu. and my BR's. you're the 
greatest- What a riot it's been! KRD II. 

Tonight is my last opportunity to turn this in Much ab- 
stract thought has been given to my history and I still 
don't know what to write I don't want to copy others 
by saying It was tough, but I mode it Thanx Mom and 
Dad for immpassively watching me make the biggest 
mistake of my life I love everyone in the world, dnd wish 
to buy them o birthday coke What I wont fo emphati- 
cally say IS 1 hate VMI. and would repeat my mcarcgro- 
tion here if I could travel backwards through time dnd 
retain my memories of four years in a living hell of petty 
martinets Don't misunderstand mei These have been 
the most miserably happy and happily miserable por- 
tion of my formative years My only hope to change 
VMI is the matriculation of cadets who don't yell at 
television in order to chonge the outcome of a pre- 
recorded video broadcast 

This is the place for my quote. "Society survives even 
though there are people who believe you can divide 
by zero" Dr Gordon Williams, Professor of Mathemat- 
ics, VMI, 25 September, 1986 

Each year I've spent here has been like a different 
dream Rat year was a nightmare and something I re- 
member as nothing but screams and sweating. Third 
Class year was the year of rebellion Wasn't it fun, 
Breff Skateboarding into the commondant, parties 
and 90 demerits Second Class year was a turning 
point Thanks Kurt and Kelley for putting me back on the 
straight and narrow And now we're going to graduate 
Kurt, why are we so apathetic this year'' The question 
now IS have I matured' 1 like to think not As long as I'm 
young at heart things will always amaze me Mom and 
Dad, I hdve you you to thdnk most You deserve more 
love than I could ever give you Henry, you're a great 
friend to have To my beefhead BR's you know who 
you are Finally, but best of all, I look to you Kothy as I 
look to the future 1 love ya, baby' Let's do life, huh? 
Special thonks go to Marshall Suvorov for the secrets of 
Soviet Fighting Principles and Woody Allen for general 
mirth, "And the train conductor sold 'take a break driv- 
er 8. driver 8 take a break, we've been on this road too 
long.' " R.E.M 

Dykes: 1982 — James B Bailey 

1990 — David Peaco, Bill Arnold 

Dykes' 1984 — Mark "Mugs" Gaines 
1990 — Jeffrey Millican 

Dykes 1984 — Henry Budzinski 

1990 — Mike "Cocky" Faunce 

First Class 267 

Charles Darren Early 

Robert Allen Eaton 

Robert W. Eckhoft Jr. 

Chuck. Boy, Earl 

Mechanical Engineering — Army 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 

ASME 4, 3, 2, 1. Cpl, 3, Sgt 2, Pvt. 1; Rat Training Cadre 
2, 1; SCSC 2, Marine Corps Marathon 2, 1, Grateful 
Dead Appreciation Society 4, 3, 2, 1, VMI Firefighters 2, 
1, Summer School Allstars 4, 3. 2 

Bobby, Leisure Cat, Wolf, Buck Bobbert 

Economics — Army 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Army Scholarship 4, 3, 2, 1, Circle K Club 2, treasurer 1 
Wrestling Team 4, 3, Investment Club 2, Society of 
Young Economists 3, 2. 1. Manager of Lejuene Hall Ca- 
det Assistants 1. Firefighters 2, 1, AUSA 4, 1; Pvt. 4, Cpl 
3, Sgt, 2, Lt 1. Cadre 2; Spring Break Doytona Beach 2, 
1, Number One Club. 

BB, Slug. Eddie 

Civil Engineering — U.S. Navy — Aviation 

Exit 62 LIE, NY / Scottsdole, Arizona 

Rot 4, Pvt 4. 3. 2. 1. Cpl 6 wks; Old Barracks 4, 3, 2, 
Cave 1, ASCE 3, 2. 1 Cadet Asst, 3. 2. 1 Lacrosse 2. 1; 
Commandant's Lst 3, 2, Number One Club 3: Hook 
(Pres) 3, 2, 1, Summer School Scholar '86, Yankee 4, 3, 
2, Wetback 1 Wildmon 3, 2, 1, Statue Post Marker 4, 3. 
2, 1; Planters Club 4, 3, 2, 1. Member — Herbie Nolan's 
SOCTW 3. 2. 1 . IHR 4. 3. 2. 1 . IHDR GOWBC 4. 3. 
2. 1 

I only wish I had the right words to express my feelings 
obouf my VMI experience I've always told people I like 
VMI enough to stay, but now I know it's more than that 
VMI has always put the weight on my shoulders and 
expected me to accomplish a task And that's what I 
kept coming back for The challenge that VMI pro- 
posed v/as one I wanted to overcome I hove to say 
my goals are not met just through my own efforts A lot 
of people hove supported me along the woy To Mom 
and Dad. without your love, guidance, and on occa- 
sional stern word, the obstacles may hove been too 
great to cross I cannot thank you enough The diploma 
will be ours To oil the family, thanks 

To my roommates Jim and Mark, thanks for helping this 
sometimes grouchy guy through some rough times 
Thanks for the "anything goes" discussions You guys 
don't let up Ah yes, to Adrian, you helped moke some 
memorable moments too Thanks guys For the tellas 
who kept me going as a Rot, I owe you one Bill, I 
couldn't have asked for a better Dyke To Wilbur and 
the rest of the Romper Room, this "Boy" appreciates 

Tim and Don, enjoy your stay, good luck 

All four years at the "I", rooming with you has been my 
pleasure I couldn't have asked for a better person to 
room with A wild dnd fun loving guy you ore You 
always knew your priorities You taught yourself well in 
adjusting your lifestyles to suit our needs. I'm confident 
that you will succeed in whatever you endeavor Best 
of luck to you "Buddy" SSY We went through a lot. 
parties, gomes, summer studies, fights, good times, and 
bad. but somehow we managed to survive them to- 
gether I will remember these four years of my lite that I 
spent living together with you and Chino as the best of 
my life Just remember what I told you direddy — you 
filled the gap for the brother I never had MRMG 1 think 
bock about everything that has happened to me. say- 
ing goodbye to my parents, going through the Rat line, 
two super roommotes, thanks Manuel and Chino I re- 
member all the good times I've hod Times that mean 
so much more because of VMI The friends I've made 
are the closest I'll ever hove because our friendship 
came out of the Rat line I'll never forget the friends I've 
made here I'd like to thank my Mom and Ddd for their 
support and in believing in me, also thanks to my grand- 
parents for being grandparents But now my cadetship 
IS over and it's time to look ahead to new experiences 
and friends 

How can one possibly sum up 4 yeors of hardship and 
humor in 1272 spaces It is not possible to thank every- 
one who has made my sentence here just that much 
more tolerable and amusing, however, here It is First I 
would like to thonk my parents for being there when I 
needed them most and for listening to my side of the 
story Thank you, I love you both To my brother Tony, 
good choice and good luck Go Wildcotsi Herb — 
We've done our fair share of proving our stupidity to 
others but it seemed appropriote at the time You're a 
true friend and I'm glad I've got to know you "Shot 
through the heart and you're to blame, you give love a 
bod name" Good luck Herberti Boo-Boo Thanks for the 
medicdl and biologicdl ddvice dt the Zollmon's parties, 
Lopperhead Thanks tor helping me get kicked out of 
Estelle's 4 times in one month To Pig, Z, Alvin, Dean, 
Leroy, Owen, Lil' Jon, Rennie, Dennis, and Dave — 
You've mode this ride more exciting and humorous. To 
Dana and the Pretty's — thanks for the home away 
from home To the Nooks — thanks for lofe studying. 
Adios "They soy there's o heaven for those who will 
wait, some say it's better, but I soy it ain't I'd rather 
lough with sinners than die with the saints — The sinners 
are much more fun " B Joel. 

Dykes- 1984 — Wild Bill Dyer. Tim Young 
1990 — Don Bowers. Tim Whitt 

Dykes 1984 — Jeff Perkins 

1990 — Sal Bora, Gray Riddick 

Dykes 1984 — Roland C. Stalano 

1990 — Doug "W, Va." Henderson 4 

268 First Class 

Charles Ernest Edgar IV 

Ernie, Erndog, Pup 

Civil Engineering — Corps of Engineers 

Mobile, Alabanna 

Pvt. 4, Cpl 3, Sgt. 2, 3rd btn S-3 1 Historian '87 3, 2, 1, 
EC-GC 3, 2. 1; Ring Figure Committee 3. 2, ASCE Treas 
3, VP 2. Pres 1. CE Society 2, 1, Canterbury Club Secy 4. 
3, Pres 2, Religious Council 2, Cross Country 4, rylarathon 
Permit 4, 3, 2, 1, VPO 3 Airborne 2. Dean's list 4. 3, Ac 
Disf 4. Superior MS Cadet 4, 3, Taylor CE Awards 4, A 
part of the Beef, Who's Who 1 

Gregory Lynwood Ellis 

Bur-Head, Ellis 
History — Air Force 
Alexandria, Virginia 

Hop and Floor 3. 2, 1, Cpl 3. Sgt 2, Lt 1, Ring Figure 
Committee 2; Religious Council 2, 1. Officer's Christian 
Fellowship Representative 2, 1, Promaji 4, Monogram 
Club 1; Cheerleader 2, 1; Cadre 2 

Michael Robert Evans 

Mikus, Evv 

History — Navy 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Dean's List 2, Dean's Other List 4. 3, 1, Pvt 4, 3, 2, 1. 
Corps Tough Guy/Rugby Club 2, 1 Pistol Team 3. 2: 
Parachute Club 3, Illegal Cor Club 2, Well Rested 4. 3. 2, 
■1. Uncle Wayne's Naive Children on the Reeperbahn 1 

Once in a great while you meet a person that lets 
nothing stand in his way Ernie is such a person To sum 
up Ernie's life at Mother I would be an impossible task, 
class officer, leader m the Corps, and a distinguished 
scholar, Ernie is epually at home with steel structures or 
Milton In d place where there is always someone there 
to knock you back down every time you try to suc- 
ceed, Ernie hds more thon proved himself He may call it 
stubborn tenacity, but I coll it just plain buliheodedness 
There is no doubt in my mind that Ernie will continue to 
excell on the other side of limits gates JCJ '87 When 
we got here they said it would take a team effort to 
graduate For me the team's been a large one but 
there are a few special players To our dykes, VMI is 
yours now — good luck To John, Bob, and Mike, living in 
one of the character rooms in barracks has been great 
I wouldn't change a thing Momma. Biz. and Will, thanks 
for your sympathy and TLC — you've made tour tough 
yeors a lot easier Dad, thanks for all your insight you 
were the inspiration that got me here and the one that 
got me through I love you all "Our revels now are 
ended These our dctors. as I foretold you. were all 
spirits and ore melted into air. into thin air . , " William 
Shakespeare. The Tempest. 

There is so much to say and so little spdce to say it 
Nevertheless, let me begin by thanking my almighty 
God This rood began 4 years ago and if it wasn't for 
God's grace and the prayers from those who cared. I 
really don't know where I'd be today To my forever 
loving fdmily. friends, the Chaplain and Mrs Caudlll. Col 
and Mrs. Hammond, Col Monsour. and Col Jones — I'd 
like to say I love you all. and may the Grace of God 
be with you Pat. you ore my friend and you always will 
be, I'm gonna miss you Remember, if God is foor us, 
who can be ogoinsf us Dove, you've been d great 

To my roommates — Bill and Ronnie — may we always 
treasure the seyrs Especially the candle-light pre-exam 
prayers. Religious Council Weekends Ring Figure '87, 
Hotel parties. Spring Break, but most of all. our heart-to- 
heart talks I love you guys and "may the road rise to 
meet you May the wind be always of your back May 
the sun shine upon your face, the rams fall soft upon 
your fields, and, until we meet again, may God hold you 
in the polm of His hand." 

I'd like to begin by thanking my family Mom and Dad, i 
wouldn't have made it without your support — I love 
you very much Suzy. thanks for putting up with us at 
Radford, we had some good times there It is difficult to 
sum up the essence of VMI in only d few words. I had 
many good times, but I'll be happy to go Chip, I want 
you to remember the look that 1 had when the jump- 
master popped the hatch, you didn't think I was going 
to ride that piece of crop back down, did you'' Kevus, I 
hope the banjo pans out for you If not, then you can 
always work for Bonnie Burt, 1 can't say that I'll be sorry 
to see those feet go. but look me up sometime — I'll let 
you buy me a few drinks Remember to vote Republt- 
coni Foot. I can't believe we spent so much time to- 
gether That Europe trip was a blast (Hallo. Serty Mowks 
— you and your friend) — love those German beaches' 
I hope that you and Margaret have a wonderful life 
together Rugby Tedm, good luck next year — I still 
think you should go with the argyle socks for next years 
uniformi Dasvidania 


Dykes 1984 — Andy Protogyrou 

1990 — Quill Healley, Steve Knieling 

Dykes 1984 — Neville Anderson 

1990 — Tony Baker, Danny Caine 

Dykes 1984 — Carl V. Romano 

1990 — Randy "Psycho" Jackson 

First Class 269 

Martin Curtis Ewald 

Ewok, Ewaldstein, Henry, Spin 

Mechanical Engineering — Army 

Sovona, New York 

Rat 4. Cpl 3, OpSgt 2. Lt 1 Dean's List 3. 2, ASME 4, 3. 
2. 1, Chapel Usher 3. 2, Cadet Assistant 1. VMI Fire- 
fighter 1, Distinguished Military Student 1. Army Scholar- 
ship 4, 3, 2. 1, CTLT 2, Midnight Engineer Society 3, 2, 1. 
Major Mulherin Fan Club 3. 2, 1, Merk-Geek Buster 3. 2, 
1. Watch Buck Eat Co-Founder 

Thomas K. Farleigh 

Big-Head, Semi Sluggo 

Electrical Engineering — Air Force 

Midlothian. Virginia 

Honor Court 2, 1 Prosecutor 1, Pvt, 4, 2, 1, Cpl, 3, 
Unauthorized Car Club 3. 2, IEEE 2. 1; Weight Watchers 
2. 1, "The Ten" 3. 2, 1; Cpt. O Club 2, 1. 

Carl A. Feddeler 

Carl, Fish, Fedd 

History — USMC, Navy, SS, ''''? 

Palm Harbor, Florida 

Swimming 4, 3, 2, 1, Water Polo 3, 2, 1 Circle K 2, 1: 
Private 4, mostly 3, 2, 1 Col Stolnaker Auto Ciub 3: Pool 
Party Club 3, 2, 1 Florida Home Spring Breaker 4, 3, 2, 1. 

Marty, although you would hate to admit it, you've 
been a caring close friend I hate to admit it but I'll miss 
your sarcastic attitude Dove Marty has kept up a 
good juggling act of rank, good grades (yes in troll 
Eng ), respect, and friendship of his BP's He is a very 
genuine, down to eorth person who always has time to 
help girls, family, or the infamous full beer cons that 
need to be emptied after tops Marty thanks for the 
friendship PAK '87 Mdrt, can I borrow something'' In all 
seriousness, we've had many memorable moments 1 
don't think there could be two better understood indi- 
viduals about one another, one favor i ask the both of 
us to do, don't hold bock anything, let it go Whit I will 
be leaving this place a confident and completely ca- 
pable young man What VMI has done for me — I am 
grateful — but Lord knows I'd never do it ogoini To my 
dykes ('84), I couldn't have done it without you guys 
Crdig — "Yed — i guess " To my Rats Good lucki 
Lastly, but not least m my heart, is my family When I 
needed you the most you were always there I hope 
someday I can repay the time and love God, grant me 
the serenity to accept the things I can't change, the 
courage to change the things I con, and the wisdom to 
know the difference 

TK, we've been through a lot in 4 years rooming togeth- 
er Our room porty Oct 31, 1983, our mag collections, 
our 3rd class booze parties, and our swampthing. 
Though our grades weren't always the best, your Dad 
sure gave us good pep talks Good luck with the wom- 
en in your life — and 1 hope you make that first million. 
Use the money for a fast car and some better looking 

Here it is, the final act "All's Well That Ends Well, " As long 
OS it ends, VMI has been a good experience for me It 

has tested me But I hove prevailed And it feels good' 1 
wouldn't have mode it without the support and love of 
my fomilyi Mom, Dad, Jeff, Ashley, Randy, and Aunt 
Helen I iove you all so much Thanks for everything I 
hope I made you proud of me Big Ear and Beak, you all 
hove been great, thanks John and Jam John, let's run 
amuck anywhere' Jam, let's go back to the 'hamas for 
mamas kevmandRob see you in Richmond Perry, you 
beeter stay in touch or I'll scare the deer away Ronnie, 
great luck in whatever you do You taught me a lot and 
lOU Gredt luck to '87, We did itl It's not an experience 
until it's all over, but I can't wait 'til it's an experience 

My 4 years at VMI hove definitely been 4 unique and 
interesting years of my life Coming from Florida to Vir- 
ginia, especially VMI, was quite o big change in my 
lifestyle Pot year I started swimming again after a long 
layoff I've enjoyed it d lot except for the practices. 
John. Tom. and all my other teammates, we've hod 
some great times Nick, you got three more years, 
don't practice too hard Jock and Jimmy, when I got 
stuck here third class I didn't know about you. but you 
liked my stereo, so I stayed and I am glad I did The 
years here go slow, but then when you look back it still 
went by slow Living with Jock (the nut) mode life fast 
and often bizarre But I hod d pretty good time Jack. 
Jimmy, the weekends were great and thanks for pick- 
ing me up of the airport all the time, I'll never forget 
your mom's pizza Mom and Dad, and Phyllis, thanks for 
the strong support and helping me get through VMI, it 
was much needed and appreciated "Respect God's 
before demi-gods, Heddes before men, and first 
among men your parents. But respect yourself most of 
all " Pythagoras Well everybody, this is it I'll see you 
down the road. And hey Jimmy, Jack, Wash, and Nick, 
just tell me "is this the Delta house'' " 

Dykes 1984 — Craig Peacock. Don. Nick. Ray 
1990 — C "McFly" Pratt. J, "BP" 

Dykes 1984 — Robert Holmes 

1990 — Chris BIsh. Chris Engel 

Dykes 1984 — Glenn "Earthpig" Parrish 
1990 — Nick Salido 

270 First Class 

D. Glenn Ferguson 

Ferg. Frug. Lurch 

Economics — Army 

Nathalie, Virginia 

Baseball 4, 3, 2, Captain 1; Ring Figure Band Comnnittee 
2, Friday Nigtit Cocktails 2; Clean Plate Club 4, 3, 2, 1; 
250 Club 1; Monogram Club 3, 2, 1. Thursday Nigtit Ruins 
Club 1. Wednesday Night Pit Committee 2, 1. McCar- 
thy's Home for Hungry Campers 3, 2. 1; Private 4, 3. 2. 1 . 

John Robert Ferguson 


Mathematics — Army 

Belleville, Illinois 

Pvt, 4, 3, 2. 1; Militoria Society 3. 2. Pres. 1, 300 + Club; 
Col Everywhere's Bad Cadet Club 3. 2. Rugby 3, 2. No, 
4 Club 2, Charlie Problem Child 4, Summer School 3, 2, 1, 
Gross Cadet, I love Cpt, Overmale Club 1; 373 Worship- 
ing Club 3. 

Monte Clark Ferguson 

Dad, Ranger Rick 

Mechanical Engineering — Army 

Rocky Mount, Virginia 

AUSA 4: ASME 2, 1, VMI Investment Club 2, 1 US Army 
Ranger Assoc 1: Orienteering Club 1. Ranger Pit 3, 2, 
Dean's List 3, 2, 1, Engineering Society 1,- Distinguished 
Military Student. Captain Reg 3-3, Color Sgt , Cpl . 
Who's Who, Young Economist 2, 1, Rock Committee 2: 
Charter Member Club 02, Airborne, Air Assault, Ranger 

Ferg was definitely a unique cadet during his four years 
at the "I" He was able to take his whole codetship in 
stride and still enjoy himself He was easily talked into 
having fun everytime it was presented to him JTM Well 
Ferg, my fellow fat BR, it's been great living with you 
because we both enjoy all the same things eating, 
sleeping, drinking, early sticks, dnd arguing on whose 
turn it IS to run to Stop In for brews at 22 30 Glenn's laid 
back attitude and desire to have fun mode it a lot 
easier for me, stick's running let's go to the rums RPL 
Ferg had a unique way of seeing thru people and situa- 
tions and would always speak his mind He has mode 
this place enjoyable with his numerous observations of 
people and his relaxed never m a hurry attitude (when 
we could pry him out of his rack) He kept me supplied 
with alternatives to study, so I could not burnout oca- 
demicoly I appreciate your part in taming a nervous 
uptight rat. Thanks for the fun times, NWP "Wondering 
if where I've been is worth the things I've been thru" 
(JT). Thanks Mom and Dad, yo'll tried more than I did. 

On a Wednesday in August in 1983, I was introduced 
into the VM! system Little did I know that I would make if 
this far this quick, but I kept trying even though my 
grades mode the odds almost impossible. Thanks Mom 
and Dad for bearing with me and also for giving me 
support I'd like to thank Steve. John. Cyril. LT. Chris, 
Mike, and Charlie for making my codetship bearable 
Good luck to my dykes Chuck, Chip, Dennis, John. Bill, 
and Bob "Two roods diverged in a yellow wood and 
sorry I could not travel both and be one traveler Long I 
stood and looked down one as for as i could towhere it 
bent in the undergrowth, then took the other as just as 
fair and having perhaps the better claim because it 
was grassy and wanted wear through as for that the 
passing there hod worn them really about the some: 
and both that morning equally lay in leaves no step had 
trodden black Oh I kept the first for another day yet 
knowing how way leads on to way I doubted if I should 
ever come back, I shall be telling this with a sigh some- 
where ages and ages hence two roads diverged in a 
wood and I took the one less traveled by and that has 
made all the difference " Frost (1916) 

Dad, Ranger, first to lose 5 bucks in 02. Greatest frien- 
d/roommate one could ever have I first met Monte 
when he helped pull the barbell off my chest in the wt 
room. Since. Monte has helped me in more ways than I 
can count He has been someone to talk to, share 
good times with, and ovoid when those GOB lose their 
socks Monte, I love you MDW I was lucky to hove 
Monte OS an assigned roommate He is a classic exam- 
ple of how hard work and desire will get you anything 
you want Exemplified in Ratline, classroom. Ranger 
school, or simply life :n general On the lighter side, I will 
also never forget the Korqfa, pink passion, zippy, mov- 
ies, and newspapers on your desk and the GDLB TEA 
Shacking up in 02 was definitely the best move I could 
have mode The 3, then 4 of us fit together so well it 
was almost perfect Monte was always the master link 
He always covered your rear DK Dad' We've mode it 
now Best of luck to you and Tammy OORAH Ranger, 
VMI, the right thing to dC Sometime in the future "you 
did the right thing and you're a better man for it" 
Leoving. I hove my friends, honor, and educdtion For 
that I thank Mom. Dad. Tammy, and all my family's 
unfailing support Without your continual love, guid- 
ance, and faith, I could not have made it! 

Dykes: 1984 — Rod Weinbrenner, Steve Hiller 
1990 — Beast Beasley, Goon Simpson 

Dykes: 1984 — Stephan Lujbenko 
1990 — Chuck Smith 

Dykes: 1983 — Mike Westfall 

1990 — Mike Morelock, Jeff Rawes 

First Class 271 

John Charles Ficarro 

The Pup 

Mechanical Engineering — Navy 

Bowie, Maryland 

_er Platoon — Bulldog, Cpl , Sgt , OGA, Minor in 
Summer Scriool. Team Cpf Bootleg's Row Team. 
Dean's Other List — Square Root Club. Illegal Car Club. 
"AGE" Suffix Society 

Pup. your middle name should be "whipped" Being 
your roommate has been really great Your pessimistic 
humor about virtually everything has mode many a day 
brighter I'll always remember you saying "this is like 
bogus man" Good luck with Susan and take care. 
MGW Who would have guessed that as John and I 
talked to each other with Hoir down to our eors we 
would have ended up in the some company^ John's 
talent for articulate humor has kept me in stiches for 
three years Pup. you've made this asylum bearable 
You're on indispensible friend GPT John, you puppy' I 
guess you won't have to take weekends anymore, my 
fellow academic rotiiner Maybe after graduation we 
con get some sleep Lokking back. I think we had the 
best combination of roommates possible You were 
one of the best BR 's I had I sincerely want you to get all 
you want out of life Let's not soy goodbye APE Thank 
you Mom and Dad, a special thanks to my roommates 
and BR 's who made it possible for me to make it 
through. I hove never felt prouder than to be associat- 
ed with the men in the Class of 1987 Susan, thankyou 
for the love and comfort you have provided me with, 
you gave me something to work for. To my Dykes, 
good luck 

Dykes 1984 — Buddy Wimmer 

1990 — Jack Manning, Tim Feeney 

Edward Allen Fishback 

Fishhead, Fishrat, Fred, Jake, Flash, Fishyak 
Economics — Navy 
Richmond, Virginia 

OGA Vice President, Violated Pvt, 4, 3, 2, 1; Ring Figure 
Committee 3, 2, Boxing 1, HMWH Charter Member 2, 1, 
Conduct — Navy Academic Probation 2, Confinement 
Stud. Demerit Sponge 4. 3, 2, 1, President of the Society 
of Young Procrastinofors. 

Ted has been a person that virtually anyone could turn 
to in time of need When I look bock on the past 4 
years. Ted has been a great source of inspiration to all 
of his friends Not only for comic relief, but to lend an ear 
to listen to a problem With his own obstacles he has to 
overcome. Ted always emerged with a smile Since we 
met we hove always had a problem with procrastina- 
tion I don't know of anyone better to waste time with I 
thank you tor all the great times As we look back and 
remember Ring Figure, your hand in the planning made 
it a great event Ted's eftorts mode the institute that 
much more bearable Ted. I have know doubt that you 
will succeed in your greot desire to be an aviator I wish 
you the best of luck on all your endeavors and am 
deeply honored to hove had you as my Brother Rat 
AAG I would like to thank my family for their love and 
support I'm sure that I pushed them to the limits of their 
sanity They told me so Too often children find traits in 
their parents that they hope their own children never 
find in them 1 have not 1 1 can only hope that some day 
I'll be able to provide something as strong and support- 
ing OS my own family 

Dykes 1984 — Andy Protogyrou 

1990 — Chip McWilliams, Scott 

Denis J. Fitzpatrick 

Bugeater, Mushroomhead, Defranco, Fitz 

Economics — Air Force 

Richmond, Virginia 

Pvt 4, 2, 1 . Cpl 2, Arnold Air Society 4, 3; VCU-Civilian 2: 
Dean's Other List 4, 3, 2, 1 Stockwell's Rangers 1; Pro- 
ject Corner 4, 1. Mollies 1 New Member of Club/Mad- 
house 7 

Denis, you're on of the funniest guys I've ever known 
(and not just by your looks either) Thanks for sving my 
sanity over the years by the freauent road trips to 
Richmond If it wasn't for you. I probably would still hate 
the Grateful Dead Best of luck to you in the future EJD 
'87 During my time at VMI. I had the honor of knowing 
Denis "Fitz" Fitzpatrick I have never met a person like 
him He IS tempermental. impetuous, and talks a mile a 
minute (sounds like a girl, doesn't he?), but he was 
always redy to liven life up Like when he come wearing 
o red mohawk wig to Ring Figure Observations Good 
bartender, rotten driver, ond dances like an epileptic 
Final observations No matter how dull and dreary the 
ddy seemed. Fitz moved in his own world of color and 
sound Jay O Arnaiz '87 1 would like to thank my family 
for listening to my complaints during these testing 
years. 1 love every one of you To my BR's. and you 
know who you ore. Thanks for the good times, support, 
and these memories I will treasure Good luck! Fitz. 
"Don't crack up, bend your brain." Howard Jones. 

Dykes 1984 — Thomas Anthony 
1990 — The For Side. Otis 

272 First Class 

Lapthe Chau Flora 

Nip, Chip, OJ, Boat Mite 
BS Biology — Army 
Roanoke, Virginia 

BOMB Photographer 3, Rod and Gun Club 2, 1, Karate 
Club 4; Ring Figure Cannon Ball Committee; Trident So- 
ciety 3, 2. 1, Cpl 3, Pvt 4. 2, 1, Circle K Club 3, 2, 1. 
Member of 184 Club, VMI Firefighters 2, Drug and Alco- 
hol Committee 1, College Young f?epublicans 2, 1, 

Douglas Lee Flynn III 

Dog, Poor-Little-Rich-Boy, Possum, Etc 
Moth — US Navy 
Roanoke, Virginia 

Cpl 3, Rat Training 3. 2, 1 Cadet Asst 2. S-5 Tour 
Guide/Host 4, 3, 2, Navigators 4. Cadet Battery 3, 2, 
RDC, Summer Scholar Program 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 C), Number 
One Club, 69 Demerit — Push It to the Limit Club 3; 
Who's Who Reject 1; Mountain Masochist 1 The Lord- 
havemercyonmepieaseletmegroduate Club 1 Arghhhi 

Terry E. Fortune 

Chicken Raven, T-Man, "T" Chick 
Civil Engineering — Air Force 
Greensboro, North Carolina 

Track Team 4, 3. 2. 1 , Promaji 4,3,2, 1 , Monogram Club 
4,3,2,1, True Blue 3 Days, Wheats 3, 2, 1 . Cpl 2 weeks. 
Pervert Corner 3, 2, 1; lllin Society 2, 1, Remember that 
Club 1 

These post 4 years have been an experience for me If I 
had the opporfunif y to do it agoin, I doubt that I would. 
yet I would not trade my life as a cadet for anything I 
will never forget the lessons learned of VMI I now real- 
ize what mokes VMI the one Institute that is deeply and 
truely cherished by all of her sons throughout the world I 
too will soon be proud to cdll myself a VMI man and a 
son of the "I" Mom and Dad, whdt con I say'' 4 years 
ago I entered VMI with little knowledge of the English 
language and even less of the Ratline However, with 
the endless sweat parties and dining with the RDC, I 
soon learned what it meant to be a Rat My English has 
also Improved but I still soy "potato chip" You were 
always there when I needed you the most You are my 
inspiration and my life Thankyou for your endless sup- 
port without It my 4 years here would hdve been very 
faint Indeed To all my Brothers and Sisters, thank you for 
your leadership, understanding, and especially for your 
moral support Jimmy and Rennie. fhankyou for being 
my personal word processor for the past 3 years De- 
spite our cultural differences we managed to get along 
very well and you both have become a part of my life 
To my professors, thank youl and your time was well 
spent. VMI '87 

Doug Flynn — Norman Bates, to me the names ore 
synonomous His escapades were the folk of the stoop, 
and I feel truly blessed to have token port in most of 
them! Seriously, though, after Doug's coniving energy 
was spent (and he wds done bdttling the Moth Dept 
for the day) he was the best of friends It was all a blast, 
Doug, from House Mountain to the optional red lights 
See you on the west coast Chip Doug Flynn'' Dog to 
his friends, is one of the most vivacious, strong spirited, 
endurable, but ultimately one of the most unpredict- 
able people I know My rat and 3rd class roommate is a 
never ending dsset to our class He invented the word 
bizdrre and lives by the same Don't forget the good 
times and the bad We hod a blast If there's anyone 
who should have roomed together all 4 years — it was 
us Dog, I love you like a brother' Good luck and God 
Bless Beau Doug Flynn, a reol no 1 guy and d good 
standing member of fne Capt Tate Appreciation Soci- 
ety Good luck in your nautical endeavors and civilian 
pursuits John Lightner After 4 years, I've seen the best 
and worst in you I don't cdre what everyone else 
thinks, you're alright in my book David Hoke Thanks 
everybody, we've made it! Doug. 

There is so much to say and so little room to soy it I 
would like to stdrf by thonking my Parents for all the 
love and understanding they gave me. my sister who 
dlways cared, my friends at the "I", the Wheats, my 
roommates who were always there, my teachers(some 
of them I could do without). Audra for being so special, 
and most of oil I would like to thonk God for watching 
over me Without all of these people. I would never 
hove mode it VMI has put me through a lot of trying 
times I have so many memories of this place I remem- 
ber being a rat for 8 months and a ddy, being d rat with 
o radio, I will never forget Ring Figure, and now it's my 
1st Class year Time really flies, regardless of if you're 
having fun I am going to miss this place a little What is 
life without school'' I'll soon find out I guess that we all 
will find out soon For the last 16 years, that is all we 
have known Good luck, fellds Being a port of '87 has 
meant o lot To all '87, 1 wish you good luck To my 
roommdtes, let's keep in touch, to the Wheats, we will 
always be the boys, to my Parents. 1 love youi Junho 
Chi, I'll never forget you. to my Dykes, good luck, and to 
the "I", goodbye 

Dykes 1984 — Keith Samuelson 
1990 — Doug Robinson 

Dykes 1985 — TJ Palmer, John Pollock and 

1990 — Cavanaugh. KM, Hemenez, 
MR, E Co, 

Dykes: 1984 — Ronald "AB" Abbit 
1990 — Greg Hatchett 

First Class 273 

Randolph Danner Friend 


Mechanical Engineering — Navy 

Montrose. Alabama 

Cpl 3, Pit Sgt , Color Sgt 2, Bn Cdr 1. Honor Court 1; 
Rod and Gun Club Pres lASMEPres 1 Dean's List 4. 3. 
2. VMI Firefighters 2. 1, VMI Engineering Society 1. Who's 
Who among Amer, Univ. and Coll 1. Cadet Pub Rel 
Cmt. 1. Soccer 4; ME Breakfast Club 2. 1 

William TI-iomas Fuller 

Bill. WT. Foo. Fester. Bildo 

History — Army 

Erwin. North Carolina 

Football 4. 3. 2. 1 Square Root Club 4. Summer School 
4. 3. 2. 1 . Private 4. 3. 2. 1 . Fat Boys Club 3. 2. 1 ; Football 
Scholarship 4. 3. 2. 1; Room 20 Wrestling Champ 3. 2. 1 

David Jeffery Furness 


History — United States Marine Corps 

Richmond. Virginia 

Rat 4. first Cpl 3. OpsSgt/Regt.Sgt 2, First Captain 1, 
Deans List 4. 3. 2. 1 Academically distinguished 2. 1. Phi 
Alpha Theto 2. 1 Marshall Foundation Scholar 2; Full- 
bright Scholar Nominee 1, Who's Who 1, Honors Pro- 
gram 1, Cadre 4. 3. 2, 1 Rot Training 4. 3, 2. 1, Semper 
Fidelis Society 4. 3. 2, Pres. 1 Drone Pilots 3. 2. 1. Marine. 

Danner has succeeded admirably in every aspect of his 
cadetship. from being a rat to being a battalion com- 
mander, but most importantly, he has taught me the 
meaning of true friendship, and for this I'll always be 
grateful Best wishes and God bless KPS The Institute 
means many things to many people, and makes the 
best of those who go through it Danner is one of those 
people, he truely exemplifies the ideals and has earned 
everything that comes from this school Best wishes, 
MA The past 4 years at the "I" have been quite an 
experience, and I hope that when I look bock, many 
years down the road, all the good times will be as vivid 
ds they ore now Kent, I'll always remember the road 
trip to the Oyster Bowl Who could forget that great 
football victory at the Citadel and the Southern Con- 
ference Roundball Tournaments 3rd class year To my 
roommates Kent. Brad, and Mike, we've had a great 3 
years together and I hope that we never lose touch To 
my fellow ME's. I hope those all-nighters will someday 
pay off Mom and Dad, thanks for all the love and 
support It has helped more than you can imagine To 
my dyke. Tommy. I know you'll do well here and when 
you get out — keep up the good work 

Well. I'm finally here I would like to thank miy Mom and 
Ddd for getting me through it all If it weren't for them, I 
could not have done it It has been a long road since I 
took the road less travelled I came here from the 
beautiful state of North Carolina not knowing what to 
expect But I am glad I cdme now I am proud I came to 
a school that makes one a man instead of just teaching 
him knowledge I would also like to thank my cousin Pat 
for being there when I needed him most He gove me a 
quote once from a favorite band of his that made me 
see the light when i was going to leave school, "It's a 
long way to the top if you wont to rock and roll," When 
this hit me I knew I wds going to stay Thanks Pat — my 
brother While I'm being soppy. I better not forget my 
Aunt Patsy She was always there I would also like to 
thank my roomies Scott Jones, and Ernie Socco, But in 
the end i would like to thank myself for being able to 
prove a lot of people wrong Of all the people who left 
my small town for college on various types of scholar- 
ships, I am the sole survivor "Hey hey hey, every dog 
has his day " AC/DC 

How does one sum up a best friend? To most in the 
Corps he is d leader of the highest order having proven 
to be innovative, resourceful, and best of all. down to 
earth in his job as First Captain Few of these people 
know the obstacles Dove has hod to overcome to get 
info and to stay of VMI. fewer still can coll themselves a 
self-made man. and boost a record ds grand as 
Dave's All of Dave's successes can be attributed only 
to his own drive for perfection and the support he re- 
cieved from Lynda, In these four years we've spent 
together some of us have come to know Dave as a 
great friend who will give on unlimited supply of humor, 
support, and his right arm if need be. Those who don't 
know him on these terms are missing out, Basically I'm 
just saying "Dave you'r one helluva guyl Viva Charles- 
ton!" John Leroy Boughton 87 

Mom, Dad, and Doug, it's finally over. I always told you 
not to worry Z. Leroy. Dennis, Herb, Pig. Al. and J thanks 
for your friendship Dennis. Rob. and John thanks for 
tolerating all those stage 6 RBM's, Lynda you have seen 
it all. Thanks for your support I love you! To the Corps it's 
been a great honor to serve the finest group of men in 
the world, I only hope that I served you well Semper Fi. 
Divot 87 

Dykes 1984 

Steve Hiller 
Tommy Pugh 

Dykes: 1984 — Bob Foresman. Hank Kimball 
1990 — Enc Harrison. Lee Griffeth 

Dykes 1984 — Paul Moser laderosa 

1990 — Ryan "Eggy" Eggleston 

274 First Class 

Adrian Anthony Garcia 

Reid A. Garst II 

Fanandus Gayle 

Lil Buddy, Felix, Gage, Aides, Billy, Barty 

History — Navy 

Annandale, Virginia 

Virgin Private 4, 3, 2, 1; SCSC 2; Summer School All-Stars 
4, 3, 2; Many Major Club 3, 2: Square Root Club 4, Old 
Barracks 4, 3, 2, 1; Navy Academic Review Board 4, 3, 
2, 1; Marine Corps Marathon 1 

Garp, Mad Max, Road Warrior, Ldr ot Mutants 

Mechanical Engineering — Air Force 

Salem, Virginia 

He-Man Woman Haters Club 2, 1, Private 2, 1 Cpl. 3; 
Rugby 4, 3, 2, 1, Rat Training Platoon Tyrant 1, Troll 4, 3, 
2, 1, ASME (under protest) 4, 3, 2, 1; Knight of The Hall of 
The Wicked Ones; Slug 3, 2, 1; Life Long Mutant, 

Nanna, Kangaroo 
Nevi/port Nevk's, Virginia 

Spirit Squad 3, 2, 1, Cadre 2, 1; Public Relations Comm. 
1. Glee Club 4, 3, 2, 1, Officers Christian Fellowship 1; 
Religious Council 3, 2, 1 . 

I could talk about "the road less traveled" but that's so 
trite and insincere. Adrian always had something thot I 
never did, the will to succeed From the moment that 
he arrived dt VMI, he never forgot why he was here. He 
was to graduate and pursue a career in the Navy After 
three consecutive years of summer school and at least 
three major changes, it appears that he has achieved 
his godi Adrian did not try to make friends with every- 
one he met In foot, he upset a lot of people because 
he spoke what was on his mind (a character trait that is 
unfortunately lacking here) I don't have to wish you 
success in life after you leave school, because I know 
that is not necessary Please treat Tina with the respect 
she deserves, and don't forget your friends — R L.H 

I Would like to thank my parents for having the never 
ending support and patience over the four years I am 
very proud to be your son. I would also like to thank all 
of the people who have helped me I don't know who 
helped me the most. You are all the greatest. Tina, 
thanks for being there oil those times and dll those times 
to come I love you Just one more thing, these are the 
times. A.A.G. 

I decided when I got this that I would only write it drunk 
or hungover. I om. Three years ago I decided to go to a 
military school. I did. What a long strange trip it's been. 

So far this place has been a pain I don't expect next 
semester to be any better As o matter of fact i am 
Confident now Oodles of fun Although there is plenty 
of bleak stuff to talk about I'll concentrate on fun from 
now on. First let me say how much fun i have rooming 
with Doug since August of '83 We've had a blast anoy- 
ing each other for three years Now I also room with 
Peckerheod. the idiot I've done the most stupid and the 
most fun things with since I've been here. Peck, may the 
bird of paradise never deficate on your usually un- 
washed head Life would not have been the same 
without my other brother slugs Bear and Fish I would 
also like to pay homage to the most worthwhile club 
I've been involved with. The He-mon Woman Haters 
Club God bless you Bert, Paul, Tim, and the rest. Never 
let the venomous herd get their nasty claws into you 

VMI dont go chonging baby. My kids aren't getting off 
easy. And remember, a donut without a hole is a don- 
ish. Bye. 

Four of my longest hove just flown by. What can I say 
but thanks to Mom, Dad, Bonnie, Valerie, and Sgt John- 
son VMI, what have you done fo me, to us*^ Alreody 
we are thinking about that first Alumni fish fry Geek, I 
hove become We will see everyone at the 87 Alumni 
Weekend Jussilo, you are in charge of the booze, Mike, 
by now you have that 3 5 No dyke could have mode 
me more proud. Whatever you do, just remember, you 
come, you saw, and you kicked serious (censored- 
).Keep it up, and we will read great things about you. 
Well done Mr. Romanl 

Jussilo. Jeff, D T I still hate gold weather brother rats, 
always Greg, bill, and Ronnie take core, stay strong, 
get rich, shore the wealth. Mitch, it is your turn. We have 
been roomies for three years Vep I would say that we 
are friends forever, "and that's a mighty long time". I 
am sorry tor snoring I couldn't help it I hope thot God 
stays with you and anything you build Stoy in touch 
brother rot Buddy, I am really going to miss you Now 
put on your sneakers and I will race you to the stars! See 
you there. 

Rooms 161, 163, 167, 159 — defindtely dangerous to 
my health. Good luck dll, dnd good-bye. 

Dykes 1984 — Bill Dingeman Dykes 1984 — Allen Harrison (Buft) 

1990 — Chris McConnell, Brian Wilkerson 1990 _ Mike Henshaw, Jeff Moushegian 

Dykes 1984 — Mr B. Smolar 

1990 — Mr, M,P, Roman 

First Class 275 







r^!^= '"^^^'^^B 



^X-- ■ 


w^ . 






Victor Marcos Gonzalez 

Vic. Gonz, Sugar Slug, Tantor, Packyderm 

English, Armor Special Student 

Metcirle, Louisiana 

Rugby 4, 3, 2. 1, Private 4, 3, 2, 1. Stocl<weil's Rangers 2, 
1 The Hungry Animules 3, 2, 1 Lonely Hearts Club 4, 3, 
Mollies 1 Drunk 4, 3, 2. llron Shiek Fan Club 1 The Guru 
of New Barracks Bodyguard 3,2, 1 Academically Extin- 
guished 4, 3, 2, 1 Lord of the Scrum 1, Project Corner 3, 
2, 1, Friday night Drinking Club 3, 2, 1 Sole Survivor of 
Club/Madhouse 74 

Robert B. Goodwin 

Boo Boo, Skip 
Econonnics: Army 
Roanoke, Virginia 

Rat 4, Pvt 3, 2, 1. Circle k 3, Sec 2, Pres 1, Bloodmobile 
3, 2, Chairman 1, Reg Divot Advisor 1, Golf 4 3 2' Rot 
Dad 3, 2, 1 So? 2, 1 

Alan Stacy Greene 

Al, "Sw/az" 

Electrical Engineering — USMC 

Fredericksburg, Virginia 

Cpl 3, Sgt 2, Lt 1, Rat Training Cadre 3, 2, 1 Semper 
Fidelis Society 3, 2, 1, IEEE 2, 1; Dive Club VP 1, Third and 
Second Class cor Club, Cadre 3, 2; Hellrider Club 1. 

Victor Gonzalez, Man or Myth? After living vi/ith him for 
two years, I can't fell the difference My friend at VMi, 
he helped me survive the I's little jokes by making up 
better ones Vic always went the extra distance in 
search of a laugh, from showing his csar to hanging 
nal<ed in the doorway From Rat year to fear and loath- 
ing in New Orleans to graduation, we lived on a joke, 
caring for little other than beer and rugby Vic iS a man 
destined to go for. probably back to New Orleans 
Seriously Vic, my memories of you and Spud are some 
of the best t hove '74', home of the hungry animals and 
good time Charlies JO A what can I say about a four 
year trip of living on the edge? All you con do is love iti 
For all the bad times, there were twice ds many good 
But there is no way it could hove happened without all 
the supporting cast Brother Rats and Ruggers form one 
very large part, where one group would leave oft the 
other would begin, I could oiwos count on you for sup- 
port. Scrum dogs forever 

Mom and Dad, I love you and owe you too much to 
sum up here. Joy and Spud, you know the whole storyi 
Thanks for all! Good Luck to all. We mode ifi 

I wds accepted tp 3 colleges dnd 2 stood out Hamp- 
den Sydney and VMI, maybe I should have taken the 
dorm In farmville My ddd was a Wohoo and advised 
me dbout the I (I still wonder if father knows best ) No, I 
must soy that VMI has done a lot for me and I'm starting 
to realize these changes I feel that I owe everything to 
my parents, and my sister (even if she dates my room- 
mate), you have done more than enough for me over 
the post four years and I can't thank you enough I 
realize I put you through some rough times, but you 
always let me know that you were behind me Thanks, I 
love you To my roomies J B , Dennis, and Figurehead, 
you guys were the best Den, I know it wasn't always 
the best, but I'll always remember your help before my 
rat year (guess I'll see ya m the center oisle?) J,B I hope 
you have forgiven me about the dirty blouse incident I 
have enjoyed the past three yedrs, and it will be differ- 
ent next year when I need someone to talk to in the 
late hours of the night Thanks and good luck Divot, you 
did a great job this year as R C I knew you would 
Thanks for all you did for me Remember stage 6 RBM? 
Take care, OOHRAHl I'd also like to soy thanks to all of 
my relatives who heipedi To the class of '87, best of 
luck to everyone These past four years were great (?) 

Not knowing anything about the ratline before I came 
here didn't help me very much, I thank God that I mode 
it through here, because this really was the place for 


Thanks Mom and Odd for everything. Without your love 
and support I know I couldn't have made it Pat and 
Ted I redlly appreciate what you've done for me, that 
almost goes without saying 

Brad and Hap, it has been a long four years and I'm glad 
we stuck It out together Thanks for not blowing us uo 
Scary You have been the best friends I have ever had 

Clint I ' 

'ish you the best of luck in the next four years. 

Al, 1 hope that ail your future roommates respect the 
temple you call "the Rack" I won't ever forget the 
encouragement you hove given me, nor the times we 
trashed the room by wrestling all over it You won't ever 
have as good of roommates as we were 


Dykes 1984 — Mark "Old Man" Short 
1990 — Charlie "Cujo" Tujo 

Dykes 1984 — John Long 

1990 Johnny Hahn: J Mumble Draper 

Dykes 1984 

Ted Comer 

Chris "Clint" Trimboli 

276 First Class 

James Randolph Greene 

Jim, Red 
Economics — Air Force 
Miltord, Massachusetts 

Honor Court 2. 1 Senior Voting Member 1 Cpl 3. Sgt 2, 
Lt 1, Cadre 2, Society of Young Economists 2, 1 Secre- 
tary 2, President 1; Marine Corps Morathon 3, 1 

Brooks Scott Gruber 

Rock, Groobee, PD, Boomboom 
History/Frencii — USMC 

3rd Bott. S-2, 1 Sgt, 2; Ptii Alptio Theto 2, Officer 1, 
France Abroad 3; Rat Batt. S-2, Football 4, 3, 2; Dive 
Club, Semper Fi Society 4, 3, 2, 1: Naval Aviators 4, 3. 2 
VP 1, Alliance Francois 3, 2, I^ot 4 

Timothy James Guck 

Lord mit. Gucl<ster. Strange One, Moth 

BS Biology, Army 

Stony Brook, New York LIRR Zone 1 1 

Virgin Pvt 4, 3, 2, 1, Pistol Team (Gunny's Gang) 1: Dive 
Club Pres 1 , Mollies 1 , Guillotine Contributor; Being my- 
self 4, 3, 2, 1, Bariamos 4: Colombia South America 
21/2, CBGB's 4, 3, 2, 1 

(?iding that daily rollercooster ride of elation to depres- 
sion in hopes that the sacrifices made would be v^/orth it 
in the end I cm confident that they hove and I'll be 
reassured v^/hen I receive the illustrious sheepskin diplo- 
ma, VMI has taught me a great dedl dbout myself ond 
other people I learned that there is a humorous side to 
everything It is a sense of hu,mor that mokes VMI 

To Mark and Chdrlie, I am going to regret leaving you 
guys as roommates We hove been through a lot to- 
gether and I hope our friendship is not put on hold for 
future reunions That also goes for the rest of my good 
friends in '87 vi/hom I was fortunate enough to get to 
know Yes, even you Butterbean 

Thanks goes to my BR's parents who provided me with 
homes away from home Also, thank you Doc Monsour 
for being my unofficial advisor and good friend 

A special thanks goes to my Mom and Dad, Janet, 
Diane and my girlfriend Michelle for all the support and 
encouragement you hove given me Mom and Dad, 
you hdve given me great opportunities, without them I 
would not be anywhere toddy I hope I have mode you 
proud, I love you both very much 

John and Kenny, I wish you both the best of luck 

Brooks and I first met o few months prior to the ratline 
Based on first impressions I found Brooks to be like most 
typical high school seniors Brooks knew the good times 
of the past, but like most of us in the class of '87 he hod 
no Idea of the pom and suffering we faced As a rat 
Brooks and I grew to be close friends Such memories as 
the time he hit a police officer and let himself out of the 
rofline and spent the ddy with the l?DC, dre only a small 
summary Brooks is a dynamic, outgoing, willing to try 
anything once individudi From bumper skiing at 40 mph 
in a snow storm to "running the boll". Brooks always 
added chdrdcter and uniqueness to the event Spend- 
ing second semester 3rd cidss year in Europe, Brooks 
was to find what the world hod to offer Upon returning 
to VMI OS o second cidssmdn, he offered the sophistica- 
tion and charisma to conquer reality and women re- 
spectively Faced with trdgedies. Brooks hos always 
persevered and mode the best out of the worst One 
day to Ring Figure Brooks' ddte reneged ledving him 
high and dry As may be expected, he found o date 
and made the best of it, more thon could ever be 
described From the stoops of VMI to the roods of 
Quantico to the beaches of Floridd to the cockpit of on 
F-18, Brooks will capitalize on that which many will 

These post yedrs are memories not easily forgotten, but 
wish some were I dread upon waking, discovering this 
whole experience to be o dream and realizing it is only 
my first ddy 

A big thanks to Mom, Dad, and Cindy for your undying 
encouragement and support 

To my friends, both here and there, thanks for not being 
afraid of saying that you were my friends and for being 
around when help was needed See 'ya 'round. 

To oil others 

"You see me and you laugh out loud 
You taunt me from safe inside your crowd 
My looks, they must threaten you 
To make you act the way you do 
You see me and you think I'm a jerk 
First impressions without a word 
You can't believe your eyes at first 
But now you know you've seen the worst 
Minor Threat 
Listen you, there is a fly in my pudding 

Dykes 1984 — Mark Carter 

1990 — John King, Kenny Robinson 

Dykes 1984 

Dan Listen 

Luis Deivaiie, Sean Cruise Knight 

Dykes 1984 — John Karafo 

1990 — Chris Callahan, Mike Trahor 

First Class 277 

Stuart Frank Halasz 

Daniel Sydney Hall 

William P. Hancock 

Art, Stubert, Ferret-Head, Sunshine, Mr Snniley 

Biology, Special Student of US, Air Forces 

Mechanicsville, Virginia 

Bod Dog, The Mover, Lurch 

Economics/Psychology — Army 

Beltsville, Maryland 

Uncle Remus, Chip, Chipper 

Electrical/Computer Engineering — Air Force 

Richmond, Virginia 

Lt 1 Sgt 2, Cpl 3. Cadre 3, 2, VMI r?ocl< Climbing Club 
2, 1, Tanl<er Platoon 2; VMI Firestarters 1. Member 
"Crew of Room 72". Trash Chute Bend, The Projects 3, 
2. 1, Member of Mike Hmckle Philosophical Society 3. 
Victim Col Seebode's Crusade Against Subversion of 
U S National Security by Air Force Cadet Records 3, 
2, 1. 

Pvt 4, 3. 2, 1, Rugby Mutant 3, 2. 1, Blow Co 4, 3, 2. 1; 
Stockwell's Rangers 2, 1 Alcohol and Drug Abuse Com- 
mittee 2, 1, Cdt Investment Club 1, Dead Head, Buffet 
Fan, Zappa Freak 4. 3, 2, 1, Summer School Tequila Club 
2, Pepe Lopez Fan Club 2. 1 

Cpl 3, Sgt 2, Pvt 2, Band Co Commander 1; Cadre 2, 
Rat Training 2, Arnold Air Society Ops. Officer 3, 2. Com- 
mander 1. Unauthorized Car Club 3, 2. Chapel Usher 4, 
3. Chicago '86; Al Meade Clean Up Crew 4, 10-6-30 
Club 2. For Side Appreciation Committee 2, 1 

What can I soy'' Art is Art — to know him is to love him 
and I'm glad I got the chance to know him Behind that 
ever-present smile (sarcasm) exists a man I'm proud to 
call friend Our good times together definitely out- 
weighed our trying Times I'm glad I roomed with him for 
three years — I can't imagine VMI without him He'll go 
for in life because he's a shrewd business man I won't 
soon forget Stu — I'll miss his musici A C C Well now he 
can't deny it, he is my buddy Life wouldn't hove been 
the same without him He's "like" a walking analogy It 
took three years to get to know him. but it was well 
worth It. even if he won't play cards with me He has a 
good head on his shoulders and a great desire to pre- 
vail I think he could convince anyone to buy d rotten 
apple from him. and like it Take core Stu. I'll miss you 
K R D II "No eternal reward will forgive us now for wast- 
ing the down " — J Morrison Life is too short, you 
hove to stop and smell the flowers And get stung by 
the beesi My thanks to those who inspired me, Rob 
Knarr. the Gup. Papo-Beor. and Wingbo I also thank 
the Chaplain and Vergie for their tireless efforts My 
family and friends I am deeply m gratitude to. for their 
love, patience, and support So long. Institutioni Ma- 
haloi S F H 

Dan and I have been roommates since rat year You 
wouldn't think that a city slicker from a "boarder state" 
and a redneck from the swamp would get diong. but 
we ore inseporoble As rots we worked out side by side 
at the RDC dnd we cdrried edch other back from Mc- 
Cormock's statue after our breakout celebration As 
3rd's, Dan got a real major and he surpassed the wooly 
bear, who was all-pro We argued over what music to 
play. Zappa or Earl & Lester Then there was the beer 
bong at the 3rd cidss partyi As seconds Mutt and Jeff 
got their Rings and so did "Ava" & Toot Dan's main 
goal as o second wds to letter in RFT. drive a Dodge 
Ram Charger and be d Bdd Dogi Now we are Ist's and I 
speak Zappa fluently and Don even clogs a bit Dan is 
still a Bod Dog. has lettered m RFT for two years straight 
and IS d proud graduate of the US Navy S S School He 
even earned his senior master "jump" wings via S B S C 
What a long strange trip it has beenl Ain't this what life's 
dll dbout? You'll love it. it's a way of life! There are a lot 
of reasons why . . TMP 

I would like to thank my parents. Eva, and the rest of my 
family for all their love ond support My diploma should 
hove their names on it alsoi DSH. 

1 thought writing about Chip would be easyi It ain'tl I 
have never Known anyone who would do so much for a 
roommate. Not only has Chip often given me his home 
to stay in. helped fix my car, and helped me with class- 
es, he has also saved my reldtionship with a particular 
person These few lines could never describe Chip's 
choracter Thanks Chip. I owe you one If Chip were to 
write an essay about himself, it would be titled either 
"Weekends I've not token ( Hedven Forbid)". "What to 
do if the food on your plote runs together". "Experi- 
ences I've had while rabbit hunting" . or "Roods I've 
blitzed and cars I've fixed " Chip is d rare individudi, not 
because he's my best friend, and I'm bidsed, but be- 
cause he has a true gift of getting along with people. 
Thanks Chip VMI has been the greatest experience of 
my life, although it hasn't been easy. 1 wouldn't trade it 
for the world The lessons I've leorned. the education 
I've received, the oportunities I've hod and the friends 
I've mdde dre priceless I'm extremely grateful to Aly- 
soun. her family, ond the Chaplain for all their love and 
support I'm also forever indebted to my family for their 
socrifices. love and support Finally, Thonk you God for 
helping me make it 

Dyl<es 1984 — Rob Knarr, G Omans, K 

Samuelson Dykes 1984 

1990 — E, Andy "Red" England 1990 

Laurence "Flash" Fahrney 
Kevin Gallagher, Hal Jones 

Dykes: 1984 — Andy Anderson "Critter" 
1990 — Gen. Rich "The Phantom" Duke 

278 First Class 

Peter Thomas Hansen 

Carl Lorin Hardee 

Kurt W. Hauk 

English — Navy 
Bethesda, Maryland 

Fencing Team 4. 3, 1, Cpl 3, Who's Who Student 1, 
Academically Distinguished 2. 1, Honors English Student 
1, Vice President Rod & Gun Club 2. Poacher 3, 2. 1: 
Oxford 2, London University 2, English Dep't, assistant 1 

"Party-Hordee. Hor-Day. Sir Shom-A-Lot" 

Pvt 4, 3, 2, 1. Cpl 3(3 Weeks), Society of Young Econo- 
mists 3, 1. Investment Club 1; Pre Law Society 1, Red 
Front Rangers 4. 3; Cockpit Crew 3, 2, 1; Football 4; Ring 
Figure Committee '87 

"Tigger". "Haulk" 

Civil Engineering — Armor 

Sunberry. Pennsylvania 

"JA got the beautiful girls, pretty boys, JA got the long 
flowing gowns, and JA got no traffic across the Mad- 
gellen Bridge " An Oxford Rastaforian on the coach 
from London, Winter 1986 

Over the lost four years Carl has given to us a lasting 
friendship full of optimism and generosity Each of us 
feels proud and honored to have been able to share 
these years at the "I" with Carl The Fellas 

I came to VMI four years ago more than a little skepti- 
cal about my choice of colleges. Thanksgiving of rat 
year I hod a chance to talk to my friends at "real 
Schools", and they mode it clear that their freshman 
year was much more enjoyable than mine I decided to 
stick it out at The Institute That was a decision that I will 
never regret The good times hove far outwayed the 
bad ones I don't feel that I could have made it through 
without my friends. Mole, C-Dog, Randy. Heiney, Opie, 
Larry, and all The Fellas. You have oil had dn impact on 
my life The support from home has also been tremen- 
dous! Dad, T-, Marsha, and Rick, a son/ abrother could 
not ask for any more love and kindness than you all 
hove shown Through it all, I am happy and proud of my 
experiences, ond my accomplishments at VMI. Stick it 
out Pete it will be well worth the troublei 

Four years seems to pass so quickly The Class of '87 will 
always be a part of me The VMI experience is some- 
thing that a person must accept, and live through, but 
especiolly grow through So many of my friends have 
not made it as far as I, and I miss them. Lucho, John, and 
Chipper, I wish you could stand with our class at gradu- 
ation First class year doesn't seem right without you 

To my parents and family I soy thank you for helping me 
through these difficult years. Carol without you I don't 
think I'd been able to stay sane. I love you. To my 
roommates Paul, and Kelley, we did it together, without 
you guys there would never have been any good 
times Chris and the Hotel rats hong in there, just three 
years to go, you made me proud. 

"If you correct a concieted man, you will only be insult- 
ed But if you correct a wise man, he will respect 

Proverbs 9:7-8 

Dykes: 1984 — Michael Kay 

1W0 — Matt Schworzmann, Jeff Kaster 

Dykes: 1984 — Doug Nichols 
1990 — Peter Mantz 

Dykes: 1984 — Matt "Psycho" Martin 
1990 — Chris "Dixie Cup" Dixon 

First Class 279 

Rick C. Heine 

Heiney. Ho 

Biology — Army 

Va^ Beach, Virginia 

Baseball 4. 3, 2, 1 Monogram Club 3, 2, 1: Ring Figure 
Band Committee 2. Pvt 4, 3. 2, 1, 54 Demerits in one 
Period Club 2, Cummings Conduct Pro Club 2. Cockpit 
Ranger 3, 2, 1, Rums Committee 2, 1 Early Stick Club 3. 
2, 1 

Robert L. Hinson III 

Mole Head, Dirk 
English Army — Armor 
Newport News, Virginia 

Pvt — 4. 3, 2, 1. English Society — 3, 2, 1:4 Year Army 
Scholarship, Great Herpes Scare of 1985-2, Major Mad- 
den Appreciation club — 3. 2. Connoisseur of the Ger- 
man Language — 4, 3, 2, 1, Apathy Club — 4, 3, 2, 1 

Vernon David Hoke II 

Weasel, Buddha, Controller 

Civil Engineering, Army — Infantry 

Waynesboro, Virginia 

Pvt. 4, Cpl, 3, Sgt 2, Lt 1, Academic Survival Club 4, 3, 
2, 1: Hook Activity Director 2, 1; Summer School 3, Club 
213, Spa 213; Studio 54; GOWBC 2, 1; IHY 4, 3, 2, 1; IHFY 
4, 3, 2. 1, Old Barracks 4, 3, 2, 1 Avoid Jammer At All 
Cost Club 4, 3, 2, 1 

OH Herbolife oh my God Most of us will remember 
Goynor, I mean Rick for his great love for nighttime 
activities and his personal relationship with Ma) Hodges 
S T S T I'll get oc stars. I wont to be on confine- 
ment — Matt I could always count on Rick to drop 
everything and take oft for a few cold ones whenever 
there was an early stick — Tim. 

If I was asked to write something about VMI 2 or 3 years 
ago it would hove been short and not very nice. Now 
that I can look back on it I've had some great times 
with some of the best people around Rood trips, party- 
ing at the ruins, boys night out. the cockpit, late night 
bull sessions. Hey I've had a blast VMI ts what you make 
it I'd like to thank my roomotes Tim, Steve, Bill, Matt and 
Lumpy for making \/MI what it's been Without you guys 
VMI would never have been as out of control as it was 
Ferg. Carl, Tom, Jack, thanks for the times, I'll miss them 
Gaynor thanks for sticking by me, you mean the world 
to me Jodi I'll get you a dote, I promise Mom and Dad I 
wish I could do more ftian just thank you I couldn't have 
asked tor any better support, you mode it all possible I 
love you both Rick C Heme 

Bob's four year of VMI were spotted with events and 
accomplishments which formed and reflected his atti- 
tude towards his codetship As a Rat, Bob learned re- 
sponsibility when his Dyke left his prized goldfish in Bob's 
care It died within two days After pleading guilty to 
the rm 141 Humane Soc , Bob was forced to eat the 
dead fish Naturally, as a third classmen. Bob chose not 
to eat what thirds were supposed to eat Finally, after 
two years of pride swallowing. Bob received his ring 
Somehow, as the legend goes, this ring turned him into 
some sort of god one night at Hollins 

Throughout his codetship. Bob strove to perfect his own 
version of the famed "three legged stool" His aca- 
demic drive was fuelled by the common belief thdt if 
something could be done later, why do it now'i' He 
loved the German language Militarily. Bob was consis- 
tent He maintained his rank for four consecutive years 
Bob's atheletic prowess earned him three letters in one 
year R.F and T. 

Bob has been o good friend to me during our term 
together He is someone I've found to be easy to relate 
to I could go on and on with heortfelf praise that I'm 
sure his family would love to hear I apologize It 
would've mode him nauseous — EAF 

Rather that enlisting in the Army out of High School I 
come to VMI with the hope of being commissioned as 
an officer upon gradudtion Even though I wasn't pre- 
pared for it, I chose to study Civil Engineering It hasn't 
been easy, but I'm all the better for it. 

Whether I write about the beginning of my codetship 
the middle, or the end. my family has been the largest 
and most important factor in drawing out the man. 
Mom. Ddd. dnd Jeff, without you, I would hove never 
made it this for I can't remember the last time I told you 
that I love you, but I do with all my heart 

My Brother Rats, What a Motley Crew! The one I'll best 
remember is my roommate Doug Insanity is a gift in on 
insane asylum. Stonewall looked out for us most of 
the time anyway. Who invented confunmenf Can girls 
be included? What ore you trying to soy? 

Vernon David Hoke III, Class of 20'>'> RAH Virginia Mil 

I've been I no hair from backl 

Dykes 1984 — Kemper "Beaner" Wharton 
1990 — Tom Slater Dave Yockel 

Dykes 1984 — Richard B. Baker Dykes 1984 — David H Parker Jr 

1990 _ Chris Lorlee IWO — Richard R Mehl, Jin Hyun Chong 

280 First Class 

Michael E. Hooper 

Hooper, Hoop. Soncho 

Modern Languages — Air Force 

Arlington, Virginia. 

Rat 4, Cpl 3, Pvt 2, 1, Deans Other List 4, 3, 2, 1; Marshall 
Awards Honor Guard 3; Spirit Squad 4; Arnold Air Soci- 
ety. 221. 121 Poke Fest Capt. 

Matthew C. Howard 

Matt. Sponge, 

Civil Engineering. USMC 

Tuftonboro. New Hampshire, 

Rat, 4, Cpl 3, Ops Sgt 2. 1st Bdtt, Cdr, 1. Semper Fidelis 
Society 2. 1. Cadre 3. 2. 1; Sport Parachute Club. 4. 
Bulldog. 3. 2. 1. ASCE. 2. 1. GOWBC, The Ten, 

Ralph Roundy Hudson Jr. 

Rock, Huddy, The Customizer 

English — U.S. Marine Corps 

Richmond, Virginia 

Pvt, 4. 2. 1. Cpl. 3. The Deon's Distinguished List 2. 1. The 
Dean's Extinguished List 4. 3. 2. Semper Fi Society 4. 3. 2. 
1: ASME 4. 3. 2. Summer School 4. 3. 2; Baldwin Week- 
end 2. 1 

The end is finally in sight Although there hove been 
many low points this Is ending on an upswing Nothing 
could hove been harder than to come to VMI otter my 
father's death, his last few words "Moke me proud " I 
feel I not only mode him proud, but also mom; thank 
you for tolerating the new Mike and being there for the 
really tough times Although the years here hove been 
anything but easy. I feel I have made myself proud, 
which should be the only reason anyone should go to 
VMI. The rough ride here hds been helped greatly by 
the boys in the room — Button, Bill, Bo, Baggins, and 
Roose. It never ends Pain or no pom the B Sing and 
Poke Fest, it all is greatly appreciated, thanks Stu, 
thanks for never letting me down "REACH THE BEACH" 
Jennifer, you have made my first class year, I love you 

Hoop, you joined us last year, and the trip wouldn't 
have been the some without you You have always 
been able to hold your own through everything, and 
you are alot more mature than most of the 21 year olds 
in the Corps You con and will be a fine pilot, following in 
the footsteps of the man you loved most, your father 
Good luck in the future, although I know that all your 
endeavors will be successful You're a great friend — 

Over the post four years, you have taught much From 
Bombay and Sambuca to Goldwings and hot tubs The 
many rood trips to Charlotte and Atlanta Maybe not. 
This Christmas! I know that in the future, you will excel as 
you have done here I am honored to be one of your 
closest friends Keep on riding any wove that swells — 

Nearing the conclusion of an eventful 4 years, I am 
really at a loss for words what to soy You have hu- 
mored me, taught me, angered me, and most of all, 
put up with me May life be adventurous and exciting. 
Semper FI! 

It's past Tops, and the ultimate deadline for these his- 
tories Here we sit, rushing to get them done That's 
typical VMI has taught me many things, the most im- 
portant being the value of friendship I won't forget the 
outstanding people I've spent (done?) my time here 
with, and to the Ten especially. Semper Fi. M & P, let me 
dedicate the past four years to you; thanks to you it has 
all been possible 

Live tree or die 

Thanks to my Brother Rats, especially my roomates: 
ABS, Keith, & Pete Mom & Dad & Family the financial 
support & interest in my codetship made the 4 years 
less of o burden for me. I finally proved that I wouldn't 
quit everything that posed d serious challenge, despite 
my post failures 

The bulk of my gratitude goes to Anne olthough we 
didn't share the first two years of college, the last two 
could've filled a lifetime Anne, you helped me through 
depression that I couldn't have conquered on my own. 
Not only hove you filled my life with |Oy, you have also 
shown me what love is The core, understdnding, pa- 
tience, tun, & hours of working out our problems & 
drying our tears, oil blend into one cherished memory of 
the months we've shared I won't let it end You are the 
one truly special person in my life & I love you with all my 

To my Rots I hope I helped y'oll gain the mofurity & 
perseverance needed to rise dbove & use the system 
to your advantage Mike be as aggressive with your 
opponents as you ore helpful to your Brother Rots 
Serge keep up your motivation, & use the intelligence 
that you hove to pull ahead of the crowd 

Goodbye VMI — Hello Semper Fi! RRH, Jr. 

Dykes 1984 — Carlos Zamora 

1990 — Barry Maxon (Buggy), Scott 

Dykes 1984 — Dave Pastonus 
1990 — Mike Manning 

Dykes 1984 — C. Foster, J Brinkley, T Amador 
1990 — S, "Romeo" Vespa. Mike Camp 



First Class 281 

Thomas Patrick Hurrell 

Smurf. Troll, Munchkin 

B.S. Biology — U.S. Army 

Martinsville, Virginia 

Chapel Choir 3,2,1. Baptist Student Union 4,3,2,1 B S.U 
Council 3,2,1 

Timothy Scott Jackson 

Scott, Hap, Stonewall, Hapster 

C.E. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 

Richmond, Virginia 

A.S.C.E. 4.3,2,1; Golf Team 4,3,2,1, Hooks 2,1, , Vice 
President 2,1, Gowbc 4,3.2.1; ; Rod and Gun Club 2,1; 
Old Barracks 4,3,2,1; Private 4.3,2,1; Zollman's Walking 
Wounded 4,3.2.1. Esfelle's Fan Club 4,3,2,1; Swagmas- 
ter 4,3.2.1. Dean's Other List 64 East- West Club 
4,3,2,1. Stang Club 1, Herald Trumpets 4,3,2,1. 

Roberto T. Jacquez 


Mathematics — U.S. Navy 

Prescott, Arizona 

Since coming here to VMI, I've had my good times and 
my bad times. Now that I soon sholl be leaving I will 
remember the good times with happiness and the bad 
times with distant pom so that my memory will be reali- 
ty I'll never forget VMI, it has done so much tor me 
Thank Mark, Tom, Sam. and Somkiot. You made the first 
year a little easier Thanks Mike, you are a good room- 
mate and friend Good luck on your marriage Mike S 
work hard, you've got a great future ahead of you To 
my girlfriend. Sdndy. I would like to say that you ore 
special to me and I care about you alot. Here's to us 

"What the ?" I can't ;Believe that it's al- 

most over. I hope that you never lose that attitude on 
life, even if it does get pretty crudy. But when it does, 
just remember; F.I.D.O." 

Hap. what a madman, rage and rattle your cage. It 
was fun and thanks for being there when I had to get 
out of the crazy house Drive on AIRBUD! JOB 
Hap, if it hadn't been for you. we would hove never 
mode it through the ratline Blood Brothers forever! Brod 
Hap, as hard as I tried, I could never tedch you the 
proper ways of the rack Remember that the sweat top 
goes on with the face to the front Al 
I was fortunate enough to have a great set of dykes to 
help me get through Rat year in one piece Wimp, Bum, 
Jim. and Blake, you guys were the best Al and Brad, it's 
been four long years, but we made it Scdry, I don't 
know how you did it but you put up with us tor three 
years. To the HOOKS, you guys ore animals! The CE 
Dept will never be the same 

I would like to thank my Grandmother for always letting 
me come to her house and my Aunt Nancy for always 
coming to get me to take me there. Most of all, I'd like 
to thank Mom and Dad, and my sister Carolyn, for 
without their support, I would ^a\/e never made if 
through here 

I can still recall sitting through numerous college cata- 
logues looking for an idedl institution of higher learning. 
For some reason, there were two VMI Bulletins Before I 
realized what was happening to me. I was on my way 
to a place I knew nothing about. A place where I had 
great expectations A place, however, that would" 
transform d boy of innocence and dreams to a man of 
cold reality (I've managed to preserve some of the 
youth) Disappointed? Well, not really My illusions of 
grandeur would eventudlly be destroyed, but the gain 
of knowledge and experience cannot be replaced. 
The people I hove met here hove taught me valuable 
lessons both good and bod. 

Now to the people I owe great gratitude. The early, 
Blinn, and Dozier families, tor without them my stay at 
VMI would've been more difficult My friends here, none 
equals the quality that I've yet encountered (you know 
who you are) And of course, my family Mom, Dad, and 
Vicky, without your support none of this would have 
ever happened God bless you all 
"Hey Maw, I finished my studying, can I go out and play 
now''" — Roberto Trinidad Jacquez 

Dykes 1984 — Robert Dale Jones 
1990 — Michael H. Swanson 

Dykes 1984 — 

Lee Wimbish 
- Mark Cunningham, 
Peter Wick 

Dykes 1980 

282 First Class 

Randy Kevin Janey 

Cherokee. Randolph, Running-Bull 

Jiology — Army — I Want To Be All I Can Be 

Surprising Suffolk, Virginia 

Charles Scott Jewell 

Scott, Jew-AI Baby-J, Bubbles, Cat-Bird 
Biolgy — Air Force 
AltaVista, Virginia 

Derrick A Jot~inson 

DJ, Freebird, Homeboy 
Civil Engineering — Army 
Prince George, Virginia 

PVT 4,3.2,1, Mountain Masochist Run Club 1 Track 3,2, 
Unlucky At Ft Lauderdale 3,1 Cope Cod Massacre 1; 
Hein Club 1.- Red Front Ranger 4: I Love Mole Club 1. 
Sport Parachute Club 4: Co-Chairman Ring Figure Fire 
Drill 2: London Pub Crawl 2. Cockpit Crew 3,2,1; Subway 
Slam 1; Maj. Lindsey Fan Club 2,1. 

Air Force 4,3,2.1, Football 4; Racquetbail Intramural Sin- 
gles And Doubles Ctiampion 2: Drug And Alcotiol Com- 
mittee 2.1; Academically Undistinguistied 4,3.2. 1 . Deans 
Other List 4,3,2,1, Arnold Air Society 2,1 Transportation 
Officer 1 Summer School 3.2.1; Chicago Rood Trip 2. 
Oak Leaf Clusters Band 4.3,2,1 

Pvt 4,3,2.1 Football 4,3,2,1 All-State 3 All-Conference 
3. Garland Gray Memorial Scholarship Award 3, Pre- 
season All American 4. Tri-Captain 4; ASCE 4,3.2,1 
"Hooks" 2,1 "Sergeant At Harms" 2,1 "Freebirds" 
4,3,2,1 "The Ghetto" 3.2.1 Summer School Club 4,3,2; 
Vice president of the QMD 

Randy — I still canl understand why you never drink 
enough to get intoxicated — I guess it's because you 
live on the edge The memories of the beach road trips, 
getting schooned — well it's been fun and I'm sure we 
will hove many more times to come. Have fun in the 
Army I really can't see! Sro 

There are no few words I con say to express the deep 
bond I feel with Randy He has been a fellow masochist. 
woman-hater, cynic and smartass for the entirety of 
our cadetship You'll never walk alone JWS '87 
It's hard for me to condense four years of friendship into 
a few lines, but I wont you to know that I hove grown to 
feel like a brother to you. and I can only look to the 
times we'll spend together JMC. 
Well. I don't want to trivialize the accomplishments 
we've mode or or the friendships, which will last long 
after our time here is over, by attempting to express my 
feelings in a few short lines Suffice it to say I am eternal- 
ly grateful to all my friends both here and at home (A 
special thanks to the Nurneys's) and lastly and most 
importantly to my Mom. without whose support and 
care I wouldn't be here today. 

Scott and I met a few days before cadre. Since then 
Scott has been a really nice guy and he would bend 
over backwards for anyone He stands up for anything 
he believes in. He's a gentlemen in all ways and can get 
(I don't know how) any girl he wants! Scott has charis- 
ma, motivation, and the will power to strive for his goals. 
I wished we had roomed together all four years Scott, 
remember to always follow me. cause I know where to 
go — CMS. I know this may sound off the wall, but back 
in 1974 I decided to come to VMI I was turned down 2 
years m a row. "Stuff Happens!" I was accecpted on 
the third try, NEVER SAY DIE! My cadetship has been on 
uphill battle, but the institute has made me proud, hon- 
ored and instilled self-discipline My mother! I love her so 
much' She has been my strenth. companion, best friend 
and advisor throughout my four years She has always 
believed in me I could never have made it without her 
The phone calls, goodie-baskets, letters were never- 
ending Thank you Mom and I Love You! Dad thanks for 
everything I owe you my first born! Tammy (T-T). how 
about Ring Figurei? Our years together were full of ups 
and downs, thank you for being there when I needed 
you the most. I Love you dear! Thanks to all my room- 
mates and instructors Adios VMI! Gotta strive on with 

It seems just like yesterday that I was a rot calling home 

begging my parents to let me come home , Now I'm 

glad they hod enough foresight to moke me stay To 

Joey Arturo and Mark, all I can say is it only gets better! 

Hang in there with both hands I'm sorry to Sam and 

Chris that I got you trapped all trapped into coming 

here, but in two short years you'll see that all the bull is 

worth it This goes to you too Joe H Phil R take care 

of these three next year 

To my roommates Troy. Chris, and Ricky thanks for all 

the good times. I hope we can get together some time 

in the future. I'll always remember the times we had at 


To my parents, who ore the energy source that kept 

me going all this time, I know that I should have done 

better but I hope you aren't ashamed of me 

To Jackie, the apple of my eye. I hope these lost two 

years hove been as happy for you as they have been 

for me. Maybe there is hope for us after all!! DAJ 

Dykes 1984 — Tex Marshall 
1990 — Jim Hynes 

Dykes 1984 — Dan "The Grinch" Grinnell 
1990 — Paul Quinn, John "Dude" 

Dykes 1984 — Thomas Lessing 

1990 — Bo Clark, AJ Johnson, M 

i 1 










First Class 283 

James Bowers Johnson 

John Chadwick Johnson 

Mark Kevin Johnson 

Beau, BJ , Beau-Beau, Bear?, Johnson 
English, French-Army 
Winchester. Virginia 

A — Head 

English — Army 

Rounoke Va 

Economics — Air Force 
Colonial Heights, Virginia 

Pvt 4,Cpl 3,Sgt 2,Batt s — 1 , Cadre 4,3,2, 1 Dean's List 4, 
Late Study 4, CPB 4,3,2,1, Treasurer 2, TCFC 3,2, Cadet 
Asst 1, DMS, Rock Painting Comm Rat Training 3, Ft 
Lauderdale 3,2, Pre-Law Society 3,2, JMU Weekender 
2.1 Ronald Reagan Lover 4,3,2,1, The Park 1, Civilian 
Puke/Quiche Hater 4,3,2,1. Mono 3, IHTFP 3! 

Pvt 4 Cpl 3 PVT 3, Sgt 2 PVT 2. Cdt Captain. A Co 
Comander. English Soc.4,3,2.1 ; Pre-Lavi/,3.2. pres 1. 
Deans List 3.2. 1. Great Social Disease of 256 cynic 4321 

Reg S-5 Lt , Cadet Public Relations Committee Chair- 
man, intramural Cross Country 3,2,1, Rugby 2; Private 
4,3,2,1, Lexington Summer Vacation 4,3.2; Ecto Con- 
tainment 21. Academically Extinguished. Great Pump- 
kin 1, Bomb Staff 

Never would I risk the education , unity . honor , sacri- 
fice, the diploma , the commission — the VMI experi- 
ence for anything 1 love VMI for its essence and the 
influences it hod on my life On 17 August 1983 I was 
indoctrinated info the proudest and most honorable 
men ever VMI challenged me with trials and tribulations 
that would test my knowledge skill, strength and pa- 
tience These influences molded dnd refined me into 
the man that I am today I am stronger I am educated 
I am willing and dble to accept the challenges of the 
future I have ocquired a sense of mission accomplish- 
ment, on impeccable sense of honor and a pride and 
thirst for service and duty to country (Russia Sucks!) 
Simply, the good and the bad dt VMI has been an 
overwhelming constructive force in my life The Virginia 
Military Institute is worth nothing but praise I wholly re- 
spect the Ideals and principles upon which VMI is based 
on Moather "I" I am indebted to you forever JBJ 
thanks Mom. Dad, Trevor, Becky, Holly, Danny, Jenny 
for such a wonderful family For all you have done for 
me Thdhks I love you all! To the countless others — 
Thanks! Tracy Thanks for the memorable times ILY i God 
bless I Carol Joy you don't wont mom too adopt you 
do you'' Lets work on it theni I luv the best P.T ever! JBJ 
God Bless the class of 1987/VMI! 

At the end of Rat year, people told me time and again 
not to room with my best friend Blissfully I ignored them 
and three years later, my best friend is still my room- 
mate What makes John so endearing, I think, are the 
idiosyncracies of his that must be dealt with every day 
The billion different face lotions, GQ wardrobe and finer 
points of culture we've oil been taught But under the 
bravado that has characterized John since I've known 
him IS the person that looks out for others and who 
strives for excellence within himself When his friends are 
in a bind, he'll be there to do whatever he can and no 
matter if its jumping out of airplanes or running mara- 
thons, he'll do the job right No doubt this dedicdtion will 
serve him well when he works with the legal eagles of 
the outside world To be o brother rat here all you hove 
to do is walk through the same door on the same day 
But John in his unique way has always been more than 
that, when we pass through limits gates, my most pleas- 
ant memories of VMI will not be of Brother Rot Johns on, 
but of my Brother, John — CEEIV '87 My Parents, grond- 
mofher, brother, ond the special person m my life — 
Thank you — JCJ 

Mark, thanks for being one of the few normal people I 
could talk to when this place got me down Your some- 
one I could diwoys count on if I ever needed anything 
(especially cleaning out of food boxes) You've taught 
me a valuable lesson on what marriage is all about and 
why it's not for me You of ledst got it all planned out 
and I know that you and Lee Ann will have a great 
future I feel safe knowing that the Air Force is getting 
the best Donut Aquisition Officer fhey could, a VMI 
man Good luck CJD 

Four long years of frustration are quickly coming to a 
happy ending The hard times, however, have been 
greatly outweighed by the good times though. My 
roommdfes could not hove been any better and with- 
out them VMI would have been unbearable Dykes. 
J H , F T , and G P I will see you walk occross the stage 
in 1990! Mom, you can put the camera away now, it Is 
finally over, thanks for everything Most of all, thanks 
must go to Lee Ann: without her, who knows what 
things would be like Thanks tor all the letters and sup- 
port, now it IS time for me to spoil you ' Da, I know you 
ore proud 

" I took the road less traveled and that has made all the 
difference." — R Frost, 

Dykes 1984 — Paul laderosa 

1990 — Mark Dick, Brian McCarthy 

Dykes 1988 

Dohnie Mitchell 

Dave Ratliff. Andy Kvasnika 

Dykes 1984 — Jim Scanlon 

1990 — J, Hunter, G Peck, F, 

284 First Class 

William B. Johnson 

Economics — Management Minor 
Franklin. Virginia 

Pvt 4,3.2,1. Golf 4,3,2,1: Cpt 1; Ring Figure Committee; 
Public Relations Committee, Society Of Young Econo- 
mists. Monogram Club; MBC Lovers Club; Ghetto Club 

Perry E. Jones 

Hillbilly. Redneck. Homeslice. P J, 

E.E, — Aviation 

Covington. Va. — The Mountian Playground 

Of Va, 

Virgin Private. I E E E 2.1. Treas 1. Rat Training. 3.1. Rod 
And Gun V Pres 2.1, GOWBC Estelie's Club; Dean's Otfier List. Room 111 Pink Belly Commit- 
tee. Short Circuit Club 

Scott Thomas Jones 

Jonsie. Scottie, Frankie, Chin 

Chemistry/Phsychology — Air Force 

Odkton. Virginia 

Cpl 3. Pit /Ops, Sgt 2. Echo Company Commander 1; 
Religious Council 3. 2(Treas).1(VP), American Chemical 
Society 3,2(V P ),1(Pres ), Rod And Gun Club 
2(Treas).1; Aviators Club 3.2(Sec ).1(Pies ), Drug And 
Alchohol Committee 3,2.1. Officer's Christian Fellowship 
2.1. Club 20 3.2,1, Unauthorized Late Study Club 2.1; 
Calvin And Hobbes Fan 1 

Since matriculation day. Brad and I have roomed to- 
gether and shared what VMI calls an experience Trying 
to make a good time out of everything the Institute 
dealt with was our way of coping, and I can sincerely 
say that we had a damn good time doing it During our 
rot year we always seemed to be at the some place at 
the same time, and often upperclossmen confused us 
for one another This identity crisis provided much 
amusement for Brad and me (well, at least for Brad, as I 
was worked out for being the "laughing rat" and Brad 
was hailed for being a fine banjo picker) Now. Brad is 
responsible for many of my firsts, which I must soy made 
my education here a little more well rounded, or well 
curved anyway But more importantly, a little of that 
Brodly confidence and competitiveness rubbed off on 
me. which I feel I had lost somewhere along the line 
These things I have mentioned might seem trivial to 
some, but I don't think anyone couid argue the impor- 
tance of a true friend That is exactly what I hove 
gained in Brad Johnson Good luck with your first "mil". 
and no matter what anyone else soys. Bill is the one 
who talks funny KCM 

To MOm. Dad. and Lizonne Thanks for everythingi Brad 

Perry was a friend friends I could always count on him 
when things are bod as well as good. We were the 
madmen more than once and I'm sure it will continue 
Drive on Airborne! J C Bunn 

Perry, your sense of humor often mode the best of a 
VMI day You're a man Honk Jr said "country boys 
could survive " You will undoubtedly prove that they 
will prevail Thanks Perry, it was fun, N J N 
P J . I owe you a lot of thanks after the last three years 
You've always been there for me — willing to socrefice 
your time and help me out I know you'll go far because 
you put your heart into everything you do I wish you 
and Kim oil the luck in the world R D S 
My experience and feelings of VMI i will not attempt to 
explain I hope that for the rest of my life I can be 
surrounded by people as fine as Cliff, Robb, and Neal. 
Thanks Boys' VMI has caused me to coll on my family a 
great deal, they have never failed me My apprecia- 
tion for my family is endless God bless them Kim, you 
hove been at my side through thick and thin and you 
hove managed to moke every moment special Thank 
you forever and a day. Mr and Mrs "p ", thank you for 
all you've done! Trip, I was proud to be your dyke Don't 
ever lose your sense of humor, else this place will drive 
you mod 

"I will come home in one of two ways, either with a 
diploma or in a body bag " It is hard for me to believe 
that it ohs been more than three years since I told my 
father that on August 17 1983 1 never would have been 
able to keep my word without my family's support. 
Mom and dad, I wish my limited vocabulary could ex- 
press how greatful 1 am for your sacrifices to make this 
possible, not only my education, but my overall life 
Carolyn and Nancy, 1 could not ask for better sisters 
though it goes unsaid too often. I love you oil I hope I 
have mode you proud 

To Ernie and Bill, thanks for putting up with my late study 
hours and general wierdness. I would also like to thank 
the people I do not get along with as you have taught 
me patience and more Mom Caudell and Col and 
Mom Hammond, thank you for your friendship, love, and 
help It made life much easier Chaplin. Thank you for 
your patience and guidance as well as your hugs 1 
never claimed to be perfect, but I would have been so 
much worse without you and the Lord Debbie, thanks 
for being a sister rat! To the Highschool teachers and 
peers who said ! would never make it. thank you for the 
laugh 1 am enjoying now Mom and Dad. save the 
bodybag for someone else, I'm bringing home our di- 

Dykes 1984 — Joe McCormic. Mark Davis 
1990 — Tim Edvi/ords, Rob Rams 

Dykes 1984 — Henry Simpson 

1990 — Samuel Grady "Tripp" 

Dykes 1984 — Tom Appleton 

1990 — Leon Altmon. John Jordan 

First Class 285 












Michael Amos Jussila 

Juice, Mickey, Jahoosilla 

Physics — Navy Nul<e 
Harwich, Massochussetts 

Corporal 3, Sergeant 2, Lieutenant 1 Firefigtiters 3,4, 
Circle K 4, Second Class Car Club 2. Number One Club 
2, Baldwin Road Crew 3,2,1, JMU Rood Crew 1: Deans 
List 4,3,2,1 SPS Honor Society2,1, MBC Part-time Stu- 
dent 3,2,1 Pee Wee Club 3,2,1 Col, John Fan Club 2, 
Mallory Hall Happy Hour 4,3,2,1 

Robin Andrew Kestner 

Andy, Alex, NNNNN 
Civil Engineer — Armor 
Waynesboro, Virginia 

ASCE 3,2,1 Concrete Canoe 3, BOMB Staff 4, Pistol 
Team 2, Captain 1 Summer Fun 3,2,1 All Pro 3, Virgin 
Pvt 4,3,2,1 AHS 2,1 IHTFP 4,3,2,1 Blue Lights \: Audi- 
ence 2, PLMC 2,1 

Denis Josepin Kiely III 

Sybil. Plate 

History — Naval Aviation 

Springfield, Virginia 

President RDC 1 Meat Squad RDC 4; Gordy Caulkin's 
Bruisers, Don White Intramural Baseball; Summer School 
4,3,2,1 Room's Hat Recipient 4; Survivor Numerous 
Corps Trips — Days — and Weekends!; Member Class 
of 1987! 

Well. The End is finally near An end that three years ago 
seemed to be on eternity away What hove these last 
four years at VMI been to me'' Interesting to soy the 
least Rat year with the never ending Rat line, but of 
course the highlights of Twin Falls and Goshen with the 
dykes Third class year went by with its dredges and of 
course that mam highlight of meeting Tanya It's been 
tun ever since second class year came in with a thud 
Our activities during graduation of third class year put 
us on number ones for the first semester But of course 
there was Ring Figure, our only highlight that year And, 
of course, first class year The year everyone strives for 
but has come short in expectations For a year that 
everyone expects to be so easy has turned out not to 
be so But at leost there was there wos the accep- 
tance into nuclear power school. I hope this year has a 
turn for the better To Mom and Dad, thanks for every- 
thing you have given to me and done for me Without 
the support, things would have been much harder To 
Allison and Emily, thanks for all the mail to brighten up 
the days To oil my roommates, well guys its time to say 
bye And of course, last but not least, to Tonya Without 
you being with me through oil of those times this final 
goal would hove been unattainable To you I give my 
final thanks and love MA, J 

Thanks to Dad. Mom. Roger. Unks. Aunts. Grandmdw. 
Good Luck BR 's, SpecidI Friends (you know who you 
ore) thanx for being there To Mary (AKA Friend. Wife. 
Companion, Mother. Letter Sender) I love you Our Day 
is here Dykes, make me proud 
Goodbye Mother"l". no love lost! 

I could never sum up my personal version of the VMI 
experience, however. I'd have to say that I found it 
totally rewarding From the dread of the Ratline, con- 
finement. PT's. and terrible grades, to the radical twist 
of freedom in the form of Corps trips, weekends and 
even Estelle's, I could never forget the pain and glory of 
it all. Hey, believe it or not, but compared to whot we 
gained m hardship, sacrifice, and friendship, eight 
months and a day even seems fair! 
Yet more important than the times, are the guys I did 
the time with. DJ. Buzzdrd. Blowfish. Rennie. Tuba. Jew. 
Bambino. Plate, Larry. Dog. Took. Lucky, (So Lucky). 
Denny. Rob, Barnyard, and all Plates. Homeboys. and 
BR's.. just remember — we be bad! If you ever need 
help — just remember my advice, sit back, be cool. 
and tell yourself and your homeboys — to be just o lil' 
mo' careful! 

Well Plates, this is where we part company, yes, it's the 
big kiss-off, so adios amigos, viva Plates!, or should I say, 
"Plate go braugh!" You guys, we'll meet again, and fill 
in on "Sup"' So meet me in the back of Moody — I'il be 
the guy under the table! Aloha Fellas!! 
To all the people who supported me in my quest — 
thanks — for all the kicks, pats, and advice, especially 
Mom and Dad 

Dykes 1984 — Jeffery L. White 
1990 — Dovid A George 

Dykes 1984 — Jon Hugh, Andrev*/ Williams 
1990 — B, Tote, R. Uhrochuk. R. 

Dykes 1984 Taylor "Lucky" Smcllwood 
1990 Othello Coleman. Chunky 



286 First Class 

Robert Bradford Kinn 

Brad, Bradsie 
History — Air Force 
Danviiie, Virtginia 

Second Class Car Club; Arnold Air Society officer 2,1; 
Scuba Club 2,1; Naaval Aviators 3,4; Vrvll Firefighters 2; 
r?od And Gun 1; Dean's List 2; Sgt 1, Natcow Road 
Crew, 1; Oak Leaf Cluster. 

John Klossen 

Bert Klaus, Bones 

Economics — Armor 

Fishkill. New York 

Pvt. 4,3,2, 1 ; Soccer 4,3; Monogram Club, Rat Training 1 , 
HMWHC 2,1, Number One Club 2; Mallory Hall Happy 
Hour 3,2,1; Col Cummings Hitlist Fan Club; JMU Road 
Club; MBC Road Crew, Firefighters 2,1 

Andrew Vladimir Korol 

Blowfish, Russian, Boris, Andy 
English — Army, Armor 
Rochester, New York 

Pvt, 4, Cpl, 3, Sgt, 2, 2Lt 1, Cadre 2, Tanker Pit 3; PX 
Potato Club 4,3,2,1; New Market Death March 4,3,2; 
Airborne School 2; Rock and Blues Society 4,3,2,1; SCSC 

When the time comes to write about your feelings for 

VMI, words ore hard to find The experience of the past 

four years has helped me to appreciate the things I 

took for granted Now the time has come to tell the 

people I love just how I feel Mom and dad hdve been 

wonderful in there support I remember the lump in my 

throat the ddy I left for the ratline They never failed to 

give me their support and love when I needed them 

most. Mom and dad. Hove you 

No one con ever tell a friend how important he is or 

what he means to you, especially in a place where 

noone makes it alone. Al, Hap, and Scary, my best 

friends, hove mdde it possible for me to moke it 

through. The hardships we went through have pulled us 

together for life. 

I was fortunate to love a woman who believed in me 

and supported me when I was struggling to survive 

here. For her love kathy has my heart 

Finally, I thank the Lord for tdking the weight from my 

shoulders dnd carrying me when I was to weak to make 

it on my own. 

Good luck Mark, I know you can moke it! 

We're just two lost souls 
swimming in a fish bowl 
year offer year, running 
over the same old grounds 
Whdt hove we found'' 
Same old fedr 

wish you were here Pink Floyd 

It's so difficult to sum up four years at VMI. The laughter 
and tears abound as do the friends I hove mode You 
ore the best group of friends I could hove The true 
measure of friendship lies not only in the good but also 
remains for the bad times We hove served edch other 
well in oil dccounts Mike, otter three years, it's safe to 
soy you ore my best friend Doug, Tim, kevin, you guys 
ore great, expect to hear from me Paul, Gerry, Fish, 
Gorp, Pecker, PJH, a wrecking crew to be reckoned 
with Deborah, Tanya, Emily, et al, thanks for letting me 
be myself Mere words cdn't express my thanks To the 
Jussila's, Messner's, and Garst's, thanks for everything 
Mama and Popd, VMI was good times dnd bad times 
The sacrifices you made and the lessons you taught me 
won't soon be forgotten. I love you more each day I 
hope I mode you proud. Thanks Patty. Gertrude, and 

The best move (next to the Marines) was moving in with 
Andy after Rat year. I could not have moved in with d 
better guy We hod our good times and bad times os 
roommates, but it's being able to stroighten them out 
thot mode the difference I could certainly do that with 
Andy Besides, who would I pick on if Andy weren't 
dround? I'll miss the hell out of you as well as the rest of 
room 139 To Patfon's only successor: Good Luck and 
keep on rock'n KRV 

It wds day no. 3 of Cddre when they brought Andy into 
our humble abode of room 452. Since then he has been 
at my side through the good ds well as the bad. My 4 
years of VMI hove come and gone, but the times I had 
with Andy will always remain with me. SMO. 
Andy and I met over clossical music and hdve been 
best friends ever since To my great roommate and 
lover of imported Japanese noodles, all the luck God 
con bestow upon you kDB. 

VMI hos challenged me in countless wdys. I have 
learned much here frome the importonce of persever- 
ance, to the meaning of friendship in it's truest sense. 
Most importantly, VMI has instilled in me an uncompro- 
mising sense of personal honor I will cherish the memo- 
ries of my codefship always Mom and Ddd, thanks for 
all of your understdnding and support, I hove boundless 
love and respect for both of you always. 

Dykes 1984 — John C. Cummings, Kenny 

Werres Dykes 1984 — Chris Murnane 

1990 — Mark J. Eyre 1990 — Ken Markwalter, Mike Rivinius 

Dykes 1984 — Mark A. Hooker 

1990 — Ki-Sung "Keith" Ahn 

First Class 287 

Dean A. Kratzenberg 

Kratz. Kat, J.R-, Radar 
Physics — Army (Infantry) 
Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania 

Robert Payne Lannom 

Original Rudy, Eistein 

History — Navy Surface Warrior 

Lebanon. Tennessee 

Edward Curtis Ledford 

Det. Ledhead, Ed. Leddyedford, Sledgeford 
English — Army (Infantry) 
Asheville. North Carolina 

3RD BIN S-4 1, PLT SGT 2. Corporal 3. Rot 4. Rat Foot- 
ball A, Rugby 2. Deans List 4,3,1. Who's Who 1, Sigma PI 
Sigma 2,1, Society of Physics Students 4,3,2,1 (Pres.), 
VMl Theatre 4,3,2. 1 . VMI Theatre Staff 3.2. AUSA 4,3,2, 1 ; 
Rat Training 4,3,2,1 Public Relations Committee 2,1, 
College Democrats 4 (mascot) 3,2 

Trident Society 1, Semper Fidelis 4, Summer School 
4,3,2,?, Deans Other List 4,3, Clean Plate Club 1, Friday 
Night Cocktails 2,1; Thursday Night Rums Club, McCar- 
thy's Home For Hungry Campers 3,2,1, Private 4,3,2,1: 
Parade Shammer 1; Red Front Ranger 3, 

BSU 4.3,2,1; Corporal 3, REGT SGT 2, BATT S-4 1, Private 
1 , Rot Training 4,2,1, Barracks Rappeling Team 3, English 
Society 3,2,1; Den Men 3,2,1, Free and Accepted Ma- 
son 1, Deans List 2 

Although Dean was not always the most liked fellow 
around, 1 never hod any quarrels with him except that 
he was from Pittsburgh, was a Physics major, had good 
grodes, hdd rank, etc Actually Dean was a charac- 
ter. I liked his lava lompi Seriously, Dean will go far in life- 
He is well organized and knows what he wants And 
hey! Karen is a great girl, he better never lose her, I am 
sure he won't 1 wish them both the best You know, this 
place reminds me of Castle Wolfenstem. but I think we 
have made if "Schweinhundi" KRD 11 
God, four years have already passedl I never thought it 
wouldl Dean came here on the spur of the moment 
and I do not think he hds ever regretted it Through the 
years I have seen his problems and his triumphs, yet no 
matter what happened he would fake it in stride and 
drive on He had a lot of support from his family for 
which he always has been grateful, and then there's 
Karen! Why she stuck with him, I'll never knowi I hope all 
turns out well tor them both In closing. Dean thought 
ofVMI as his home, he loved it from that first drive 
through limits gates and I don't think anything will sepa- 
rate the "I" from Dean, nor will he ever forget what 
went on in these 4 walls It's been great. 

Payne and I definitely hod a lot of good times He made 
my cadetship a lot of fun Payne never complained, he 
was always in a good mood and was always good for a 
million laughs either of Zollomans or in the room I'm sure 
my parents are going to miss his frequent visits to Lynch- 
burg JTM '87 

Payne Lannom. so everybody from Tennesse is not a 
bumkin That H O took us to some beautiful chow ses- 
sions Payne and 1 had to hold down the room with Jock 
and Mat flying off in 20 directions. OK Payne your turn to 
hif the stop IN DGF '87. 

Payne kept me laughing from rat year on He could 
laugh and joke about himself as well as others, which is 
something not many con do He was always ready and 
willing to go somewhere or do something on the spur of 
the moment, which we often did to break up the rou- 
tine and keep things interesting He can party with the 
best of them which I soon discovered on our many road 
trips to various schools Thanks for everything and keep 
the party going NWP 87 

To my Mother, Father, Cindy, Tara, Grandmother 
thanks for your love and support To the "I" I con say it's 
been worth it To my friends in 126, 152. "H". Jay and 
the rest, keep in touch RPL '87 BYE 

The post four years have taught me more about myself 
than perhaps 1 core to know — I know how little I know. 
It's been a rollercoaster of emotions what seemed like 
years has passed like days, as does life Sometimes I felt 
like "I hope I die before I get old" but I guess it's not 
really wanting to die, buf to stoy young until then The 
most cherished things I have from VMI ore my friends 
that I could turn to no matter what — through oil the 
bad here, there is enough good to make up for it. and I 
guess that made it worthwhile 

My Mother and Father — I can't even begin to say how 
grateful I am for everything you hove given me To my 
Father — My goal in life is fo be half the man. the father, 
you hove been, fo represent the morals of our fraterni- 
ty. Masonry, a traction that you hove To my Mother — 
if 1 con give of myself to others like you have, then I will 
hove done well Charles, my brother, even though the 
letters were few. what they contained was over- 
whelming — you ore a success, a role model 
So It is over here, buf the memories are never over, if 
was good and bdd Tim. Rob, goodluck with your pur- 
suits, thanks for the friendship. Kenny Walsh, you are the 
boy — Be good 

Dykes 1984 — Don Komara & Steve Patten Dykes 1984 — Jeff "Rotman" Morris 

1990 _ Scott Mead & Brad Steverson 1990 — Eddy Sebrins, Burrel Sullivan 

Dykes 1984 — James K Dixon 

1990 — Charlie "Otis " Greene 

288 First Class 

Gerald R. Ledlow 

Jerry, Bear, Monster, Sledgelow, Lead. Slug 
Economics — Army 
Woodbridge, Virgina 

Football 4,3,2, Track (Indoor & Outdoor) 4,3,2,1; Red- 
front Ranger 4,3, Monogram Club 3,2,1, Airjammer 
4,3,2,1: Investment Club 1, Under Protest Corporal 3, 
Society of Young Economists 3,2,1 Pirate 4,2,1, 
H.M W H,C 2,1; Slug's Nest 3,2,1; Spadesmasters 3,2,1 

Jean Phillippe Lemaire 

Woodchuck, Iceman, Kabouter, Scrounge, 


Modern Language — Army 

Rijswijk NL and West Palm Beach, Florida 

Fencing 4,3,2,1; Cadet Waiters 1, Cadet Asst 2,1, Air- 
borne 4, Ring Construction and Design 3,2, Mo) Hanly's 
Slugs Club 2, Unauthorized Car Club 2, Rugby 1, 200 
Corner 3,2,1, Randy Mac Rdiders 3,2,1, In pursuit of girls 
& booze 4,3,2,1; Booze Crew 2,1, Private 4.3,2,1; Laid 
Bock 4,3,2,1, Col. C "Bad Cadet" Club; No Morals 

Richard Driggs LeMay 

Rich, Smilie 
Biology — Army 
Salem, Virginia 

Pvt 4,3,2, 1 , OGA 1 , Illegal Car Club 2, 1 , Number 1 Club; 
Bathroom Literature Supplier 3,2,1; Sport Parachute 
Club 3, Academicdily Distinguished 4,3,2,1,0; Salem 
College Rood Crew — Whenever Possible; Copt, Will- 
cockson Fan Club 1. Summer School Stud 

Being a Slug's Nester for 3 long years I have been mu- 
tated by such persons as Buttsouce Butler, Bran "Newt" 
Bronnigon, Nugget Peckham and Fish Robinson There 
ore many stories, most of which can't be mentioned, 
but it all boils down to; Would you let us go out with your 
only daughter'' Living on whatever we could get into, 
even hours of any and all procrastination devices 
known to man we somehow got this far but hey look at 
us now, well let's continue Fellow Slug Nesters and 
H.MW.H.C. members just remember. If you don't care 
where you are, you aint lost This especially goes for 
Gorpo, Meat and Big Bad Bert — you sicko. Well it has 
been 4 long years, just about everything at the "I" But it 
was well worth it Many friends and many good times 
hove made all the BS here worth it Starting on 17 
August in 1983 we came together and on 16 May, 1967 
we are let out, watch out world! Many times we Slug's 
Nesters went out on limbs but we always came bock 
alive. Hope we con get back together someday to 
remember our fun time here but more importantly, to 
outdo ourselves at all times Keep up the good work 
Slugs dhd someday we will be condemned The light's 
at the end of the tunnel so let's go put it out. At least 
now we can cause trouble for the rest of the world. Go 
Calvin — get wide 

This is it. four years hove passed and my stay at the "I" is 
over It has been one of the best experiences of my life 
even though at times I hated it. I guess in a place like 
this you hove to take the bad times in stride with the 
good, even the bad times can be good 
Memories, how long con you stay to haunt my ddys. So 
many games we played through every fleeted sum- 
mer, through every precious day Her ways ore always 
with me I wonder all the while, but please forgive me, I 
am old but still a child — Queen — 
I hdve pdid my dues, 1 have done my sentence I have 
had my share of sand kicked in my face, but I have 
come through It is time to set me free 
To close my history I would like to thank my parents for 
their endless patience and support, Myriom for your 
letters, 439-crew you are the best, Jo, Spud, Kevin, 
Gonz, Pete, Tripp, Rm, 171, Brooks, Steve, Rondy, Mac- 
Crew and Class of 87 To my roomates Lek and Rob, I'll 
olwdys be there, I'll miss you To my dykes Tim and 
Carlos, go for it, remember a codetship is what you 
make of it Cherish it, before you know if, it is over and 

When you close your eyes and picture Rich, you would 
hdve to soy he is the model to which first class privates 
try to emulate That is, of course, all except his distin- 
guishing high'n tight haircut his passion for Coach 
Stockwell's afternoon aerobics classes his addiction 
to summer school and as long as we ore rolling, his 
openness fo friendly, but certified guard team mem- 
bers Okay, so perhaps he's not the phenomenon that I 
stated earlier Rich is, however, a survivor He has never 
succumbed to the endless barriers which hove at- 
tempted to to impede his graduation Although he will 
not be graduating with us, he will forever be a member 
of the class of 1987, and a friend to all I wish him the 
best of luck next year, and in the times to come — 
which I hope include Alice N/IEC 
What is VMI really like'' I hod asked myself numerous 
times before I matriculated Now I know . some 
good, some bad, but always remembered I have to 
thank two beautiful ladies for the love and understand- 
ing they have given me Mom, you've been great The 
only way a son can repay his mother is to succeed — 
Watch mel Alice without you I would have left the 
Institute many times For who you are and what you 
have given me, I cannot ask for more Brother Rots — 
Farewell, RDL ill 

Dykes 1984 — Tom Carboni (154) 

1990 — J, Hubbard and G, Thompson 

Dykes 1984 — Wilson Enochs 

1990 — Carlos Fernandes & Tim Sullivan 

Dykes 1984 — Sammy Lowman 

1990 — Dave "JAFR" Bender 

First Class 289 

John Frazier Lightner 

Builet-Head, LIght-Head, Sir John 

History — Army Infantry 

Marion. Ohio 

Henry T. Loving 

Rip, H.T. 
Economics — U.S. Air Force 

Mark Edwin Lund 

Pillsbury, Blocl<er, Jr.. The Magician 

Karate Club 4. Pistol Team 4,1. Third Class Editor '85 
Bomb Staff, Combat Engineer Platoon 3. Ranger Pla- 
toon 2. Writer Cadet Staff 3,2, 1 Ring Figure Connonball 
Crew 2, Ausa Sgt at Arms 1, Rugby 1, Mollies 1; Asso- 
ciate Editor 87 Cadet 1 

Private 4,3,2,1. Cross Country 4,3,2,1; Track 4,3.2.1. 
Captain Cross Country 2,1, Investment Club 1, Mono- 
gram Club 1. Arnold Air Society 2,1, Society of Young 
Economists 1 

Naive 4: Clueless 3,2, In sync 1, Kaempfte Schwerkraff 
3,2,1, Damn Yankee 4,3,2, 1 , RFT Stud 2, 1 : The Taxi. YITB 
4,3.2,1, Virgin Private 4,3.2.1, Scuba 1: IHTFP 4,3,2,1; 
Debate 1 

I met John the first day of my cadetship We were co- 
dykes as well OS in the same company Third class year 
we became roomotes and best friends John has 
taught me much, how to shoot, how to moke an Olds 
'88 handle like an SL, and how to get away with wreak- 
ing havoc and breaking rules without once getting 
caught John has proven himself an exemplary cadet 
Participating in many extra-curricular activities, while 
maintaining a respectable GPA His unselfishness is un- 
poroiled Thanks for helping, and pushing me through 
the ratline May your life be as rewarding as possible. 

The Institute is an investment of efforts that like any 
investment, take time to mature and realize a gam 
Only the future will know what effect the VMI experi- 
ence has made on me Presently I con say my time here 
may not have typified the traditional collegiate mynh, 
but I can also say I have learned much more than could 
be offered in any textbook My folks get the real honor 
for putting up with my tenuous life as a cadet 

It's Finally time to say good-bye to the Institute The 
fellings I have about VMI run very deep I must soy that I 
will never regret going to VMI for it has been an incredi- 
ble experience Rather than ramble on about VMI I 
would like to take this opportunity to recognize those 
special people m my life who made it all possible, A very 
special thanks to Coach Keeler, the Meyers, Berrys, 
and Bowens, Mr Sommo and last but not least Bill Car- 
rol The impact you havr had on my life has made all the 
difference You were always there when I neede you 
and you believed in me, I hope I hove made you proud 
I love you 

To all my friends. Brother Rots, dykes, teachers, team- 
mates, and coaches Thanks for everything I will be 
forever grateful! 

I don't really know why I chose VMI or returned time and 
time again I was told by father" If it's half as bod as you 
were told, you'll be in trouble, don't worry!" Well it 
turned out to be all of if and mote Eight months of hell, I 
look upon VMI as a mountain It's been a long hard 
climb with rockfall and bod weather all the way It's to 
the summit or plummet, and I hove scaled this one, and 
now I look toward other mountains It is not the end, but 
rather a vision of many possible routes I see I now have 
the background which is available only at VMI As I look 
back I'm glad I did it I've learned a lot, but I would not 
do If ogam The real credit for my success goes to my 
family Thanks mom and dad for all your support, finan- 
cial and moral Thanks Sharon for alwys being there 
your a fine sister Thank you Grandma for your support 
and prayers I love you all greatly Thanks Tree (km426) 
for all your support and time on the phone, you're a real 
brother Thanks to Rich, with whom I've shared the free- 
dom of the hills You will be forever on belay Thanks to 
all my other friends who have put up with my incessent 

"Shattered my glass ere half the sands had run, I hold 
the Heights I hold, I hold the heights I've won" Eifer 
What you said I'd never do, I've done! Mark 

Dykes 1984 — Kurt Weitz, Bill Janice, C Criss 
1990 — Shane Walters. Richard Pan 

Dykes: 1983 — Jamie Call 

1990 Hayes Penn Stephen Yarbrough 

Dykes: 1984 

Phil Corbo 

Joe Grealish. Dennis Dupras 

290 First Class 

Bradley J. Maak 

Sloth, Sleestack 

History — Navy 

Westfield, New Jersey 

Rat 4. Cpl 3, Sgt 2, S-4 Lt 1 Rat Training 3, Trident 
Society; College Republicans: VMI Firefighters 1 

James Alexander Mallls 

The Greek, Jam 
History — Army 
Roanoke, Virginia 

Football 4,3,2,1; Circle K 2,1, Private 4,3,2,1 

Kenneth Leighton Marsh 

Hoople, Tramp, Duke et bean Mechanical 

Engineering — Navy 


Sports Medicine Staff 4,3,2,1; ASME 4,3,2,1, Monogram 
Club 2,1; Troll Ville, Knight et Bean, Club 37, Number one 
club; Owen Curley Fan, IHMC; James Bright School of 
Drinking, Cell Block MB, Navigation Stud, Red Whale Pilot 

Brads trek from Westfield to VMI has been long and 
successful He has earned the respect of his brother rats 
and taught his roommates the meaning of true friend- 
ship. He will do well both in the Navy, and whatever else 
he undetakes. KPS 

Describing four years of VMI life is a very difficult thing to 
do. When one first arrives he feels fear, then pride, then 
despair of how long he still has to go With the coming 
of the ring and first class year, all previous emotions 
leave and hope springs eternal Along with the educa- 
tion and the sense of honor one leaves VMI with there is 
a bond between friends that is stronger here than any- 
where else, and I could not leave without saying thanks 
to those who meant the most Danner, Mike, Kent and I 
have roomed together for the better part of three 
years. Not through the best conditions, but it was still 
enjoyable, and I wish you the best I also must thank Bill, 
my old rat roommate, with whom I have spent all my 
weekends at MBC We said we would never get 
hooked on one girl, it looks like we did. Might as well 
enjoy it, and good luck! BJM '87 

When I came here in 1983 I hod asperotions of playing 
football I ended up playing football for myself The 
ofheletic department, it's your loss I never really got 
into the ratline business It didn't phase me Maybe I 
should have gone to a real college, but I don't know if I 
hove missed out on college life There are no answers 
to that question, only opinions Third class year came 
around, and I entered the academic ratline, it won. I 
also learned how other colleges operated, as I was 
able to take weekends I thought weekends started on 
Friday Oh well! I still put up with all this mickey mouse 
stuff and before I knew it I was wearing the ring Now 
I'm in my last year, and! would like to thonk my family for 
putting up with all my complaining, my roommates Carl, 
and Jack the crazy nut We hove hod some memora- 
ble occasions together I could expound on them, but 
that would take a while Finally I hope this place can 
get out of reverse gear and catch up with the rest of 
the real world one day 

"Even time the father of all, cannot undo what has 
been done, whether right or wrong." — Pindar — 

Ah Bartleby, Ah Humanity Melville When I began my 
college experience, I was told I would meet some truly 
unusual people I hod no idea I would live with one Ken I 
met you on that fateful August day and fhe good times 
have rolled along like our sweat on that hot day You 
have had your hard times, but it is the laughter I will 
remember I wonder now if it was all real, did we really 
do those crazy things? Was that just steel heads you 
were fishinf for at the pep rally"^ Only you Ken only you. 
In this sea of adversity, monotony, and restriction you 
hove rolled with each wove with little more than a slight 
sigh To ask how you could hove token so much is to 
oskwhy why the sky is blue, some things just ore. Now it 
IS time to leave these waters and soil on seas of our 
own To tell your history, which reads like a Who's Who 
bonesheet, is impossible Your roommies agree, you just 
can't soygood-bye to a friend and a brother Club 37 
will sorely miss you Thurber said it best you ore "the 
undefeated, the unscrutoble to the lost" OJC 
VMI has never been easy but it made me a ME To my 
parents and brother, you always supported me, even in 
rough times I love you and thank you. To Pig, Z, Al, 
Manuel, trainers, and roommies thanks tor the good 

Dykes: 1984 — Mark Sossi 

1990 — Sean Duffy, Karl Povirers 

Dykes, 1984 — Holman Waters 

1990 — John P. Washington 

Dykes 1984 — Michigan G 
1990 — Al K. Barr 



First Class 291 

Joseph Samuel Massie III 

Joe. Massie 

English — Army Field Artillery 

Richmond, Virginia 

President College Republicans 1, VicePresident Pre Law 
Society 1 Chairman Career Fair 1, Member Cadet In- 
vestment Group 1. Cpl 3, Officers Christian Fellowship 
2.1;Society of Young Economists 1. Promaji Club 4,3.2.1, 
Timmons Society 2, 1 

Michael W. Maxwell 

Max, Pig, Pisspiglet, Madmax, Yellowmon 

EE — Army Artillery, Signal, Reserves 

Suitiond, Maryland 

Track 4,3,2, Captain 1,Promaji Club 4,3,2, President 1. 
Monogram club 4,3,2,1, Pvt 4,3,2, Lt 1, '87 Social Com- 
mittee. FCA Wheats 4,3,2,1, Life 3 November 1965 to 
the present, inmate 4,3,2,1, Geekbusters 4.3,2.1 

John T. McCarthy 

Jack. McFly 

History — Army Armor 

Lynchburg, Virginia 

Hop & Floor 4,3,2,1. Public Relations Committee. Rat 
Training 3. Breakfast Club. Number One Club. Pvt Cpl 3. Summer School 4.3.2; Friday night cock- 
tails 2.1 

It is definitely a fine day in Virginia! Four years ago I 
decided that I wanted something different in my col- 
lege experience I was seeking the extrordinory. and a 
challenge i received both the challenge, as well as an 
extrordinory means of obtaining my education That is 
only part of VMI. the Institute is structured so that one 
can not merely scratch the surfdce of his abilities, but 
dig deep if he is to survive This instills a passion for 
excellence, an expectation of potentiality, and a re- 
lentless desire to reflect what one learns in a leadership 
position be it m the Corps, on the atheletic field, or in 
the various clubs and organizations 
Because of the barracks lifestyle we get a deep insight 
infohumon nature We also acquire o wealth of friend- 
ships I met one of my roommates. Robb Susnar march- 
ing PT's I bumped into H Byrne at a frat party As one 
could imagine they surely had on influence on my mili- 
tary bearing Brett "the Dog Face Boy from Texas' ' 
showed up during one of my first class rack periods I will 
never forget the trials and tribulations, and the laughter 
that we shared 

Thank you Bob. George, and Chicken for always being 
there Mother I will never forget your sacrifice 

Everyone in this book has taken time out to either thank 
someone who has made their dreams a reality, or make 
some prolific statement about the "I", or reflected on 
something that happened in their cadetship I will see if I 
hove room for each in this space I have to thank my 
god above, for he above oil others has stood by me 
when I wouldn't stand by myself. My family for whom 
the bonds of love and faith has kept together as a 
family, and kept me in general on the straight and 
narrow as well as at the "I". My wheats friends and 
codches who have mode my life here more precious 
than I could ever put a price on I would not trade you 
for anything To the Corps of Cadets of which I am a 
part, it is time to thank the otheletes. at least it is a start, 
we sweat in meets, matches, and games to bring the 
the institute her glory and fame So when you are on a 
weekend, a day. or GP. think of us back here the price 
we hove to pay Reflections The Porcelin Ring Figure. 
midnight dashes to JMU. the forming of the wheats. 
Wade and the Bodie Form, the mod von races with 
Captain Rector, the iron hand of the Col . late night 
study noodles in 184. the lake. sabu. the wheatthins I 
have now concluded this history according to Max So 
much in so little space, [Joi to the World] I love you Pops 
and Moms. Ed 

Jack and I have definitely made our cadetship enjoy- 
able, summer school every year, spring in Floriddgone 
every weekend dnd most every night after the stick 
Since I've spent more time at his house than of my own 
in the last four years I'm really going to miss the party- 
ing and bumming around Lynchburg. Keep raising Hell 
McFly! RPL '87 

McFly. What do you sdy? Gotta love the third class 
study sessions and killer GPA's. If you hod not lived in 
Lynchburg Payne and I would hove never gained 
weight Jack RDC of 158 You could not change my 
attitudes towards rats "10 minute call you better take 
off " DGF 87 

I've known Jack since rot year but only in the last 2 
years of being his roommate have I gotten to know him. 
His various interpretations combined with his sharp wit 
have kept our room along with others entertained and 
on their toes His wide open attitude fowads life hds 
mode him interesting to be around and fn to do things 
with it's been fun Haw! How! Haw! Reowrri NWP '87 
My four years at Vtvll have been a real enjoyment. 
Thanks Mom. Dad. Lannie. Wade. Jody. Chuck. Laura, 
and Dew. and especially my roommates Good Luck 
and Thdnks! 

Dykes: 1984 — Ricky Wyhatt 

1990 — James McLean, Steve Roenker 

Dykes: 1984 — Thomas Amador 

1990 — Jeff Barnes, Mike Young 

Dykes: 1984 — John Erenburger, Chip Akers 
1990 — Scott Smith, Tim Feagans 

292 First Class 

William J. IVIcCarthy 

Fatdog, Dog, Info Center, Pigeon, Bill 

Special Student Air Force 

Vienna, Virginia 

Virgin Private 4,3,2,1, Co-Captain, VMi Lacrosse 1, La- 
crosse Team Letterman 4,3,2, President, VMI Mono- 
gram Club 1, Member 3,2: Investment Club 2,1; Society 
of Young Economists 2,1, Cockpit Rangers 3,2,1, Ruins 
Commitee 2,1: Early Stick Club 2,1: MLFC 2, 1 , FIJI 4,3,2,1 . 

Kevin Curtis McClung 

Ruble, Homeslice, Batman 

Economics — Air Force 

Annadale, Virginia 

Rat 4 Pvt 3,2,1: Cadre 1, RDC 1; Swim Team 3, Rat 
Training, House Mountain 1: Society of Young Econo- 
mists: Calculus II 4,3,2,1: Ghetto Club 

IVIicliael David IVIcDaniel 

Micky-Dee, Mic-Dic, Hoss 

Electrical Engineering — Navy 

Fairport, Virginia 

BSU Council, Vice President VM1 1, BSU Council 3,2,1, BSU 
Devotional Vice President State Council 2: Ring Building 
Committee 3,2: NEB Club 4,3,2,1: Rank: Copral 3, Sgt 2, 
3rd Bit S-1 1, Southern Sem Society 3,2: Martial Arts 
Club 1, Loyd's 1,2: Rat Cadre 2,1, Anti-Click Society 

Bill was always willing and able to give me some infor- 
mation about anything when I needed it Party Bill was 
the "info Center ■■ TMC after living with Bill for three 
years it is safe to say he knows everything being from 
the North, Dog learned it all from me, but he is a true 
friend and a great drinking partner MHM I hove 
come to realize that fatdog does actually know every- 
one and besides that, he has a tremendous ability to 
hold late night conversations Such as "what ore you 
doing cheese mind!" After a healthy buzz at the ruins. 
Rich , "Fatdog" I will always remember the afternoon 
and evening PX checks, but more importantly, the con- 
stant harossment of each others ailments. PS, "Dog, 
what is that smell?" 

Now it is my turn to thank everyone First, I must thank 
my parents, who stuck behind me through thin and 
thin. (there wasn't much thick). Your love was over- 
whelming, especially during the past tour years Next, 
my roomies from 235 and 152, Thanks for the fun times 
at the ruins, cockpit, and the room I didn't like my chair 
anyways To my friends, Todd, Micfly, Fergie, Wilson, 
Lumpy, Ziggy, T.J., Shep, The LAX Team,etc., you all 
mode my four years as fun as I could ever imagine. 

There were probably alot of things at VMI that Kevin 
took seriously, and if I sit here for awhile maybe I can 
even think of one Not many things got old Kevin 
sweating, but when they did, he would dodge the 
bullet in typical pubie fashion We all thought of Kevin as 
the eighties version of Richie Cunningham (i e Homes- 
lice) but then again a party wasn't a party without one 
of his Banio sing-olongs Indeed it's never ceased to 
amaze me that my favorite Bill Monroe wonno-be 
found the time to become such a damn fine musician , 
do so exceptionally will in his major (Calc II much '>) and 
still find the to help out a lonely Freshman in need of 
guidance Yup, I sure got a kick out of the Big Buck 
from West — by God — Virginia, but instead of telling 
him so I'll lust buy the album JWB 
To my Ma, my Pa, my III sis Meliza (Tippy-Top Shuffle Ball 
Change) Jane and all the kinfolk that stopped by and 
gave me a holler . Thanks a heap, your loving son. Key 

Mike I will always remember staying awake late at night 
arguing with you. I always admired your positive gut 
look on life and how you managed to beat in grades 
every semesterl I want you to know that I consider you 
my friend, and I could not have picked a better roo- 
mote Good luck in the future and do not be a stranger. 

I come to VMI expecting a challenge. I got more than 
what I expected I owe thanks to my Dyke, Ed Elliot, my 
roomate Charles , my father and mother, but most of all 
Christ I come to VMI wanting to become something I 
was not Now I leave VMI knowing what not to be- 
come I will always remember my years at the "I" with a 
smile and a lough, because of all my BR's and the times 
we shared together l came to VMI not knowing one 
soul in this place Now I leave VMI wondering if I will ever 
meet a closer group of people who will olway be 
known as My B R's Keep in touch Paul and Tim I wish 
you strength when your weak and o smile when you are 
down Keep the grades up and go for the it guys you'll 
be glad you didll Remember I care for you both, Mi- 
chael — 87 

Dykes 1984 - Bob "Porky" Foresman Dykes 1984 - Tom Gillespie Dykes 1984 - Edward Elliot 

1990 _ Denis "ScFimitty" Schmidt 1990 — Minter Ralston IV, Cal Lloyd III 1W0 — Paul Kricorian, Tim Hayne 

First Class 293 

Jonathon Morris McLear^ 

Manuel R. Melendez 

Robert C. Merkel Jr. 

Jon. Little-Jon 
History — Air Force 
Newman, Georgia 

Pvt 4,3,2,1 Dean's List 3,2,1 Academically Distin- 
guished 2. Cadet Program Board 3,2,1 President 1 Ca- 
det Activities Committee 3,2,1, Cadet Assistant 1 Ar- 
nold Air Society 3.2.1: r^umber One Club. Unauthorized 
Cor Club 4,3,2, Pee Wee Herman Fan Club 

Chele, Chico, Juleo, Guerilla. "Latin-Lover" 

Civil Engineering — Army 
San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America 

A S C E 3,2,1 Firefighters 3,2,1 A US A 4,3,2,1 Circle K 
2,1 Glee Club 4,3,2. Vice-president 1 Cadet Assistant 
3,2. Spirit Squad 2, Monogram Club 1 College Republi- 
cans 4.3. Stockweli's Rangers 2.1 CE Hooks 2.1 All- 
Night English Society 3.2.1 AS F CE 3.2,1 

Mark, Airhorne, Teddy, LA. Puke 

History — Army 

Virginia Beach. Virginia 

Private 4.3,2, 1 Band 4,3,2, 1 , Cpl, 3; International Studies 
2,1 Bugler 2,1 Commanders 4, Airborne 2; Ranger PItn. 
4.3, Rat Enrichment 1 Dean's List 2; Summer School 
4.3.1 Piedmont Frequent Flyer 2.1 Dean's Other List 3; 
Acodemicatiy Extinguished 4.3. Bounce Back Club 2.1; 
Watch Bucky Eat, Co-Founder, Survivor. Spin Anony- 
mous 3.2.1 Alt Fan Club 2.1 

My education at VMI has been one will carry with me 
for the rest of my life Although not always pleasant. I 
believe I hove gamed much more that what was taken 
away, and it was the best place for me 
My first year, by for. was my toughest. I found the 
Institute quite different from what I had ever imagined, 
but with the support of my dyke. I survived At times, no 
matter how much I wanted to leave. I consider myself 
stronger for stayinf I found great roomofes who helped 
me grow and see things in a different way John. Owen. 
Kenny and James, what an experience we all have 
hod I wish you oil the best of luck Andy, although not a 
B R . I feel a friendship I will never forget Paul and Andy. I 
hope you will continue to do well at VMI and in the 

I would finally like to thank my family for allowing me to 
make my own choice and providing me with thier ap- 
proval and support 

Your Spanish Accent and Foreign perspective along 
with your Central American junk you hoarded in the 
room lead to many good times along with the differ- 
ences of opinion where your Spanish temper rose All In 
all. I'm glad we stuck together since we were rats A 
real friend m today's society is hard to find but you fit 
the bill Enjoy many good times in the future Roe. I don't 
know, but there is something between you and the girls 
You always seemed to attract their attention You are 
at your best when you are with the girls, but a "Latin- 
Lover" you are not Its been great having you as a 
roomate oil four years at the "1" You were always 
there when I need support I'm greafful I got to share 
port of my lifetime with you Best of luck SSY My expe- 
rience at VMI has not been fun but I think if has been 
worth it The "i" has given me many values such as 
honor, sacrifice, a lot of growing up and the best 
friends The roads were long and the mountains I had to 
climb high, yet I realize I had many special people be- 
hind me all the fime.p thanks Mom. Dad. Liza. Meg. and 
the rest of my family and friends tor the support I love 
you Thanks Bean's. Chaplain. Bobby, and Chino. I 
would like to thank God for blessing me through these 4 

Every day brings challenges that one must learn to 
overcome, and VMI is no exception The ratline brings 
the challenge of survival, third class year is gaming an 
identity, second class year brings patience, first class 
year brings responsibility, leadership, and the vision of 
life after VMI 

One grows as he learns to overcome challenges and 
prevail This requires support, and I have more than my 
share Boo Boo molded me as a Rat. and Buck and 
Marty have always been there Dave and the rest of 
my BR's. in my biased opinion. VMI offers the finest over- 
all education in the world, but only if you want if! Dad 
always soys that "There isn't anything worth much faht 
you don't have to work for" Mom. Dad. and Karen 
deserve the diploma as much as I do. and I only hope 
that I have mode you proud! 
To Peg and Bobby Prevail, don't survive 
Last, but most of all Ann. we have added the some- 
thing to our lives that no one else can. because life is 
not worth much unless I con share it with you We expe- 
rience, learn and grow stronger together! This is only 
the beginning of our lives together! 1-4-3 always. I finally 
made if! 

Dykes 1984 — Jofin T Mitcfieil Dykes 1984 — J Carlos Zamora, Andy Petretti 

1990 — Andy Sewell. Paul Valenzuela 1990 — C.J, Bodnar. Steven Vazquez 

Dykes 1984 — Boo Boo White 

1990 — "Pighead" Agostini. Bobby 

294 First Class 

Douglas Robert Messner 

Electrical Engineering 
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 

Warren W. Michelsen 


Mechanical Engineeering, Air Force 

Montclair, New Jersey 

Sean T. Miller 

Moosehead, Milner 

Biology, Army — Infantry 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Private 3,2,1 IEEE Secretary 1: All Around Neoto Type 
Guy 4,3,2,1, Ctiarter Member HMWHC 2; Judge Of 
HMWHC 2: DSB 4,3,2 

Cadet Investment group 2, President 1; ASME 4,3,2,1, 
Troll 2.1; drug and dichol abuse commitee 2,1. Thiird 
Class Bomb Editor 3; scouters club 4, Private 4,2,1; Cor- 
poral 3 

Pres, CRC 1; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Lt. 1 Alpha Co. Soccor 4.3; 
Gowbc; The TenI!; Wild Hairs; Booze and Loose 
crew 3.2. 1. Ring Figure Faceted Bezel Designer 

Hi. this is Doug, Welcome to my nightmare As all night- 
mares go. it's been a frightening experience However. 
it I woke up. I'll probably look back and say that it 
wasn't that bad The question still remains would I do it 

I couldn't leave without saying thanks to all of my great 
friends who got me in and out ot trouble over the years 
Peid and Pecker, your great drunks but you'll both del 
HMWHC members. Tim. you deserved dll of your nick- 
names, but you were the best Shepherd Mike, don't 
you think it's ironic they're putting you in a small space 
and letting you ploy with nucs? Bert. Kevin, relax, no 
one IS following you. except for o handfull of poor Joan- 
ies. Thanks for having a sence of humor not many peo- 

All you double E's. we're not really nerds, eventhough 
we tried We proved that in Richmond 
Good luck everyone. I hope this will all pay off and 
make it worth it 


Warren, you have been my roommate for the post 3 
years I have learned a lot about you and from you and 
for that I am Grateful I con truely say you ore my best 
and closest friend. I wish you the very best in all your 
future endeavor (Air Force?. Wall Street?) We must 
keep in touch offer graduationi Take care and God 
Bless. Bill 

Four short years ago I entered VMI thinking I knew oil 
there waas to know about this unique institute. I was 
wrong With the support of some close friends life at VMI 
waas mode enjoyable One close friend I should men- 
tion IS my roommate Bill Buddy we stuck together 
through it oil. your like a brother, thanks! 
To my family all I en soy is I love you. you helped me 
through oil the rough times Dad would you believe this 
was happening 30 years ago'' I believe I know you 
much better after these four years (57-87) Mom thanks 
for all your support and paying the phone bill 
"VMI has a high rate of return for those willing to invest 
four years here" 

Milner, What a time we had togetheri From chasing 
women in Atlanta to jumping out of airplanes of Fort 
Benning I will never forget the parting times at Camp 
All American B S wit you and Morvm, You ore the type 
that can always make the best of a bod situation. I am 
glad you are my friend, and know you will go far no 
matter what you do Now lets get some mangos. VLR 
When insults fly around Rm 1 18 as they often do. Sean 
always comes up with the show stopping clincher Not 
wanting to give the censor convulsions I wont repeat 
them He is also able to soy "relax" at just the right time, 
whether we are drinkinless of 3 am in a deserted airport 
or tentless on a frigid mountian top Before I close I 
remind you that as soon as yopu buy a motorcycle you 
will discover lifes true meaning Drive on. Buddy MCH 
Over the past 4 years. I've had many ups and downs. I 
am glad to have shoired so many of the good times 
with my parents and friends Thanks ogam Mom and 
Dad. for everything The 10 are the closest ot friends a 
person could ask for Thanks guys for the Wild Times. 
Always remember to let the good times roll, STM 

Dykes 1983 — Todd Tudor Dykes 1984 — Hearn B Moore 

1990 — Tim McLaughlin, Mike Kimberly 1990 — Dennis Fogler.Coleman Rice 

Dykes 1984 — Bill Powell 
1990 — The Boys 

First Class 295 

Russell Lee Mitchell 

Thomas Jackson Mitchell 

Michael Calvin Moore 

Russ Trandel. Dink. Russ 

Mechanical Engineering, Air Force 

Carrollton, Virginia 

Elephant Man Part (N), TJ 

English, Psychology Minor — Army, SS Corps 

Funchester, Virginia 

Squat, Lizard Lips 

English — Army 

Richmond, Virginia 

Glee Club 4,3,2,1 — President 1 V.P. 2, Cpl., Sgt.; S-3. 
Arnold Air Society 3.2,1 ASfvIE 4,3,2,1 

Dean's List 4,3,1 Tennis Team 4,3,2, Cpt. 1, Pre-Law 
Society 1, VMI CADET Staff 4,3,2,1: Pvt, 4,3,2,1; Cave 
Dweller 1 Ruins Committee Early Stick Club, Cockpit 
Ranger, Cumming's Hit List 2, Summer School Squall 1 
General Malcontent 4,3,2,1 London Sanity Semester 2, 
Major Linsey Fan Club; Boxing Team 2; Keg in Room 152, 
I was there 

PVT 4,3,2,1 CADET Staff: Writer 3, News and Features 
Editor 2, Editor In Chief 1 English Society 3.2.1 Pre-Law 
Society 3.2.1 VMI Award For Excellence in Writing 3; 
Army Scholarship 2.1 Who's Who 1 Deans List 3.2.1; 
Cynical Great Herpes Scare of 1985 2: Illegal 
Car Club 2: A Part of The Beef 2.1: Chronic Liver Abuse 

In the years I've been here, I have grown I came here 
rather untried dnd move, and I feel that I am leaving 
better prepared to face the next phase of my life, Ther 
have been good and bad times This yedr has been 
especially difficult academically, but I have already 
reaped some of the rewards of these trials. 
I want to express my thanks tor the unyielding support 
of my parents Without them, VMI would hove been 
much more difficult Thanks Mom and Dad 
I also wont to wish Lenny, Guy, Tyler, and Pete the best 
of fortune into the next three years of their cadetship 
And to my roomotes. Chin and Kevin — we have been 
together for tour years, that is special by itself. Good 

It's ridiculous to say all the great times we've had should 
be summmarized in such few lines end everything is 
over Suffice it to soy what we have is more than a 
mere friendship and I eagerly await the next cold Hol- 
sten we share — make it the Hereford, I think we're that 
crazy RJK Tom made the very best of VMI, he excelled 
both academically and socially Tom was the life of the 
party I'm sure glad I became friends with this crazy guy 
Tim Chester 

It's taken till now when it's almost over to realize how 
much I love this place: not on idle emotion tor someone 
on conduct pro and confinement I came here thinking I 
knew everything I could not have been more 

wrong, but my decision to come here cold hove not 
been more right 1 love my friends here with a passion 
that is scary Thanks Fellas! Family, this diploma is your 
diploma, very few people needed more help than me 
Mom — your love kept me honging on Dad — you are 
my ideal, my example, and my hero Rob and Amy — 
we're the kids! I love y'oll fellas! It ain't over yet! 
Tom and I have shared all four years. We have a friend- 
ship that will last for life, as Earnie and Julie would say: All 
The Best — Shep, 

The bitter hand of Fate and the bad toss of o bottle 
cap landed Mike at the "I" and he has been trying to 
recover ever since Nonetheless. Mike and I survived 
many trying times here the creeping crud. common 
nonsense and the dge of unreason, and the everyday 
hassles that plagued us throughout our cadetship. 
Thanks for all the goodtimes Mike! Semper Fi! JCJ '87 
I've often wondered dbout how different things would 
be if that beer cap had landed on the other side on 
that March night four years ago. and I had ended up at 
Hampton-Sydney: however I wouldn't exchange my 
four years here tor even a thousand fraternity parties. 
Oddly enough, it was here I learned how to live rother 
than just exist To my BR's. especially John. Bob. and 
Ernie I know that I haven't been easy to live with It was 
only because of you all that I mode if through here with 
my sanity intact I'll miss all of you To my family I can 
only otter my heartfelt thanks for all the love and sup- 
port you all have given me over the past four years, I 
love you all! MCM '87 

"If we weren't all crazy we'd all go insane." Jimmy 

Dykes 1984 — Mark Alan Draper 
1990 — Lenny Carson 

Dykes 1984 — Frank Kollmansperger 

1990 — Arlond "Dave" Moon, Trey 

Dykes 1984 — Mike Hicks 

1990 — Larry Ritter, Clint Douglas 

296 First Class 

Hiram Abif Morales Jr. 

Matthew Hope Morgan 

Paul Eric Munson 

El Presidente, El Speedy, Babaloo, R, Ricardo 
History — Air Force (SAC) 
San Juan, Puerto Rico USA 

Larry, Young, Haug 

Econmics — A Special Student 

Richnnond, Virginia 

Muscleheod, Moondog, Chooch, Son of Mun, 


English — Army 

Roanol<e Rapids, NC 

Morales Co Commander 4: CPL 3, PVT. 2,1; Deans 
Honor List 2,1, Academically Distinguistied 2,1: American 
Legion Medal 3, Sigma Delta Pi 2, — President 1; Re- 
serve Officer's Assc Medal 2, Who's Wfio Among Stu- 
dents In American Colleges 1; Arnold Air Society 3,2, — 
Historian 1; Newmon Club 3.2.1 Rat Daddy Club Sec. 3. 
Vice-Pres. 2, President 1. 

VMI Investment Club 2,1. — Vice President 1, Advertis- 
ing Manager VMI CADET 2,1: CRC 2, Society of Young 
Economics 2,1; PVT 4,3,2,1; Year Round Student 3,2; 
Summer Cdmp 0. Illegdl Car Club 4.3.2; Ski Buzz 3.2.1. 
Ruins Committee; M.L.F.C. 2.1 

OGA Sec 1. Douglas Carter France Award Comm,. 
HMWHC 2.1. Rugby 3.2.1. Match Sec 2.1. Blue Whaler 
2.1; Drunk Ring Figure Comm Pirate 2.1; Stock- 
wells Rangers 2.1. Gradudte Chris Peckhom School of 
Charm. Knight of the Hall of the Wicked Ones. Malcon- 
tent and General Rebel; Scrum Dog. Mutant 
Society. Vogon Orange Snorter 2,1 

When one thinks of someone who exemplifies the citi- 
zen-soldier/brother raf concept unique fo cadets. Hi- 
rdm is the first to come to mind He is proud to be a son 
of Puerto Rico and has enlightened everyone with his 
authentic speech. "El Presidente" also happens to be 
very proud that he will control a port of America's 
"Mushroom Diplomacy" upon graduation But most of 
all, Hiram has been a true BR. oil four years, his humor, 
antics and costumes lighten the day He hds always 
been there fo assist in time of academic and institute 
problems, Hiram is a true BR and even a closer friend. 
Buena Suerte Amigo! RCM 87 

To me the VMI family became my ideal family: always 
providing me the encouragement I needed when I 
most needed it To all those of you who thought of me 
as living proof of Ricky Ricardo on post, fhink of this as 
the end of another "I Love Lucy" show. To my rats 
Daren and Bob Fight and never surrender. It wds an 
honor to be a part of the Corps and wear the uniform, 
this bond that we shared will always bind us as a special 
breed of amigos To my Brother Rats and friends. El 
Presidente wishes success and mokes a final decree: 
Long Live the Corps! Vivo America! 
"The Rest Is Silence" (W. Shakespeare) 

Three long years that should hdve been four Good 
thing we studied and never drank beers. Ldrry intro- 
duced me to southern hospitolify and I thank him great- 
ly Fotdog 

Moff was always there to serenade me to sleep with his 
banjo or help me throw chairs out of our window after a 
buzz Chester. 

300 beers and Mcleans= Barf Biscuits. S Tooker Larry's 
typical return from a weekend, one second before 
tops, in civi's. no tie and hammered, did I say weekend. 
I meant typical night. 

To my Rents as FAT. once said, I'm sorry for the extro 
gray hairs, Liz, John, Mom, and Dad: you are the coo- 
lest, craziest, most loving family I could ever ask for. I 
love you all. Thanks for puffing up with me I thank my 
dykes Sweet. DK. Spruill. and George for my "college 
freshman" year It was a HOWL YOU HAUGS! My room- 
mates ore a bunch of crazies, you foo Lumpy, and I 
cdh'f think of a better group of crazies Fotdog. Ches- 
ter. Rick. Steve. Lumpy thanks for the best of times I'll 
miss the fun — Cockpit. Palms. Ruins. ML. when we're 
gone but who soys we can't come back five years 
from now and throw chairs out the window You see — 
VMI is what you resolve it to be I Love it All! MHM 

There I was on the shore of the Zambezi River, being 
attacked by a horde of Bantu Wariors "What am I 
doing here?" I thought So 1 packed my bdgs and came 
to VMI To begin with . Leroy. I sfdyed for other reasons 
besides my friends, difhough they ore a major reason I 
won't try to recall all the good times, words just would 
not do justice I will soy I do not regret coming here To 
my fellow woman haters — Tim. Doug. Reid. Chris. Mike, 
Kevin. John I bid o most sad farewell Friends such as you 
ore irreplacable, we need fo get together and be bad 
because Tim's right everyone does hate us Tim — it's 
been one hell of a four years You're the best bunkie 
and friend I could ever ask for. Sorry about frying to 
throw you out the window rot year My thanks and love 
go fo my parents for their unending support. Many 
thanks to the Gorsts' my second set of parents Good- 
bye to room 167. Monkeyboy. and of course the Rug- 
gers Gunny, corry on the tradition Gonz and I have 
handed down to you To all girls — read my lips. Curt — 
you deserve whatever you get It's been fun Gonzo. 
you're so out of control you should be caged Later 
VMI. can special students be Toes'' When this world we 
live in makes you give in and cry. live dnd let die — 
Wings Goodbye BR's Fight the good fight Aroooo!! — 

Dykes 1984 — Manuel "Dez" Mendez Dykes 1984 — Jotin "Sweet" Mays oka Haug Dykes 1984 — Wild Bill Janis 

1990 — Bob Cunningham, Daren Payne 1990 — John Aydelette 1990 — Chilton "Blaster" Morris 

1.-*^ _5Tr--^-=^^^y:l^i|i«^ 

First Class 297 

Neal Jamison Naff 

Sponge, Skooter, Billy-Bob. Snuffy Smith 

Biology — Army Infantry 

Boones Mill. Virginia 

John Charles Nagle IV 

Jay, Big Hands, Nascar 

Civil Engineering — Air Force SS 

Wilmington, North Carolina 

Richard Paul Nelson 

Rick, Dicky, Sam 

Mechanical Engineering — Air Force 

Accomac, Virginia 

Class President 4,3,2.1; General Committee President, 
Posit Comm, 3.2. 1 . Rat Training Cadre 3, 1 . Phi Kappa Phi 
2,1, Panther Fall's Camp and Keg Club 3,2,1 Southern 
Cent Basketball Tourney 3,2,1, Zollmon's 3,2,1, Estelle's 
Fan Club 4,3,2, 1 , Room 1 1 1 Pink Belly Committee 3,2,1, 
Pvt 4, Cpl 3, Reg Sgt . Ops Sgt 2, Reg XO 1, Dean's 
List 4.3,2,1 

Summer School 4,3,2,1. Pvt. 4,3,2.1. AT&T Chairman Illegal Car Club 4.3.2. ASCE 4.3,2,1. POWBC 
4.3,2,1, Weekend Road Trips 4,3,2,1: Raleigh 500, Cha- 
pel Hill 500. Taps — UNC and Back — BRC, Wednesday 
Nights Out. Florida Breaks 3.2.1. Carolina On My Mind. 
Rooms 440. 303, 203, 103; Real World 

Pvt 4,3,2,1, Cpl. 3; Ring Figure Committee 3,2; ASME 
4,3,2.1: Rat Training Cadre 1; Red-Front Ranger 4,3; 
SCSC 2,1, Dean's Other List 4,3,2,1, '87 Summer School 
All Star 

Neal was our class president but more importantly he 
was our Brother Rat He was a crazy, raging madman at 
most events, but he was the calm. cool, collected 
spokeman in the time of need Thanks Neal, it was fun 
JOB Neal, you were an example You were a friend 
The example may hove had a few faults, but the friend- 
ship was faultless PEJ Neal, I've learned a lot from you 
in the past three years Somehow you were able to 
give 100% of yourself to everything you did and you 
managed to make 99 9% of it fun I know you'll accom- 
plish whatever you set out to do RDS Thanks for all your 
love and support (viom. Dad, Wes, Beo. Abe, and Ellen 
You were always there when I needed you Cliff, Perry, 
and Robbie, thanks for keeping the good times rolling 
no matter what came our way John, thanks for the 
example you set Iviatt. keep up the good work To the 
class of 1990. you did your dykes proud as rats — make 
the Institute proud as cadets Be the best, your Ratline 
demands nothing less To the Faculty and Staff, my 
studies and duties were never mode easy, but in the 
end they were always rewarding IVIost importantly. 
Brother Rats, we were the "happy few" who knew the 
value of sacrifice and duty Our class did not need an 
example or a leader, but a servant Thanks for allowing 
me to be just that We are truly a band of brothers and 
blest be the tie that binds 

Jay is probably best described as a free spirit He has 
seen every aspect of cadet life being on the basket- 
ball team, permit life, marching in parades and don't 
forget about folding newspapers to get out of pa- 
rades, the regular cadet He is one of the only cadets 
that 1 know who has taken a year off but never left VIVII 
The life of a regular cadet is more agreeable to him 
Jay is always thinking, planning, and scheming He al- 
ways has something to fall back on in case something 
doesn't come through He is constantly having a good 
time He is never at a loss for women either Over the 
past three years I hove come to be a very good friend 
of his and found thdt he is not the type of person that 
only thinks of himself, intact he is always willing to help 
others Well enough on that, it's time to remember all 
the good times The beach, the lake. Chapel Hill. Ra- 
leigh, the Hops, the parties, summer school, living in the 
trot. Fort Lauderdale, the countless road trips, and the 
Debutante Boll! They are all great times that we will 
never forget nor switch for anything JEB 
(vIom, Dad, Nan, and Pop, thanks ever so much for 
everything, without you all, there is no way I would have 
mode it! 

I can remember when I told my parents that I had made 
a final decision about where 1 was going to college fyly 
Dad, especially, seemed surprised when I told him Vfvll. 
It had not surprised me It seemed natural After all. my 
grandfather and father had preceded me in making 
the same decision But on August 17.1983. nothing 
seemed natural I hod o new name I was Rick Instead 
of Dicky I had a new haircut I had new responsibilities. 
And I hod new friends There are too many to name, 
but a few must be mentioned JonF , John N , Charlie E,, 
Randy J , and IVIark C — Thanks for making four years 
and summers here at the "I" the best it could possibly 
be Friendships like the ones mode here will last a life- 
time Amy, it was worth the waiting and suffering of 
three and a half years of this place to have gotten to 
know and spend time with you, I love you dnd no 
matter what the future brings, you hove made the Idst 
year and a half here worth going through the Ratline. 
Lost, but definitely not least. Ivlom and Dad: Thanks for 
all your support — financially, academically, and espe- 
cially as parents You could not have done a better job. 
I know I don't sdy it but I love you and appreciate 
everything you have done for 21 years 

Dykes 1984 — John R. Shannon 

1990 — Matthew Henning, The Class of 

Dykes 1984 — Scott Williams 

1990 — Max Guggenheimer 

Dykes 1984 — Mark Krajevyski, '86 — Tom 
1990 — Neil Whitmore 

298 First Class 

Samuel Floyd Nelson 

Sam. Sambo, Rick 

Economics — Air Force 

Accomac, Virginia 

Cpl 3, Sgt 2, XO 1; Cadre 3,2,1. Posit Committee 3.2, 
President 1, Society of Young Economists 3,2,1, Rat 
Training 3, Circle K 1; Number 1 Club 1; Daytona Beacri 
Club 2,1, Cadet Assistant 1, ILJ 4,3,2,1 

Paisorn Ngarmwongwon 

Lek, Pi, No 1, Alptiobet Mo 
Civil Engineering — Royal Thai Army 
Chachoengsao, (Padrew) Thailand 

Hung Ngog Iran 

Easy Rider 

Electrical Engineering — Army 

Richmond, Virginia 

Pvt 4,3,2,1, Dean's List 4,3,2,1, Acad. Distinguistied 3. Study 
Speciol Student Publicity Ctiairman CES 2; Soc- 
cer 3. ASCE 4,3,2,1: Laid Back 4,3,2,1, Zoo Corner 3,2,1, 
Unauthorized Car Club 2 

Anything worth doing is worth doing well I can remem- 
ber this little quote trom a high school teacher who hod 
graduated from VMI Now my turn to leave has come 
and I have learned what he meant, I would be a fool to 
say that I don't want to leave and an even bigger fool 
to soy that I won't miss my friends I really could not 
have made it without you Mark, we hove spent 4 years 
together, and I want you to know I could never choose 
a better roommate I love you like a brother. Bob, you 
were always there to help I think you were the only 
sane one in the room Mom and Dad, you gave me 
everything I needed I hope you ore proud. Everything I 
did was as much for you as it was for me I hope you 
both know how much I love you. I wish I could return 
what everyone has given me I owe so much to my 
friends especially Bobby, Vert, Trip, Rick, Kevin, and 
Rob You all mode this place the most it could be 
And now last, but not least. Jackie. How con I thank you 
for your sacrifices? You gave me more than I deserved 
and I love more than you know for it Somedoy I hope I 
will be able to make it up to you Bye-Bye VMI, Hello Life! 

Lek, does he talk were my first thoughts when I first met 
him, but offer a white I found out that he did folk and 
had quite a good sense of humor He also is a great 
friend to have even though he is too serious at times, 
but I guess you have to with his grades As a closing 
note, I don't think I could've had a better roommate, I 
wish him the best of all and I'll miss you like my brother 

It has been a privilege to know someone like Lek. Since 
our third class year, I've grown to admire him. It is unbe- 
lievable how someone from a different culture can 
adapt so quickly and actually come out ahead of the 
gome The end of our cadetship brings great relief, but 
also great sadness Lek, good luck and continued suc- 
cess I will miss you greatly RTJ 
Thank You all 
Paisarn Ngarmwongwon 

I came to VMI for one reason and that was to receive a 
BS in Electrical Engineering I will approach this goal very 
soon On the rood to this goal at a small military college, 
demanded a suffering no one but a VMI graduate can 
understand The school prides itself on the strict honor 
system, the Brother Rat spirit, and the Ratline Through 
these years. VMI has taught me many valuable lessons 
that will forever change me One of the most valuable 
things that VMI and its faculty has given me is knowl- 
edge This will be my security for the rest of my life In 
achieving this goal, I wont to thank my mother and 
father for their continuous support and care My room- 
mates for their help and their continuous reminder of 
what I have to do. The friends I have made here I will 
never forget 

"There are three sorts of friend that ore profitable and 
three sorts that are harmful Frienship with the upright, 
witn the true to death, and with those who heard much 
IS profitable Frienship with the obsequious, friendship 
with those who are good at accommodating their prin- 
ciples, and friendship with those who are clever at talk is 

Dykes 1984 — Chris Parks 

1990 — Todd "Buck" Eckloff. Bobby 

Dykes 1984 — Keith Buckley 

1990 — George Palomar, Ramil Ibanez 

Dykes 1984 — Nguyen Hao Anh 
1990 — Vu Chinh Tuong 

First Class 299 

Chinawat Noiwan 

John Herbert Nolan 

Claude Buford Nolen 

Chin, Gus, Dink, The Kid. Arnold 

Mechanical Engineering — Navy 

Annandale, Virginia 

Herbie, Herb, Jew, Hey You!, Occupant. 

?$'§ = !# 

History — United States Marine Corps 

Yuba City ( 329 ). California 

Trey, Doc, Norman Bates. CB. But 
History — Army Armor 
Rocky Mount, Virginia 

Rt 4, Cpl 3, Sgt, 2, 2nd Bn S-2, Dean's List 4,3,2: Navy 
Schiolarship 4,3.2,1, Glee Club 2,1, Tennis Team 4,3,2, 
Illegal Cor Club 3,2, Symposium Committee 2, Drug and 
Alcohol Abuse Committee 3, ASME 4,3,2.1. Who's Who 
1, Navy Nuke 

Rank 3,2,1 D Co XO, RDC, Rock 4,3,2,1: Planters Club 
4,3,2,1: Old Barracks 4,3,2, Cove 1, Wlldman 3,2,1: Sta- 
tue/Post Marker 4,3,2,1, Dean's Other List 4,3,2,1: Pres 
— Society ot Cruelty to Women, Hook (Founder), 
HMWHC 1: Drone Pilot 3,2, Red Wings 3: Pig's Teddy 
Bear 2,1 Rot Training 2,1, James "Lopperheod" Bright's 
School of Social Drinking 3.2.1. 

Class of 1986. Rugby 4,3,1, Virgin Private: Ferrum Col- 
lege 2A and 2B, Dean's List 2B, Party Madman: Five 
Year Man's Society 1 . 

Why did I choose VMI'' I've asked myself that question 
countless times and I have never been able to express 
my answers into words I could not ha-ve made a better 
choice! I hove learned and grown so much over the 
past 4 years The "I" drew out ports of me I never knew 
existed There hdve been some trying times here, but 
the "i" has taught me how to overcome those chal- 
lenges The "I" has been demdnding, but what she's 
given back is worth ten fold of what she's asked for 
To my family, where would I be without your endless 
love and supporf Mom and Dad, oil of the love you've 
given me con never be repaid even in ten lifetimes 
Bach, you're the best dyke a Rot could hdve Thanks a 
million. To my roommates, Russ and kevin, although 
we've been together for only four years, I feel like I've 
known you for a lifetime Guy, my Rat, I hope that you'll 
find VMI as great a place as I've found it to be. Never 
settle for mediocrity Tyler, Peter, Lennie. you guys are 
good Rats. Good Luck! 

Mom dnd Ddd, although we did not see eye to eye 
most of the time, thonk you for your advice even when I 
did not listen To my five beautiful sisters, I wish all the 
best in your lives Bon it was fun of times and that is what 
I will remember Pig/Lop, I love you as a brother Al- 
though I am supposed to be able to express myself, I 
am not o poet The feelings are to strong both good 
and bod Maybe this will work "To trovel on the edge is 
always where I burn to be, the further on the edge the 
hotter the intensity You never know what you condo 
until you get it up as high as it can go" KL, "I'm hot and 
when I'm not, I'm as cold as ice" AC/DC. "Let's wel- 
come home the soldierboy, no angel of mercy, just a 
need to destroy" DefLeppard The loneliness of the 
long distance runner Tony B — Tequila nights "This is 
special high intensity training" "Let's do it, do you want 
to live forever''" "I hod o dredm but it turned to dust, 
what I thought wos love, it must hove been lust" Fidlly 
to my future wife, whoever that may be, do not hold 
whdt I did here dgainst me What I did in mdny cases 
wds the act of o very foolish boy And to any future 
sons, I would think seriously before choosing VMI, be- 
cause a Nolan never gives up or quits what they start 
JHN '87. 

It has been difficult to cram 4 years of education into 5 
years and 3 summers, but I've mdndged As a flying 
Fluco I came to VMI My Brother Rats passed, I failed My 
academic sdbdticdl wds tdken dt Ferrum College "in 
historic Virginia" I will forever be in debt to those folks 
for getting me bock on my scholosfic feet Wdnting a 
commission and the desire to complete whdt I had 
started led me bdck to VMI (offer 2 yedrs of life in the 
bacchanal lane) I found that not only were my Brother 
Rats gone, I had to actually salute some of them ( 
Brother Rot Butter Bars) The Air Force gave me the 
boot So the Army adopted me Thank you LTC. Dick: I 
never really liked the Chair Force anyway. I have no 
deep words of wisdom, but I implore Randy to study 
hdrd Bredk the 5 yedr mdn curse that seems to plague 
this line of dykes 

Findlly, I just wont to thank those that helped me 
through My Fomily (most of oil), my Brother Rats, my 
Ferrum compatriots, my roommates, the Chinaman 
and dnyone who ever sent me mail deserve my first 
born. What a struggle! At least I are edukated now . . , 

Dykes 1984 — Mark D, Gaines 
Dykes 1984 — Bach P, Long 1990 — Frank "Weasel" Whittlesey, 

1990 — Guy "Cool Breeze " Vanderman Neff 

Dykes 1982 — Bill Kulas 

1990 — Holmes Smith 

300 First Class 

John Olinger 

Johnny O, Johnny Buck, Oley 

Economics — Armor 

Asheville, North Carolinic 

Kyle Upham Oliver 

Big O. Bigness, Ethiopian 

Civil Engineering — Air Force 

Annondale, Virginia 

Gregory Stevens Otey 

Country, Homeboy 

Civil Engineering — Air Force 

Roanoke Virginia 

Corporal, 2, Private 1,2,3,4. Scuba Club 4, Parachute 
Club 1, Society of Young Economists 1,2 

Rugby 1, The Ten 2,1. Ethiopian Club 2.1. Illegal Battle 
Cruzer 3,2, Year Round Student and Summer School 
Allstar 4,3,2,1, ASCE 4,3,2,1, ASFCE 4,3,2,1; Hook 2,1, 
Ring Building Committee 2, Deans Other List 4,3,2, 1 , PVT 
4,3,2,1; H.C G, 2,1 

Varsity Football 4,3,2,1; Corporal 3, Sergeant 2. Private 
1, Summer School 4,3,2; ASCE 4,3,2,1 

Well, it has been 4 long years at VMI and I hove learned 
more from this experience than I could possibly learn 
anywhere else The learning experience for me at VMI 
has mostly taken place outside of the classroom, which 
could be seen from my report cards However, I chose 
to lead the life I did at VMI by meeting as many people 
as I could and learning not only from their mistakes, but 
more importantly what people con be like from other 
ports of the world VMIhas been pleasant for me be- 
cause I hove been able to keep a low profile and enjoy 
things otyhers would have been booted for Maybe VMI 
wasn't right for me, but I will graduate, thanks to the 
help of my great family. If it weren't for their love and 
patience, I would hove never stood a chance 

kyle came here with his chin touching his spine and his 
shoulder blades locked This attitude was paramount his 
Strom complete He made up his mind he would con- 
quere this place from the word go Together, we found 
wild things to do, staying just one step ahead of total 
"Crash and Burn" From boozin' in the "Womb" on con- 
finement, to chillin' our throats at Goshen The "Hugest" 
people in barracks tag team this place with a flying 
burrito from the top rope Ethiopians Unitel Big "O" you 
are gonna find yourself comfortable one day Give 
yourself credit One day, we'll race our Porches down 
Hawiion roods past our Mansions with plastic flamingos. 
"What a long strange trip it has been." Kyle, but you 
know, soon, you will "Break on through to the other 
Side" — HOW 

How anyone could spend 4 solid years here stretches 
the scope of my comprehension Through it all some- 
how, Kyle has kept a positive attitude and hos always 
personified what a "Brother Rot" should be in the truest 
sence His unselfishness has made living here a little 
more bearable Being a hardcore private, he has al- 
ways managed to keep this rankers cramium down to 
the right size. Good Luck,"0", see you on the stage in 
May M C H 

I Just wont to say thanks to my Family for helping me 
through here I Love You All Very Much 

Well it IS almost over! The past four years at the "I" hove 
been tough, but anything that is worth a damn never 
comes easy I owe thanks to many people The most 
important are my Mom and Odd Mom would wash and 
pack my stuff up, and Dad would drive me back and 
forth from Roanoke I love you both tor everything you 
have done for me Also to Lisa and Eddie thanks for the 
letters and words of encouragement. 
To my roommates John, Clark, and Criag you three 
have made living in an over crowded, underturnished, 
poor excuse for a room as enjoyable as if could possibly 
be Criag can 1 have one of your girlfriends, Clark Quiet I 
am trying to sleep, John before we go to Church to- 
gether again I must by a baseball glove Even though 
none of you guys have a real major I still think the world 
of you- 

Mike, the little brother I never had, you have been a 
good dyke. Keep on working, because before you 
know It you will be writing a first class history. 
To the rest of my friends that I hove mode of the "I", 
thanks for helping me survive Thank you Dear Lord for 
all the times you carried me. ("Foot Prints") 

Dykes 1984 — Bill Noel 

1990 — Jim Dufford 

Dykes 1984 — Jeff PhanueF 

1990 — Bob Duck Mason, Dave Pit 

Dykes 1984 - 

- Gary Maynard 


1990 - 

- Mike Kemp 

First Class 301 

Stephen Michael Owens 

Buzzard, Smowens, Shmeve 

Economics — Army — Infantry 

Springfield, Virginia 

Pakdi Pannorit 

Pacl<, Kod 

Phiysics — Army — Field Artillery 

Nongkiioi. Ttiailand 

Alfred Albert Pantano 

Egg, Eggba, Eggah, McGruff, Wop, Ducl<y, 


Civil Engineering — Army 

Milford, Massachusetts 

Cpl. 3. Rat Pit. Sgt. 2, F Co XO 1; TCFC 3. Airborne 
Bodge 2. AUSA 4, F Co, Football Team 2, SCSC, Rm 452 
Club, Kiely's Roommate 4,3, Summer School 3, Rooms 
Hat Patron 4. 

Ptii Koppa Phi. Who's Who, Dreaming Oh! Buddha, I'm in 
Love "Heavenly Woods" 

Rat 4, Cpl 3, Rat Pit. Sgt. 2, Ops Sgt, 2, 3rd Bn Com- 
mdhder 1; AUSA, Civil Engineering Honor Society TRS, 2: 
Engineering Honor Society 1, Editor Plug -n- Chug 1; 
Honor Court 1, ASCE 3.2, Sec 1, Ranger Pit. 2.1; Rot 
Enrichment 1 

I remember being around the sentinel box and doing 
the old yell for the CIdss of '87 for the first time I wds 
with Steve then That was a great time in my cadetship 
Its good to know/ thot the sdme spirit thdt existed then 
at breakout v^'ill continue into graduation Better yet, 
I'm glad I vjas able to room with Steve these post 3 
years. It's been a great time I'll miss the good times, 
and the bad ones we've shared Good Luck. Buzzard 
KV Ever since our days at SSS, Steve could be counted 
on for everything — from help with o physics problem to 
being an excellont drinking buddy Though he seems 
guief, he is reolly dn understanding person who will 
never let one down I wish him luck in all his ended- 
vors RBR Steve, it's been an interesting 4 years living 
With a rodicdl right-winger Ever since Rot year I knew 
life with you would be full of surprises You have proven 
a force to be reckoned with Despite this, you still hove 
d keen sense of humor and we've had many good 
times I'll never forget you and I wish you all the luck and 
success in the future Your friend always, AVK You were 
a great roommate, good luck! KB In the small space 
remaining, I would like fo thank my Mom and Dad for 
their love and support over the post 4 years Foxtrot 
Rats, you have taught me much about being a Pit 
leader and your success has made me proud! 

I redlly love to do things more than talk I wanna say just 
a few words Thanks fo my Mom and Ddd, my lover, my 
roommates. Brother Rats, VMI Keydets, fdculty, friends, 
Thdl families, and everyone who helped me through 
VMI. That is all. "Pakdi" 

I've known Al "the Egg" Pantono since July '83 and 
since then I've found that VMI's 3 legged stool is nothing 
compared fo the Egg Egg has more than mastered the 
concepts of military (Airborne, Ranger, Btn Co , the list 
goes on ) Academics ( a 3.0 as a CE) and Physical 
Fitness ( PT stud) Our reldtionship has grown stronger 
since the first day we met The support from Egg in the 
Ratline, letters and phone colls at home and obroad, 
and of course the partying we've had together while 
on furloughs. Spring Break, snow sports and more! Egg 
has been on irreplaceable asset in my codefship The 
name "Pantono" is known ond respected throughout 
the Corps As on Honor Court member and someone 
you can look to for some friendly odvice. Egg is the 
Corps right hand man The best decision I've made 
since I've been at VMI is the decision to room with Egg. 
However it wos not o difficult decision I could write on 
and on about Egg's achievements but this history is 
more of an appreciation for Egg as a person. Knowing 
the Egg is knowing success His future endeavors in the 
army and later on as on engineer is destined to be 
successful, but what I've got to hope for is that the rood 
that Egg and I have travelled together will remain for- 
ever. Heres to you Egg!! 

Dykes 1984 — Doug Lindsey 
1990 — Jim Burke 

Dykes 1984 — Jerome M. Brinkly 
1990 — Li JG 

Dykes 1984 — Mark Ghostman Carter 

1990 — Steve Crictiton, Dave Rich 

302 First Class 

Christopher M. Peckham 

Thomas Craig Peer 

Nathaniel W. Pendleton 

Pecker, Peckerhead 

Mechanical Engineering — Navy 

Rye. New Hampshire 

Tom, Peely-Head, Casper. Shoebird 
Economics — Navy 
South Boston. Virginia 

Nat. Stick. Knobby. Gilbert 

Civil Engineering — Army 

Wytheville, Virginia 

Football 4,3, Rugby 3,2, Captain 1, Hf^^WHC 2,1, Knights 
of the Hall of Wicked Ones 2.1; ASME (Under Protest) 
4,3,2.1; Slug 3.2.1; Troll 

Virgin Private 4,3,2,1; Swim Team Water Polo 
3,2; Monogram Club, Douglas Carter France '71 Award 
2; Illegal Car Club 3; The Womb 3,2,1, The Ten 3,2,1; 
Dean's Other List; Summer School Veteran 3.2.1, 

ASCE 4,3,2,1, VMI Firefighters 2,1, Ethiopian Club 4,3.2,1. 
Hook 4,3,2,1, Friday Night Cocktails 2, Summer School 
4,3,2; McCarthy's Home for Hungry Campers 2,1; Corps 
Sgt 2, Lt 1, Pvt, 4.3.2.?. Cadre 2. Zephyr, Ruins 
Club 1 

After 3 years of women-hating, engineering, rugging, 
road tripping, and sleeping on the floor, it comes to 
mind that that about sums it up. VMI, to me, has been 
long periods of despersate work, broken up by short 
periods of of desperate fun. But great fun was had by 

I'd like to thonk everyone who's helped (and pushed) 
me through Mr and Mrs Garst, you're the greatest 
You've taught me a lot All my partners in crime, Garp, 
Burt, Moondog, Meat, Tim, Pee- Wee, Bear, Fish, and the 
enigma; Boner, I love you all Keep in touch and don't 
slow down Thanx VMI-RFC (MB&B) "It never got weird 
enough for me," BM, 
Dear Pecker, 

I love every hair on your hairy body I don't know why 
Your body is usually one of the happiest this side of the 
Rio Grande and it's been with some of the strangest life 
forms in this general oreo I guess I love you because 
you're )ust like me All idiot We've seen some weird 
stuff in the past few years We've been on the edge 
too many times and I loved each one. Squid on you 

Sicerely with much lust and affection, Garp 
P,S, Don't worry — He won't shoot, really 

It is hard to believe it is time for me to write my history. 
The four years have sped by It has been a blast, even 
though I've been here without a break since August 
1983 This place has gotten me down many times, but 
the friends I have made moke up for all of that I want 
to thank a bunch of people for helping me Bill, my 
Brother Rots who awarded me the honor at Ring Figure. 
Dan and Dwyt, the members i- e Ten, and the swim 
team hove all been there when I needed them I want 
to thank Coach Joyce for being a teacher, a coach, 
and a friend Jay and Craig hove been the best room- 
mates a person could hove and I wish them all the best. 
Finally, I would like to thank my Mom and Dad for their 
patience with me I hove not been the best of students, 
but they have always been there to push me along I'm 
glad I have them as my parents Well, it is time to get on 
with my life, so good-bye VMI Good luck to the dykes 
of 112 and to the class of '87 

"So many people have come and gone, their faces 
fade OS the years go by, but I still recall as I wonaer on, 
OS clear as the sun in the Summer sky — it's more than a 
feeling" Boston 

Nat Is a tough one to figure out He is the only guy I 
know who con play around from 7 30 to Tops and then 
go out and study and still make good grades His care- 
free attitude was a lot of fun to joke arouna with and 
an enjoyment to be with JTM Gibert was a blast all tour 
years starting as Rot roommates If it hadn't been for 
old blue Zephyr, we wouldn't have had a lot of good 
times (just watch the traffic lights) Nat shammed thru 
as a ranker every year, but nobody knows why Just 
kidding Nat, you were the best one I know (slock) You 
were the only first class private I know to wear stri- 
pes DGF Nat has definitely made my codetship tun and 
enjoyable, from our Rat training days and sweat parties 
to rood trips, summer school, Lauderdale and Zollman's. 
I've never seen him turn down a brew Well, it's gone 
faster than I thought it would and we've mode it a lot 
more fun than it's supposed to be Let's keep partying 
and stay in touch RPL 

Thanks to Jack Payne. Ferg. H and many other good 
friends for the good times at and away from the "I" 
Gooa luck Thanks most of all to Dad, Mom and Bo, 
Sara, John, Lin, and Susan for your love and support 

Dykes 1984 — Blake Hippenstiel 
1990 — Gordon "G" Byrne 

Dykes 1984 — Bill Blazer 

1990 — John Stehn, Kelly Musick 

Dykes 1984 — Chris Bruch 

1990 — Trey Rhodes, Ley Havird 







# ■ 



First Class 303 

James Cloy Pennington Jr. 

Jay, J.C, Funnyman, Surf Rat, Cool Breeze 

Electrical Engineering — Military Intellegence 

Alexandria, Virginio/San Diego California 

Deans List 4,2,1, Who's Who In American Colleges 1, 
Destinguished Military Student 1, Rappelling Cadre 3,1, 
Ranger Platoon 3,2, IEEE Anti Clemson Team 2, 1 AUSA 1 , 
Faculty Awards Committee 2,1, Vice President Class of 
'87, Red Front Ranger 4,3, Physics Tutor 2, Rock painting 
Committee 2, Superintendent of Jay's "School Of 
Cool", Ranger Challenge 1, 

I can honestly say that even after four years here, I'm 
glad I came to VMI It I hod ended up at U, of Hawaii I 
would be selling fruit to tourists now At times third class 
year 1 doubted my decision but deep down I knew it 
was right Rot year I learned discipline dnd thdt I could 
go beyond my previous limits Third class year I learned 
humility and how to sign checks Second doss yedr I 
began fo really enjoy VMI and felt I belonged Finally 
first class year I can look bock and see how much I've 
grown This year has been the best year I've ever hod. 
Working with Col Harbach and his staff hds been an 
eye opening, learning experience and a pleasure By 
fdr the greatest thing I have gamed here ore my true 
friends for life, T K , John, Mdfk, Craig, Tom, room 118, 
and Dave, room 102, all the EE's, Cpf Speaker and 
Carolyn, my rats, and all those I don't have room fo 
mention I hove also gained o great appreciation for 
what IS important in life family, friends and fun Without 
my parents (the best), Dione, my friends, and my roo- 
mates (who else could live with me ), and my dykes I 
could not hove been successful of VMI I'm looking 
forward fo a life with eager anticipation and charge 
Glenn and Tony fo keep the way for tradition olive To 
the class of '90 I'll say I've loved workin' with you and be 
patient, you'll be in charge soon 

Thomas B, Grahiam 
Antonio Zang, Glenn Barr 

John Summers Phillips 


History — Army Armor 

Atlanta. Georgia 

Bond 4,3,2, Tanker Platoon 3,2,1, Wrestling 4, Com- 
manders 4, John Calvin Club 4, Museom Asst 2, Pvt 4, 
Cpl 3, Op-Sgt 2, Reg S-3 Lf 1 

Having you as a roomate fought me alot about myself 
and how fo dedl with other people, especially youl 
These lost years have flown by because of you and our 
friendship The late night bull sessions, trials and tribula- 
tions — girls?, ganging up on Speedy and the Dykes, 
and the candidness of your advice and comments is 
greatly appreciated and needed You're o fdnfasfic S- 
3 Captain — oops Lf You do the best because you are 
the best! The only two words left are friendship and 
ogape Never soy die! ECD 

Words will never adequately express my feelings for 
you I don't know any two friends that could get so mad 
of each other and then be so happy together, as 
we've been the last three years. How many late night 
counseling sessions hove we hod'r' I feel sorry for anyone 
who aian'f fake the time fo get fo know you because 
they cheated themselves of a very good friend Re- 
member the night I got boned at 02 30 for improp 
dressed, that was the first of many folks fo come. Your 
friendship is one of my most cherished possesions, "If 
you make one true friend then your life is worfh while," 
Thanks for being my true friend D S 
My family, friends and Buck, thanks for your example 
and support John S,, Nancy and Ed, I survived on your 
love "I'll get by with a little help from my friends!" 

Dykes 1984 

Hirscfi, Ma, Sfiimotsu, JM 
Huntsberry, HS. Dolan, IJ 

Robert E. Phillips 

Bob, Blob, Muscle Head, Bullet Head 

Economics — Army 

Medford Long Island, New York 

Pvt, 4, Cpl 3,Sgt 2,Lt 1: Lacrosse4,2,1; AUSA3, Sec, 2. 
Treas 1, FCA 3,2, Treas 1, S-5 Tour Guide; Cdt, Public 
Relations Committee 

If I have learned nothing else in the post 4 years. I have 
learned that the gome of life cannot be won by any 
single individudi In order fo be successful you need the 
support of the people who are close to you. Without 
that support, you ore nothing, and you will go nowhere, 
I, however, have been blessed with that support, and 
now Is the time for me to say thank you. Mom and Ddd, 
there is no way possible fo repay for all you hove given 
me You believed in me when I doubted myself, I hope I 
have mode you proud Chuck, Thanks for always look- 
ing up to me I'm proud fo be your big brother Work 
hard and you will go for in life Grdndpo, thanks for 
always being there for me, you don't know how much it 
has meant fo me Mark and Sam, thanks for making the 
post 4 years much more enjoyable Best of luck to you 
both Tracy, you have been my greatest inspiration. At 
times this place has been rougher on you than me 
Thanks for standing by me dnd being pdtient I love you 
more than words con soy The diploma is as much oil of 
yours as it is mine. Last, but especially not least, I wont 
fo thank God for all the small miracles, I have fought a 
good tight, I have won the race, I have kept the Faith. 2 
Tim, 4, 7 

Dykes 1984 — Roland C, Staiano 

1990 — Larry "Spaz Man" Farrell 

304 First Class 

John Richard Pilloni 

John Edward Poast 

Thomas V. Politano 


History — Army 

Glen Ridge, New Jersey 

C.W., Emily, Root, Poastie, Poster 

Sponisli — Air Force 

Kaneohe Hawaii 

The Wop , CB, Tommy Gombino 

English — Army 

Wilmington, Vermont 

(Jot 4; Pvt 3; Cpl. 3; Sgt 2, Lt 1: RDC 1 Engaged 2; Single 
4,3.2,1, Drone 3, HMWHC 2,1. "The Family" 3,2,1, Booze 
Cruize 4,3,2: Summer School Stud 4,3,2,?, Sin Lodge 2, 1, 
Brain Cell Bar-B-Q 2,1; Cluge Dynasty 2,1. Pig 4,3,2,1 

Swimming 4, Spirit Squad 3.2. Rugby 1, S-5 Staff 4,3,2, 
Corporal 3, Privite 4,3,2,1, Azclia Festival 3,2,1, Deans 
Lisf 2 

Squareroot Club 4, Cpl. 3; Cannonball Comm 2, VMI 
Firefighters 2,1: Summer School 4,3,2: MBC Club 4.3,2, 1 , 
AVAS 2,1: Writer. Snip's Love Advice Column 3.2.1 Pa- 
rental Scholarship 

Mom. Dad. Criage. Grandma, and Gramps. I hope I 
have made you proud. I love you all and could NEVER 
thani< you enough Iwould also like to thank Stash. Al. 
Andy, and mostly Don You taught me well 
To my roommates, you guys were the best Andy, 
dean. Ted, we did it all the way from the start You will 
always be like brothers Alan. I hove never met anyone 
OS compotoble and nasty as we are together Kenny, 
You are a damn good friends to my best friend. John 
Nolan, you know that neither one of us can say it well, 
but you know what you mean to me. Ion and Dave, 
good luck. Dykeship is forever 

VMI. you were a tangled combination of hate and love. 
Many times, hate got me through, but no regrets. Fortu- 
nately, 1 walked away with a love both for VMI and for 
its people I bid thee fairwell and thanks 
The old wise man asked the young warrior, "What is 
best in life?" 

He replied, "to crush your enemies to see them driven 
before you and hear the lamentations of thier woman." 
Lift hard, stay loose, and make the kill when you can Do 
it for success! piG 

Soon my cadetship will only be a memory. As I reflect 
on the past four years. I remember good times and 
bad, but most important I remember the people. Chid. 
Kevin, Brad, and Bill, I'm proud to hove you as friends 
Robert. Idon't know how you put up with two LA majors, 
but I'm glad you did We've certianly haa some good 
times, "Fake is FUN!" Mike, we spent too much time 
together, but it was time well spent I'll never forget the 
TV room, Sponky's or Europe You both ore much 
more than friends, as you hove been a part of me for 
four years I hope this is only the beginning of our friend- 
ship. Mom, Dad and Michele, thank you. Hove youi Mar- 
garet, you've been as much of my cadetship as any- 
one I'll always remember the beach, and I'll always 
love you When I think back on VMI. I think I'll miss the 
people the most I've enjoyed my cadetship. and I'm 
sorry it has to end. At least I'll always have the friends 
I've made here, and a school I can be proud of 

I don't know where I'm going 
I don't know what I need 
but I'll get to where I'm going 
ana that's all right with me 
— The WHO — 

It's going to be difficult to find the right words to cap- 
ture Tom's essance My initial impression of an extreme- 
ly opinionated, unconverted bluebelly in Italian wrap- 
ping was completely correct As time went on through, 
I came to like and respect the Wop very much and 
realized his value went far beyond that of being the 
club 42 sink scrubber When he wasn't at BaWwin, Tom 
could always be counted on for a favor or a laugh. It 
always seemea too. that Wop knew the stoop poop 
on hour ahead of everyone else Tom attacked ever 
aspect of keydet life with boundless enthusiasm 
(events like flood relief had him bouncing off the walls). 
I'm certianly glad he decided to put up with the South 
for a couple of years (who's putting up with who?!). All 
of us in 42 wish you the best Wop and we leave you 
with the confidence that you'll do just fine wherever 
you're stuck — JWB 

For my friend — ioh tela delicoda, antes ae tiempo 
dadaa los agudos files de la muertrei — Garcilaso 
Appropriate thanks cannot be given to those who 
have supported me. and put up with me I offer them, 
humbly, my thanks 

Dykes 1984 — Dan Gettings 

1990 — Ian Duthie, Dove Petka 

Dykes 1984 — Hank Selman 

1990 — Chris "Vern" Barker 

Dykes 1984 — Ron Lowanski 

1990 — Brian McCormack 

First Class 305 

Tracy M. Porter 

Slack, Redneck, Tonto, "P", Trace, Horseneck 

Economics/Psychology — Infantry 

Horse Landing, King William Co., Virginia 

Kevin Thomas Price 

K.T, "Buckwheat" Smedley 

Electrical Engineering — Navy 

Titusville, Florida 

Kevin Patrick Reardon 

English — Army 
Richmond, Virginia 

Privite 4,3,2.1, Blow Co 4.3,2.1; Alcoriol and Drug Abuse 
Committee 2.1. Investment Club 1; Ranger Geek 4.3, 
Par IV Calc I Club, Par II Cole II Club; He-Man Women 
Hater's Club F B G A S,; Rod and Gun 
Club 2.1. Zappa 3.2.1. Tequila Club 2.1. Official Corps 
Advisor on Native American Affairs 3,2,1 

Corporal 3; Hop and Floor 4,3,2,1; Treasurer 1; Eta Kap- 
pa Nu 2,1; Deans Lists 4,3,2; S-2 Tutor; IEEE 2,1; AA Rat 4; 
TD Club 3; MBC Part-Time Student 2. PW Club2; IEEE 
Anti-Clemson Team 2; HMWHC Member at Heart2. Ille- 
gal Cor Club 2; Wondertwin Crash Team 1 

CPL 3. SGT 2. LT 1. Cadre 3,2,1. Honor Court 2.1; 
Prosecutor 1 

What a strange twist of fafe it was when Trocey and I 
ended up in 423 together. We were like Mutf and Jeff 
We had a lot of tun in the Ratline, and when Slack the 
Woolly Bear, and I moved to the Zoo for 3rd Class Year, 
I knew the fun hod just begun And it had! Third Class 
Yedr brought the boiling water , the Hole-in-the-wall 
supply, and a fear of being attacked by all of Arnold's 
Valley Second Class year brought the disappointing 
academic extinction of the Woolly Bear, but that 
couldn't stop us A blizzard of academics(Par 4 Calc I, 
whyyy, and shhhh!) couldn't clear our minds of Ring 
Figure and fiances But there was the Hokie Kill and the 
Party Hafi First CI. ass year brought the Citadel trip (with 
excess luggage) and Elmer Fudd Song Lord knows 
what will happen next I just hope he let's me know 
when he finally hears that Dinah Moe Humm! DSH 
GRANDMA, thank you for all that you have done for me 
You are always there when I need you and I will never 
be able to repay you for the love that you have given 
me I love you more than I can say I hope Grandpa is 
proud of me. To my family and Com. I love you all and 
am proud to have a family that is as close as we ore 
We are truly blessed and I thank the Lord for this 

I feel that VMI has token away what is supposed to be 
the best years of my life But if I hadn't come to VMI. 
where would I be^ Probably at some college m the nine 
year Bachelor Degree program, mixing with the wrong 
crowd I can't say I never had fun, and I can't say that I 
had the best of luck either. It's a shame that you only 
remember the bad things in life when you look back, 
only remembering the good things when you ore with 
your friends. All the bad things of VMI build character as 
an Alumni once told me as I was bickering about VMI 
early in my codetship So when the worst seemed to 
happen, the thought of the experiences building char- 
acter helped me take everyddy here, bod or good, in 
stride Now. reality is around the corner, full of its sur- 
prises I have gotten a lot out of VMI then again. VMI 
has taken a lot out of me Somewhere down the road, I 
will see if It all paid off Thanks Mom, Dad and Kim for all 
the support you hove given me in the past tour years 
Thanks classmates for making barracks life livable Mike, 
John. Tim. Doug etc Thanks for the laughs, good- 
times, and everything I could write a book about if 
all To all those mentioned, thanks is not nearly enough 

It's hard to sum up four years at VMI in such a short time. 
The bottom line is that they were a quick four years with 
some bad times but mostly good due to the friends and 
roommates I was lucky to have over the years At this 
time, many people need to be thanked for their sup- 
port. First my parents and family for their advice and 
lending hand ( especially when I was broke) Second 
there was my dyke and brother from '84 who provided 
perfect examples of VMI men And lost, but certainly 
not least. Maria who stood by me for four years 
"We wander in our thousands over the face of the 
earth, the illustrious and the obscure, earning beyond 
the seas our fame, our money, or our only crust of 
bread, but it seems to me that for each of us going 
home must be like going to render on account We 
return to face our superiors, our kindred, our friends — 
those whom we love, and those we obey There are 
the girls we love, the men we look op to, the tendewr- 
ness. the friendships, the opportunities, the pleasures! 
But the fact remains that you must touch your reward 
with clean hands, lest it turn to dedd leaves to thorns in 
your grasp" Joseph Conrad Chapter 21 Lord Jim 

Dykes 1984 — Eric "Bocephus" Harmon 
1990 — Dave Walsh 

Dykes 1984 — Pete Watling 
1990 — Steve Under 

Dykes 1984 — Barry S, Mines 
1990 — Terrence Kerner 

306 First Class 

Vernie L. Reichling Jr. 

Punkie, Big-Ear, Wormy 

Civil Engineering — Army 

Merriam, Kansas 

Reynolds Bishop Renshaw 

Rennie, Occupant, Wretch, Stud Muffin 

Civil Engineering — Army Engineer 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Aaron Ned Robinson 

Scrap, Mightydog, Tanl<, Scrapo 

Mechanical Engineering — Air Force 

Hampton, Virginia 

Rat, Cpl, 3, Sgt. 2, First Class Private; ASCE 2, 1; "Plug-N- 
Chug" CE Newspaper 1 Rat Training Cadre 2. 1 The 
Ten 3, 2, 1, Hooks 2. 1: GG.WB.C ; SCSC. Airborne — 
1986; Captain O Club 2. 1. 

Punkie, there's no place like home, and we're almost 
there! Thanks for everything I wouldn't have made if 
without you and Steve Remember all your ailing inju- 
ries? I'd like to think that I caused them but I can't 
accept the credit. Here's to the Spiders and the holes 
on the football field. Go deepi Just remember the next 
time you get in a fight, they can't put you on confine- 
ment Thanks for being a friend. You're always wel- 
come at the Bigheads. Good Luck in the "Boy Scouts." 
Big Head 

Vern, did you know that gullible is not in the dictio- 
nary? (just kidding) We've put up with a lot in 4 years 
From the Grateful Dead, who we wish would die. fo 
Cmd, Erchul's endless Geo labs I'd wish you luck with 
women, but I don't have much luck with them myself 
Now that I'm nof there looking over your shoulder, quif 
pretending to be Rocky And if you're going to be on 
Airborne stud, the least you could do Is tape the ear 
down so people don't get dizzy watching you Steve 

To Mom and Dad, thanks for all the support I owe you 
both so much I will be there if you need me To Julie, our 
life is just beginning it's been hell, but we've made it No 
more L D.R Love ya. Vern, To the Ten-F K it, let's get 
some Mangos. To '87, go for it. To my favorite penpals, 
thanks Debbie and John. And no, I didn't forget you 

TCFC I Co Rep; Golf 4, 1; Lacrosse 4; ASCE 4, 3. 2, 1, 
President and Founder; Civilian 2; Red Front Ranger 4, 3. 
Planter's Club 4, 3, 2. 1; Cave Dweller 1 Cyrus Lover; 
Virgin Private 4, 3, 2, 1; Summer School Scholar; Room's 
Hat Patron. Hook; 452 Survivor. 

It is a tough job to sum up 4 years of sweat and 
frustration on one page. It's a good thing I'm damn 
close to being illiterate Why did I come here? Was it my 
masochistic tendencies? Was it my sadistic tenden- 
cies'' My quest to be just a little different? No. I chose 
VMI because I don't like to party, drink beer, or chase 
women. All was not negative, however I have had 
some of the best times of my life in the midst of the 
cdring hands of Mother "I". VMI is the only place on 
earth that makes rules, teaches you how to chollenge 
them, and crucifies you when they are broken. Howev- 
er, winning at the gome can bring a pleasure that can't 
be matched by anything non-sexual A few things 
made my sentence o little more bearable Brother Rats 
— thanks for the memories Grondmommy, without 
you, this may not have been possible Mom and Dad. 
your unlimited support and constant drive have helped 
me realize my goals and strive to be the best "Good 
manners and bod breath get you nowhere " EC "Big- 
shot, I tell you what, tell me what goes on around here, 
go ahead — get me in the corner, smoke my ciga- 
rettes and drink my beer, then you can look me in the 
eye and tell me if you see o trace of fear" JJ 

Promaji Club 4, 3, 2, 1 Vice President Promaji 2, 1; 
Treasurer Promaji 3; ASME 4. 3, 2, 1; Cadre 2, 1; Pvt. 4, 
Cpl. 3, Sgt. 2, 1st Lt. 1; Cadet Public Relations Commit- 
tee 1; Ghetto Crew 3, 2, 1, The Wheats 4, 3, 2, 1. 

I would like to thank God, without whose guidance I 
would not hove made it this for Momma and Jim, you 
two are my life. Thanks for being there when I needed 
you most I love you both! Grandma Jackson and Rob- 
inson, your little man made if Aunt Kitty, Aunt Winnie, 
and the Barnes, thanks for making my homecomings 
enpyoble and meaningful Special thanks to Aunt Hollie 
and Greg, you two always provided the nudge I need- 
ed To the Wheats! Remember the many good times 
that we've shared. Also don't forget the hard times 
that mode us that much closer We are the Boys! I wont 
you to 'membo that! Finally. Scully, and Boobo, you 
know how I feel I love you like brothers! 
Love always, Nea! 
P S Dykes, hang tough! 

My man Tank, well Cuddie, it's been hard but we 
made it You've been a true friend and roommate. 
Remember 392 Geek Barracks'' The pits Take it easy. 

Scrap, it's been rough coming through the tunnel not 
being able to see the light, but it's there and we can 
see it together Take core M.D 

Dykes 1984 — Brian K. Hermanson 
1990 — Rob Rease 

Dykes 1984 — Dove Stephenson 

1990 — Fritz "Tweeserhead" Schrichte 

Dykes 1983 — Judson Springer 

1990 — Tom Cotman, Lionel Taylor 

First Class 307 

Ronald A. Robinson Jr. 

Ronnie. "Old Man" 

Economics — Navy (Aviation) 

Midlothian (and Chesapeake), Virginia 

Steve S. Robinson 

Fish, Steve-O, Slug 

Mechanical Engineering — Air Force 

Dumfries, Virginia 

Paul Donald Russo 

Roose, Pouly, Paulbow, Neck, PIzon, Roo 
Biology — Army-Armor 
Johnstown, Pennsylvania 

Investment Group, Pres 2, Chiarman — Pres, 1, Wall St 
_Trip, Football 4, Hop and Floor 3, 2, Vice Pres 1. Dean's 
List 4, 3. 2, 1, Omicron Delta Epsilon. Cpl , Sgt , Pit Lt 
Cadre 2, 1, Summer 86 Foreign Study USS Nimitz Cruise, 
Wtio's Who. Public Relations Comm 1, VMl 87 Partner- 
ship, Baptist Stu Union 4, Cadet Asst 3. 2, 1, 1986 Econ 

I don't know how we decided to room together, but 
for the past 3 years, we have been like brothers — We 
constantly encouraged one onother, but we had our 
disagreements — We constantly joked on each other, 
but that was our way of saying we cared — Ronnie's 
accomplishments at VMI ore numerous, but rarely was 
he given the credit he deserved — His work and suc- 
cess with the Investment Group was remarkable — VMI 
would never have have been the same without him — 
As we go our seperate ways. I am anxious to watch him 
soar to new hights WDB 

Ronnie, What an asset he has been to the Econ 
Dept , and often a headache to his roommatesi — 
Admired by the women for his gray hair, he is loved by 
his roommates for his mama's cookies! Ronnie BR, send 
up a second, or bone a third — We will alwdvs love Him 

Mama, Daddy, S J , dnd dll other friends and family 
who have supported me during my years at VMI, I want 
to thank each and every one of you for all your love, 
help, and encouragement 

VMI has instilled m me many worthy things, the most 
important being the value of Unity, Sacrifice, and Hon- 
or, A VMI education is on excellent investment m the 
business of life 

We should make plans, counting on God to direct us 
— Proverbs 16 9 

Wrestling 4, 3; Rugby 2, 1, Corporal (with protest), ASME 
(under duress). Spades Master 3, 2, 1, Red Front Ranger 
4, Sock Throwing 3 (Confinement till 2) 

What Graduation ALREADY? But it's only been four 
LONG years My fellow roomslugs, what a variety, Jerry 
(yes they're still here) Ledlow, Don (got any chocolate) 
Butler, Chris ( what's that stuck on your chest) Peckham, 
Paul (I wanna be a ranker) Bronnigon How did we oil 
survive^ Barelyi Who else could average 56 demo's, 
play spades till 3 30, and still hdve better grades than all 
our Rats We've been together since we were thirds, 
and I've witnessed many strange and unusual things 
(HMWHC trials, concerts on the third stoop, the after- 
math of the great orange ond ice tea massacre, Jerry, 
etc ) and gamed numerous memories. You guys have 
shed some light into a dark place I can't forget Garpo, I 
owe you a lot, and all those other slugs out tnere( you 
know who you are) It's been a good trip because you 
all were along 

Dad and Mom, you were both a lot of help along the 
way It takes a lot to put your kids through college (not 
;ust the bucks) thanks Suzi, there is no way to tell you 
how much you've helped me through this place 
You've put up with this place for four years, that takes a 
special person. Well, it's almost over Fellow slugs, I wish 
you luck in your future, 'Til we meet again, bloop, bloop 

Regt S-5, Sgt,, Cpl.; Dean's List 4, 3, 2, (1?), Football 4. 
3, 2, TCFC Chairman 3, 2, Distinguished Military Student 
1, AUSA 4, 1, US Armor Association 1, Tanker Platoon 1; 
Ring Figure Honor Guard 3, GenerdI Biology Club 2, 1; 
Cadet Assistant — Career Development Center 1; 
Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities 
1, I81NS 

Paul came to VMI as a cocky High School Football 
Player from Jtown At first he said the "I" looked like d 
prison Nonethless, Paul matriculated to be a rat He 
found he couldn't make it alone, and three people 
made life bearable at the Institute Bill, Alan, and Mike 
saw fit to see Paul through the emotional ups and 
downs of VMI Many 0200 raps won't be forgotten. 
Even though he came across as an individual, he 
thrived on their support By his first class yeor , an end of 
Paul's life came on a September afternoon 13 years of 
a gome he loved was over before expected Paul 
found there was more to life than a pigskin ball, but NOT 
MUCH His Mom, Dad, Brothers, Dodo, DJ, Aunts and 
Uncle, yes even Terry sow Paul through the change 
from a cocky boy to a VMI man NOW, I thank Aunt 
Nance, Trop, Cav, Mat, Undsay, Lou, Clark, Whit, and 
most of all Dad You never said a word Those words 
always seem besfi Mom, without you I'd be lost Words 
aren't enough, I owe you both so much 

Dykes Jtown is a super place It built good cadets. 
Just remember "You cdn't always get what you want, 
but if you try sometime, you just might find, you'll get 
what you need " Rolling Stones 

Best of LUCK to the CLASS OF 1987! PDR 87 

Dykes 1984 — Randy Heath 

1990 — Kevin Miller and Alan Meshav 

Dykes, 1984 — Worthless. IM 

1990 — Stefan (Shifter) Herzog 

Dykes 1984 — Chris Busse 

1990 — Gosbo, George Rehab, Todd 

308 First Class 

Ernest Joseph Sacco Jr. 

Ernie, Ern. Sac, Italian Hammer, Wop, Herb 

Biology — United States Navy 

Voorheesville, New York 

Jon Eric Sochrison 


History — Marine Corps 

Clearwater, Florida 

Charles Jeffrey Sadler 

Jimbo, Frazier, Buck 

Civil Engineering — Army Artillery 

Richmond, Virginia 

NROTC Scholarship 3. 2, 1; Boxing Club 4, 3, 2, 1; 1986- 
1987 National Collegiate Boxing Association Eastern Re- 
gioncls. Runner-up Corps Uglyman Contest, Corp Tough 
Guy, Club"20" 4, 3, 2, 1, Rm 20 2nd Place Wrestling. 
New York -New Jersey "Booze Cruise" 4, 3, 2, 1. Mary 
Baldwin Weekend Student 

It is hard to soy what my years here at the "I" have 
done both for and to me I came down here a tough 
Yankee, confident and already a man My first year 
brought me to the rude awakening that I wasn't quite 
so tough and far from being a man Still it was here I 
learned the type of man I wonted to be and also the 
type I didn't, for those who I would gladly follow and do 
respect, there are many I feel opposite for, they oil 
know where they stand Special thanks to my parents 
who always were behind me and kept me going in 
times of trouble, I promise I will moke you proud To all 
my friends, especially my roommates Bill and Scott and 
my fellow Bio Majors, its been fun and I love you oil 
Finally to Haley, you've taken my love for what it is and 
given me yours, it's a cliche but for us the best is yet to 

"It IS not the critic who counts, nor those who tell how 
the strong man stumbled or how the doer of deeds 
might have done them better No it is the man actually 
in the arena, whose face is marred with sweat and 
blood, who is striving valiantly against great odds Who 
if he wins knows the level of high achievement and self- 
made glory and who if he foils of least is secure in the 
knowledge that he gave it his all, never stopped his 
attack and never gave up on himself or his dreams " 

Cpl 3, Pvt 3, 2, Pit. Sgt 2. Pit Lt 1; Red Front Ranger 3; 
#1 Club 3. Illegal Car Club 2: #1 Club 2, Academically 
Extinguished 4, 1. Wosteobago Crew 1 Rat Training 3, 
2, 1, Rappeling Cadre 1; VMI Firefighters 2; Semper Fi 1, 
Club '01 3, 2, 1, US Tobacco Co. Supporter 4, 3, 2, 1, 
Summer School 4. 3, 2. 

Four long years, ma (WAM), is more than anyone 
should hdve to spend with me. Ask my family Long 
nights on the stoop — longer nights on the point (get 
the hell off my poinfi) but soon it will seem they weren't 
long enough Thanks for the friendship and coring I 
seemed to hove when I looked to you If we hod a 
couple more years we should be living alonel May the 
Corps be everything that you deserve Most of all 
though, I give sincere thanks that you were just you. 
Rah Old Mill MCB 

I entered Club 201 at your request, not really sure 
what to expect What I found was as real a friend as 
any man could wont If it wasn't for your timely confes- 
sion, who knew? I would say thanks for the memories, 
but we can't remember themi Best wishes for an illustri- 
ous career in the Corps Mortgage'^ I dunno LMB 

Punk — Even then he was o Morinel We spent many 
times together in many seasons and States, with many 
friends from the I They've gone but we're still together 
It's been a long time' Good luck m the Corps DFC 

I come with visions of grandeur and leave with the 
same Something was missed in between but much 
more was gained Good luck to those I leave behind 
Thanks to all (Esp Charlie) Mom — to you I owe it all 

Bomb Staff 4; VMI Fireflghers 2, 1, Pistol Team 2, 1; 
Tanker Pit 3, 2; Pvt 4. 2, 1, Dean's other list 3; SS 3, 2; 
Roommate Number One Club 3, 2, 1, ASCE 2, 1 

It has been a long four years. There are no regrets 
and if I had to do it over again, I would come to VMI 

again I would like to thank my parents for all the sup- 
port they hove given me in the best and worst of times 
To Alex, it was a great summer in the frot and the best 
of luck in lite Tripp, it has been strange (the more 
strange the better) and tots of funi 1 will be seeing you 
around the city. Mike, D Good luck in the Navy, maybe 
they will hove a rugby team. M J and J k sorry about 
your number ones but then, people from the north nev- 
er have any luck 

It is time to say goodbye It has been a fun four years 
but now it is time to move on. 

"Man is born alone 

man dies alone 

In between 

He is on his own" 

Dykes 1984 — Tynan Dawson 

1990 — Steve Summa, Dominick Mullori 

Dykes 1984 — Steve Woolwine 

1990 — Jimmy Cox, Jake Schmoyer 

Dykes 1984 — William Gottwcid 
1990 — John Gottwald 


First Class 309 

Somkiat Sampan 

KC, Kick Cat. Kiat 

Electrical Engineering; Army ROTC, Artillery 

Bangkok. Thailand 

Somsak Sawangsak 

"Sak". "Sawang" 

Civil Engineering — Royal Thai Army 


Curtis R. Schoonmaker 

Schoon. Schooner. "Name and Initials" 


Economics. Navy 

Great Falls. Virginia 

Rat 4, Cpl 3, Acad-Sgt 2, Captain-Reg S4 1. Deans 
Honor List 4. 3, 2, 1, Academically distinguished 3, 2, 1. 
Who's Who Honor Society Phi Kappa Phi, Eta Kappo Nu, 
President, Engineering Society of VMI, IEEE, USAA Aca- 
demic All American. VMI Boxing Team 4. 3. 2. Treasurer 
1: NCBA Champion 1985, 1986. All American Collegiate 
Boxing Team 1985. 1986 

It IS hard to remember everything that I had done, 
experienced, trained . and learned since I hdd been at 
VMI for olmost four years But I never forget how tough 
our rat-line was. how hard the academic work was. 
how tough the boxing practice was. how often the MD 
was, and how good the teachers were And I diso 
remember bdrracks where we slept through the whole 
year long, academic buildings where we usually studied 
almost ten hours o day, Crozet Club where we dte dll 
we could eat. Quantity comes first It is not easy to say 
goodbye to brother rots who stay with you. eat with 
you. suffer with you. and help you out to make it 
through VMI side by side, shoulder by shoulder I am sure 
that I will miss you guys, especially my roommates, and 
the "I" I hope we will keep in touch, and stick together 
as a class I would like to thank you my mom. my monk 
for guiding me LTC M Yuwanatemiyo. Ms Rongsaart 
for your sponsorship, specially to Mr and Mrs Mdpunyo. 
Mr and Mrs Thoponawat for your great support during 
a break, to my Big Brothers, Coach Calkins, faculty 
members, and finally to the Royal Thai Army for making 
everything come true 

Pvt 4. 3. 2. 1. Dean's List 4. 3. 2. 1. Cadet Computer 
Assistant 3. 2. 1. Civil Engineering Society 2. 1 

One of my rat roommates was neither a yankee nor 
a redneck. He was from Bangkok. Thailand and in the 
U S only 10 weeks My corporal told us we had to teach 
him English, and that if he left we left Social and 
cultural differences arose, but despite this, we mode 
the best of it Over the past 4 years I've seen Sak's 
character and amiable personality improve. Presently 
my Thai vocabulary is limited to three words. Two of 
which would get me beof up in an alley in downtown 
Bongkok Sak, however, is boundless Sak. difhough 
you'll be graduating in December. I know you'll be here 
with us on May 16 Vou've been a good Brother Rat. but 
obove all. a good friend, I sincerely wish you the best of 
luck in graduate school, and in the Thai Army See you 
in Thailand R W Eckhoff, Jr 

I'd like to thank the Royal Thai Army, my Dad. Mom. 
teachers, friends, girlfriends, and Brother Rats for all the 
help in getting me through VMI For 4 long years at VMI. 
I've learned that some places m this country are nice 
but some places are nicer I'll go back to Thailand 
soon. The end has come This will be my unforgettable 
history Bye friends. VMI. and Americd . . 

Private 4. 3. 2. 1. Rod dnd Gun Club founder. Sport 
Parachute Club 3. 2. Rugby 1. Track 4; Naval Aviators 3, 
2. 1. Trident Society 1. English Cadet Asst 2. 1. Alpha 
Sigma Chi 2. 1. Hop and Floor 3. 2. Rat Training 3. 2. The 
Other Timmins Society 3. 2. Quality Used Cdr Purchaser 
3: Midnight Bikers 1 , Red Front/ East Lex Raider 4. 3. 2. 1; 
Tow Truck Destroyers 2: Projects Dweller 3. 2. 1, 

From rat year with Matt Howard and Derrick Johnson 
saluting at Taps, to now with Paul and Tim. VMI has 
been more fun than I could ever have hoped I loved it 
here I never found a problem so insurmountable that a 
positive attitude couldn't defedt. with the possible ex- 
ception of grades After trudging through multitudes of 
hours of courses, many for the second or third time, one 
equation remains in my head — summer school = bum- 
mer school, unless you own a station wagon or a bicy- 
cle There ore quite a few thanks in order, but to save 
time. I'll include my most criticdl benefdctors Mom and 
Dad. Art and Ginny Beeton. Coach King, Col Acre- 
back, my roommates Walgod and Son-of-Mun. Pete, 
Steve, and my "friends" dt Citibdnk No thdnks to you 
at all Col Games When I finally get around to graduat- 
ing I can only foresee one regret, that being my paren- 
tally disappointing G P A My savior is that I don't think 
I've missed out on anything, and that's what I think is 
going to make me a happy man To my Brother Rats in 
'87. it's been wild, and I'll never forget you Let's all 
hope the next time we see a Commie. It's when he gets 
in the way of our gunsights "The way of a fool seems 
right to him. but a wise man listens to advice," Proverbs 
12:15. Guys, never let anything get you down, you'll 
crumble. CR.S. '87. 

Dykes 1984 — Dao Thien Phuc 
1990 — Liu Chin Yuan 

Dykes 1984 — Brian Kroll 

1990 — Chun-Hsing Lin 

Dykes 1984 — James R. Dillon 
1990 — Douglas M. Dillon 

310 First Class 

Scott K. Sciaretta 

Boom Boom, Scary. Shrettaweat, Flash 

Chemistry — Special Student 

Fairfax, Virginia 

Clarence Scott 

Boobie, Cat, Sylvester, Boobo 

Economics — Army 

Wilmington, North Carolina 

Gregory Alan Scott 

Smurf, Sam, Red-Rum, Spaz 

Modern Languages — M S, 

Powhattan, Virginia 

PVT 4, 3. 2, 1; Society Of Physics Students 4, ACS 3,2,1, 
Marsenison-Bruening Society 3, Demolitions 3, 2, 1. 

Who could forget that morning when we were awak- 
ened by a loud explosion only to see Scary holding a 
dish, face blackened, wondering what happened Hey 
Scary that stuff explodes. Keep it on your side of the 
room RBK 

I was just getting into the rack when you popped into 
the room and said, "I'm your new roommate " It wasn't 
what I wanted to hedr at the time, but I'm glad you did 
because you've become one of the family. Thanks 
again for not blowing us up. Your friend and roommate. 

Well it's time to reflect on my four years experience. 
VMI has taught me things that are of great value in 
business and life I would especidlly like to thank my 
mom and dad for their love and support for these four 
years I love you. Mom and Ddd, and thank you Dear 
Lisa, the one I love the most, thank you tor helping me 
through VMI To my three brothers. Al, Hap, and Brad — 
You hove been the greatest and were my family away 
from home 

To Ozzy and Stacy — Good luck and best wishes in 
your life together. 

Varsity Basketball 4, 3, 2, 1, Promaji Club 4, 3, 2, 1, 

Monogram Club 1, Ghetto Crew 3, 2, 1, PVT 4, 2, 1, 

CPL. 3, Scott Ship Scholar 4, 3, 2, 1, "Nerd Busters" 1; 
"The Wheats" 4, 3, 2, 1 

Boobo, it's been great having you as a roommate 
and yes, I do remember your name. Hey, it's like that 

Boobo, time sure flies when you ore having fun I 
would not soy it has been all fun, but time has been 
quick You have been a great roommate and friend 
Take care of yourself over the upcoming years Keep 
your high yellow rear end out of trouble. Scrap O 

I can remember the first couple of days at the 
"I" How can we forget the culture shock of our lives 
Now I'm sitting here In my room writing my history Well, 
It's time for me to sign out from the "I" Jeff it looks like 
we mode it Mom, Grandma, Missy, Aunt Cat you've 
been a big part in me staying here I love you all for 
that And my man Tomas,"Q" man, i don't know what i 
would hove done without you Thanks tor helping me 
keep my sanity And to my dykes Renord and Erroil 
hang in there Reach for the moon and if you don't 
moke it you'll be among the stars 

Pvt 4, 3, 2, 1, Tennis Team 

Greg Scott arrived at VMI, of course he made the 
move of being a Pre-Rat, thanks Marsenison. Rot 
grades were atrocious could this be a real college'' He 
went through the ratline being a Smurf and came out 
still as a Smurf He missed being a Third Ciossman what a 
"disappointment" Going to another "real" college 
didn't help him a bit 

For me being of VMI is a decent accomplishment, 
although in high school I never thought 1 would be at a 
military school There have been many rough times, but 
like anything else it all balances out One thing about 
VMI is that the friendships that are formed ore bonding 
and the memories unforgettable 

I would like to thank probably the two biggest influ- 
ences in my life. Mom and Dad I love you dearly and 
appreciate all your support and "money" Without you 
1 don't know what 1 would've done with my life 

Robin, 1 love you so much You've seen the good and 
bad times, 1 can only hope you ore with me forever. 
Thanks for being there, Charlie "We Can Get Along — 
Red-Rum" Gilmer and Bruce "Anti-Climax" Bangley 

Dykes 1984 — Walt Baskin 

1990 — David "Ozzy" Osborne 

Dykes 1984 — Ron Abbit 

1990 — Renard "Sax" Johnson, Erroil 

Dykes 1984 — Keith Mongum 
1990 — John Franklin 

First Class 311 

William O. Seiferth 

The "Nip" 

History — Army 

Clifton Park, New Yorl< 

Brett Patrick Shepard 


Electrical Engineering — M.S. 

San Antonio, Texas 

Jason Wesley Shepherd 

Anvillheod, Shep. Huge 

History — USMC 
Georgetown, Kentucky 

Pvt 4, Cpl 3, Lt /Drum Mapr 1, Cadet assistant to 
History Dept: Cadre 3, 1: Pep Bond 4, 3, 2, 1 Hop and 
Floor 3, 2, 1 AUSA 4; Herald Trmps 4, 3, 2. 1. Ring Figure 
Cdnnonball Committee 2; Rm 42 Masseuse 4. 3. 2. 1 
Ghetto Club 

Unlike most of us. Bill come to VMl with some idea of 
what he was in for, though it's probably safe to say the 
old "I" threw in some curves even the Nip hadn't bar- 
gained on We all missed him when he left briefly at the 
end of third class year, but Bill was back second class 
year with the same easy going sense of humor He 
proceeded to make up for lost time with a vengeoncel 
Bill's personal three legged stool rested on running the 
block (Hi Mom and Dad), rood tripping (breaking the 
sound barrier in South Carolina) and a legendary prow- 
ness with the fair sex (Bonpur Ami''!) I'm sure we hod a 
blast at the Citadel. Chapel Hill, and m Lynchburg I just 
can't recall the details for some reason On the more 
serious side of things, we were especially proud of the 
way Bill handled his job as Drum Major There was a 
definite flair to the way he spun the mace that had 
been missing in years post I consider my friendship with 
Bill one of the best things 1 got out of VMl 

I know you'll be success, as "FLASH GRIN", or whotev- 
er else you turn your attention to — JWB 
It is hard to believe that four years hove passed by so 
quickly here at VMl I won't ask to enter the net Dad but 
hopefully I'll enter into something as good Thonx Mom 
and Dad for your support Thonx VMl! 

Wrestling 4, Cadet Waiter 3, 2; Number 1 club 4; Alco- 
hol awareness Program Graduate 3, 2 

Having known Brett for two years before his self-im- 
posed exile to Texas, I can say that those two years 
were the best here for both him and me Brett just 
wasn't as lucky in not getting caught Here's a man 
who will risk all Every time I got too serious about this 
place Brett was there to save me Being insane with 
Brett IS better than the insanity of this place I hope he'll 
graduate now and I'm sure he will, TAC's willing Hey 
Brett, imagine what would've happened to this place if 
we had roomed with Jaime'' — P D. 

Something strange happened to me when I went to 
Texas A&M for a semester Believe it or not I actually 
missed this place It definitely wasn't the military atmo- 
sphere I missed. It was the type of friends at VMl There 
IS something special about a person who can play by 
these rules and still party their butts off Don't miss part 2 
in next Year's BOMB 

Boxing 4. 3, 2; USMC Marathon 2: D.C, Marathon 2; Mtn. 
Mosochist Tr. Run t: Cast Mr. Roberts 4, V.P. RDC 1, He- 
Man Women Haters Club 4, 3, 2, 1, Rat 4; Cpl. 3, Sgt, 2; 
Lt 1. Gordon Calkins Haircut Club 4, 3, 2, 1; Attitude 
Problem 4, 3, 2. 1, Co-M C, Ring Figure Fire Drill 2: Deans 
List 2, Pvt Again '1, Subway Slam ^ I.E. caught by baby- 
sitter having fun 

Shep. you've kept my head on straight the lost four 
years, and hove made me realize what is important, 
especially the friendship we have Your character is 
your strengh and I'll carry it with me in anticipation of 
times to come JMC 

I can't appropriately describe my feelings toward 
Jason in such few words. From masochist runs to fire drills 
to Big-Chil Sing-A-longs. we've done it all together This 
has merely been the start of something good to contin- 
ue for many years to come. There's no question) RKJ 

It would be impossible in a few words to describe the 
emotional rollercoaster ride of a VMl codetship Those 
here would cheapen the beauty of the friendship 
we've established here I would like to thank my par- 
ents for the love, guidance, and support they've given 
me here I would like to thank Coach Calkins for helping 
me endure this place with his subtle guidance and end- 
less wisecracks "The Fellas" know I would also like to 
thank Spike for setting the standard To my family I 
hope I've made you proud To our dykes and the class 
of 1W0, Learn from our mistakes and make us proud. 

Shep, You've been my crutch, my confidante and 
my friend You will always be the heart-of-my-heart 

Dykes 1984 — Craig Peacock, Don Craighead Dykes 1984 — Todd Henderson Dykes 1984 — Timothy D. "Spike" Stanley 

1990 _ David Bland, Kevin Cool 1990 — James "Couch Potato" Cable 1990 — The Class of 1990 

312 First Class 

Kevin Peter Sincavage 

Economics/French — Army Armor 

David IVIatthew Smith 

ibble", "Bubblehead", "Sod". Two Beer, 
Electrical Engineer — Navy 
Holtwood, Pennsylvania 

Gary David Smith 

Smitty. GD. Ttie Other One 

Electrical Engineering — Air Force 

Staunton, Virginia 

Rat 4. CPL 3; AC SGT 2; Cadet Captain, Regt 5-1 
Academically Distinguished 4, 3. 1; Varsity Soccer 4, 3, 
President of Investment Group 2, Airborne School 3; 
Economics Scholarship 3. Summer Foreign Studies 2; 
AUSA 4, 1, Omicron Delta Epsilon 1, Who's Who 1, Econ 
Cadet Assistant 2 

Ever since I came to VMI I have thought about the 
Ring and graduation Now that graduation will be short- 
ly upon us, I know more than ever how much VMI has 
done for me and how much I will miss it No one can 
honestly say that VMI has not done something positive 
for them or that they have not benefited in some way 
from being here The Rot Line taught me how to handle 
stressful situdtions and deal with problems as they 
arose. I also learned how to discipline myself academi- 
cally and personally. Third class year taught me, ds did 
the Rat Line, that you are not going to be on the top of 
the world — but your time will come Second Class year 
was very special in that Ring Figure embued me with 
the feeling of belonging to a unique and elite group — 
the Brotherhood of the Ring First Class year has taught 
me responsibility and sensitivity to others Hard core is 
not always the way to go I want to finish my eulogy of 
sorts by how much I love them and how grateful I am to 
them for their constant support and friendship Parents 
are uncanny. They have solutions to your problems, 
many in the mail, and your interest always in mind VMI 
parents exemplify these traits To my dykes I wish the 
best of success Peter and Tyler, never subscribe to a 
2 and go philosophy Always strive to be the best that 
you can be. It makes a difference! Goodbye to the "I"! 

PVT 4, 3, 2, 1. CPL 3 Batt S-1 SGT 1 Rugby 4, 3. Ring 
Construction CommiTfee, Cannon Ball Committee 3, 2, 
1 President Trident Society 1, Bomb Staff 3 I would like 
to thank Chaplain Coudilt. Lt Col Gordon and Dr Mon- 
sour without you I'd hove no history 

My heart grieves for those who never got to know 
David Matthew. If ever there was a man who chose to 
be the example of a true gentleman in every sense of 
the word it was Dave But unlike most. I don'f envy, I'd 
rather idolize I can't began to describe the emptiness I 
felt when Dave was not around He is a port of my life 
and will always be Dave, thanks for making me a suc- 
cess It was your undivided attention and your personal 
views that greatly helped others to see my potential 
You are the most unselfish person I have ever known 
But. when it comes to you and me, I'm willing to make 
that exception Words ore nothing without the feelings 
So, the memories will remain locked in my heart forever 
In every sense of the word, 1 love you and may God 
bless you, David — Whit 

He's mushy that Whit is don't ya think? 'Cept I know 
he means it just as much as I do Terrible to know that 
we will ail be hen-pecked husbands in three years You 
know what they soy — women! Can't beat 'em. can't 
shoot 'em Mick. Terry, and Stef are definitely the bes- 
fest of the best David, hero and I love you like a broth- 
er So, Here's to us. none better, the damned few, and 
fhey are all dead Hey Bubba, you got any Beamon? I 
might hove me a bit Loan me a stick will ya, I'll pay you 
bock later — MRW 

Don. Thank you for showing me, one can overcome 
anything. DMS 

4 Rot. 3 Cpl, 2 Sgt. 1 Reg S-2; Pres. IEEE; VMI Eng, 
Council. Who's Who, USAA Academic All American; 
Tres, ETA Kappa Nu, 4, 3, 2, 1, Dean's List, Academic 
Distinguished; Engineering Society Merit Scholar 

I came to VMI full of self doubts, but as I leave I am 
confident in my abilities VMI and the Father have 
taught me how to deal with adversity ond still see the 

There are so many people to thank for having shared 
the trials with me. First I'd like to thank the Father for 
helping me to grow and to make wise use of my abili- 
ties Thanks to the Gottwdld's for their generosity. To 
the chaplain — I love you. Tran, Kiat, Pakdi — we have 
to stay close 

Of course. I want to thank Mom, Dad. and Steve I 
know that of times I haven't said thanks, but your love 
and support have been vital to me Good luck Steve! 

Mama. Thanks tor the love and advice you've given 
Papa would be proud of me now And now Vicki — I 
love you darling! You have gone through the rat line for 
four years You have been by my side each step of the 
way, from Hops as a rat to Ring Figure Your love and 
letters were often the only way I made it The Father 
has blessed our love I look forward to sharing my life 
with you I love you! Corinthians 13 1-8, 13 

Thanks to all of my Brother Rots. Best of luck and God 
Bless '87!! — 

Dykes 1984 — Chris Murnane, Ron Abbit 
1990 — Peter Finan. Tyler Way 

Dykes 1984 — Mark "Hollywoood" Johnson 
1990 — Victor "Bino" Sabino 

Dykes 1984 — Kevin Taliaferro 
1990 — Wang, Y.H. 

First Class 313 

Timothy Lynn Snyder 


French — Navy 

Stony Brook, New York 

Kent Patton Sparks 

Uncle Fester, Pugsly, Larry 

Englisti — Army Infantry 

Daisy, Tennesee 

George C Spence 

Dick III, Rugbutt, Muffin, Butterbean 

Economics — Army Infantry 

Chester, Virginia 

Swimming 4. 3. 2, Water Polo 3. 2, Block Running 4, 3. 2. 
1 : Ghost OG 2, TV Club 3.2. Private 4. 3. 2. 1 . Rebel 4.3, 
2. 1. Late Night Debate Club 4. 3. 2. 1, River Rot 3. 2. 1. 
insane 4. 3. 2. 1 

Tim has mello«/ed over the years. When I first started 
rooming with him. I come to know a man who threw 
recalcitrant objects and punctied walls. (Watch out for 
the bayonefi) However, now he simply punches tables 
and destroys Blue Books Needless to say he is a man of 
strong and dedicated emotion It's a qudlity I admire . 
for no man may sway him from an ideal, and God help 
those who stand in his way Tim, Keep the faith, eternal 
thanks, and God bless you RSS 

Rooming with Tim has been a self-evaluating experi- 
ence We hove argued, debated about our beliefs, 
and learned more about each other than could be 
accounted for But. what he has given me is a better 
knowledge of myself, more accurately of what I don't 
know about myself 1 have learned, before we can 
understand and know others, we have to know our- 
selves. Tim has beliefs I'm sure he'd die for, and he is a 
role model for anyone who wants to be themselves 

"Yeah and it's over before you know it/ It all goes by 
so fast/ Yeah the bad nights take forever/ and the 
good nights don't ever seem to lost" — TP Rob and 
Eddie, you've made it all worth it. Without your help and 
of course Britt's, I wouldn't have made it May the mem- 
ories never grow dim, they ore all too goodi — TLS 

Footboll 4, 3, 2, Timmons Society 1; AUSA 1, Rat Daddy 
'3, 2, 1, VMI CADET 2 

Going to VMI hds been a difficult experience Thanks 
to my family for making this experience possible, it has 
been worthwhile To my brother Mike. I hope 1 wear the 
Army uniform and serve my country as well and as 
proudly as you have To the Hays family and the Colton 
Davis family, I owe my utmost in gratitude for your love 
and support Capt Dittrich, your support has been in- 
valuable To my roommates, Danner, Brad, and Mike, 
thanks for being the best friends I've ever had To my 
dykes, Brian, David and Greg, I hope I have been a lot 
of help to you and remember 1 will always be proud of 
you To my brother rots, I say thanks and wish you well 
and I hope you remember me as a person with a joke 
and a smile and ds someone who gives a crap about 
someone other than himself 

When Kent left his beloved Baylor school in Chatta- 
nooga, he hoped to return and be a teacher and 
coach After four years he wants to put off his return to 
serve in the Army After a shaky start if seems as if he will 
make it and I know he will do a good job I wish him the 
best BJM I always believed in something, that is what 
has kept me going all through life There has to be 
better ways and better ddys dnd I think if I work on 
these things in myself, it will make things better, RP 

Football Scholarship 4, 3, Honor Court 1, Rugby 2, 1; 
Marine Corps Marathon 3, Society of Young Economists 
3, CPL 3, SGT 2, Bott S-5 1, Ghetto 3, 2, 1; CTLT Korea; 
Cadet Computer Asst 2, 1; Spring Break 86 Cancun, 
Mexico, Mary Washington College Road Tripper 4, 3, 2. 
1, Summer School Prerat 4, 3, 2, Milk Club President 2, 1; 
Muffin Club 

I admit the years have gone by rather fast Some 
being good and others not so good The great 
times on the beaches of Mexico with "Street" were 
unforgettable The workouts with my rat roommates 
something I'd rather forget The Zollomans party with 
Stu Wharton when in the backseat of the trusty Plym- 
outh when we couldn't retrain from singing the Rugby 
song," My mama don't wedr no drawers " The many 
laughs in Rm 134 on how 1 became known as "butter- 
bean" All these great times would never hdve been 
dccomplished without the best friends I've ever known, 
I had to open up a couple of cons of "Whip Butt" on my 
roommates, better known as "Free Birds" to show them 
who was the real boss The one feeling I won't forget is 
the feeling I received when Street and I double teamed 
"Fotman" in the field during Ecology Lab These times 
would not have been possible without the support and 
love from my parents You were always there when I 
needed you. To my future wife Marty I love you with all 
my heart To Col and Mrs Vermillion I've always en- 
joyed the times we spent together I wont to say that 
the good Lord was a source of my strengh, someone I 
will always depend upon 

Dykes 1984 — Mike Montgomery 
1990 — David Post 

Dykes 1984 — Glen Thompson 

1990 — B, Burchette, D. Pobbins, G 

Dykes 1984 — Robert "The Riddler" Turner 
1990 — Jeff "Dick IV" Crist 

314 First Class 

Robert Steven Sprinkle 

Pappy, Moonpie, Sprink 

Electrical Engineering 

Buchanan, Virginia 

Christopher IVl. Stothis 

Statheeus, Statuslip, Chris 

Mechanical Engineering — Air Force 

Richmond, Virginia 

Peter David Stone 

Pete Stoned, MBC Raider, Munchkin, Capt 



Waynesboro, Virginia 

Rat 4; Cpl 3, Pvt 2, 1; Rot Training 3, 2, 1 VMi Amateur 
Radio Club: Summers in Lexington Club 2, 1; Weekends 
at Baldwin Club 2, 1; Grovelers Association 3. 2. 1 

Well, what can one soy'' Its been real, different, 
fun? I can't really say. But different would have to be at 
the top of trie list I don't triinl< any other place in this 
world could pack so many experiences into four years 
without driving someone crazy. (Some people wonder 
if that hasn't tiappened to me, but I'm an exception — i 
come here like thati) 

Ttiere are pros and cons to VMI There were times 
when I thought the cons used a "nuke" on the pros, but 
witti ttie help of some key friends, I began to experi- 
ence the good of Vfvli. It's there, you just can't find it by 

Some of my best experiences came from time spent 
with my friends. Tim, my roommate and cohort for three 
years, thanks' Ed, ttianks for the ear — you listened 
when nobody else would. Mom and Dad, I know its 
been rougti, but its over now, so you can breathe 
again I love you botti! Cindy, I owe you a very special 
thank you There isn't enough room here to say all I 
want, but I think the rest of our lives just might give me 
enough time God bless all of you! 

"If we weren't all crazy, we would go insane." — 
Jimmy Buffet 

Vice President Photo Club, Photographer Bomb Staff. 
Midnight Engineer, All Nighter Club 4, 3, 2, 1, Football 4. 

Chris and I met o few days before we matriculated 
while eating a Dominos Pizza on the second stoop The 
very Quiet Greek and I ended up rooming together our 
First Class year He has been, by far, the best roommate 
I've ever had He is very warm and sincere kind of guy 
He is a true Brother Rat! I feel like I hove missed out on 
something by not rooming with him our first 3 years at 
the I He has a tremendous drive to be successful and I 
know he will be Good luck Brother Rat! Hey Stathis, 
what is that, some kind of Greek Dance? CSJ 

First I'd like to wish farewell and good luck to all of my 
roommates over the years of VMI There is Rick "Hiney- 
Ho" Heine, Hoi "Opie" Taylor, Terry Fortune, Monte Fer- 
guson, Todd Arris, Jamie Devens, and Scott "the si--" 
Jewell, and farewell Brother Rats! I'd like to wish much 
love and gratitude to my Mom, Dad, and sister, for all of 
the things they hove done for me over the years I 
came to VMI for the challenges, and for the unique 
education it has given me, such as honor, motivation to 
keep going until you have finished your task, and moke 
time for everything I love what VMI stands for and for 
that reason, I sucked it up, picked myself up every time 
I lost and the rest is history Challenge life before life 
challenges you, or you will foil, then life will cease CMS 

Pvt 4, 2, 1 Civilian 3, Commuter Student 2; Tanker Pit 
TCFC, Golf Team, Fencing Team, Sgt Block's Hiking and 
Gun Club, Number One Club; Deans Other List; Aca- 
demic Extinction, Future Petroleum Distributors of Ameri- 
ca; FTBS 1, Lagnaf 4, 3, 2, 1 


Dykes 1984 — Jerry Roscoe 
1990 — Andy Weening 

Dykes 1984 — "Tusk", "Astro-Knee", Ranger 
Dykes 1984 — Thorton Stevens Brovi/n 

1990 — Eliot Assimokopoulos, Tom West 1990 — Raynor Garey 

First Class 315 

Thomas K Struckmeyer 

Stroker, Struckhead, Spunky 

Economics — USMC 

Sarasota, Florida 

Rennie Mason Sullivan 

Electrical Engineering — Army 
East Providence, Rhode Island 

Robert R Susnar 

Sus, Bob 

English — Army Infantry 

Pasadena, California 

Rifle Team 4, 3, Cadre 3, 2. Rat Training 2, Rm 132 
Barkeep 4, BOMB 2. 1 CPL. 3, SGT. 2, SGM for a day 
(a). Major Gleason Fan Club (see a), PVT 1. SGM 1, 
TCFC 3. 2; Deans Other List 4, 3, 2, 1, S-5 Staff 3, 2; Chris 
Peet Torture Permit 2. Boxing 1 Chicago Road Trip Fias- 
co 2. Semper Fi 4, 3, 2, 1; Florida Beach Bound 4, 3, 2. 1; 
Big Red Club Charter Member 1. 

Well what con I say? You're one of the easiest per- 
sons to be friends with and one of the hardest to room 
with I guess it's because we're so much alike VVe've 
had our differences end we've always worked them 
out With your self-discipline, personal committment 
and drive tor excellence I know you'll make an excel- 
lent marine 

To a friend forever I wish you all the best of luck MAC 

Thanks Beak & stay off the aS"! Mike in Krogers 

To my family, its been a long hard road for all of us, 
thank you for all your support Tammy, sometimes it 
didn't show but I do love you 

To my roommates, Guys I know I con be difficult, 
Thanx for being patient 

Dan Hall AKA "Redwings" "Nevermind You 


Fortune fdvors the bold — Unknown "Semper Fi" 

Corporal 3, Platoon SGT. 2, Chairman — Social Com- 
mittee, Computer Assistant; IEEE Member. Member 
Anti-Clemson Team, Beatle Haircut Club. 

Its hard to believe its finally over. VMI which has so 
dominated every aspect of my life for the past four 
years. Is now a thing of the past I'll never say that 
coming to VMI was a mistake, but it sure tried the hell 
out of my patience! It was frustrating of times, but that 
was just part of the ride The other part is the good 
timesi Whaaodddf Schmafzdll Are yd with me! The 
Briefcase Brothers! and of course, the scandalous IEEE 
convention in Richmond! Rennie, Where were you? Af- 
ter four years we grew to be close friends Jay, Jeff, 
Max. Mike. Kevin and Tim. I know you'll all do well I'll 
never forget ony of you GOOD LUCK! Bean and Cop 
The. thanks for being great roommates A proud yan- 
kee, d devout southerner, and d Vietnamese-Ameri- 
can! I don't know how we did it. but it was tuni I love 
you both. You mean a lot to me Col 8c Mrs McManus. I 
can't thank you enough for all you've done You're 
very special people Aunt Sandra & Uncle Dick, thanks 
for being there I love you both Grompo. you've stood 
by me. my mother, and my brother for so long You've 
been a father to me Kim. you're the sweetest thing in 
my lite And finally Mom. you made it all worthwhile I 
love you all very much. Mrs Shaw. I know you're proud. 

Football 4. 3. 2. 1, PVT 4, 3, 2, 1 Rat Heavyweight 
Demerit Holder: All Pro 3, 1 

Being confined with him for a healthy port of his ca- 
detship, getting to know Rob was easy His codefship 
cdn be characterized in hundreds hundreds of demer- 
its and hundreds of good times Without Rob's psycho- 
logicdl insight and intelligent sense of humor moments 
of imminent doom would hdve been truly despairing. 
On Bob's roller coaster ride through VMI the down times 
hdve only seemed to create upward momentum. His 
intellectual capacity rivals his physical size, yet isn't as 
easily noticed because his ideas often exceed his dbili- 
ty to spell them Rob hos been misquoted by sportcas- 
fers as a California kid who would rather be surfing. An 
accurate quote could have been gathered on return- 
trips from MBC "I'm too nice a guy." Rob has not only 
helped moke the past years bearable for roommates, 
but also the most memorable of their lives If has been 
on honor to know that kid from Cdlifornio, his presence 
will be gredtly missed. We wish the best of luck to the 
California tycoon 

I would like to thank my family and especially my 
parents tor their much needed support. Joe, Brett, Fritz, 
and H, I Will miss you all. Best of luck — Sus — 

Dykes 1984 — Tom "Porn King" Adams 

1990 — Todd Shore, Robbie Ondrick 

Dykes 1984 — Ralph Foersche 
1990 — James Setze 

Dykes 1984 — Bill Janis 

1990 — Beau Quatrone, James Cable 

316 First Class 

Terrence P. Sutherland 

Terry, Ter, Street. "Cutty T", Sammy. Muffin 


Economics — Navy 

Fredricksburg. Virginia 

Matthew Calvin Sutton 

Squatbody. T/D. Smutton, Mat-chew, 


Modern Languages — Army 

Poquoson. Virginia 

Robert Daniel Sweaney 

Swean. Jar Head 

Mechanical Engineering — Marine Corps 

Richmond. Virginia 

Private 4. 3, 2, 1, Cadet Computer Assistant 2, 1 Pre- 
law Society 2, Society of Young Economists 3, 2, 1: 
International Relations Club 1; S-5 Tour Guide 3, Zoo 
Corner 3, Pervert Corner 2, Ghetto 1, Summer School 3, 
2, 1; Deans Other List 4; MCV Roadtripper 2. 1; College 
Republicans 1; Spring Break 86 Concun Mexico 2: Muffin 
Club 2, 1; Milk Club VP 

Looking over these past tour years I remember a lot 
of memorable times. Rat year I learned what it takes to 
make it here. Academics, Integrity, and Honor are just a 
few, I also learned as a rat not to have a radio, learning 
that the hard wayi! Third class year was great, I had a 
lot of weekends and my best grades ever It was ham- 
pered for SIX weeks though when CAPT Wilcockson just 
happened to walk Into room 398 with a high school 
counselor and caught me In a "relaxed state" over the 
sink. Oh well, the six weeks went guick Second class 
year was tough but with my new girlfriend Sandl. she 
helped me make It through MCV In Richmond became 
my second home on weekends My best friend Chris 
Spence and I took oft to Concun, Mexico tor Spring 
Break, It was a blost First class year, well I'm engaged 
to Sandl now and couldn't be happier All I'm waiting tor 
now is May '16th, 1987 and I'm out of here and off to 
Newport, Rhode Island for SWOS From there I couldn't 
tell you whats going to happen but I have a feeling it's 
going to be oil right 

I wont to thank my parents and family for oil the 
support I've recleved over the years, and I want to wish 
Chris and Marty a happy future together. 

VMI Theatre 4, 3, 2, 1, Business Manager 4, 3, 2, VMI 
Theater Fiasco 2; Randy Mac Raiders 3, 2, 1, Baldwin 
rjoiders, 1, Semi Virgin Private 4, 2, 1, Cpl 3, Special 
Student, "I wish I could remember Ring Figure" Club, 2; 
Flood Relief 2, BSU 4, 3, 2, Jimmy Buffet and Grateful 
Dead fan club forever! 

Matt and I hove been together tor most of our co- 
detshlps He could always be counted on for the con- 
soling, laid back evening with Dire Straits or the "let It 
loose" times with whoever wanted to be He easily 
developed the perverted sense of humor needed to 
get through this place, and like most was seldom seen 
on the serious side Matt was always there when you 
needed him, as a friend, a solemn soul, or that much 
loved drinking buddy Without Matt this place would 
have been difficult to endure Past, present, and future. 
Matt you are a true friend — JAT 

Mom ond Dad, Thank you for helping me through this 
place To Kurt Houk, never forget Ears, Lucho or Kelly 
and you ond I drinking and ploying pool at Estelles, love 
you bud Gorith and Pete Stone-Rock hard and ride 
free forever! Dean and Joe You're Great LiesI and 
Sheryl, thank you |ust for being there It's been a unique 
and sometimes wonderful 4 yeors, but I would really 
rather not do it again Finally, Barb, I Love You — MCS 

What a long strange trip Its been! 

Honor Court 2, President 1 Dean's List 4, 3, Pvt 4, Cpl 3, 
Sgt 2, Cpt 1, Honor Review Comm. 2, 1, Public Relations 
Comm., ASME 4, 3, 2, 1 Engineering Society ■!: Troll 4, 3, 

2, 1 ; Rat Training Cadre 1 ; Rm 1 1 1 Pink Belly Committee 

3, 2, 1 

Robby, even when the world seemed to be on your 
shoulders, you drove on with quiet but steady confi- 
dence, and you always found room for a little cutting 
up with your roomies. Thanks tor the friendship. Ranger. 
— NJN Rob was o malnstoy through a crazy time in my 
lite Being roommates for 4 years, I feel we ore closer 
than any other brother rats We had good times and 
bod but we made it and that's what counts Good 
luck, I know you'll achieve your goals — JCB Rob, I 
don't think I could hove found a better guy to stare 
across my desk at Our friendship is sacred to me and 
I'm sure it will be everlasting Thonks for everything 
you've done for me I hope I have repaid some portion 
of it Best wishes to you and the Mrs. — PEJ I came to 
VMI expecting to get on education Well, I received 
that and much more The friends you moke here are 
truly the driving force behind any cadet, dnd I'll always 
cherish them I'd also like to thank them for poying me 
the highest honor of my life and I hope I lived up to their 
expectations Mom and Dad, thanks for all your support 
and kind words Somehow you made everything bear- 
able — even from miles away To my Roommotes — 
Thanks for putting up with me Sondi, Melinda, Doc 
Monsour, and Major Gross — Thanks for the advice and 
all the laughs Above all else — Thank you Terry, with- 
out your love nothing would have been the some 

Dykes 1984 — Jeff Duncan 

■1990 — Carmine Palumbo 

Dykes 1984 — Bill Hunt "fiddler" 

1990 — Robert Forgie "froggie" 

Dykes 1984 

Scott Lipscome 

Donald Green, Brian Haslam 

First Class 317 

John Howell Taylor 

Opie, Redneck, Bubble 


Sandston. Virginia 

Jeffery Allen Temple 


Physics, Psych Minor — Navy 

Amherst, Ohio 

Gerard Paul Tertychny 

Gerry, Yaki, Helm 

History — United States Army, Infantry 

Bovi/ie, Maryland 

Rat; Member of the First Class Privates Club, Member of 
ME Survival Troll, Corporal one Semester, ASME. 

I hove known Howell all four years of our Institute 
experience We lived together during our third class 
year This is when I got to know the real Howell Taylor. 
aka Opie Opie come to VMI as practically all r?ats do- 
not knowing how to march After receiving special in- 
structions on the finer techniques he learned that the 
left foot strikes the ground on the command of left and 
the right followed suit Living with Opie was one unfor- 
gettable experience He would alwdys bring you up if 
you were disturbed, and was always thoughtful. Unfor- 
tunately. I was unable to live with Op' my last two 
years, but he is still a dear friend Howell has had to work 
hard to attain good grades, and his perseverance will 
see him through a prosperous life He will succeed in 
dnything he sets his mind to accomplishing Howell is d 
Brother Rat who will be a friend for life I am glad that I 
have had the opportunity to know such a person His 
parents have to be proud of their VMI Man 

Private 4, 3, 2, 1, Corpora! 3, Society of Physics Students 
4. 3, 2. 1. Dean's List, Happy Camper 

Jeff Temple, in my mind, embodies those qualities 
needed to be o true friend He sticks by his friends, dnd 
helps them in dny way possible Many times Jeff has 
helped me solve my problems He could always be 
counted on But our friendship has not always been 
based on depression ond problemsi Oh noi I don't re- 
member how mdny times we invaded Estelle's for Nasty 
Bo's We were always together with our dotes at Hops, 
and God. those pictures from Ring Figure '87 speak for 
themselves Jeff. I'm really gonna miss you next year. 
Bud You're truly one of a kind MCS 

I've looked dt VMI ds a true learning experience You 
must look at things the way you want them to be. not 
necessarily how they really are Personally, my time at 
the "University of Lexington" has been spent learning 
what true friends dre I mode as lot of friends, but Matt. 
Dean. Joe. and Todd — my roommote since third cidss 
year, you guys definitely quqiity bottom linei The spe- 
cial addition to the list is someone who I've spent a lot 
of time with camping, hiking, partying, and just being 
hdppy together — Joyce, you are my best friend Ev- 
eryone says the best thing you can get from here is an 
educdtion. but I believe it's friendship Love you dill 
Haboomi Hobooml 

Pvf , Cpl 3. Sgt 2. Echo Co XO 1 Ranger Platoon 4, 3: 
Cddre 2, 1. Rat Training Cadre 1. Illegdl Car Club 2; 
Dedn's Other List 4, 3, 2. The "Age" Suffix Society, Rat 
Chemistry 4, 3, 2, Rack Hound 4,3,2,1. Classic Car and 
Music Club 

Gerry, it's hard to believe the years have passed so 
quickly I still remember thdt first exhausted, terrified 
night four years ago Who would hdve thought then 
that we would see the stagel God we were silly I hope 
we don't changel I wish I could condense all the emo- 
tions of tour years into these few lines Just remember, 
the cows will always be out APE Well, Heimer, fellow 
History Major, it will be hard getting used to not hdving 
you around I've enjoyed blowing off all that work with 
you. LA rules You know you ha\/e been and dlwdys will 
be a good friend Good luck ond may your chute al- 
ways open MGW Where did you come from'' I remem- 
ber thinking this guy will never make it through Well, 
four years and many fads idter, both of us ore here dnd 
friends Wherever you go I hope you don't drive your 
unit nuts Idughing at the stupidest things for hours PUP. 
VMI is an interesting concept Hod it not been tot the 
"I". I would never hdve met my roommates, who I think 
the world of Bill. John. Groy — Thanks for laughing with 
me Mom and Dad. I love you more thon I con soy I 
hope I've mode you proud To my Brother Rots of the 
Class of 1987. from you I learned the true meaning of 
friendship and loyalty Good luck and God bless. GPT. 

Dykes 1984 

Heinz Rigenbach 

Gary Maddox, Hunter Shirey 

Dykes 1984 — Curtis M. Hinton 
1990 — Carl F, Janicki 

Dykes 1984 ■ 

James E Hoy. Ill 

Matt Moore, Rob Oviatt 

318 First Class 

Scott Augustine Toler 

Scotter, Batman li 

History — Feild Artillery 

Richmond, Virginia 

i 17 

George Alan Tolley 

Button Head, Yoda 
History — Navy 
Boy City, Texas 

Stephen M. looker 

Took. Rambo. Biff, Spartacus, Cutty 

History — Army 

Richmond, Virginia 

Private 4, 3, 2, 1; Football 4; Rugby 4, 3, Red Front 
rJonger 3; Pres WBW Club 3: Pres Virgin Sleeves 4. 3, 2, 
1. He-Man Woman Haters Club 3. 2, 1, Pervert Corner 3; 
Ghetto Corner 1 

College is suppose to be the most enjoyable years of 
your life V\/ell, for many of my friends I knew it would be 
But having o brother who graduated in the class of '83. 1 
knew it would not be for me I knew these next four 
years would be the toughest years that I would have 
ever experienced And I hope they are the toughest I 
will go through I am not sorry I chose Vf^l because I 
know that I have done something few people could I 
realize this everytime I am out with my high school peers 
and they respect and admire what I hove done. Even 
though they cannot understand how rough it has been 
nor how I hove mode it I know the answer to both First 
of all. I want to thank my brothers and sisters. Alan '83. 
Paul. Genevieve, and Claire for your support Next to all 
my BR.'s. Especially Douglas. John. Peter. Reid. and 
Tony, Well. I saved the most important ones for lost To 
Mom and Dad. without your love, understanding, sup- 
port and forgiveness I would not have made it. I THANK 

To come back as an alumnus, will be a "Party." 

Football 4. 3. Cheerleading 2. 1; Cadet Recruiting. 

First Class history Damn, am I dreaming or am I almos' 
out of here? Whatever the cose, the whole VMI experi 
ence has seemed like a dream or something like it a 
times I've often said. "I can't wait to get out of here.' 
but I know I'll miss the friendships only Vf^l could pro 
duce I've often heard people say that they don't be^ 
lieve in luck Well. I think luck has played o major role in 
my life here at VMI Be it ot pulling one of my few A's. 
not getting caught running the block, or considering 
myself lucky to be associated with the best group of 
guys in the world 

I must take time to thank a host of special people 
who displayed vast reserves of patience, tolerance, 
humor, and f nances All hove mode my whole life much 
more exciting They are Mom. Dad. Bruce. Tom. Andy. 
Uncle Kenney and Aunt Nancy. Grandma. Granny 
(Should I go on?) Rooms 137,152, S-58,117, and espe- 
cially 121 You all mean more than paper allows. 

Varsity Basketball 4, 3, 2, 1; Promaji Club 4; Monogram 
Club 3. 2. 1, Cock Pit Ranger, Early Stick Club, Ruins 


VMI, there were other choices, but I chose the "I". 
Why? for those who know I had a one year sabbatical 
And during that year I realized what is so special about 
this place Not Brother Rats, but true friends, guys who 
would go out of their way for you or just sit around and 
talk That's what mokes VMI so uniaue — those ever- 
lasting friendships. 

Steve was always there to take core of me after he 
got me totally trashed. He was the best "quarters" 
player and great roommate TMC 

And to all my roommates in 152. let's get my Mom to 
plan our next road trip Hal Todd see you in summer 
school, maybe I'll take 2 courses this time But to my 
best friend who stuck by me no matter what (I usually 
did), thanks. Love you Peggy To my family, well it is just 
like me to be writing this history a year from graduation 
But hey I've never been a conformist (Mr Almost) You 
all trained me so well, for this place because we ore all 
friends first Les. Ris I'll need some furniture for my first 
place, don't worry Dove I'll leave on oriental Thanks 
Doc for being that upper hand I needed. Well Mom. I've 
almost made it and I just wont to let you know I've read 
all the pearls and you left out one or two. Our Dad 
would be proud of us all and that I LOVE YOU. Thanks 

Dykes 1984 — Christopher Bruch 

1990 — Chris "Poodle" Watson 

Dykes 1984 — Paul Tote. Ken Crowder 

1990 — Scott Ludmer. Steve W'oy 

Dykes 1984 — Steven Hupp 

1990 — Billy Dowd. Charles Plageman 

First Class 319 

Wilfrid C. Trammell 

Bill, Trambo, MX, Pencilneck, Mr. Discretion 
Electrical/Computer Engirieering — Navy 
Rome, Georgia 

IVIichael Bruce Upton 

Mike, John, Buck 

Mechanical Engineering — Navy 

Hoymarket, Virginia 

Kurt Richard Vogan 

, Tuba Head, Grunt, Jar Head, Herman 
History — Marine Corps 
Washington Grove, Maryland 

Cpl 3. Sgt 2. Btn Adj 1, Dean's List 4, Cadre 2. 1 Rot 
Training 2, IEEE 3. 2. 1, Band 4. 3, 2. S-5 Tour Guide 4, 
Sounding Brass 3. Car Club 2, "For Side" appreciation 
Committee 2, 1, Meade's Cleon-Up Crew (flastillght) 4 

Bill is the kind of friend everyone needs. He would 
always help you before he would help himself, a B R in 
the finest tradition Bill was the entertainer In the room, 
his jokes, facial expressions and youthful personality 
made VMI fun I could write d book on Bill and still have 
more to soy so I will end in saying that Bill is one of the 
best friends I've ever had and will always be like a 
brother to me 

Bill will either make a computer industry, such as IBM, 
very happy someday or wind up as a full time entertain- 
er on the Gong Show His talent for music and clever 
Imitations will keep him from getting the gong, howev- 
er, just as it has kept Chip and me from being over- 
come with boredom in our 4 years of the "i" I owe Bill a 
thousand fdvors Just osk him He's my friend dnd true 
B f? Thanks Bill 

Well. I look back at my 4 years here and see that it 
was definitely worth ifi VMI has brought forth many 
obstacles that were tough to overcome, but. with the 
support of God. my roommates, my porents. dnd 
friends. I succeeded I will now be able to move into the 
real world with a good feeling that I've started my life 
right Thanks, the Influence and emotiondl dttdchments 
of VMI will remoin with me always 

r?at 4, Cpl 3; Sgt 2: Lt 1. Rifle Team 4. 3. Dive Club 2, 
Treasure 1, Dean's List 4, Rat Training 2. 1, ASME 4, 3, 2, 
1. Band 4, 3, 2, 1, Hunters Dream Enthusiast 1. NEB Jani- 
tor's Morning Welcoming Committee 2, 1, Al Meade 
Clean Up Crew (Bucket Man) 4, Society To Save The 
American Beagle 2 

Mike and I had our shore ot disputes. The reason 
being he's somewhat a perfectionist and I tend to be 
lazy When something's disagreed on, we suddenly be- 
come enemies Being short lived, however, we after- 
wards are closest of friends Mike has always been a BR 
I could not hove picked d better roommate Thanks 
Mike What do I like least about Mike^ Blami Art Art 
Mike and I entered VMI as two very different people 
but we were quick to learn from one another and grew 
to be great friends early on I'll never forget our first 
days here at the "I" when Mike and I would stick to- 
gether to survive and then ot night we would joke 
about the day's events and oil would be well Now that 
our Codetship draws to an end. we're the best of 
friends, dnd although we'll soon go in different direc- 
tions, I know we'll always be close 

If there is one thing this place has taught me, it is that 
the good things in life worth waiting for, can not be 
waited for they must be worked for Yes, my kid will 
go here I'm not revealing any secrets, but only express- 
ing good faith in VMI To my family, your love and 
wisdom ore priceless Without you, my stay at the "I" 
would have been but on 5-5 tour To my Grandparents, 
thank you for your love 

Kudos Cpl 3, Rat Pit Sgt , Ops Sgt 2, Captain — F Co 
Commander ■!, Semper Fidelis Society 4, 3, 2. 1; Cadet 
Newspaper 3, 2. Rock and Blues Society 4, 3, 2, 1, F Co. 
Football Champs 2. Quantico Mud Club 1, SCSC 2. 

Three years of the Tuba has been quite an amuse- 
ment to an antagonist like myself Through thick and 
thin we were always able to read each other's emo- 
tional barometer and find those right words which 
would send the other into a friendly tirade of reprisal. 
The ability to laugh at ourselves has kept us together at 
the "I" and hos made our experience here a memora- 
ble one SMO 

kurt. where do I begin? Living 3 years with you has 
made my codetship much more palatable with your 
friendship dnd compassion your quiet, calm, imperturb- 
ability has been a source of strength and encourage- 
ment for me during the past 3 years. You've been the 
perfect roommate and I wish you all the luck in the 
world in the future and in the USMC AVK 

I've lived with you for 2 years and could not have 
asked for a better roommate, considerdte dnd always 
helpful Your life has been much tougher than mine and 
I have always respected that. Good luck in the USMC 

Some people ask why one would subject themselves 
to four years of the "I" I learned very quickly that 
brotherhood is the answer Most of it developed with 
the great roommates I hove Thanks Steve, Andy, and 
Kevin Thanks disc to my fomily for their love and sup- 
port To my mother, you'll be with me always 

Dykes 1984 — Kyle Scott "Rocko" Sinisi 

1990 — Todd Hudson, Mark McSwain 

Dykes 1984 — Stephen Estes, "Huppster" 
1990 — Michael Hugh, "Hulka" Lythgoe 

Dykes 1984 — Jamie Shoemaker 

1990 — Reed Hudgins, "Don Juan" 

320 First Class 

Thomas James Voytko 

Weasel, Voytweasel. Weez, The Anaconda 

History/German — Morine Corps 

Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania 

Harry Craig Walker Jr. 

H,C , Bung Schong, Tick-Head, Ethiopean 

English — Armor 

Newport News, Virginia 

Timothy William Walrod 

Palerider. Scortace, Wildman, Wally, Walgod 

Electrical Engineering — Army/ Mil, Intel 

Glendale, Arizona / Kalamazoo, Michigan / 


Rifle Team 4, 3, 2, Capt, 1; SPC 3, 2, Pres. 1 USt^C 
Scholarship 4, 3, 2, 1; Pvt. 4, 2, 1; Cpl (involuntary)3; 
Vacation in Lexington 1 VMI — PGH, VMI — Nagshead 
Rally Driver 2, 1. Weasel 4. 3, 2, 1: Illegal Car Club 2, 
Blinner Fan Club 3, 2, 1, Spanky's Patron4. 3, 2, 1: Beck's 
Addict 4, 3, 2, 1 Pat's Fan Club 3, 2, Connoisseur 4, 3, 2, 
1: FdEG 4, 3, 2. 1 

I have spent 4 years trying to reconcile my doubts 
about attending VMI It's odd. ds much as I hate the 
restrictions and lock of common sense here, I am equal- 
ly as thankful for the knowledge I've gdined here It has 
gotten me through some tough times, VMI teaches the 
meaning of the word "possibility" VMI has taught me 
that nothing is impossible it you've got the guts to try 
and enough pride not to quit VMI men may be arro- 
gant, but we've got every right to be We've 
emerged successfully from this "Test by Fire" and we're 
reddy to take on the world "Yea, tho' we walk thru 
the valley of the shadow of death, we shall fear no evil, 
for we are the baddest mf's in the vdlley" I owe my 
success here to mony people. It it wasn't for Sgt Thorp 
and the VMI Rifle Team from 1984-87, 1 would not be 
here now Words cannot express my feelings toward 
my family Some things just aren't said, they dre felt 
Mom, Dad, Lara, John and everyone else you got me 
through here I would not have mode it without your 
love and support Trent, I couldn't hope for a more loyal 
friend. Eric, Mark, and Steve thanks for the good times 
Chris, you helped me more thon you know Thanks 
Dave Glenn, Rob I know you'll do well To those not 
mentioned: I owe o lot of things to many people. Rest 
assured, I'll pay you oil back 

Pvt 4, 2, 1; Cpl. 3; TCFC 87, Mong Editor SB. 3, 2: Eng. 
Society 2, V P 1, CRC V P.; Sec Prelaw. CADET Writer. 
Soccer Manager 3; Swim Manager 1. AROTC Scholar- 
ship 2. 1. Undercoffer Awdrd. The Womb 3. 2. 1. The 
"10" 3. 2, 1; I Tdppa Kega 4, 3, 2, 1: Wild Hair 4, 3, 2, 1: 
Bdrracks Boozer 4, 3, 2, 1 

When 1 first arrived at VMI, I thought, what am I doing 
here Now I think, where else could I have gone VMI hds 
been the 4 best and worst years of my life All contribut- 
ed to tedching me a hell of a lot obout myself. This is not 
restricted to VMI dlone It includes the addmont sup- 
port from my family and friends, I could not hove sur- 
vived this seemingly insurmountable hurdle without your 

Thdnks to the "10" ond my BR's for your friendship 
Tom and Joy. the best roommates anyone could have, 
thanks for always being there It's been "oufo hand" 
Brother in arms, what's nexf To the dykes of the 
"womb" good luck and drive onl And finally to my 
family and friends, thdnk you for your support, under- 
standing, and pdtience — 1 love you 
"1 used to cry becouse I nod no shoes, until I met a man 
that had no feet " Anon "Break on through to the 
other side" The Doors "Changes in latitudes, changes 
in attitudes, nothing remains quite the same; with all of 
our running and all of our funning, if we couldn't lough 
we would all go insane" J Buffet 

"We've been through some things together, with 
trunks of memories still to come. We've found things to 
do in stormy weather, long may you run" N Young. 

"Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you may die" 
"Eloquence, for now. is as important as condensation" 

D-Ranker 3. 2. 1. He-Mon Woman Haters Club 2. 1 Pres. 
of some 2. Vice Pres Eta Kappa Nu. Vice Pres IEEE. 
Engineering Honor Society 1, Blind Ddfes IntI 2, 1: A Co 
Socidl Director 4, Munson and Scoon's Co-Projects 
Dweller 3, 2, 1, A Surviving E E 4, 3, 2. 1; Honorary 
Private, Timmin's Society's Heavy Metal Branch, Won- 
der Twins Crdsh Club 1, Who's Who 1. 

It was a dark and stormy night, the ship was sinking, 
the Captain said to me tell me d story my son, and so I 
began I hod dlwdys wdnted to go to a maximum 
security college, so VMI wos for me It has seen the best 
of times and the worst ot times Where the events are 
too many and too cherished to recount in o few ill 
chosen words To those who wonder, VMI is worth every 
tdited test, every PT ond doy of confinement thot you 
endure SINCERE THANKS to my pdrents, sister and 
brofher-in-low, dnd my surrogote parents. (The Mun- 
sons. Garsts. and Messners) dnd to those who put up 
with this Nomdd tdr from home Thonk you roommates 
for enduring Mr Ldte-Studying dnd my bizdrre personal- 
ity The HMWHC (and its Associates). Paul. Doug. Reid, 
Chris. Mike. Bert, and Kevin, let's do it dgdin every 
chdnce we get Friends such ds we dre too few. and 
besides, everone else hates us 1 really hate to leave 
you all Thanks tor the good times dnd friendship Rm, 
181, Al, Somkiat,GD,, Joy, Rennie, Jim, JP , Pete, All the 
E E 's and the BR 's What will happen when the great 
escape comes'^ Will we become flotsam and jetsam 
like our "contemporaries" who gradudte, this year? I 
think nofi "Attention All Planets Of The Solar Federation, 
We Hove Assumed Control" Rush 2112 

Dykes 1984 — John D. Minehan 

1990 — Glenn K. Dickenson, Robert 

Dykes 1984 — Billy Hemingway 

1990 — Todd Blekiki, Andy Mergens 

Dykes 1984 — Mo Khandan-Barani/85 Tom 

1990 — Dick "Mayor of London" 

First Class 321 

Kenneth Ives Walsh Jr. 

Drago, Clyde, Ivanhoe, Kluge, Walsh-Monster 

History — Army 

Lynchburg. Virginia 

Wrestling 4.3, Kluge Club 4, 3, 2, 1 , Cpl 3, Pvt 4, 3, 2, 1 , 
English Society 2, 1, Sink Dweller 1 

Kenneth Allan Walters 

Wolly, Aordvork 

Economics — Air Force 

Buena Vista. Virginia 

Investment Club 2, Track 4, Virgin Sleeves 4, 3, 2, 1, 
Dabney S Lancaster Community College Club 3, Mary 
Baldwin Club 2, 1, The Boys from BV Club 4, 3, 2, 1, Air 
Force 4, 3, 2, 1, The Ghetto Corner Gang 2, 1, Blood 
Donor 3, 2, 1 

William Joseph Wanovich 

Bill, Bird, Bill-Bo-Baggins. Sancho. Chito 

Economics — Army — Infantry 

Library. Pennsylvania 

Dean's list 4, 3. 2, 1, Cpl, 3, Color Sgt, 2, Company XO 1; 
Omicron Delta Epsilon 2, 1, Who's Who 1; Society of 
Young Economists, Secretary 2, VP 1; Cadet Invest- 
ment Club Secretary 2, 1, Ring Figure Honor Guard 3; 
Ring Figure Committee Secretary 3, 2; tvlorshall Library 
Cadet assistant 3. 2. 1, 

My stay at VMI has been a long and tough one, but I've 

learned so many things that I could never hove learned 

anywhere else The sacrifices that have been made will 

moke all the difference 

Thank you, Fritz, Cliff, and Eddie, you have been like 

brothers A special thanks to my family (Parents and 

Grandparents), the Moore's, and the Hirtz's for your 

support And most of all, thank you God 

"What is best in lite'' To crush your enemies, to see them 

driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of the 

women That is what is best in life." 

Where do you find the words that can express what 
needs to be said when the end is so neor'^ Too bod this 
isn't on English essay where I could grab for straws and 
then hope for the best There is so much that needs to 
be said and yet I can't even get started The "I" has 
finally forced me to grow-up and accept responsibility. 
Along this pdth I have made friends forever and had 
some of the best times of my life Here I hove received 
an education and the discipline that will carry me 
through my life time These things I will depart VMI with 
To my family, I owe my every accomplishment I did not 
earn this on my own, we all did Dad, Mom, and Randy, 
I'll never be able to thank you for everything you have 
given me throughout my codetship I love you all so 
very much To Amy, who hc« continued to love and 
support me for the past three years, I owe you my love 
and my lite I love you with all my heart and know that 
our life together will be special And finally to my room- 
mates, who mode me laugh along the way Bugga, 
Pete, Scott, and Wig I'll never forget the crazy times in 
the room that was doomed and who could forget how 
it smelled'' Good luck in the future guys, I'll miss you all. 

I've surprised myself during these post 4 years I've done 
things thdt I never thought were in my realm of accom- 
plishment VMI has pushed me to my limit and beyond, 
I've been tested daily physically, mentally, emotionally, 
and academically to do better, work harder, and strive 
for more The trip has been long and hard, but worth it, i 
go away from these grey walls of the Institute with a 
sense of satisfaction, and more memories than could 
ever be written in a book The good times and the 
friends will never be forgotten Brdd, Stu, Ted, James, 
and all the rest, you have been like brothers, I couldn't 
be more fortunate Button, my Texas friend, thanks for 
making me more like you, it's been a blast. Hoop and 
Gay, thanks for adding excitement to what we've 
done together Roose, you're going far my friend, I 
hope that Armor is ready for another Patton And now 
for the "thank you's" The Fishbock's, Wdlter's, Chan- 
aier's, and Russo's Families have token me in as another 
son at times I con only say thankyou, you all show the 
Brotherhood of VMI I've saved the best for last Mom, 
thank you for always unaersfonding. Dad. like VMI. you 
have pushed me to excell by leading the way, I can 
only hope to do half as well Brothers, thanks for the 
support I love you all. 

Dykes 1984 — Barry Miller 

1990 — Phil ■■Happy" Smith 

Dykes 1984 — Carl Gregory Dykes 1984 — Devi/ey Olinski 

1990 — Paul D. ■■Curious George" Kucik 1990 — Kenny Ross, Mike '■prat Rat" Ober 

322 First Class 

Mitchell Larue Ward 

Civil Engineering — Air Force 
Natural Bridge, Virginia 

ASCE 3,2,1; VMI Recruiting Committee 2,1, Hop And 
Floor Committee 3,2. Pvt 4, Cpl, 3, Sgt. 2, Pit Lt. 1 

Keith D. Washington 

Wash, Fly, Brundle-Fly, George 
Mathematics — Army 
Pomunkey, Maryland 

Football 4, 
Wheat 3, ; 

3, 2, 1; Track 4, 3, 2, 1, Promaji 4, 
1, Summer School 4, 3, 2, 

Warren William Weiss 

Wings, Tiso, Tiso-Rat 

Physics — Air Force 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Rot 4, 3, 2, 1 Corporal 3, Third Class Finance Committee 
3, First Class Privdte's Club 1 Society Of Physics Stu- 
dents 4, 3, 2, 1 Vice President SPS 1, Run-The-Ball Club 3, 
2, 1, Dean's Other List 4, 3, 2, 1. 

Mitch, well, actually you are not too bad for a C E It 
seems most difficult to sum up the last three years of 
friendship, so 1 will just soy Thank You and the Best of 
Luck. Think about it, who would hove ever thought that 
'87 would finally come Well, it's here and you ore about 
to start the life that you have spent the last four years 
working for Good Luck, Congratulations, and thanks 
again for the friendship, Grinch WheatI 
The time has come for me to give thanks to the people 
who helped me through the toughest four years of my 
life. To my family and friends a special thanks for the 
love and support I needed to make it to this day To 
VMI, thanks for giving me a valuable college educa- 
tion, and a chance to experience things I would not 
have had the opportunity to experience at another 

PS Ruth Ward, "we finally made it!" 

It's hard to believe that soon it's all over It hasn't been 
on easy rood, but it has been worth the trip I couldn't 
have made it without my friends and family The 
Wheats We've set a standard for others to follow 
We're o close knit group There is a bond that will keep 
us together regardless where we are Who could ever 
forget their brothers') My roommates (502, 323, 210, 
110) We experienced so much together. God Bless all 
of you. Rhonda You've been with me since the begin- 
ning I could never repay you Thank you and love ya 
Mom and Dad! You were always there You've had 
faith in everything I've done You've supported me in 
every way, I hope that I have made you proud I love 
you. both. " I got nothing I asked for, but everything I 
hoped for Almost despite myself, my unspoken prayers 
were answered I cm, among all men, most richly 

Wings and I met August of 1983 Since that dote neither 
one of us will deny the fact that we know each other os 
well as we know our selves To describe Wings would 
take more than some words on paper Some key words 
which describe Wings may be outspoken, courteous, 
neat, intelligent, sensitive and caring To me Wings was 
the cadet who humored some frustrating times in my 
codetship. Practical jokes on Mitch as a Rat, flaming 
garrison covers and of course the Run the Boll cam- 
paign ore but a few of the good times Wings has 
shared with me Wings will probobolly be late for his own 
wedding but one thing he has always been on time for 
IS a friend. As one of those friends Wings, I know some 
thing about you that, you may never realize, that is, if 
you wont anything I'm confident you can reach It. AAP. 
Lite here at VMI would hove been intolerable without 
the World's Greatest Comrades "Egg" Pantano, 
Brooks "Gruberg" Gruber; and Opie Taylor They did 
the impossible pulled me thru VMI Good Luck to my 
fellow physicists Kratz, Boneyord. Joe. Jeff. Pacman; 
ond God's Gift And to the Rats Jeff, Lenny, Louie, and 
the rest Of course I must remember the PY Dept Phil, 
Bill, Dick. Dave. Arthur, and Delma Roe 
Dawn, Wir haben das Ziel erreichtl 

Dykes 1983 — Boone, G. 

1990 — McClarty, D,R. 

Dykes 1984 — Toby Jones 

1990 — Mark Cager, Greg Clifton 

Dykes 1984 — Mike Ewell 

1990 — Jeff Tysinger, Lenny Stellitano 


ID H.I 'm 13 IT fi a a 
at si^ in II m; n ri i 

'ist.1 : iV,jfei^'|Bi.-. ni_ 1^1! B _ II _j 

First Class 323 

steward Boyd Wharton 

Richard James Whitty 

Michael D. Williamson 

Stu, Screwy, Stuey, Doofy, Elwood 

History — Navy 

Charles Town, West (By Golly) Virginia 

OGA Pres. 1 Rugby 3, 2, 1; Private 4, 3, 2, 1: Corporal 3; 
2 and Go 4. 3. 2. IGettin' Ruined 2, ITtieFlo Ft 3.2; 
Private Major — Ring Figure Make-Over. Texas Inn 
Gang, Room 117. Pleasure Palace 3, 2, 1. 

Whit, Hero 

BS Biology — Navy 

Wicomico, Church, Virginia 

Football 4, 3: Ring Figure Committee , Trident Society; 
Rot Disciplinary Committee, Ring Construction Commit- 
tee, Corporal 3, Sergeant 2; Regt. Color Sgt 2: Lieuten- 
ant 1, Cadre 2, 1; Cadet Assistant 2, 1, The Cadet; One 
Of Unk's 


Mechanical Engineering — Navy 

Wilmington, Delaware 

Soccer 4, 3, 2, 1 Captain 3, 2, 1; Monogram Club 4, 3, 2, 
1, Treasure 1; ASME, Atfiletic Council Member 1, New 
Cadet Recruiting Committee 1; Ring Figure Rock Paint- 
er 2; Library Assistant 1; Cpl 3, Pvt 2; Lt, 1, 

I would like to start witri thanks to people who helped 
me through this place First, and foremost, thanks to all 
my family for support, especially my parents, who have 
made sacrifices with me to put me through school 
Secondly, of course, there are my roommates who 
always made life at VMI enjoyable Then there are my 
friends who 1 could always lean on when I needed to 
Last, but not least, thanks to Shurg for always being 
there Class of 87 — I've had one helluvo bldsfi 
As early as my first miserable days at VMI 1 knew that Stu 
was my kind of roommate His "Good Guy" appeal and 
sincere way of dealing with people has won him many 
lifelong friends Besides, he's one of the few people 1 
know who's just os lazy and sloppy as I am — EAF 
Stu, why does if hove to end'r' The past 3 years with you 
sleeping across from me hove been great. You were 
one hell of a great roommate but on even better 
friend You made my stay at this fine institute a lot of 
fun Good luck Stu — I know that you'll do great — 117 
will live forever. BC 111 

These have been the days, and we have been "DE 

Everyone knows Whit less people know Ricky Only a 
couple know Richard, for that honor, and it is an honor, I 
thank you Richard You put on an outward appear- 
ance of everything is so cool If anyone that respects 
Whit or Ricky knew the challenges you have overcome 
their respect would increase tenfold Richard, we have 
laughed, cried, prayed and just cared dbout each oth- 
er Many a late night was spent in 78 and we are closer 
for it Remember the story of the Rosebud it will bloom 
someday Remember 30 October a lot was said. If 1 hdd 
to pick a brother it would be you 1 respect the man, 1 
love the person, I'll regret the day I soy goodbye God 
Bless DMS 

Hero — Until this year I always knew you as Rick, but 
now after living with you, the horrible truth must be LET 
KNOWNI You, my friend (dnd Hero) are one of the most 
undersfdhding, caring, and gentlemanly people I know 
I only wish that 1 could f^aye been with you guys last 
year The hard — nosed RDC member and company 
XO, but my "Hero" I'm sure that you are looking for- 
ward to graduation I, on the other hand, am not I'll be 
losing two of my four best friendsl I can see all of us in 
ten years not living farther than 20 miles apart 1 look 
forward to then — Hero 1 love ya — Helmit 
To my Doll (Terry) — It's you and me babe I Love you — 

Michael D you fit in well as a charter member ana did 
nothing but add to the excitement especially with your 
late night spasms, fits, or whatever they were. You ore 
one intense guy with a determination that is un- 
matched 1 only hope thot 1 could handle situations such 
as you do and maintain the down to earth attitude you 
always have Road Trip Co lea you're the boy! MCF. 
I believe Mike's biggest challenge at VMI was making 
the height requirement for he seemed to accomplish 
goals with easel A 3-year soccer team captain 
Quite unprecedented at VMI Can you imagine telling 
a 1st classmen to work harder! Mike worked hard and 
was the epitome of the VMI whole man concept TEA. 
Mike has overcome incredible obstacles in his 4 years 
here Obstacles very few have faced, much less cou- 
quered. There were so many good times, you can't 
think of the bod ones, if there were any Midnight run to 
DC. CP fever. You name it Stub. We'll always make it a 
party one way or another WEC. 
1 was very fortunate to become a member of Club 02. 
Monte. Bill, and Todd, you guys are the greatest, we 
have shared some gredt times 1 love you all 1 would like 
to thank those who helped out when the times were 
frying Especially my Father. VMI Unk.. Mr and Mrs. 
Wentz. Note: JP — Smoke the Jober 

Dykes 1984 — Greg "The Lude" 
1990 — David Wright 

Robert Wilkison 
Jock Roman 

324 First Class 

William Todd Williamson 

Yuck Mouth, City, Twinkle Toes, Elephant Man, 


Civil Engineering — Navy 

Richmond, Virginia 

Lacrosse 4, 3.2, 1, Captain 1, Football 4, 3, ASCE4, 3,2, 
1; Investment Club 2, 1, Monogram Club 3, 2, 1 Repeat 
Club 4, 3, 2, 1 (Physics and Structures), General Com- 
mittee Secretary 1, Summer School 4, 3, 2, 1. W/ALF 2, 1; 
Thursday Night "Ruins" Club 1: Friday Night Cocktails 2, 

Donald T. Wood Jr. 


Mechanical Engineering — Air Force 

Amherst, Virginia 

Baseball 4, 3, 2, 1, ASME 4, 3, 2, 1: Monogram Club 2, 1: 
Corporal 3, Sergeant 2. 

Moody Gray Wooten Jr. 

Woo-Woo, Woots, Dough-Head, Heim 
History — Navy 
Schiey, Virginia 

Chapel Choir 4, 3, 2, President 1, Timmins Society 2, 
President 1, CWRT 2, 1, Karate Club 2, Corporal 3, 
"AGE" Suffix Society, Rot Training Cadre 2, Platoon 
Leader 1 PX Club, Dean's Other List 4, 3. Rackhound 4, 
3, 2. 1 Millennium Impala Pilot 1 

As I sit here trying to sum up my cadetship in one page, 
the first thing that comes to mind is how much I am 
going to miss VMI next year I have truly enjoyed these 
four years, mdinly because of the friends I have mode 
I'll never forget our B S sessions, road trips, ond numer- 
ous mid-week flaggeds To these great friends (you 
know who you are) the good tmes definitely outweigh 
the bad. 

i was fortunate to have my brother here for my first two 
years. He got me a great dyke dnd then carved out d 
path so that oil I hod to do was cruise on through 
Thdnks Brdh! I diso have four families (the Wenfzs. 
Knapps. Buchanans, and Warners) who I am grateful for 
opening their homes to me and also for setting me 
straight when I needed If To my roommdtes Ricky and 
Wilson (and our new edition Trip) we weren't alwoys 
the best influences on each other, but we sure had 
some fun Flnoily. Mom. Ddd. Pdm. Pop-Pop. Grond- 
mother. Grandfather and A.J . thanks for your love and 
support I hope I've made you proud 

PS. To the Boys in Charlottesville and Chdpel Hill, thdnks 
for the killer times 

I truly find it hdrd to believe that graduation is finally just 
around the corner I con remember the ddy I left for VMI 
OS if it were yesterddy. but o lot of time has passed 
since then I can't soy that the last 3 years have always 
been enjoyable, but I con soy that it has been an 
interesting experience and an incredible chdilenge I 
would not trdde the "VMI Experience" for anything In 
the world The things I've ledrned here can do nothing 
but help me in the future and I thdnk VMI for the oppor- 
tunity to meet the "VMI Challenge" The friends I've 
made here will dlways remain close to me and I con 
only hope that some of us can keep in toucn Space 
prohibted me from thdnking everyone I should, but I 
would especially like to thank my parents Mom, Dad, I 
don't think one person could dsk for o more loving ond 
coring family Thanks for always being there Jono, 
we've shared both the good ond the bad times for 
almost 7 years You will always hold a special place In 
my heart Mr and Mrs Bdiley, thanks for taking me 
under your wing Coach White, Betty, Coach and Mrs 
Maim, thanks tor oil the help on and off the field Ted 
dhd Jamie, thanks for making my first class year the 
best yet Finally, to my Rat. Barry, give your all in every- 
thing you do here The benefits ore worth id Thanks 
again to everyone 

Gray, what con I say to the best rock diver at VMI'' The 
captain of battleship Impala Always remember all of 
our antics m barracks I bet no other room of VMI had ds 
much fun as ours I hope you never lose your zoo pillow, 
or your sense of humor Maybe I'll see you soon, in the 
Fleet I can't say goodbye Let's settle for so long APE 
I don't know what possessed Gray to move in with us 
third class year, but I'm awfully glad he did For over two 
yeors, he's been an endless source of humor as well as 
someone who's easy to folk to I guess we get diong so 
well becduse we hate everything, not to mention the 
fact that he's mode a hobby out of fixing my car LA all 
the way! GPT 

Gray, when we sold you could move in. I thought it wds 
temporary, but when you started driving nails in around 
the room, I got the hint you hod moved in to our lives 
Thanks for borging in on our lives PUP Looking back on 
my years of VMI, I have hod mdny unforgettable expe- 
riences VMI has made me o different person I will leave 
VMI, but 1 know it will never leave me I'll never forget 
the Ratline, academics, end getting thdt golden Ring 
Most of oil. I wdhf to thank my mother and father, 
family, and friends Good luck '87 and farewell 

Dykes 1984 — Mike "Two Jock" Locher 
1990 — Paul "Lunch Box" Holland 

Dykes 1984 — Eric Sorrells 

1990 — Barry Johnson 

Dykes 1984 — Stuart Payne 
1990 — Chris Chretien 

First Class 325 

Michael Rodney Wright 

Photo Tyrant, The "Hacker", Rod. Helmit 

B S Math/Computer Scier^ce — Army 

Doswell, Virginia 

Pvt 4, 3, Cp: 3, Reg S-1 Sgt 1, Fencing Team 4, 3, 
Ptiotography Club Pres. 3, VMI BOMB Ptioto Editor 3, 
Systems Analyst 1, Arnold Air Society 3, 1, Firefighters 3, 
1 , OCF 1 , Commanders 1 , Society Of Physics Students 1 , 
Cadre 3, Bowling Alley Occupant 3, Extended Summer 
Furlough 2, Jimmy B Summer Fun 4, 3. 2 

Scott S. Yum 

Chino, Bubble- Yum, Yum-Yum 

Mechanical Engineering — USAF 

Falls Church, Virginia 

ASME 4, 3. 2, 1. Circle K Club 1. Arnold Air Society 1, 
Vietnam War Committee 2, Rod And Gun Club 2, 1; 
Cadet Assistant 1, Midnight Engineer Society 2, 1, Bob, I 
Told You So, Coach 4, 3, 2, 1, Manuel, Give Yourself A 
Break, President 4, 3, 2. 1 

Richard R. Zgol 

Rueger, Ziggy, Z-Man 

Civil Engineering — S S 

Covington, Virginia 

Football 4. 3, 2, 1; Monogram Club 2, 1. Monday Night 
Football Club, ASCE; FFL, Apple Chunkin' Gang Thurs- 
day Night Ruins. Corporal 3 5, Private 4, 3, 2, 1, Dean's 
Other List, Tailback Union 4, 3, 2, 1, Waif 2, 1 

Mike, I can't tell you the pain I feel novi/ cause I feel as 
though I'm saying goodbye Remember the "tunnel" 
and all the philosphical talks We learned dbout life 
together We've squeezed a lifetime of knowing each 
other into two and a holt years We fit into each others' 
families, we have the same values, it's like God meant 
us to meet I wouldn't be half the person I am if it 
weren'r for you You hove always known when to 
come pick me up when I'm down Remember Easter 
because that's when the two of us become brothers 
Mike, you are a true gentleman, a good friend and my 
brother I love you, God Bless D S 
At times it was so hard to figure out Michael But any- 
one that has had the privilege to try has figured out 
much more about themselves than about Mike Mike, I 
spent an entire year waiting for you and believe me it 
was well worth the wait Through you, I have learned 
how to think deeper and find the inner emotions I will 
always be grateful to you for that The time we've 
shared is special and has meant so much to me I'll be 
with you in spirit next year Do well Helmifi Got a smoke'' 
— Hero 
To Stephanie June of 88 I love you" Michael 

Your excessive attention to cars and weights hasn't 
affected your willingness to have a good time, whether 
a pick-up football gome in the courtyard, or the beach 
in Daytona Your easy going attitude has won you lots 
of friends, and made rooming with you something that 
didn't have to be worked on. I'm gidd we decided to 
room together all four years I couldn't ask for a better 
roommate Best of luck R A E 

What can I say, Chino'' We were together always I 
mean, we struggled to pass almost every class we 
took We were together during the school year and 
summer school Also, you were alwoys by my side dur- 
ing the good times and the bad times You are more 
than brother to me , and for that I give thanks to God 
Good luck in the future M R M G 
My four years at VMI contained mixed feelings, both 
good and bad But, mostly, the experiences that I en- 
countered have enriched my perspective on life and 
hove instilled a confidence in me For this I thank my 
roommates. Bob and Manuel, who gave me support 
and friendship throughout my cadetship Most of all, 1 
thank my Mom, Dod, and family for their ever loving 
core Although its been said many times many ways, I 
couldn't have made it without you all 

How con I sum it up'' It's a great place to be from, but it 

wasn't all fun I come here because I needed some 

discipline, dnd to play ball and it has been challenging. I 

know its going to pay off I've learned d lot of things 

and hope I have what it takes 

Times hove been good and bad. but I only remember 

the good All the weeknight flaggeds. just sitting in the 

room BS'n and wasting time But the best times have to 

be sitting in the barber shop talking Rueger talk and 

getting haircuts 

Mom and Dod. thanks for your never ending support. I 

love you 

Todd dnd Wilson, you all sure know how to make this 

place lively We were definitely stress-free 

To my dykes, Steve, Ef, Pig, and Ron, thanks for putting 

up with me All my friends and BR's. good luck in life. 

"Eat. drink, sleep, ond be merry" 

Dykes 1983 — B Kinsley, B Thomas, G Bartlett 
1990 — Daren "Abdul" Stills 

Dykes 1984 — David Wesley Thompson 
1990 — James A, Manning 

Dykes 1984 — Steve "Ghandi" Barsamain 
1990 — Lee "Ooc" Usher, John "CJ" 

326 First Class 

William Edward Zins 

Bill. Z-Man, Zins-Mans, Sniz 
Economics - Air Force 
Newport News, Virginia 

Pvt, 4. 2, 1, Cpl 3, F Co. Guide On 1: Chapel Choir A. 3. 
2. Vice President 1. CWRT 2. 1; Cadet Waiter 1. Aca- 
demically Extinguished 3. Summer Fun 4. 3. 2; Stock- 
well's Rangers 2. 1. Crew 70. The Projects 3. 2. 1: Mollies 
1 Star Trek Fan Club 4. 3. 2. 1 Mr. Spock 3. 

Andrew Canning Zolper 

Baby. Z-Mon. Little Zolp. Z 

History - U. S. Marine Corps 

Glen Rock. New Jersey 

Pvt 4. Cpl 3. Sgt 2. Capt. 1: Dean's List 3, 2. 1: Semper 
Fidelis Society 4. 3. 2. 1. Phi Alpha Theta 2. 1; Doc's 
Cadet Assistant 2. 1. Drone Pilot 3. 2. 1. Sin Lodge 2: NY- 
NJ Club. Jersey Crew. The Family,; Stuck With Pig 4. 3, 2. 


Tom Reed Murray III 

Murray Face, The Murr 

Economics - Navy 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Virgin Private, Lacrosse 4, Marathon 3. Captain 2; Box- 
ing 1, Pistol Team 2, 1, Scuba Club 2, 1, Sky Diving 3; 
Semper Fi 3. 2. 

What con I say about Bill besides that he was so unpre- 
dictable Each week it was something different - Civil 
War Round Table, Gurko Knives, pistols. Star Trek, etc - 
which he brought into the room Bill always kept the 
room's spirit up with these diversions, and I don't believe 
I could have mode it through here with my sanity with- 
out him A more dependable friend you couldn't find 
Good luck fellow Cadet Waiter, RLC 
OK class. Test calisthenics time. Bill can lead. Ready, 
down (BOHCA)i Well, we hove endured the bad and 
mode most of the good times Your being such a moti- 
vated AF cadet was on inspiration to me (Hello. Rob?) 
But seriously. Billy, your advice and counseling have 
been invaluable to me But don't get on me if I don'f 
get advice for how to pass statics tests! God be with 
you. Bill WHB '87 

I wont to thank Will and Ron for putting up with me for 
the past 2 years, and all those BR's who helped me 
through the hard times But most of oil. I want to thank 
Mom. Dad. Robert, and Judith I love all of you and I shall 
never forget what you have done for me God bless 
you W Zins '87 

" .My head is bloodied but unbowed I am master 
of my fate. Captain of my sou!" W E Henley "Walk tall 

or baby don't walk at all " B Springsteen 
It IS not easy to compress the emotions of a codetship 
into this small space I come here to get a commission - 
soon I will leave with that and much more For me. VMI 
stands for Brotherhood Wearing the Ring and the VMI 
uniform end being in 8 Co are all aspects of this, and dll 
have been an honor and a privilege Yet unmeasurably 
greater than any of these has been my friends made 
here My dyke. Petey. showed me that if you want it 
badly enough, you can make it through here no matter 
the obstacles Stash and Andy were examples of the 
quality of VMI men Pig and I hove become closer than 
either of us realize Alan. Dean, and Ted proved to be 
the best of roommates Leroy. James. Owen. Kenny. 
Divot Head. Herbie. and BB brought spirit to life. Finally, 
the support of my parents and Team Z has inspired me 
many times Thank you all. for everything, ACZ 

the sec will still be the sea, and me'' I will still be 
merely mei" P Townshend. 

Tom IS a true \'MI man. he has experienced all the 
hardships that ore offered here He has been the best 
friend I have known Many men don't know him as well 
as I do Tom is the most genuine human I know. No 
matter if times are the best or worst, he is more than 
ready to help a true friend No matter the conse- 
quences, he will stick with you For this he is loved by his 
friends It is very hard to find these characteristics in a 
man Tom Reed Murray. I love youi Take core and good 
luck in life RAK '87 

Dykes 1984 - Tim Loudermilk 
1990 - Fred Minnigerode 

Dykes 1984 - Pete Marsenison 
1990 - Brian Albro. Hunter Lyons 

Dykes 1984 - Michael Etermov 
1990 - Rob Greenway 

First Class 327 

Our Beginning 

On August 17,1983, some 400 imma- 
ture young men came to VMI to ac- 
cept the challenge. Each one had 
their own reasons for coming and each 
one hod their own goals to attain. 
There were many hardships faced by 
every one going through the Ratline, 
starting with the blistering heat of Cad- 
re. It seemed that the pressure of a 
very tough Cadre period and the heat 
proved too much for many of our co- 
matriculants. Our attrition rate was 
very high and continued to grow. As 
one more rat quit, the determination 
of those left increased to heights un- 
imaginable. Our uniting bonds had be- 

Countless sweat parties, stoop runs, 
and visits to the RDC strengthened our 
Mass into what was thought by most, 
what it took to be a Class. However, 
because of differences between our 
dykes and the administration, we did 
not become the Class of 1987 until 
April 18, 1984. 

328 First Class 

Our Breakout was 8 months and 1 
day after our matriculation. We had 
earned the longest Ratline in VMI re- 
cent history, but along the way, we 
lost approximately one out of three 
men who matriculated with us. This sta- 
tistic speaks for itself. We had a tough 
Ratline and because of it, we have an 
outstanding Class. 

These pictures are a small represen- 
tation of Breakout and the road lead- 
ing to it. The pride instilled in everyone 
that mode it through our Ratline, which 
is evident in the faces of our Brother 
Rats, will live forever. 

Now that our Cadetships are over, 
let us not forget on what foundation 
our Class was built: Unity, Sacrifice, and 
Honor. And let us never forget that it 
was during our Ratline that these ideals 
were forged into the hearts of every 
member of the Class of 1987. 

First Class 329 

Even though we rarely had much to 
cheer about, the Class of '87 showed 
up In force at all athletic competitions 
and always displayed the "Never Say 
Die" attitude. As a Class, we had a 
large number of athletes that partici- 
pated in sports. As spectators we 
were always the twelfth man on the 
field. As John Boughton and Jon 
McLean(right) showed concern, so did 
the rest of the Class when things 
weren't going our way And when 
warranted, we displayed the "Spirit" 
of winning with great enthusiasm 
shown by (below) Gregg Ellis one of 
the VMI Cheerleaders, and by (oppo- 
site top) Mike Jussila, Kevin Price Ren- 
nie Sullivan, John Klassen and Paul 
Munson. Even in the midst of on excit- 
ing game, Bruce Bones Mike Upton 
and Dan Hall (opposite bottom) find 
time to pose for the photographer 
Win or lose, the Class of 87 showed 
strong support for the Keydets, and will 
probably continue to do so as alumni 

330 First Class 

First Class 331 

Figure II 

Once was not 

The biggest event of our Second 
Class year was just too good to let It 
stay a memory. With the funds left 
over from our original Ring Figure, v\/e 
decided to have another, an exact 
duplicate of our first one. This time 
though, we had twice the fun because 
we knew what we were doing. 

Wild Kingdom was there once again 
at the Radison to be the entertain- 
ment for the evening (right). The music 
they provided and the liquid refresh- 
ment we provided were almost per- 
fect together. 

Spud and JP LeMoIre, with their 
dates (bottom right) absorbed the at- 
mosphere from the side lines, while Ma- 
nuel Melendez and his date kicked up 
some dust on the dance floor (oppo- 
site bottom). 

Known for our parties, VMI Cadets 
usually don't hove any problems get- 
ting dates. It seems that Mike Hooper 
and Brooks Gruber beat the odds and 
ended up with one date for each 
night, or two each for Saturday night 
(opposite top). 

Resting from the rigors of the dance 
floor, Clark Barnes finds time to give his 
date, Cindy, a hug and also pose for 
the camera (opposite bottom, far 

The party was attended by most of 
the class because we were given a 
free day and weekend. This was be- 
cause we had our second Ring Figure 
during the second's first Ring Figure. Ev- 
ery one that attended the party had a 
great time and at the close of the par- 
ty, the class was ready to moke this a 
weekly event. If the funds were avail- 
able, it probably would! 

After ail was said and done. Ring Fig- 
ure II was a great success, leaving 
more memories of the good times that 
, we, as a class, shared during our ca- 
detship. Now we only have our class 
reunions to look forward to for such a 
good time as a class. 

332 First Class 

First Class 333 


There is no doubt that our class has 
had their fun, but there is another side 
of our class that is apparent every- 
where you look on post. This is our 
leadership. Our class performed very 
well during the Cadre period of our 
Dykes. Bill Wanovich exemplifies the 
maturity our class contains as he cor- 
rects a Rat on the finer points of salut- 
ing (right). Rick Whitty proves his ability 
as a leader by delegating authority to 
an underclassman (below). Kevin 
McClung tries to make this "New Ca- 
det" understand what he has just un- 
dertaken by entering our school (below 
right). There were many First Classmen 
who showed an interest in our Dykes' 

334 First Class 

When we were Rats, our Dykes tried 
to give us o tough Ratline, They suc- 
ceeded not only in making it tough but 
also in making it long. We became a 
better class because of the hardships 
we faced, and because of our good 
record with Smith Hall, we were al- 
lowed to give our Rats a very tough 

Tim Chester, a member of the RDC, 
enforced all Rat restrictions to the ut- 
most (left). His attitude towards a rigor- 
ous Ratline was typical of all First Class- 
men. Even those members of our class 
who weren't on the RDC found time to 
discipline a Rat for breaking our rules 
(below, left). The fact that we had an 
active participation by every one in 
our class was the determining factor 
that gave our Dykes a strong Ratline in 
which we demanded excellence. 

Though, as a class, we enacted 
some new policies and gave a few 
more privileges to the underclasses, 
we also kept up some of the more 
important traditions that have existed 
at VMI for ages. One such tradition is 
the "raping" of the first Rat sentinel 

^ ^.^ "^' ^ 

>. ^'^i 

First Class 335 


In the Class of '87 

There is one other form of leadership 
that still needs to be represented. This 
is our Corps rank structure. 

Our Regimental Commander was 
Dave Furness (right),ln pastyearsthere 
have been problems between the 
Corps and the Regimental Command- 
er, This year was quite different. Dave 
kept an open channel of communica- 
tions and all differences were settled 
before they became problems. The 
Regimental XO was also the First Class 
President, Neal Naff (below right). Neal 
balanced his duties as President and 
XO very well. Neal provided our class 
with an essential link between the 
Corps and the Administration. Even 
with his busy schedule, Neal found time 
to be on guard as the OD, a position 
he was not required to hold as the 
Regimental XO. 

Mark Johnson (below) is a typical 
rank holder In our class. He performed 
all his duties in a military manner, but 
always kept a fair attitude towards 
the members of the Corps. 

It was through our military and class 
leadership that the Class of '87 was the 
best it could possibly be. 


336 First Class 

In the Memory of 

our Brother Rot, Jun Ho Chi 

Jun Ho Chi entered VMI on August 17, 1983 and survived one of the toughest 
and longest Ratlines in recent history. Like all of us, "Chi" came to VMI for 
leadership training and a better education, that only exists within the gray walls 
of the Institute. After 3 years at VMI, "Chi" was well known by all of his Brother 
Rats. He also made his mark in sports as the leading scorer on the soccer team, 
and was looking toward to being a kicker for the football team. 

Before "Chi" passed away, he told me about his plans after graduation. He 
was looking forward to marrying his sweetheart, and having a family and a bright 
future. However, "Chi" never received the chance to fulfill his dreams because 
he was killed by lightning while playing soccer near his home in Springfield, 
Virginia, during the summer of 1986. He had a large attendance at his funeral, 

including many of his friends. Brother 
Rats, the football coach and the soc- 
cer coach. He is missed by all. Jun Ho 
Chi is resting in peace and his spirit will 
always remain with us, as one of our 
Brother Rats of the Class of 1987. 

The Class of 1987 had completed 
three good years here at the Institute 
without having to mourn the loss of a 
classmate. However, God's will must 
be done and on July 20, 1986, God 
called Jun Ho Chi home 

The First Class returned in August 
with an empty space in its class, one 
quite different from any other. The 
death of Jun Ho came as a shock and 
it is hard for us all to comprehend the 
loss of a Brother Rat, even more, a 
close friend. 

In short, Jun Ho was a gentleman, an 
athlete, but most of all, a true friend. 
And now only time can heal the pain 
and only our smiles can hide the tears. 
Jun Ho has gone home to share the 
eternal happiness with our Creator. He 
will be dearly missed by his family, 
friends, and very much by all of his 
Brother Rats — the Class of 1987. 

Gregg Ellis. 

First Class 337 


■ tmm i m,^ ^ : 

4 \. 





Excellence Achieved On The Field 





In recent years, VMI football has 
seen many more losses than victories. 
Last year, Eddie Williamson was hired 
as the new head coach, and the re- 
building process began. The team won 
three games in 1985, including a thriller 
over 1-AA power William and Mary. 
1986 was also to be a rebuilding year, 
continuing the progress made the year 
before. Many people anticipated a 
.500 season for the Keydets, which was 
quite realistic according to the talent 
on the squad. Early sea- 
son mistakes and mid- ~ 
season injuries, however, ^^^^^ 
dulled the hopes of the 
team and the fans. 

Early season losses, 
caused by both offensive 
and defensive mistakes, 
to William and Mary, Fur- 
man, JMU and Marshall 
were disheartening. The 
Keydets had a chance to 
win going into every 
game, and hung in there 
against favored oppo- 
nents until mistakes ruined 
their chances for victory, ^^h^^h 

Coach Williamson 

switched quarterbacks 
after the JMU game, hoping to rejuve- 
nate the offense and eliminate the 
turnovers. Neither Dave Brown or Chris 
Bunn hod much experience entering 
the season, but showed improvement 
as the season progressed. 

There were bright spots in the sea- 
son. The win over The Citadel was an 
impressive show for the offense, espe- 
cially the receivers. Brown was spec- 
tacular in only his second start at quar- 
terback as well, The Keydets could not 
maintain the consistency on offense, 
however, in the following weeks. The 
team continued to fight hard and nev- 
er quit, even though outmanned by 
such teams as Georgia Tech and 

Although the season was disap- 
pointing, it was only a slight setback. 
Rebuilding a team does not occur 
overnight, and the year was a learning 
experience for a very young team. 




at William & Mary 




at James Madison 





at The Citadel 


at Richmond 


at Western Carolina 





at Georgia Tech 




at East Tennessee State 



& MARY 37 

VMI 22 

"There are a few bright spots, but by and large 
too many areas of question still exist. We had a lot 
of injuries in the spring that hampered our devel- 
opment as a team." 

— Head Coach Eddie Williamson, August 1986 

The Keydets traveled to Cory Field in 

Williamsburg on September 13th to 

open their season. VMI faced a highly 

touted William 8c Mary 

squad, fresh from their 

■■■■^" victory over Colgate. The 
Tribe was also looking to 
avenge the previous sea- 
sons 39-38 loss to the Key- 

A crowd of 10,000 wit- 
nessed William & Mary 
jump to a 14-0 lead over 
the Keydets in the first 
quarter. Michael Clem- 
ens, their fine tailback, 
scored quickly on two 
touchdown receptions. 
The Keydets, however, 
^m^^mm were not to be outdone 
.^—^^^ and were determined to 
get back into the game. 
The Tribe had the ball deep in their 
own territory when defensive end Rob 
Susnar sacked the Tribe quarterback 
for a safety. After the free kick VMI 
marched down the field scoring on a 
30 yard Chris Bunn to Mark Stock com- 
pletion. The Keydet defense then held 
the Tribe, and VMI took the lead 16-14 
on a one yard run by fullback John 
Porrott. Unfortunately, William 8c Mary 
recaptured the lead just before the 
half on another demons' touchdown. 
The team's effort was just as strong 
in the second half, however mistakes 
sealed the Keydets fate. The Keydets 
hod one touchdown called back in the 
second half, while William 8c Mary cush- 
ioned their lead with 14 points in the 
third quarter. The Keydet offense kept 
fighting, as Chris Bunn connected with 
Mark Stock for six more in the final 
Although the team was defeated. 

Sports 341 

they played well against a nationally 
ranked team on their home turf. There 
were displays of brilliance by both the 
offensive and defensive units, "There 
were times when we looked like a fan- 
tastic ball club, but there were other 
times when too many mistakes got in 
our way", said Stock. Coach William- 
son echoed these sentiments, saying 
"... we obviously looked like a young 
team which had not played a ball 
game. I was pleased with some areas 
of our ploy, but dissappointed in oth- 
ers." The Keydets were not dominated 
in any area of play, but rather held 
their own against a very good William 
& Mary team. Which gave rise to 
hopes of continuing improvement and 
a more promising season. 


VMI 3 

The Keydets returned home to 
Alumni Memorial Field for Homecoming 
and the second game of the young 
season. Despite the loss the previous 
week, the team showed that they had 
the talent to play good football. How- 
ever, the problems that appeared in 
the William and Mary game would 
again cost the Keydets a legitimate 
chance of obtaining a victory. 

For the second straight week, the 
Keydets would face a nationally 
ranked team. The Furman Paladins had 
tied Georgia Tech the previous week, 
and came into the game ranked third 
in division 1-AA. The general consensus 
was that the game would be a mis- 
match. For the first thirty minutes that 
was not to be the case. Furman got 
seven points early, taking advantage 
of an interception of a Chris Bunn pass. 
VMI cut it to 7-3 on a 32 yard Jim Wall 

field goal, For the remainder of the first 
half the Keydets played the Paladins 
head to head. The teams left the field 
at the end of the half with Furman 
ahead by a score 10-3. 

Despite the touchdown deficit, the 
Homecoming crowd, felt it had some- 
thing to cheer about. VMI was playing 
very competitively against a heavily 
favored opponent. Sadly, however, 
the Big Red did not fare as well in the 
second half. 

The Paladins were to convert five 
VMI turnovers into a steady flow of 
points. VMI had a total of seven turn- 
overs in the game, two fumbles and 
five interceptions, as Furman displayed 
the aggressive defense for which it 
was known. The Keydets were unable 
to generate any offense in the half, as 
the Paladins ran away with the game 

It was a tough loss in that team was 
now and 2. But what was even hard- 
er to accept was, through the mis- 
takes made, the Big Red beat them- 
selves. Said Coach Williamson, "... It 
seemed like an avalanche just started 
of our own mistakes and our own un- 

342 Sports 


VMI 9 

The Keydets went up the valley to 
Harrisonburg the following week to 
take on the Dukes of James Madison 
University. Going into the game both 
teams were winless, but the VMI squad 
was held by many to be the favorite. 
11,000 people, including a sizeable 
part of the Corps, braved a rainy night 
to watch an extremely one sided 

JMU opened the scoring on their first 
posession of the night. Their superb tail- 
back, Warren Marshall, scampered 49 
yards for the touchdown. On the Key- 
dets next posession, Trent Bridges was 
stripped of the ball and a JMU defend- 
er took the loose ball 17 yards to regis- 
ter six more points for the Dukes. VMI's 
problems were far from over, howev- 
er. The Keydets were down 20-0 early 
in the second quarter before mounting 
any serious threat. Facing a fourth and 
goal, VMI elected to go for the touch- 
down, but was stopped short and was 
forced to turn the ball over to JMU. The 
Dukes failed to score after stopping 
the Keydets, but then iced the game 
when VMI quarterback Dove Brown 
was intercepted and it was returned 
for another JMU touchdown. 

The Keydets lone score came in the 
third quarter when quarterback Chris 
Bunn capped a VMI drive with a one 

Kevin Washington (36). the Keydets' leading 
tacl<ler, puts the wraps on Marshall's Darryl De- 

yard touchdown run. JMU added two 
more touchdowns late in the second 
half, leaving the Keydets on the short 
end of a 39-7 score. 

The loss extended VMI's road gome 
losing streak to 21 games, dating back 
to the 1982 season. The team returned 
to Lexington determined to correct 
their mistakes and show that they 
were competitive. Following the 
game. Coach Williamson said, "We 
hove our backs against the wall." Turn- 
overs were the big problem for the 
Keydets, giving the ball away 11 times 
in two weeks, six of which opponents 
converted into touchdowns. "We are 
going to definitely have to pay more 
attention to our offense. We've been 
giving too many points away and put- 
ting a tremendous burden on our de- 
fensive unit," said Williamson. "We 
played just a terrible football game at 
Harrisonburg. We were beaten on 
both sides of the ball, out executed 
and out fought." 

JMU 39 
VMI 7 


Parent's Weekend 1986 saw the 
struggling Keydet squad ploy host to 
the Thundering Herd from Marshall Uni- 
versity. The Alumni Memorial crowd of 
7,000 left the stadium impressed with 
the team's showing. 

The defense played hard through- 
out, however Marshall quickly jumped 
out to 10-0 lead. The Big Red fought 
back and cut the lead to 10-3, as Jim 
Wall nailed a 31 yard field goal. Mar- 
shall came back to make a 51 yard 
field goal just before the half, and the 
Keydets went into the locker room 
down 13-3 at intermission. 

VMI came out ready to play in the 
second half, and a fired up defense 
played exceptionally well. The Key- 
dets showed a hard pass rush, led by 
freshman Andy Titone and junior Kevin 
Washington. The offense, although 
sluggish throughout the half, did con- 
nect on one big play. Dave Brown, in 
his first start at quarterback, hit Keith 
Washington down the sideline for a 67 
yard touchdown pass to make it 13-9. 
Marshall tacked on three more points 
late in the fourth quarter, but the Key- 
dets had one last gasp. VMI took over 
with 1:17 left, and Dave Brown brought 
the offense to life. Bringing the crowd 
to its feet, VMI drove to the Marshall 20 
yard line. With just seconds left. Brown 
went for the winning score over the 
middle. The pass, on target, was de- 
flected however, and a Marshall de- 
fender picked it off at the four yard 
line. Marshall then wisely ran down the 
clock, handing the Keydets their fourth 
straight defeat. 

Despite the loss, the entire team 
played tough and aggressively. De- 
fensive guard Erich Diehl said, "... we 
were intense as a team and that 
hasn't happened this year." Coach 
Williamson agreed. "We found out 
how to play with intensity for an entire 
game." For diehard Keydet football 
fans, one could only hope that it was a 
lesson well learned, as the team would 
have to travel to Charleston, S.C. the 
following Saturday to take on the Cit- 
adel Bulldogs in the Military Classic of 
the South. 

Sports 343 

Recapturing the Silver Shako 



VMI 47 

The Keydets began a threes game 
road trip by travelling to Charleston, 
South Carolina, to take on the Citadel 
Bulldogs in the "Military Classic of the 
South". The Silver Shako, the trophy 
awarded to the winner of the annual 
contest, hod been in The Citadel's 
possession since 1981 VMI came into 
the game as ten point underdogs, but 
proceeded to put the oddsmakers to 
shame by pasting the Bulldogs 47-30, in 
a gome that wasn't nearly as close as 
the score indicated. 

The Citadel fumbled the opening 
kickoff at their 29 yard line and the 
Keydets recovered. The Big Red took 
advantage of the mistake, as Jim Wall 

drilled a 37 yard field goal through the 
uprights. After a fired up defense 
forced the the Bulldogs to punt on their 
next possession, the Keydets wasted 
little time in getting on the board 
again. On third down, quarterback 
Dave Brown found a wide open Mark 
Stock cutting across the middle. Stock 
then faked out the two remaining Cit- 
adel defenders at the goal line to put 
the finishing touch on a 72 yard touch- 
down pass. 

Early in the second quarter, Todd 
Freiwald blocked a Citadel punt and 
five ploys later fullback John Parrott 
rambled 1 1 yards for a 17-0 VMI lead. 
The 'Dogs then cut it to 17-3, but Keith 
Washington took the ensuing kickoff 
62 yards to the Citadel 28, and Brown 
scrambled five yards for six more VMI 
points and a 24-3 lead. Brown contin- 
ued his aerial assault later in the period, 
as Stock grabbed another Brown pass 
and dashed 76 yards to give the Key- 
dets their biggest lead at 31-3. 

The 'Dogs came out throwing to 

open the second half and scored two 
quick touchdowns to cut the lead to 
31-16 with less than five minutes gone 
in the third quarter. The Bulldog rally 
was short lived however, as Brown 
bombed the Citadel defense for 76 
and 46 yard touchdown passes, both 
to Keith Washington, as VMI moved 
out to a 44-16 advantage. Wall add- 
ed a 36 yard field goal to make it 47- 
16 with five minutes remaining in the 
game. The Citadel managed to get 
two late scores against the VMI re- 
serves to moke the score a more re- 
spectable and deceiving 47-30. 

The win was the first of the season 
for the Keydets, and the first on the 
rood in 21 gomes. "It's good to get this 
under our belts", said Coach William- 
son. "This week, we executed and 
played with intensity." The team more 
than doubled its offensive production 
for the year, and Dave Brown and 
Mark Stock set conference highs for 
the season with their performances. 
Brown completed 8 of 20 passes for 

Keith Washington eludes the Bulldogs' Gene Brown 

and highsteps to a 46 yard touchdown. 

Sports 345 

Dave Brown had a big afternoon, throwing for 4 
TD's and rushing for this one. 

320 yards and 4 touchdowns, and ran 
for another. "It appears we have a 
quarterback who can deliver the ball," 
said Williamson, "plus we had great re- 
ceivers." Stocl< had three catches for 
159 yards and two touchdowns, and 
Keith Washington had two catches- 
both for touchdowns-for 122 yards. 
The defense also played inspired foot- 
ball, intercepting three Bulldog passes, 
the most memorable of which was 
Mike Mayo's 69 yard interception and 
return. Mayo ran over and through the 
Bulldogs' offensive unit to return the 
ball to the Citadel three yard line. 

The team returned to Lexington with 
a greatly improved outlook and with 
high hopes of turning the season 
around against the University of Rich- 
mond in the State capital the next 


VMI 9 

The Keydets went to Richmond on 
the second leg of their three game 
road trip to take on the Spiders from 
the University of Richmond. The Spiders 
had an open date the previous week- 
end to prepare for the Big Red, but 
VMI was hoping to continue doing the 
things that had helped them to their 
first victory of the year. 

Richmond came into the game 
planning to key on Dave Brown, who 
had had the big game against the Cit- 
adel. The Spiders hoped to shut down 
the Keydet offense by taking away 
the passing game. VMI took the open- 
ing kickoft, however, and marched 
right down the field behind the running 
of Ricky Zgol. The drive stalled deep in 
Richmond territory and Jim Wall missed 
a short field goal. The Spiders took 
over, and the Keydet defense held 
them to four yards on two plays. On 
third down, however, the Spiders 
caught VMI in a blitz, and tailback 
Greg Grooms went up the middle on a 
draw. 76 yards later, Richmond had a 
7-0 lead. 

Sam Tyus, Greg Otey, and Phil Riggleman square 
off against the University of Richmond 

Richmond added three more points 
before the Keydets got on the board. 
Wall nailed a career high 49 yard field 
goal to cut the lead to 10-3, but the 
big play again zapped the Big Red. On 
the ensuing kickoft, Erwin Mathews re- 
turned the ball 87 yards for the Spiders 
to increase their lead to 1 7-3. VMI then 
had a punt blocked on the goal line, 
and one play later it was 24-3. 

Wall added two more field goals for 
VMI, one from 45 yards out and the 
other from 26 yards, as he was the 
bright spot for the Keydet offense. VMI 
picked up more first downs than Rich- 
mond, but could not put the ball in the 
end zone. Defensively, the big play 
killed the Keydets. The Spiders con- 
verted third downs almost of will, and 
hod 318 yards rushing on the day. The 
offensive line also had a bod after- 
noon, as Brown and Chris Bunn, who 
came on in relief of Brown, were 
sacked seven times. 

On the whole, the big plays deflated 
the teams pre-game emotional inten- 
sity and allowed the Spiders to run 
away with the contest. Coach William- 
son said the team played with a "total 
lack of emotion and intensity," 
brought on by the Spiders ability to an- 
swer every VMI score with a big play 
touchdown just a few plays later. Both 
coaches and players knew that the 
team had to stop beating itself in order 
to win. 

346 Sports 



The team traveled to Cullowhee, 
N.C., to try and get back on the right 
track against the Catamounts of 
Western Carolina University, The previ- 
ous week against Richmond, the of- 
fense had sputtered, and this week 
proved to be no different. 

The Keydet offense did not pene- 
trate Western Carolina's 30 yard line 
the entire afternoon and only man- 
aged 134 yards of total offense. The 
Cats, however, amassed 485 yards of 
total offense behind the accurate 
passing of quarterback Willie Perkins. 
Perkins completely mastered the VMI 
secondary as he threw for 323 yards. 
"Our secondary was almost non-exis- 
tent today," said Coach Williamson. 
"We didn't play well on the offensive 
line and our pass coverage was poor." 

"There is nothing 
lacl<ing in defensive ag- 
gressiveness, it's just a 
young team with men- 
tal mistakes." 

— Defensive End 
Todd Freiwald 

After a scoreless first quarter, the 
Cats scored 17 straight points In the 
second quarter to take a 1 7-0 haiftime 
lead. Following the Intermission, West- 
ern Carolina added two third quarter 
touchdowns and a fourth quarter field 
goal to nail down the win, which 
dropped the Keydets to 1-3 In the 
conference and 1-6 overall. 

There were a few bright spots. Safe- 
ty Mike Mayo had an excellent game, 
with 16 tackles, one caused fumble, 
one fumble recovery, and an Inter- 
ception. The mental mistakes in the 
secondary, however, coupled with an 
Ineffective offensive attack, led to the 
first shutout for VMI since a 35-0 defeat 
at the hands of Tennessee-Chatta- 
nooga in 1984. 

The Keydets returned to Lexington 
to play their first home game In a 
month, against the Division II Central 
Florida Knights. The Knights, a team 
which last ventured to Lexington In 
1982 and left with a 69-0 defeat at the 
hands of the Keydets, came Into the 
game with a 4-4 record against a 
strong schedule, and were much Im- 
proved since their last trip to play at 
Alumni Memorial Field. 

VMI entered the game with a host of 
key Injuries, especially In the second- 
ary where Mike Mayo and Chris Clark 
were out. The Keydets, however, were 
still confident that they could stop 
Central Florida's passing game. As the 
game wore on, it became apparent 
that they could not 

The Keydets took a 3-0 lead early 
on, but the Knights had little trouble 
moving the boll, as they scored 17 sec- 
ond quarter points to lead 17-3 at half- 
time. Central Florida picked up right 
where they left off following the break, 
as they continued to move the ball 
and scored two touchdowns In the 
third quarter. VMI's only touchdown of 
the game came on a 19 yard pass 
from Dave Brown to James Wright, 
that capped an eight-play, 60 yard 

Split End Mark Stock, stiown 
here in action ogainst Cen- 
tral Florida, was the primary 
offensive weapon for the 
Keydets in 1986. A junior 
walk-on from Stone Moun- 
tain, GA . Stock led the no- 
tion in yards per catch. He 
also set a VMI record for re- 
ceiving yards in a season, 
and his 220 ydrds receiving 
against Applachian State set 
o VMI single game mark, a 
record he broke a week lat- 
er at East Tennessee with a 
263 yard performance. His 93 
yard touchdown reception 
of a Dave Brown pass in the 
Applolochian State gome 
was also a VMI record. With 
his return next season, the 
Keydets hope to finally turn 
the corner in 1987, 

drive. Central Florida added one more 
score In the fourth and had a first and 
goal near the end of the game, but 
the defense held them on downs. 

The Knights rolled up 392 yards in a 
balanced attack, with 217 yards rush- 
ing and 175 passing. VMI managed 
only 13 yards rushing on 30 carries and 
184 yards through the air. "I really have 
no answers right now," said Coach Wil- 
liamson. "I know the players tried, and I 
told them that. It's obvious something 
Isn't working for us. I'm pretty down 
right now," he continued. "I'm proba- 
bly at the lowest I've ever been in this 
profession. But I'm not going to give 
up." Defensive Guard Erich Diehl also 
reflected this typical VMI attitude. "It's 
very frustrating right now. The coaches 
are trying, and we're trying. It seems 
like nothing Is really going to quit, and I 
don't think the rest of the guys will 

The loss dropped the Keydets to 1-7 
overall, with Georgia Tech looming 
ahead the following Saturday In Atlan- 
ta. Coach Williamson and the team 
needed to come up with some imme- 
diate answers as to exactly what the 
problems were. Despite the situation, 
Williamson kept a positive attitude and 
insisted that with hard work, the pro- 
gram would reach Its goals. As for the 
present, he said, "I don't know what to 
do except keep on looking." 

Sports 347 


Georgia Tech 52 
VMI 6 

The Keydets took to the rood once 
more the following week, travelling to 
Atlanta, GA,, to take on the Yellow 
Jackets of Georgia Tech. The Ramblin' 
Wreck, by which Tech's teams are also 
known, had their sights set on a poten- 
tial bowl bid. Although young, the 
Jackets were big, and had All-Ameri- 
con John Davis, a 6-4, 304 pound cen- 
ter. Although the Keydets played re- 
spectably, the team was simply 

Georgia Tech scored on all of its first 
quarter possesions to make it 21-0 af- 
ter fifteen minutes of play. Tech also 
added a 12 yard touchdown pass in 
the second quarter. The Keydets failed 
on a long field goal try late in the quar- 
ter, and left the field at halftime down 

Sophomore tailback J.C. Gregory breaks into 
the Georgia Tech secondary for good yardage 

It was the third quarter and the Yel- 
low Jackets were ahead 35-0 before 
the Keydets got on the board. Follow- 
ing a 52 yard run by Charles Plageman, 
quarterback Dave Brown hit Mark 
Stock on a 31 yard touchdown pass. 
Stock finished with 9 catches for 129 
yards, proving that he can play with 
anyone. "I was just another player in 
high school, a slow split end who alter- 
nated running plays in from the 
bench," he said. "I wasn't recruited by 
Tech or anybody else. I wanted to 
prove something to a lot of people 

Following VMI's lone score, the 
Ramblin' Wreck scored two more 
touchdowns and a 22 yard field goal 
to make the final score 52-6. 

Although the score was slightly out 

of hand, the Keydets played much 
better than in the three previous 
games. The offense executed well, 
and the offensive line gave Brown ex- 
cellent protection considering Tech's 
size advantage. The defense, in spite 
of giving up 52 points, played reason- 
ably well. Freshman Andy Titone had 
seven tackles and played very well. 
Coach Williamson was pleased with 
the performance on both sides of the 
ball. "I don't want to sound like I'm get- 
ting carried away, but I feel a lot bet- 
ter after this one than I have after our 
last three," he said. 

There was good reason for William- 
son's relief. The offense came back to 
life, accounting for 312 yards of total 
offense. The Keydets also penetrated 
Tech's 35 yard line four times, howev- 

Freshman fullback 
Charles Plageman 
(24) breaks into the 
clear after squirting 
through the middle 
Plageman broke this 
one outside for 52 
yards. VMI's longest 
run from scrimmage in 

348 Sports 

er, they had serious trouble getting it 
into the end zone. Coach Williamson 
was aware that that fact could pose a 
huge obstacle to winning in the future. 
"We had some success moving the 
ball, but we didn't get into the end 
zone as much as we needed. We must 
correct the small mistakes which have 
made a big impact and keep a posi- 
tive view on the game. If we con do 
that, we're going to be winners." 

The Keydets returned to Lexington 
to prepare for the year's last home 
game against Appalachian State, the 
1986 Southern Conference 

VMI 6 


Mark Stock goes high in the air to haul in this pass 
against Georgio Tech. (below) 

In the final home game of 1986, the 
Keydets entertained the Appalachian 
State Mountaineers, who had clinched 
the Southern Conference champion- 
ship the week before by beating Mar- 
shall. The Mountaineers also boasted 
tailback John Settle, who owned the 
conference rushing record. The Key- 
dets, however, hod several opportuni- 
ties to win the game, but mistakes at 
critical times cost VMI once again 

The VMI defense played very well, 
shutting down the ASU running game, 
and Erich Diehl and Rob Susnar put 
pressure on the Mountaineer quarter- 
back all afternoon. The offense moved 
the boll with ease against Appy's de- 
fense, but turned the ball over three 
times on rumbles, twice inside the 

Mountaineer 25 yard line. 

Appalachian scored first on a flea- 
flicker play to go up 7-0. The Mountain- 
eers added two short field goals in the 
second quarter to moke it 13-0 at the 
half. The Keydet defense was very 
tough in the second half and held 
Appy scoreless in the third quarter. 
With 10;30 remaining in the gome, the 
Mountaineers scored another touch- 
down to make it 20-0. The VMI offense 
hod piled up the yardage but had 
blown scoring opportunities. Mark 
Stock came through, however, and 
found a seam in the ASU defense. 
Dave Brown hit Stock striding across 
the middle of the field, and 93 yards 
later the longest pass play in VMI histo- 
ry registered six points for the Keydets. 
The two-point conversion attempt 

Defensive end Rob Susnar takes a breather trom 
chasing Appy's QB. (below) 

Andy Titone and Mike Mayo put the wraps on 
ASU bock John Settle (below) 

Sports 349 

failed, however, and the game con- 
cluded with no further scoring. 

On the day, the Keydets had piayed 
impressively. Brown and Stock had a 
record setting afternoon. Brown fin- 
ished with 422 yards passing and 400 
yards offense, both school records. 
Stock set another school record for 
yards receiving in a game with 220 
yards. The defense had also piayed 
very well in a solid team effort. The 
turnovers simply cost the Big Red the 
game, "I don't know what happened 
on those plays," said Brown. "I think the 
mud on the field had something to do 
with it, but I won't blame it solely on the 

With only one gome remaining in the 
season, it was too late to dwell on all 
of the mistakes. The team now hoped 
to improve on their performance 
against the f\/lountaineers, in order to 
end their season on a winning note 
against the next week's opponent. 
East Tennessee State. 

Rob Susnar (64) and Todd Freiwald sack ASU QB 
Todd Payton (above right) 

The Keydets traveled to Johnson Ci- 
ty, TN,, to play their final game of the 
1986 football season in the "Mini- 
Dome" at East Tennessee State Uni- 
versity. The 1985 version of the Bucca- 
neer football team had a record of 0- 
10-1, but were much improved in 1986. 
The Bucs entered the game with a 5-5 
record and were looking for their first 
winning season in years. The Keydets 
put on a spectacular offensive show, 
but the Bucs emerged with the victory. 

The contest started very slowly and 
looked as if it would be a defensive 
battle throughout. After a scoreless 
first quarter, ETSU broke out on top 7-0 
on a long pass play. The Keydets 
came back with a 75 yard pass from 
Dave Brown to Mark Stock. The PAT 
failed, and at the half the score was 7- 
6 in favor of the Buccaneers. 

In the second half, the Bucs went 
ahead 14-6 on a short touchdown run 
by Herman Jacobs. The Keydets came 
back to tie it, with Joe France scoring 
on a three yard touchdown run to cap 

an 80 yard drive. Brown hit Stock just 
over the goal line for the two point 
conversion which tied the game at 14 
apiece. ETSU went ahead for good 
with a touchdown and a field goal to 
make it 24-14, but the Big Red would 
not give up. The Keydets closed the 
gap to 24-20 on an 83 yard Brown to 
Stock touchdown pass. The defense, 
however, could not stop the Bucs on 
the crucial tourth quarter drive, as Ja- 
cobs added another touchdown for 
the Buccaneers to make it 31-20 with 
just a little over a minute remaining in 
the gome. 

VMI dropped to 1-10, and finished 
eigth in the Southern conference. Al- 
though they lost, the team did very 
well on both sides of the ball. The de- 
fense spent a great deal of time on 
the field against the Bucs, but still man- 
aged to play solid defense. The of- 
fense put on a fireworks display, rush- 
ing for over 100 yards and passing for 
almost 500 yards. Mark Stock had 263 
yards receiving, breaking his previous 
school record and finished the season 
with 1,123 yards on 45 receptions. 
Quarterback Dave Brown finished the 
season with 1,195 yards passing and 
completed over 50% of his passes. He 
was also the conference's highest rat- 
ed passer in passing efficiency. 

With only two crucial losses due to 
graduation, that of offensive tackle 

Mark Stock pulls in another reception, this one 
against App State (above) 

350 Sports 


> -^aESii 


Derrick Johnson and receiver Keith 
Washington, And with the return of 
Brown and Stock, receivers Calvin Wil- 
iianns and James Wright, along with a 
healthy John Parrott, Charles Plage- 
man and Joe France in the backfield, 
the Keydets hope to turn it around in 

Head Coach Eddie Williamson (below left) was in 
his second year at the helm of the Keydets in 
1986 He directed VMI to a 3-7-1 mark in his first 
season, and is in the midst of rebuilding the 

Sophomore quarterback Dave Brown directed 
the Keydets through most of the 1986 season. 
He made his first collegiate start m the season's 
fourth game, against Marshall, In only his second 
start he threw for four touchdowns and ran for 
another in the 47-30 victory over the Citadel. He 
will return for another two seasons, hopefully to 
help put the Keydets back on the winning track. 
Head coach Eddie Williamson believes he can 
do it "Dave continues to grow at quarterback 
for us," he said "Having been at Duke, I see him 
at the same stage as Ben Bennett (former all- 
american quarterback at Duke) David can be a 
really fine quarterback for us." 

Brown 10 209 106 1995 .507 10 

Keith Washington returns a kickoff against ETSU. 
He will be missed at receiver in 1987. (left) 

Sports 351 






Keydets Beat U. Va., Tech and Navy 


Before the game starts. Coach White encour- 
ages his team from the coaches' box down the 
third base line. Coach White is one of the main 
reasons the basebaii team is expected to do so 

This year's baseball team should be 
the strongest in recent memory to VMI 
baseball fans. Gone are the home run 
sluggers of past years but in their place 
is a group of athletes with plenty of 
speed and plenty of punch in their 
bats. Also stepping in are a new crop 
of pitchers who should keep opposing 
hitters on their toes. A major part of the 
Keydets success will depend on pitch- 
ing, speed, and the play of the people 
"up the middle" with Ferguson, Tilley, 
Armbruster, Sparks and Doczi, The Key- 
dets have more strong arms than ever 
before. With Sibayan, Walker, O'Fer- 
rall, Finwood, and Galleo, they have 
enough speed to drive opponents 
crazy. With Walker prowling in the out- 
field, Sibayan and Finwood dominating 
in the infield, and Andy Beasely behind 
the plate, we have as strong a middle 
as most teams in the state. Coach 
White feels certain that the team's 
pitching and defense will help cut 
down on one run losses (ten last year) 

and he really expects the team to im- 
prove drastically on last years 15-25 

Evidence of the Keydets potential 
was presented in dramatic fashion this 
fall, when for the first time in four years, 
the Keydets defeated The University of 
Virginia, Virginia Tech and Navy. The 
team is very young, and very talented. 
Despite the team's youth there is a 
definite core of experience that will 
help bind the team into a strong unit. 
The squad lost most of its "sluggers" 
last year, but the offensive punch will 
come in the form of active bats, as the 
club has an amazing ability to place 
the ball anywhere they want in the 
field. There is still some impressive 
home run potential though, behind the 
bats of Ben Walker and John Parrott. 
This should also help alleviate the one 
run losses of last year. All in all, the 
Keydets will be a very well rounded 
team that should be a force in the 
Southern Conference this year. 

Sports 353 


Duke University 


Wasliington & Lee 


East Tenn. State Univ. 


East Tenn. State Univ. 


Florida Institute of Techi. 


Florida Institute of Tecti. 


Florida Institute of Tech. 


Florida Institute of Tech. 


Univ. of Richmond 


James Madison Univ. 


Marshall Univ. 


Marshall Univ. 


Univ. of Virginia 


Appalachian State Univ. 


Appalachian State Univ. 


Oneonto State Univ. 




East Tenn. State Univ. 


East Tenn. State Univ. 


William and Mary 


Longvi/ood College 


Marshall Univ. 


Marshall Univ. 


Ferrum College 


Appalachian State Univ. 


Appalachian State Univ. 


Lynchburg College 


James Madison Univ. 


Southern Conference Tourney 

Virginia Tech 


Univ. of Richmond 


Joe McClosky rears back on his way to delivering another strike. (Top) For the first time in four years 
the squad has a four man starting rotation. John Parrott powers one over the centerfield fence. 
(Left) Although short on power hitters this year the offense will rely on a steady streams of base hits. 

354 Sports 

Glenn Ferguson is congratulated by the squad 
after a victory. (Left) The "New Look" of the 
Keydets (Top) The team is receiving all new 
facilities at Patchin Field. 

Though offensive clouf left with the likes of Greg "Bull" Weddle, Karl Sjolund, 
and Mike "Cat" Colletti, the Keydets were still long in scoring in the fall season, 
averaging 9 runs in victories over Navy, Tech and U. Va. twice. Newcomers 
Andy Beasley (catcher), Tom Slater (third base), and Marshall Simpson (first 
base) helped the team overcome the shock of losing important and experi- 
enced players. 

For the first time in four years the team has a full complement of pitchers. Led 
by Glenn Ferguson the staff consists of Sophomores George Armbruster, Richard 
Sparks, Chris Tognoli, John Glover, and Todd Tilley. Showing potential in the fall 
season were Freshmen Mike Doczi and Barry Johnson. 

The infield will be tested at the corners, but Chris Finwood and Gary Sibayan 
should stabilize the infield and provide punch to the first two spots in the batting 

The outfield is strong with Ben Walker, Richard Stone and John Parrott. 

"In my four years here, this is 
the best team we've ever 

— Glenn Ferguson — 

Sports 355 



Roundball at its Best 


The Keydets are coached by Joe 
Contafio, who is seeing his first season 
OS head coach after being Marty 
Fletcher's top assistant for the past 
four years. This makes Cantafio the 
25th head basketball coach in the his- 
tory of VMI, 

Coach Cantafio was selected by 
the unanimous vote of the athletic 
committee's executive committee, 
and the concurrence of General 
Walker. When Eric Hyman made the 
news public he added 
"... I am extremely 
pleased that Joe will be ^^^^^ 
leading our program." 

Coach Cantafio came 
to VMI in April of 1982 af- 
ter serving three years 
under Morgan Wooten at 
DeMatha H.S. where he 
was assistant varsity, and 
head J.V. coach. 

Born in Dunmore Penn- 
sylvania, he attended 
college at the University 
of Scranton in 1974. At 
Scranton he was a three ^^^^^^ 
year starter at guard, ^^^^^^ 
and captained his team 
as a senior. In addition he 
was a four year letterman in baseball, 
and following his senior year he was 
awarded an NCAA post graduate 

Cantafio has served as the head 
coach for Cardinal Gibbons H.S. in Ra- 
leigh, N.C. where he posted a record 
of 91-25. Before going to DeMatha he 
went to Abington for a year, where in 
that one season he took an 0-27 team 
to a respectable 13-15 record. 

Cantafio in announcing his accep- 
tance said "I want to thank Coach 
Fletcher for giving me the opportunity 
to come to VMI. Together I feel we 
have placed the basketball program 
on firm ground, and I plan to keep 
building on the momentum we have 
gained over the past four years." 

Cantafio has the makings of an ex- 
cellent head coach, especially for 
VMI. There are certain difficulties in 
coaching at VMI. The biggest problem 
he faces is recruiting, then retaining 
high quality athletes. It takes a very 
dedicated individual, with excellent 

". . . I am a firm believer in the VMI system and the 
young men it turns out." 

— Coach Joe 

character to commit himself to athlet- 
ics at VMI. 

A head coach can have an incredi- 
ble impact on the way young men de- 
velop, both on and off the court. Coa- 
ch Cantafio has the the characteristics 
that will make him a success at VMI, He 
is outgoing, and personable, young 
and energetic. In addition he has an 
understanding of cadets. His single 
most important attribute is perhaps 
that he believes in VMI and its cadets, 
OS was evident by his statement "It is 
an honor and a privilege to accept 
the head coaching position at VMI. I 
am a firm believer in the VMI system 
and the young men it turns out." 

The post several years have been 
hectic ones for hoops at VMI. This sea- 
son promises to be no different. The 
Keydets have always battled bigger 
and faster opponents, and defeated 
them time and time again, as the 1985 
season, when the Keydets took sec- 
ond in the conference losing only to 
Marshall in the final seconds of an over- 

time. Then there was 1986 when op- 
ponents thought we'd no longer be a 
force after the loss of Darrin Sawyer, 
Cedric Wins, and Mike Herndon. They 
were rudely awakened by the offen- 
sive clout of Darrin McDonald, Gay El- 
more, and the defensive play of Mike 

Now there is the 1987 season, and if 
one believes the analysts it will be a 
dismal season indeed. However Key- 
dets view all with a certain amount of 
scorn, especially those 
who underrate the ability 
^^■^^ or determination of our 
athletic teams. The team 
has a new head coach in 
Joe Cantafio. The style of 
play should appear pret- 
ty consistent with that of 
the team under Fletcher. 
Coach Cantafio is start- 
CantafiO Ing with a young squad, 
following the loss of some 
key players. The squad is 
not without its share of 
experience, as there are 
three returning starters : 
^^^^" Mark Current (6-6 Sr. For- 
ward/Center), Bobby 
Gardner (6-7 Jr. Forward- 
/Center), and Southern Conference 
player of the year 1986 Gay Elmore (6- 
5 Sr. Forward/Swing Guard). Mark is 
big and strong, and isn't afraid to bat- 
tle underneath. He adds good re- 
bounding strength to the team, and is 
a good pressure player. Bobby will be 
a big asset inside to help Mark with the 
rebounding and can come down 
strong with the ball. He is good on the 
offensive boards, with a good medium 
range jumper. Then there is Gay El- 
more. What coach wouldn't want Gay 
back to complete his eligibility? The 
Southern Conference player of the 
year has a very real shot at breaking 
FJon Carter's scoring record this sea- 
son. Averaging 22.8 points a game last 
year. Gay was named to the Virginia 
State team, and the second team Dis- 
trict IV Notional Association of Basket- 
ball Coaches. Gay will be called on to 
to provide the team with strong lead- 
ership, and offense. The soft spoken 
Keydet from West "by-God" Virginia is 
more than up to the task. He is the 

Sports 357 

reason the Corps of Cadets chuckles at the pre-season picks of sports writers. 
When told of our predicted record, a typical reaction is a raised eyebrow and 
"Oh? Someone tell that man that Elmore is back," 

The Keydets will still need good showings from the freshmen if they are to have 
a successful season. Mark Craft (6-7 Forward/Center) is the best inside recruit. 
Big and strong, he will provide depth inside. Bill Dowd (6-5 Forward) will be called 
on to assist Croft with the inside chores. Renard Johnson (6-2 Point Guard) is an 
excellent athlete, and if he develops quickly will easily replace Huffman. The 
Williams twins, Ramon and Damon (both 6-1 Guards), are excellent players and 
hove the potential to rattle defenses with their outside shooting. Lennon Mings 
(Fr. 6-5 Forward) was redshirted his freshman year due to a fractured knee. He 
will see a lot of time at the forward position this year. Rufus Kay (So. 6-5 Forward) 
ploys smart boll and is excellent on defense. He can expect to see some time at 
the inside forward position. 

The Keydets will have valuable play from returning lettermen Steve Tooker (Sr. 
6-1 Guard) and Clarence Scott (Sr. 6-1 Guard). Steve is quick and on excellent 
ball handler, and applies good defensive pressure. Clarence has a good jump 
shot and also has good boll handling capabilities. The two should see equal 
playing time with the Williams twins. 

This season should be rewarding for the roundball squad, despite what our 
detractors soy. The freshman class is one of the strongest ever recruited, and if 
they all complete their stay at VMI the Keydets will have some of the best 
basketball squads ever for the next four years. 

Bobby Gardner on the defense against Roanoke College 

358 Sports 






James Madison 












Virginia Tech 


East Tennessee 








The Citadel 




Western Carolina 



Tennessee/ Chat. 
Marshall University 













Appalachian State 


Southern Conference 

Lennon Mings drives the lane in the win over 
Richmond, (top) Coach Cantafio looks on, (low- 
er right) 

The Keydets began the season at 
home vs. Shenandoah in a non-confer- 
ence match. The Keydets were able 
to start the season well with a victory 
at home in the first meeting of these 
two schools. On Dec. 1 the Keydets 
travelled to James Madison for anoth- 
er non-conference game. The squad 
was hoping to breal< a 5-5 series dead- 
lock, but were unable to stop the 
Dul<es. The road trip continued with a 
trip to ACC power University of Virgin- 
ia. The Cavaliers had to scrap for ev- 
ery point and fend off several Keydet 
runs to put the Keydets record at 1-2. 
On Dec, 6 the Richmond Spiders found 
themselves the victims of "The Pit". 
The highly rated Spiders, who would 
later go on to beat Navy, lost out to 
the home court advantage. The Key- 
dets boosted their record to 2-2. The 
squad was again at home against Elon 
College. The game was a lot closer 
than it should have been as the Key- 
dets were hampered by poor shooting 
from the floor. The Keydets won at 
home again. A single game road trip 

to Radford should have put the Key- 
dets on tracl< as far as road games 
were concerned, A scrappy Radford 
squad used the home court to its ad- 
vantage and started people wonder- 
ing why we couldn't seem to win on 
the road , Roanoke was to fall victim to 
the squad as it returned home, moving 
the Keydets to 4-3, A very difficult 
road trip was to follow as the squad 
would travel first to Tennessee, then 
Virginia Tech, and our first conference 
game vs. East Tennessee, The road jinx 
continued to haunt the squad as it re- 
turned to Cameron Hall 4-6, 0-1 in the 
conference. The next two games 
were to be at home, the first against 
Appalachian State which the Keydets 
won, pushing the conference record 
to 1-1. The second game against 
Southern Conference opponent Mar- 
shall was a tough first loss at home for 
the squad. Two difficult conference ri- 
vals awaited, Furman, and The Cita- 
del, Again the road jinx followed the 
Keydets as we lost both games. Put- 
ting our conference record at 1-4, The 
return home was exciting for everyone 
in Cameron Hall as the Keydets missed 
breaking the all time scoring record in 
the arena (114) by one point against 
Bluefield College, 

Sports 359 

The last week in January would 
prove very difficult for the Keydets. 
They travelled to Western Carolina, 
Tennessee/Chattanooga, and finally 
to West Virginia to face Marshall. The 
road jinx that had pursued us through- 
out the early season failed to material- 
ize against Western Carolina, and the 
team won 65-56. It seemed as if we 
might have finally shaken our inability 
to win on the road when we led by 9 at 
the half of the Tennessee game. The 
Mocs opened the second half by ap- 
plying full court pressure, and ran off 21 
unanswered points to win by twelve. 

Bobby Gardner goes high on the tip off against 

Back Row (L to R) Assistant Coach Ron Everhart. Assistant Coach Dave Manzer, Rufus Kay, Biil Dowd. Mark Craft, Thad Tegtmeyer, Bobby Gardner. 
Mark Current, Lennon Mings, Gay Elmore. Head Coach Joe Cantafio, 

Front Row: Manager Barrie Maxon. Kelley Bledsoe. Clarence Scott, Damon Williams, Renard Johnson, Steve looker, Ramon Williams, Manager 
Kelley Wilmore 

360 Sports 

Sports 361 

Elmore Sets Scoring Record 

VMI hosted Furman on a cold Mon- 
day night in the first week of February. 
Gay Elmore was 20 points shy of Ron 
Carter's all time scoring mark, and 
most felt certain that he would break 
the record. None expected him to do 
it so early. With 2:40 left in the half Gay 
buried point number 21 on a 17 foot 
jumper, then headed back down the 
floor to his defensive position. He was 
met there by General Walker, a host of 
photographers, and a standing ova- 
tion from the crowd. Gay says he 
wasn't aware that the basket broke 
the record, but his roommates were as 
they counted down the points with 
hand made placards. 

The Keydets left the floor for the half 
with a new all time scoring leader, and 

"... I'm excited about 
it (tine record), but to 
lose o gome like this 
tal<es o lot of the ex- 
citement away. I'd 
rather have won the 

— Gay Elmore — 

an eight point lead. The mood would 
change dramatically in the second 
half. The game began to escape the 
rets as elbows flew and shoving 
matches took place underneath. Then 
the top blew off as a shoving match 
erupted between Mark Current and 
Paladin Kent Washington. Both were 
ejected from the gome, and Current 
was charged with an additional fla- 
grant foul. Six free throws were ex- 
changed and Furman closed the gap 
by two. Coach Joe Cantafio then had 
a technical called after arguing a call. 
With 3:42 left VMI saw its lead of 66-62 
turned to 67-66 Furman. The Keydets 
would force an overtime, only to have 
Furman score five in quick succession 
to win a close 82-78 conference con- 

Elmore breaks the all time VMI scoring mark pre- 
viously held by Ron Carter. 

362 Sports 

High Hopes 


The VMI lacrosse team entered the 
1986-87 season with high hopes o\ 
continued improvement and a winning 
season. Coach Doug Bartlett, in his 
second season as head coach, had 
the respect of the team as he brought 
the intensity the team needed to 
compete on the varsity level. A club 
sport just a short time ago, the stick- 
men worked hard during the off sea- 
son to moke VMI lacrosse a winner on 
the varsity level. 

The Keydets had every reason to 
look forward to a sucessful year. The 
team opened its two game fall season 
with a 20-2 rout of Old Dominion Uni- 
versity. In late October the Keydets 
trounced visiting Virginia Tech 13-8, 
breaking the game open with quick 
goals early in the second half. With a 2- 
record, the team worked hard in an- 
ticipation of the upcoming spring 

D.J. Derenzo sprints toward another face off 


Ttie Citadel goalie fails to prevent this Keydet 

score, (below) 


364 Sports 





March 7 

at Pfeiffer College 


at University of Georgia 


at The Citadel 











April 1 

at Hampden-Sydney 


at St. Mary's 




at Virginia Tech 





Dan Kirsch looks to poss as the opposition closes 
in. (left) 

Detenseman John Kay in action against Old Do- 
minion, (below) 

Sports 365 

The team had good reason to be 
excited, due to several people return- 
ing from last years team. Bill McCarthy, 
the team captain, led an experienced 
group of returnees. Attaci<men Dave 
Hope and Dan Kirsch both savi/ a great 
deal of playing time the previous sea- 
son, as did middies Steve King, Todd 
Williamson, and Grant Kiehl. Second 
classman Ted Wilkinson was also a 
valuable asset due to his stick handling 
ability. Tim Alger also returned at the 
attack position to give the Keydets an 
added offensive punch. Coupled with 
the team's support for their coach, the 
makings of an excellent squad were 

Defenseman John Kay echoed 
these sentiments. "We lost a few se- 

niors from the squad last year, but we 
have olot of good talent coming in 
with rats Paul Schmidt and Pete Tun- 
nard, and we should have a winning 

The team opened their spring 
schedule on the road, and during 
Spring Furlough. The trip included a big 
game in Athens, GA., against the Uni- 
versity of Georgia. The middle of the 
season would prove to be the tough- 
est, as the Keydets would face Hamp- 
den-Sydney and Washington &. Lee. 
Although these two schools had domi- 
nated the Keydets in previous years, 
the gap was closing and these con- 
tests promised to be close and hard 

Steve King advances the boll upfield, eludi 
the Citadel defender, (above) 

An unidentified Keydet defender attacks his op 
ponent, trying to strip him of the boll, (right) 

366 Sports 

Throughout the season, the team 
was solid both defensively and offen- 
sively. The defense was led by Frank 
Delbarto, John Kay, and Ted Wilkinson, 
and played a hard hitting, aggressive 
style of lacrosse, and Tommy Towers 
played well at the goalie position. The 
offense, led by last season's leading 
scorer Dave Hope, was also more ag- 
gressive this year, as John Ancona and 
Pete Tunnard provided the Keydets 
with a more diversified scoring attack. 

This year's team will not be a flash in 
the pan by any means. The Keydets 

will be even better in the years to 
come, as almost the entire team will 
be returning. "This year, we hove an 
above average schedule, but with 
dedication and hard work we should 
have an excellent season," said Frank 
Delbarto, "and we will hove every- 
body back. Paul Schmidt could be the 
best player on the team, and Coach 
Bartlett is doing heavy recruiting in 
New York, Virginia, and Maryland. He is 
on excellent coach and a good moti- 
vator . . . next year should be even 

The Keydet defense sticks this opposing player, 
displaying their aggressive style of play, (left) 

Grant Kiehl finds hinnself on the bottom of the pile 
in the gome against Virginia Tech, (below) 

Sports 367 

Continuing To Improve 


368 Sports 





^ ^^ 





Jim Cottrell goes airborne for the ball as his op- Keydet goalkeeper Robert Miller undercuts on 
ponents look on. (left) opponent while moking this save (below) 

The VMI soccer has seen steady im- 
provement over the past three years. 
Once the butt of jokes among the 
corps, the soccer team started on the 
long road back two years ago under 
the direction of coach Doug Bartlett. 
This year's team, lead by first classmen 
Mike Williamson and Wilson Brown, 
struggled to a 3 and 15 record. 

The record is a poor measure of the 
improvement shown by the soccer 
team. Taking a little closer look at the 
season reveals the true measure of the 
squad's ploy. Five of the losses were by 
one goal, against such schools as Ap- 
polachain State and Marshall. Teams 
that once used to "blow out" VMI 
found themselves walking away from 
a hard fought contest, shaking their 
heads with the realization that we are 
getting better every year, and won- 
dering if the outcome will be the same 
next year. 

As in all things at VMI, character 
plays a fundamental role in the devel- 
opment of teams as well as individuals. 
The character of the squad was de- 
rived mostly from Williamson and 
Brown, however, the team consisted 
of mostly third classmen and rots, and 
recieved valuable ploy from both 
quarters. There is great hope for con- 
tinued improvement as the players 
learn to work with one another, and 
gain valuable experience that no 
amount of practice con substitute for. 
Team captain Mike Williamson echoed 
this sentiment, stating, "I wish that I 
were returning next year." With the 
return of second classmen Mark Reilly, 
Jim Cottrell, Gus Shuster, Ned Honne- 
gan, and Rob Draper, the team retains 
a corp of solid experience. This, cou- 

pled with some outstanding talent to 
be provided by third classmen Derek 
McCown and Scott Leonard and sev- 
eral outstanding rats, should produce 
some quality soccer for several years 
to come. 

Gus Shuster uses his head to move the ball 
against the University of Richmond 

Sports 369 


The 1986-1987 Squad (I to R) — Terry Spurrier, 
Pat McMotian. Dena Bartley, Todd Oakes, Mary 
Gee, Mike Hooper. Alan Tolley, Stacey Komar, 
Rob Mason, Michelle Coode, Greg Ellis, Gail Wil- 
son, Kangaroo — Fanondus Gayle 

Every time someone unfamiliar with 
VMI sees the cheerleaders the some 
question always arises, "Where do the 
girls come from?" The better half of 
the squad all attend Southern Semi- 
nary Junior Womens College. Unlike 
other schools where cheerleading 
scholarships ore awarded, and it 
therefore becomes the cheerleaders 
"job" to cheer, these young ladies are 
strictly volunteers. 

In the course of the often rocky road 
of VMI athletics it sometimes becomes 
difficult for us to remain enthusiastic 
about the events on the field. It is this 
group of cadets and "volunteers" who 
are responsible for keeping the crowd 
going, and sometimes making the dif- 
ference in the outcome of a game. 
And if they can help us win one game 
then It is worth all the trouble and work 
that they put forth. 

370 Sports 

Personal Courage 


Boxing is a required course at V.M.I. 
All con recall being taught the basics 
of the sport, and learning to overcome 
the fear that we all have. Fear not only 
of pain, and our opponents, but a fear 
of ourselves, of failure and defeat. 

The V.M.I. Boxing Team, though 
small, has produced some of the best 
collegiate boxers in the region. Steve 
Sullivan, Greg Cavallero, and Somkiat 
Sampan are quick to come to mind. 
This year the team is as competitive as 
ever, despite the loss of Jason She- 
perd, Marty Mason, and tv^/o time na- 
tional champion Somkiat Sampan. 
Strong showings against the Citadel, 
Villanova, Westchester, and arch rival 
Navy have brought prestige and rec- 
ognition, and with that confidence in 
the ability of the team. Boxing is an 
individual sport, but the support of 
teammates is still important. In keeping 
with the traditions of V.M.I, the team 

shows more camaraderie than any of 
its opponents. The job of coaches is to 
train boxers. Dr. Gordon Calkins is one 
of the best, assisted by Virginia A.A.U. 
Golden Gloves Champion Tim Bailey, a 
former V.M.I, boxer. Their knowledge, 
and personalities contribute much to 
the men they teach. 

There is a crop of promising new tal- 
ent this season, which in time will re- 
place the champions of the past. 
Freshmen Include Tom Talley, Donnie 
Roberts, a skilled 165 lb. Erroll Martin, 
and Jeff Barnes, a heavyweight with 
tremendous size and power. The third 
class has also contributed both new 
talent and veterans. Team Co-Cap- 
tain Ken Krynski, a skilled stand up box- 
er with excellent speed and power, 
showed his potential by scoring several 
stunning KO victories, and taking sec- 
ond in last year's regionals. Greg Rou- 
geou, a slippery 150 lb. competitor has 
shown his mettle, and overcome stam- 
ina problems. Mike Balao, a power 
puncher with a good hook will also 

contribute at 150. New talent has 
come from across the classes. Geoff 
Sklar, Kevin Warren, and Kyle Holtzman 
are all at 155 lbs., and clever boxers 
with probing jobs. Both Carlos Lofstrum 
and Wayne Sinclair have excellent 
shots at regional titles. Charlie Chung, 
a quick powerful puncher at 132 has 
cultivated a wicked right hand and will 
be a major factor. Jimmy Weatherford 
has been sidelined with a shoulder inju- 
ry but should return next year. Also 
from the second class is the pride of 
the squad, Mike Corson, undefeated in 
six bouts. He has a chance of claiming 
the national title at 156 lbs. 

The two seniors on the team are 
newcomer Tom Struckmeyer, a south- 
paw at 156 who has potential despite 
a lack of experience, and team co- 
captain Ernie Sacco at 190 lbs. Ernie 
fights out of a half crouch in the mold 
of Jack Dempsey and Rocky Mar- 
ciano, with decent skills, a hard head, 
and an abundance of heart. 



-^ j;.'S^^^^^^H 












1 A 





> 1 

L .^ 








Sports 371 

sport Of Gendemen(?) 


372 Sports 

The preliminaries concluded, the 
two forces took to the field . As she 
dranl< another beer, she pondered 
why the soccer teams had lined up in 
such a fashion. Suddenly the ball was 
kicked and as once stated by a wise 
and pious man, "The greatest social 
event known to man had begun." Her 
mind whirled as the individual catching 
the ball was quickly engulfed by his 
teammates. The ball then shot from 
the mass like a bar of soap, as it was 
passed to the people on the outside. 
She wondered why no one could hang 
on to it. As the last man got to the boll 
it was kicked out of bounds. She could 
see the people thanking him as they 
raced to remove the ball from the now 
destroyed ice chest. The teams quick- 
ly reformed, faced as if to dance, then 
with a scream of "Wine Coolers are for 
Minks!," the ball flew over the men and 
bounced into the hands of the de- 
fenders. This would lead the female to 
ask her friend, "What in the world is 
going on?" The obvious answer was 
drowned out as 25 men piled onto one 
unlucky soul with screams of "Ruck- 
Over! Ruck-Over!" When the melee 
was over, said poor soul rose bloody 

but grinning, grinning at the fact that it 
was a beautiful day and that God had 
allowed him to live to see another. The 
girl again asked her typically feminine 
question, then received her answer, 
"Who knows?" 

This is rugby. Few know of the sport, 
but many at VMI have knowledge of 
the parties that follow. Those fortunate 
enough to attend a Rugby party are 

treated to such strange and wonder- 
ous sights as only true gentlemen of 
the sport could produce. Beer being 
consumed from shoes, and one fortu- 
nate(?) young "lady" being serenad- 
ed by the two teams. The lovely rugby 
queen for the evening has been 

The highlight of the rugby season 
was the team's trip to England, where 
they represented the Institute and the 
good Ole' U.S.A. Quite a reversal from 
several years ago when the ruggers 
were considered the malcontents of 
the Corps. Some fine players will be 
lost at graduation, and a few before, 
be it injury or other. Chris this is for you! 
But life goes on and those who leave 
are replaced. Garp the King of Mu- 
tants has ordained it as low. 

The coaches: the question always 
arises, "Does Col. Solak ever swear?" 
We think not and that it is a matter for 
some concern. Capt. "New Kid on the 
Block" Powers is out to lend his experi- 
ence to the line. Of course there is Maj. 
"Good Deal" Hanley who none will 
ever forget, as much as they might like 

The VMI Rugby Team, not bad guys, 
despite their best efforts. Who else 
could take pride in being called slugs? 

Sports 373 

Under the excellent coaching of 2nd 
year head coach Lt, Col. Bozeman & 
assistant coach Copt. Owermohle the 
1986 VMI Cross Country team had a 
fine season. The team had several out- 
standing performances, such as the 
meet versus Samford, and was again 
competitive in the state and in the 
conference despite improved 

Outstanding performances this year 
were turned in by team captain Henry 
Loving and All-Conference Greg Hoof- 
nagle. Second classman Martin Cas- 
tillo, third classman Jack Toepfer and 
fourth classman Terrence Kerner con- 
tributed additional strength by making 
the scoring varsity. Providing further 
depth to the varsity team v^'ere Ste- 
phen Yarbrough, Pete Ccrty, Eddie Ro- 
driguez, and Deloney Williams. 

With Loving graduating, the team 
will lose a fine runner, and he will be 
sorely missed. The prospects for com- 
ing years look good however, as the 
team has a great deal of young talent 
and depth returning. The recovery of 
2nd Classman Bryant Butler from injury 
and Delany Williams from a subpar 
year could make the team especially 
strong next year. 


Henry Loving outkicks this Samford runner to ttie 
finisti line. (left) 

374 Sports 

Tennis Turnaround 


The VMI tennis team entered ttie 
'86-87 season rich with promise. There 
were three returning starters from an 
'85-86 team that had upset several 
conference foes. There were two re- 
turning veterans that had enjoyed 
brief stints away from the Institute, and 
there was on excellent crop of fresh 
talent to round out the Keydets with a 
depth previously unknown to the 
team. Old habits die hard however, 
and the Keydets were tripped up in 
the early fall schedule. 

At the helm, rookie coach Dave 
Stewart attempted to steer the net- 
ters on the path to victory. In an early 
season tournament at Radford, the 
Keydets were led by their number one 
player, and freshman Larry Johnson. 
Johnson, a nationally ranked junior 
showed well but fell to the eventual 
champion. Scott Davila, a junior and 
two year letterman won early match- 
es, but fell in a later round. Tom Mitch- 
ell, at number three, was the Keydets 
victor with a win in that position. 
Rounding out the lineup were Billy 
Miller, Brian McKenzie, and Greg Scott. 

The team placed third in in the tourna- 
ment, but felt that improvement was 
not only possible, but necessary. 

State Tournament, the highlight of 
the fall season, was the accustomed 
debacle to the stumbling team. With a 
different lineup, but a resigned atti- 
tude, the Big Red was blocked at ev- 
ery round and finished last. The tennis 
team returned home with a defeated 
countenance, but a hopeful air for the 
spring season. 

There was change ahead for the 
team in the second semester. After a 
rigorous off-season conditioning pro- 
gram, the team found itself with a new 
coach, assistant athletic director, and 
former Southern Conference tennis 
champion, Davis Babb. Both Babb and 
assistant coach Eric Hyman injected a 
new dynamism into the team. With the 
raw talent, and the leadership to win, 
the Keydets entered the important 
spring season hungry. 

The Keydets will attempt to avenge 
some of their fall showings when they 
host the Southern Conference Tourna- 
ment this spring. 

sports 375 

Dedication Runs Deep 


Attending a military college is diffi- 
cult enoughi, but those wtio are willing 
to shoulder the burden of both a regi- 
mented existence and intercollegiate 
athletics are truly a breed apart. There 
is no truer example than those who are 
a part of the track and field program. 
Their dedication must be year round, 
pushing their bodies to their absolute 
limit every day in order to obtain that 
hundredth of a second on the track, or 
that extra inch in the field events. They 
must have a competitive spirit that will 
not let them rest. They must have in- 
herent the character to push as hard 
as they obsolutely can, and then 

In the four years that the Class of 1987 
has been at the Institute, there have 
been many changes in the track and 
field program. The middle of the '84- 
'85 season saw head coach Wade 
Williams take his "Bodie Farm" to an- 
other school. He was replaced by in- 
terim coach Captain Rector (USMC). 
Finally Lt. Col. Mike Bozeman arrived, 
whose coaching knowledge as a U.S. 
Olympic Decothalon coach is an in- 
credible asset to the program. To 
keep pace with the coaching 

changes an outstanding outdoor track 
was added, and many renovations 
were completed on the indoor facili- 
ties, known to cadets and alumni as 
"The Pit". The Pit plays host to the VMI 
Winter Relays each year. Those who 
have attended the relays for the past 
four years have witnessed the event's 
progress. Teams like St. Augustine, Wil- 
liam & fvlary. The Citadel, Clemson, Va. 
Tech, Western Carolina, Hampton Uni- 
versity, and James Madison line up with 
VMI every year for what have proven 
to be some of the most exciting meets 

This year the strong Keydet squad is 
without the help of Henry Ingram, 
Southern Conference high jump cham- 
pion, and NCAA Ail-American. But the 
rot class shows some impressive talent 
across the board. Mario Small will add 
depth to the 400-600 meter range, 
while Steven Yarborough fills in at 800- 
1500. A very impressive Greg Hatchett 
has shown incredible versatility and 
can seemingly do just about every- 
thing well. Finally Coley Rice will add 
another leg to an already powerful 
two mile relay team. 
"The Flying Squadron" has its work cut 

376 Sports 

out for it this year, as the race for the Southern Conference championship proves 
to be as tight this year as any in recent memory. The Keydets definitely have the 
potential to bring the championship home. To vj\n they will need strong perfor- 
mances from seniors Mike Maxwell 400-800m., Keith Washington, Terry Fortune, 
and Bobby Blackwell all in the 60-200m. range, Pete Carty 800-3000m., Henry 
Loving 3000-5000m., and Jerry Ledlow in the hammer throw and shot put. The 
seniors will not only be responsible for their own performance but for building and 
molding those who are under their tuteladge. Like all teams at VMI the sense of 
fraternity, pride, and sportsmanship are of paramount importance. It is up to the 
seniors to instill these traits in each and every member of their squads. It is these 
traits more than any other that set VMI athletic teams apart from all others. 

The track and field program at VMI is one of the most successful programs 
here. It is due to the hard work of the athletes, their faith in themselves, their 
coaches; Bozeman, Schafer, and Owermohle, and the support of the entire VMI 
community that there is no other college program that can compare to VMI 
TRACK & FIELD! — Bobby Blackwell — 

Sr. Tom Brooks holds good position In his pole 
vault attempt (Lower left), Terry Fortune exhibits 
good form in the long jump (Top). Aubrey Wal- 
ton putting shot (Bottom) 

Sports 377 

Just Over Par 


Rennie Renshaw exhibits good form in chipping 
the ball over the lake, (above) 

Team captain Brad Johnson was consistent off 
the tee all year, (above left) 

Andy Gillespie for par (below right) 

The VMI golf team struggled thirough 
another season, however the team 
was very young and has some fine tal- 
ent returning for next season. The 
team played in two tournaments in the 
fall, and played the bulk of its schedule 
in the spring on such fine courses as 
The Homestead. 

In the fall, the team played host in 
the VMI-W & L Invitational, and placed 
thirteenth out of eighteen teams. Al- 
though not a spectacular perfor- 
mance, Rennie Renshaw said, "The 
team performed well against some 
pretty stiff competition." The team 
was also third out of four teams in the 
Longwood Invitational, defeating Ran- 
dolph-Macon College. 

In the spring, the team competed in 
both the state and conference tour- 
naments, as well OS playing over Spring 
Furlough in tournaments. The team 
was led by captain Brad Johnson, and 
second classman Andy Gillespie. The 
consistent play of the Rots brought 
hope of continued improvement in the 
VMI golf program. 

1986-87 VMI Golf Team, (from left): Coach John Swink, Ian Duthie. Quill Healey. Rob Raines, Andy 
Gillespie, Brad Johnson (Copt.), Reynolds Renshaw, Scott Jackson, Jim Hynes, Col Lloyd. 

378 Sports 

Rifle Team 

Team Captain Tom Voytko taf;es aim in the diffi- 
cult kneeling position. (Above) The team has 
improved markedly over the past two years with 
the influx of some impressive new talent 

Sports 379 

Swimmers Improve Records 


The VMI Swim Team had another 
good season, finishing with a three and 
six record. The team worked extreme- 
ly hard in preperation for the Tri-State 
Championship Meet, and was 

liUi! U 'J^ ^Ak 


psyched for the competition. Last year 
at that meet, the team finshed third, 
and brol<e several school records. The 
team had an excellent shot at dupli- 
cating its performance from last year. 

Leading the way this year were first 
classmen Carl Feddeler, Captain John 
Barnard, and Tom Peer. Carl won the 
50m at just about every meet he par- 
ticipated in, and Tom and John added 
points with strong showings in the 200, 
500, and 1000m freestyle. The back- 
strokers Steve Chiles, and Andy Lavin 
were consistent throughout the sea- 
son. The trio of John Osborne, Rick 
Donovan, and Matt Ans dominated 
the breaststroke. Rats Jeff Tysinger 
and Nick Salido were the top new- 
comers to the squad, Jeff in the but- 
terfly, and Nick in sprint events. Ben 
Griswald, Bob Lucas, and Rat Tom Tal- 
ley formed the diving team. Rounding 
out the squad were Matt Koleseike, Sal 
Bora, Brad Lawrence, and Mark Cun- 

With the loss of only three seniors the 
team should be even stronger next 
year as new talent gains experience. 

380 Sports 


W & L 






W & M 








Tonson State 


Va. State 




JMU Relays 


Sports 381 

Injuries Hamper Grapplers 


For the first time in his coaching histo- 
ry at VMI coach Trudgeon was faced 
with a team that was riddled with inju- 
ries. Missing from the roster for most of 
the season were: team captain Todd 
Arris (167), Sam Thorpe (126), and Bob 
Zoeke (118), all with knee injuries. This 
was quite a hinderance as Todd Arris, 
and Bob Zoeke were both returning 
Southern Conference Champions, and 
Sam Thorpe had defeated the 12th 
ranked man in the nation. Also missing 
from the roster this year was Ben Walk- 
er, who has used up his eligibility. 

Despite its injuries and loss of experi- 
enced seniors, the team was a strong 
contender for the Southern Confer- 
ence title. Senior Jim Bean was called 
on to help stabilize the squad with 
strong showings at the 180 range. Two 
time Va. Intercollegiate Champion Eric 
Woodhouse (150), replaces Ben Walk- 
er. Eric has improved immensely since 
he left football to concentrate on 
wrestling and was one of the strongest 
contributers to the team's perfor- 

Coach Trudgeon advising a wrestler during a 
breal< in liis match (Top). Ciiff Coger shoots for 
his opponents legs (below). 

mance. Returning from the injury list 
was Brad Brzozinski at 137. The top 
second classman on the team. Jay 
Smaaladen (145), defeated the 6th 
ranked wrestler in the nation last year, 
and was relied on heavily to finish well 
in tournaments. The team posted the 
following tournament results: Eastern 
Nationals 3rd, East Stroudsburg Open 
6th, Wilkes Open 3rd, Maryland Open 
11th, Virginia Intercollegiate 5th. Then 
in dual meet competition VMI defeat- 
ed Princeton, Drexel, Shippensburg, 
Carson-Newman, and William & Mary. 
The team was aided by the addition 
of some very talented Rats and Thirds. 
Freshman Boyd Hutchinson (118) saw a 
lot of action for the injured Bob Zoeke, 
Michael Ober (126) subs for Sam 
Thorpe, while Hal Rogers (167) re- 
places Todd Arris. Brad Johnson, Ryan 
Eggleston, Joe Pittman, and Tony Wil- 
liams were also very promising per- 
formers. From the third class Mike Mur- 
ray and Tom Curren were the top 

382 Sports 

Todd Arris works a cradle on an unfortunate opponent in the Southern Conference Tournament. 
(Top). Brad Brzozinsl<i struggles for position (Above). Jim Bean worl<s on a take down (Right). 

Sports 383 

Outrage Is 

Our only football victory of the season was a 
thrashing of The Dogs. 

. . . Shooting your brother rot with a high caliber pistol and only 
getting a number one, yet having one improperly stored gets you 
three months. 

. . . While enjoying the company of the fairer sex in your hay, you 
find out that Maj.Tate is a voyeur. The verdict from Sam is dismissal, 
for: pleasing a pervert. 

. . . The fact that Clark King is the Chairman of VMI's long range 
academic committee. When does senility mean anything? 
. . . The fact that '87 hod enough money for Ring Figure II, and '88 
couldn't even pay for its first. 

. . . Finding that both your girlfriends are pregnant, staunch support- 
ers of anti-abortion movements, and you're not the father. 
. . . Dating Rosie and finding out in the spring, when the Corps goes 
back into ducks, that you own 10 right handed gloves and no 

. . . The Executive Assistant to the Superintendent asking to be in 
the Outrage because he likes us. (So long Leeeroy, from Beef.) 

384 Outrage 

. . . Being banned from everything at W8cL, then having to watch 
one of their daddy's boy students lift weights in our weight room 
wearing a pair of cut-off duckheods. 

. . . The fact that a cadet can be a Cadet Captain, not hove a 2.0 
GPA, and couldn't lead a hill of ants out of a fire with a gallon of 

. . . The fact that it's a G.C. offense to drink at VMI football gomes. 
With the outcomes of many of the gomes, consumption of alcohol 
could be considered medicinal. 

. . . Being asked to lock the windows on the first stoop because of 
the threat of a girl's school raiding barracks. How many 1st Class- 
men complied with that request, and why would anyone raid VMI? 
. . . The fact that BOHICA is no longer on outrage because it 
happens all the time. Bend over, here it comes again. 
. . . Realizing that nobody at Sem wonts to be a cheerleader and 
no one at VMI wants anyone at Sem to be a cheerleader. 
. . . The Swink family hoarding small fortunes by buying bock unread 
books that sold for five dollars for .25 cents. 
. . . That the most outrageous event of the year is the graduation of 

Outrage 385 

Youve Got to Fight For 

386 Outrage 

Your Right to Party 

Outrage 387 

The Women of VMI . . 

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 

Outrage 389 

A Diversity 

Top: Ryder doesn't just rent trucks anymore — 
dates also, right Seconds? 

Col Leeeroy Hammond, Executive Assistant to the 
Superintendent, has to write his own messages on 
the board. Can't you get anyone to do that for you 

Above: A memorable day for '90, Pig presents a Rot Bible 

390 Outrage 

of Outrage 

Top right Replacing the man who thought he was 
still in Vietnam with the Colonel with the turry eye- 
brows was the most welcome outrage of the year. 

The Corps shows loyalty at Alumni Memorial Field for 
the football team. 

Top left: Reid Garst, truly loyal HMWHC member, ponders his next move with this worried young 

Above; Chris Peckham, the epitome of the HMWHC, You should be here. 

Outrage 391 


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We love you. The FV girls. 

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23 SOUTH MAIN ST./LEXINGTON. VA 24450/463-2242 


1189 Franklin St. 

Johnstown PA 



4470 Lee Highway 

Arlington VA 



5800 Grove Ave. 

Richmond VA 



305 Bedford St 

Johnstown PA 


C. Scott Jewell 

There ore no great men — 
only great challenges 
which ordinary men — 
are forced to meet. 

Wm. F. Halsey, U.S.N. 
Go For It! 

Mom and Dad. 

Thomas 8c Talbot 

3 Madison Street 

Middleburg VA 


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A. And 
Marien Hoo ks 


Ol dsmobile I n c. 

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i^m Richard D.^ 

Blocker Jr. 


CM.K. Systems 

^^ Stephen M. 
^ " Chiles s 
William Hels h 
Dr. 8c Mrs. B. 
R. Olinger 

Advertisements 409 

Compliments From 


to our great son 


We knew you could do it! 

Love, Mom and Dad. 


To The 
Class Of 1987 
I and Janet Corty 

^ w- 

Paul Munson, 
From the beginning we've 


you achieve what you set 

out to do, 



IVIom And Dad 


Cadet Bradford Chandler II! 


The Class of 1987 

You come, you saw, you 

We're tremendously proud 
of you 

Mom, Dad and Sisters. 

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Cadet Michael A, Jussila 

We never know how high we OiO 

'Till we are called to rise; 

And then, if we ore true to plan. 

Our statures touch the skies, 

Emily Dickinson 

Congratulations Mike! 

You've touched the skies. 

We're all so proud of you! 

Love Mom, Dad, Emm & 



We Are Very Proud, 


Mom and Pop 

Grandma and Grandpa 

Cadet Mark A. Corrice 

Advertisements 411 




"Airborne All The Way" 

Your word is as good as gold 

The end result was never in doubt 

God Bless You 

We are all so very 

very proud of you and 

love you very much. 

Mom And Dad 

Susi Sally Lisa 

Tommy Ron Chuck 

Michelle Stacey Christine 
















Congra tula dons 
Thomas J, Mitchell '87 

"Lives of great men all remind us 
We can make our lives sublime 

And, departing, leave behind us 
Footprints on the sands of time." 

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 

With love and Pride, 

Mom, Dad '62, Rob '83 

and Amy 

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^^!k^r^'V \\ 

Keep takin' a big bite out of life! 

With all our love. 

Mom, Dad 8c Sharon 

Ashley Abernothy! 

We Love You! 

Mom, Dad, Susan, 

Gamo, Graham, 

and Mimi. 

Congra tula dons 

Roberto T. Jocquez 


the Class of 1987 

We're proud of you! 

Love Mom and Dad. 

Congratulations to Ted Fishback 

And the Class of '87 

You've got what it takes! 

Go for it!! 








With Love, 
Mom, Dad & 

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ROOM 111 







414 Advertisement 


Cadet William Wanovich 

and the 

Class of '87 



Mom, Dad, Bob, Steve 8c 


Cadet Robert A, Eaton 
You Did It, 

We're so proud of you! 

Mom and Dad 

Herring Travel 


Lexington's Main Street Travel 

We're the one to the sun. 

41 South Main Street 
Lexington VA 


Congratulations Rick 

And the Class of 1987 

You Dreamed 
It Was HARD 

But You Made It 


Mom, Dad, Dave, 

Jan, John and 


Advertisements 415 

Congra tula dons 

Ex Rat 

Third Class Corporal 


I knew you'd make year two, 

But you will always be 

A RAT to me. 

Dad, '38 

P.S. When do I get my 

new set of academic stars? 

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' 1 


Art of Leadersfiip 

The leader is a qrcat senunt . . . 
The ieadcT assumes tliat fus fvl- 
Lmers are uvrkiruj with him, 
not for him. He anisiders tfiem 
partners in work and sees to it 
that tfie}' sfuire in tfie rewards. 
He qiorifies tfie team spirit. Tfie 
leader dupiiaUes himself in 
others. He is a man builder He 
helps those under fiim to qrow 
biq because he realizes tluit the 
more biq men an orqanization 
has the stronqer it uill be . . . 
Tfie leader ls a self-starter He 
creates plans and set^ tliem in 
motion. He is botli a man of 
thouqfit and a man of action — 
both dreamer and doer 

With Love and Pride 

Morn, Doil ami TarmTU' 

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as soon as the sun had risen 
^e turned and cheered for the "V M I 

but yesterday a prison 
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T^^o Great Choices 

For Lodging 

In Lexington! 


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'^Quality Choice" 

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continental breakfast 
Interstate 64, Exit 13. 





The "Best" Choice 

On U.S. Route 60, just 
west of downtown, 
this full-service inn 
has served Lexington 
faithfullv for over 20 


Operated bv Namron inns, inc., of Roanoke, Virginia 


Cadet Robert Payne 

We love you and are 

very proud of you 

Mother, Daddy, Cindy 

and Tara 






*»u ^^^ ^ 



418 Advertisements 

And best wishes. 


Douglas M. 



Class of 1987 

We are very proud of you 
Mom and Dad 


Ischew you could do it! 
These lost four years have 
^* been great, Thanks for. 

■ g^"= -"-U^ A.'" sharing them with^ m^j ^c ^ 
-* -PTi^t^A" ^' I love you! ^>ii^ 

Wi'':^ -^^ ' V - .-JaQo. .,. :.'.<j^^ 

- x^.- 

To our favorite Marine 

Thomas J. Voytko 

Mom, Dad, Joinn 8c Lara 


Matthew Howard 
and his BR's of 




M & P 

& Mark 

Advertisement 419 








r^^^^i Jl 


B|^^ ■ jj^^H^M^B 

Congra tula dons 
Cadet William J. Davis 

Best wishes to the Class of 1987 

God, VMI , You and Four long years, 

made the man. 

We take pride in your accomplishment. 

God bless you, son. 


Mom, Dad, George, and Kathy 

William C. Plott 
Attorney at Law 


6 E. Washington St. 

Lexington, Vo. 24450 

College Town Shop 

11 1 W. Nelson St. 

Lexington, Va. 24450 


61 years of serving 

the Corps and its alumni 

Manuel R. Melendez 

For all your printing needs 

We are very proud 
of you 

•■ •* r^^ ^ 

214 S. Main Street 

Lexington, Va. 24450 


Tom Raisbeck 


420 Advertisement 


Building and Industrial Contruction 
Richmond, Virginia 

Jones '63 


1727 Cleveland Avenue 
Roanoke, VA 24015 

O. Hume Powers, Jr. '52 

Advertisement 421 

Congra tula dons 
And best wishes 

James A. Mallis 

The Class of 1987 

With much love and pride 
Mom, Dad, Gayle and Tommy 

Congratulations, Charlie 


The class of 1987 


Mom & Dad 

Charles Russell Gilmer 

422 Advertisements 


CLASS OF 1987 


MOM. DAD C62) 



Advertisement 423 



424 Advertisement 



Advertisement 425 

Cadet James Q Pennington, Jr. 

We are very proud of you 

and wish you much success 

and happiness in all your 

future endeavors. 

Mom and Dad. 

426 Advertisement 

To our Brother 

James Bowers Johnson 


Wherever you go — 

Whatever you do, all 

our love and best v\/ishes 

go with you. 

Trevor, Becky, Holly, 

Dan and Jenny 



William Webster Davis '34 

Thomas Webster Davis '64 

William Davis Beyer '87 

Thanks for the Memories 
Mom — Dad — Lisa 


Cadet Kevin P. Sincavage 


With Love and Respect, 
Mom, Gory, Lisa, Kotherine 

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HONE 463 7393 

Lambert Building Supply, Inc. 


RT 11 Nonh 

LffXinKlon Viryinia 24-lSO 



(703) 463-5383 102 WEST WASHINGTON ST. 

KIS 1-Hour 
Photo Processing 

Thomas C Bradshaw '61 
Professional Photography 

7 North Main 
Lexington, Virginia 24450 

Thanks Tom, The 87 BOMB. 

Be your own teller anytime 

24-hour banking 




Stop by today. 

22 South Main Street, Lexington 







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(804) 794-447K 


*'<^*iiTfM^'^'' Vice-President 


"Richmond 's Oldest Jewclcn " 

Chesterricld Mall 

Willow Lawn Corner 

Manager C hesterl'iekl Mall 

Ceniologist (CGA) Kkhmond, Va. 2^2},^ 

Bruce T. Bones 

We ore 

very proud 

of you 

The Bones 

The Best 

Photographer a 


ever have! 
Thanks Jim, 



PO Box 91 •Millers Falls Massacnuseiis 01349 XTSSOCia/UeS 

Congratulations Class of 87 


The McCarthy 


The Duroy Family 

University Florist and Greenery 

We Support 


Big Red Team 

15 W. Washington St. 
Lexington, Vo, 24450 


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Abernathy, C, Ashley 98, 41, 47, 
413, 150, 244 
Adametz, John J, 190 
Adams, James B. 154, 216 
Agostini, Thomas C. 172 
Ahn, Ki-Sung 172 
Ainspac, Seth D.G, 190 
Albro. Brian N, 172 
Alder, Robert W. 190 
Alexander, Stanley 172 
Alger, Timothy A, 216, 366 
Allgood. Charles M. 138, 244 
Altman, Leon B 172 
Alvis, Kevin L 216, 229 
Amoto. Henry J. 190 
Ammons, Tony L, 216 
Amsden, David K. 172 
Ancona. John R, 216, 367 
Andersen, Ted T. 216 
Anderson, Amuel G, 172 
Anderson, Calvin N, 146, 216 
Anderson, Charles 190, 204, 437 
Anderson, James D 216 
Anderson, Michael S 97, 216, 244 
Anderson, William D 190 
Andres. Francis D, 216 
Ans, Matthew 190, 380 
Arboneaux, Mark S, 216 
Armbruster, George T, 190, 355 
Armel. Richard T, 190 
Armstrong, Edward R, 138, 216 
Armstrong, Scott R, 49, 245, 398 
Arnold, William T. 172 
Arris, Todd E. 69, 133, 245 
Assimalopoulos, Elior 172 
Ator, William 172 
Avis, John Thomas 245 
Aydlette, John 172 

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Boik, Bo H 216 

Bailey, Thomas E 172 

Bailey. Timothy L 246, 371 

Bam, William H 190 

Baird, Steven L, 90, 138, 246 

Baker, Anthony Lynn 172 

Baker. Chris 172 

Baker, Daniel T 190 

Baker, David F 216 

Baleo, Mike 371 

Bangley, Bruce Edward 246 

Bonigan, John S. 191, 437 

Banigan, Michael H, 191 

Barbour, Troy T. 191 

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Barnes, Jeff 371 

Barnes, W. Clark 28, 150, 247, 332 

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Barr, Dean A 100, 150, 161, 248, 


Barr, Glen S 173 

Borratt, Jeffery S 217 

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Bernstein, Peter H 217 

Bettendorf, Hugh Joseph 249 

430 Index 

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Bohlmon, Thomas E, 217 

Bones, T Bruce 133, 251, 330. 429 

Boniface, John 217, 226 

Bora, Silviu 173, 380 

Bordelon, John 239 

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Gillette, Willidm D, 178 
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Gimbert, Robert Shawn 178 
Glover, John C. 196, 355 
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Goff, J. Christopher 44, 133, 224 
Golden, John Clark 178 
Gonzalez, Victor M. 47, 276 
Gooch, Gregory C. 224 
Goodwin, Robert B, 276 
Gormley, Eugene T, 224 
Gottwdid, John P, 178 
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Green, Micheal O. 178 
Greene, Alan S. 136, 276 
Greene, Charles D. 178 
Greene, James R. 116, 152, 157 

Greenway, Robert Charles 178 
Gregory, John C. 196, 348 
Gregory, Wilbur T, 224 
Griff ea, Jimmie S. 225, 238 
Griffith, Lee 178 
Griswold, George B. 225, 380 
Gruber, Brooks S. Ill, 135, 277 

Guck, Timothy James 277 
Gudz, Robert J, 178 
Guggenheimer, Max 178 
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Halasz, Stuart F. 79, 136, 278 

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Hall, Christopher G. 84, 148, 225 


Hall, Daniel S, 47, 278, 330 

Hall, Gregory J. 225 

Hall, Mike 178 

Hamner, Thomas N 198 

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Hanford, Kevin 178 

Hannegan, Ned 369 

Hannum, Christopher M, 225 

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Hardee, Carl Lorin 279 

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Harper, Doug 178 

Harrington, Ed 31 

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Hatchett, Gregory D 179, 376 

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Hauk, Kurt W, 152, 279, 400 

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Haynie, Timothy J 179 

Healey, Quill O. 179, 378 

Heimer, Neal A. 198 

Heme, Rick C. 280 

Heins, Patrick M, 179 

Heisey, Peter H, 225 

Hemenez, Mathew 179 

Henderson, Douglas W 179 

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Henning, Mathew W. 179 

Henshaw, Micheal 179 

Herbough, Marvin M. 179 

Hernandez, Thomas L. 198 

Herrington, Edward L, 198 

Herzog, Stephen 179 

Heslin, John P. 225 

Hickey, David T 225 

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Hubbard, Jim 179 

Hudgins, Reed Elliot 179 

Hudson, Ralph R, 281, 398 

Hudson, Todd B, 179 

Huff, Christopher Barrett 179 

Humes, Michael M. 50, 118 

Hunter, John B. 179 

Hurrell, Thomas P 142, 282 

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Hynes, James A 179, 378 

Ibanez, Ramil 179 
Infantino, Thomas 198 
Inge, Thomas B, 198 
Inteso, Carmine C. 227 

Jackson, Randolph S. 179 
Jdckson, Rost D 179 
Jackson, T, Scott 282, 378, 402 
Jacobs, Jon M. 199 
Jacobs, Todd Jason 180 
Jacobsen, Douglas M 214, 419 
Jacquez, Roberto T 144, 282 
Janey, Randy K 49, 283 
Janicki, Carl F 180 
Jannusch, James E 227 
Jasinski. William T 227 
Jernigan, Raymond T, 199 
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Johnson, Barry 180, 355 
Johnson, Brodly J, 180 
Johnson, Christopher A, 199 
Johnson, Christopher L, 180 
Johnson, Derrick A 283, 350, 402 
Johnson, J, Beau 54, 134, 167, 
284, 427 

Johnson, John C 138, 284 
Johnson, Lawrence F 180 
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330, 411 


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Kaulfers, David A 180 

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King, Stephen G, 227, 366 

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Knelling, Staphan 180 

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Koloseike, Matthew B. 227, 380 

Kornegay, Keith K. 180 

Korol, Andrew V, 60, 154, 287 

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Larlee, Christian R. 181 
Larue, John A, 227 
Lossalle, Eric D. 227 
Lavangie, Gregg M, 227 
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Lawrence, Joseph C. 200 
Lawson, Joseph S, 200, 203 
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Leamy, Kevin A, 200 
Ledford, Edward C, 133, 288, 399 
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Index 431 


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432 Index 

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308 1 

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Schmidt, Dennis 184 

Schmidt, Paul 185, 366, 367 

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312, 371 

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314, 400 

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Stables, Bruce S, 207 
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Stanley, David R. 185 
Starling, Christopher C. 221, 233, 

Start, Christopher L, 233 
Stathis, Christopher M. 146. 315 
Stehn, John L, 185 
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Stephens, James J, 152 
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Stevenson, James B. 185 
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Stock, Mark 341, 345, 347 348 
349, 350 

Stocks, Samuel N, 185 
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Stonemon, Allan R. 207 
Struckmeyer, Thomas K, 2, 316, 
371, 436, 437 
Sullivan, Burrell 185 
Sullivan, David C, 233 
Sullivan, Kevin P, 208 
Sullivan, Michael P. 208 
Sullivan, Rennie M. 316, 330 
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Susnor, Robert R, 316. 341, 349, 

Sutherland, Terrence P 317 
Sutton, Matthew C. 317, 402 
Swanson, Edward 185 
Swanson, Micheal 186 
Sweaney, Robert D, 113, 133, 
157, 317, 401 
Swider, Joseph A 233 
Swink. Joey B. 233 
Sykes, Keith E, 208 


Taliaferro, Alvin Foster 186 
Tallat-Kelpsa, Paul L. 186 
Talley, Thomas F, 186, 371, 380 
Torng, Yuh L. 208 
Tate, Brian 186 
Tate, Samuel L. 80, 233, 239 
Tavenner, Cloyd T, 221, 233, 241 
Taylor, Alwyn B 208 
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Taylor, Charles M, 186 
Taylor, John Howell 318 
Taylor, Robert A, 233 
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Temple, James Devonn 186 
Temple, Jeffery Allen 318 
Tertychny, Gerard P. 146, 318, 

Tev, Micheal David 186 
Thomas, Gregg A. 233, 239 
Thompson, Craig S, 208 
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Thompson, Glen A. 186 
Thorpe, Samuel R. 233 
Tilley, Todd 355 

Titone, Andrew J, 183, 186, 343, 
348, 349 

Toepfer, Jack R 208, 374 
Tognoli, Chris 355 
Tognoli, Christopher A. 208 
Toler, Scott Augustine 319 
Toler, Todd D. 186 
Tolley, George A, 319 
Tooker, Stephen M, 319, 357 
Towers, Thomas R. 234, 367 
Toye, Tracy S. 188, 208 
Trammell, Wilfrid C. 133, 320 
Tran, Hung Ngog 299 

Tremaglio, William 186 
Trimboli, Paul C, 186 
Trumbo, Richard H 186 
Trumpore, William V, 208 
Tuck, Steven G, 234 
Tuemler, James P, 27, 146, 157, 
224, 234 

Tunnard, Andrew J 189, 208 
Tunnard, Peter A 186, 366, 367 
Turlington, Josheph S. 234 
Turnage. Bobby N. 158, 234 
Turnage, Lou 45 
Turner, Brett 186 
Tysinger, Jeffrey 186, 380 
Tyus, William E. 208, 346 


Uhorchuk, Robert J, 186 
Upton, Michael B. 136, 320, 330 
Urner, John H. 228, 234 
Urtiew, Andrei P, 234, 437 
Usher, Lee 186 
Ustach, Thomas J, 234 

Vaijai, Kultawot 234 
Valack, Richard S. 209 
Valenzuela, Paul 186 
Vanwinkle, Robert F, 209 
Vaquez, Steven O. 186 
Vaughn, Gary M. 209 
Versoza, Alfredo M. 209 
Vespo, Sergio P. 186 
Vitulano, Michael L. 234 
Vogan, Kurt R. 4U, 148, 320 
Volant, Adam C. 133, 158, 234 
Voytko, Thomas J. 419, 321, 379 
Vu, Chinh Tuong 186 


Wade, David K, 234 

Wagner, Edward D. 234 

Walker, Ben 355 

Walker, Charlie 37 

Walker, Harry C. 321 

Walker, William J. 209 

Wall, James R. 194, 209, 342, 343, 

345, 346 

Wallenthin, Edward D, 45, 234 

Walrod, Timothy W. 48. 150, 321 

Walsh, Kenneth I, 322 

Walters, Kenneth A. 41, 322 

Walters, Richard S, 186 

Walton, Aubrey A, 234 

Wanat, John J, 232, 235 

Wang, Yuh-Huei 186 

Wanovich, William J. 140, 322, 

334, 415 

Ward, Mitchell L. 150, 323 

Warren, Kevin C 235, 371 

Warren, Steven H, 209 

Washington, John P. 186 

Washington, Keith D 38, 323, 343, 

345, 350, 351, 376 

Washington. Kevin 343 

Wasko. Steven E 209 

Waters, Stephen W, 235, 437 

Watson, Chris 186 

Wauben, William M, 220, 235 

Way, Tyler S 187 

Weathertord, Jimmie 224, 235, 


Weening, Charles A. 187 

Weiss. Warren W, 323 

Welch, John D. 187 

West, David S. 187 

West, Thomas C, 187 

West, Timothy J, 235 

West. Trace P 235 

Wharton. Stewart B. 160, 324 

Whatley, Seaborn J. 209 
Whisenant, Mark A. 209 
White, Robert L. 209 
Whitehead. Thorpe C 235 
Whitmore. Neil D 187 
Whitt. Timothy D. 187 
Whittaker. Christopher 187 
Whittington. John A. 187 
Whittlesey. Fronklin 187 
Whitty. Richard J. 150, 161, 324, 

Wick, Peter 187 
Wiecking, James W 235 
Wilkerson, Brian E, 187 
Wilkinson, Ted 366, 367 
Willard, Randall N 209 
Williams, Allen Damon 187 
Williams, Anthony L. 187 
Williams, Calvin E 235, 350 
Williams, Damon 357 
Williams, David L, 150, 235 
Williams, David Ramon 187 
Williams, Delaney C. 235, 374 
Williams, John P, 144, 235 
Williams, Oscar R. 235 
Williams, Ramon 357 
Williams, Thomas J, 80, 210 
Williamson, David S, 210 
Williamson, Michael D. 324, 144, 

Williamson, William Todd 25, 159, 
325, 366 

Wilmore, Kelly 187 
Wilson, Anthony W. 235 
Wilson, Christopher B. 215 
Wilson, Daniel B, 235 
Wilson, Lowell D. 210 
Wilson. Mark R. 45, 235 
Wilson, Matthew L. 210 
Wishart. Douglas W. 235 
Wong, William D. 223, 235 
Wood, Donald T, 325 
Wood, Kevin P 203, 210 
Wood. Randolph L, 210 
Woodbury, Michael 187 
Woodford, Brian 187 
Woodhouse, Eric 235 
Wooten, M, Gray 52, 325 
Wray, Stephen T, 187 
Wright, David D, 187 
Wright, James 236, 347, 350 
Wright, Jeremy L. 187 
Wright, John A. 53, 226, 236 
Wright, Michael R. 109, 132, 326, 
435, 437 
Wyoft, Harold L. 210 

Yorbrough, Stephen 187, 376 
Yockel, David 187 
Young, Daniel C 157 
Yum, Scott S 326 


Zaiewski. Daniel E. 140. 236 
Zang, Antonio 187 
Zgol, Richard R, 326, 346 
Zins, William E 148, 327 
Zoeke, Robert E 236 
Zolper, Andrew C. 140, 327 

The Few, the Proud . . . 

The BOMB Staff 

During one's cadetship, a cadet will 
encounter many different aspects of 
VMI. Some he will enjoy and ottiers tie 
won't forget soon enougti. No matter 
what though, after the cadet gradu- 
ates, he will want to remember his VMI 
experience. To do so, he will look to his 
VMI BOMB, which will contain plenty of 
pictures to help restore his memory. 

This year's BOMB is the 93rd volume 
and we hope is one of the best yet. 
The BOMB Staff included only 29 peo- 
ple with the bulk of the work done by 
even fewer. Our book contains 440 
pages. Other colleges have year- 
books that are the same size with over 
eight times as many people working 
on them. 

Working on the BOMB is hard but re- 
warding work. When we put pages to- 
gether, they look like graph paper, but 
when the finished product comes out, 
everything turns out to be worth it. 

The BOMB serves two purposes. The 
first is as the annual of the class. It 
should represent the feelings of the 
Corps and show a pictorial display of 
the cadetships of those in the year- 
book. The second purpose of the 
BOMB is that of Recruitment. The ad- 
ministration shows the BOMB to pro- 
spective cadets in the hope that they 
will see something they like about VMI. 

It is the hope of this year's BOMB 
Staff that we have fulfilled both of the 
purposes of the yearbook and met the 
expectations of the Corps and the ad- 

(above) Scott McCumber. ttie Phiotographiy and 
Sports Editor, spent much of tiis time drawing ttie 
layout for the Sports section, (right) When Scott 
wasn't inside drawing or typing his section, he 
was outside taking pictures for use in other sec- 
tions of the yearbook It was the versatility of 
members of the Staff that made a small staff 
seem like a bigger one. 

434 BOMB Staff 

Chris Clark(above), is the BOMB'S 
darkroom manager The knowl- 
edge it takes to run a darkroom is 
unbelievable If it weren't for Chris, 
half the pictures in the BOMB would 
not have been developed Chris 
was responsible not only for devel- 
oping but he was responsible to 
make sure all pictures were token, 
either by himself or one of his 

Mike Wright, the Organizations Edi- 
tor, and Kevin Barker, all around 
helper and typist(above left), con- 
verse about what is being written 
for the Organizations section It was 
the dedication of Mike and Kevin, 
to name two of the few, that made 
the 1987 VMI BOMB possible, 
Andrew Campi, Editor, Ken Devero, 
Managing Editor, and Major Wilson, 
the BOMB'S advisor, discuss the pro- 
gress of this year's BOMB and make 
considerations about next year's 
staff The BOMB staff thanks Major 
Wilson for all the help he gave us in 
proof reading and for the confi- 
dence he had in us. 

Bomb Staff 435 

To be able to make a good year- 
book, you need hardworking, dedicat- 
ed people. Thiis is because the BOMB 
work that is done by the staff is on top 
of their regular school work. This causes 
many long nights for the staff. 

Rob Mason (right), the Institute Edi- 
tor, put many long hours into his sec- 
tion. If he wasn't busy laying out the 
section, he was occupied by typing all 
the copy onto the copy disks. 

Tom Struckmeyer (below), the De- 
sign and Sports Editor, is another one 
that gave his time and effort to the 
BOMB. When Tom wasn't busy helping 
out the other staff members with de- 
sign problems, he was sorting through 
pictures to put into the Sports section. 

One other section of the yearbook, 
which may be the most important, is 
the Ads section. This was done by Brian 
Kieth, Business Manager, and "Dizzie" 
Gillespie, his assistant (below right). Bri- 
an not only made sure that the BOMB 
wouldn't run into financial problems, 
but he also laid out all the advertise- 
ment pages. 

All these men had a big part in the 
success of the 1987 VMI BOMB. 

436 BOMB Staff 

The 1987 VMI BOMB Staff 

Andrew C. Campi 


Kenneth R. Devero II 

Managing Editor 

Brian J. Keith 

Business Editor/Manager 

Thomas K. Struckmeyer 

Design Editor 

Scott P. McCumber 

Pliotograptiy Editor 

Production Staff 

1st Class Editors 
Andrew C, Campi 
David M. Smith 

2nd Class Editors 
Jeftrey B. Dixon 
William F. Nixon 
Steptien W. Waters 

3rd Class Editors 
Charles Anderson Jr. 
Ian J. Dolan 

4th Class Editor 
James A, McLean 

Scott P. McCumber 
Thomas K, Strucl<meyer 

Robert B. Mason 

Dean A. Barr 
Raymond A. Cowan 

Copy Writers 
Kevin D. Barker 
Samuel V. Browne 
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Cadet Life 
Kenneth R. Devero 

BOMB Staff 437 

I began this project last April with a surprisingly enthusiastic outlook, despite the fact that the powers that be 
decided I was not to be Editor. No Problem, there ore always ways around those powers. As it turned out, I proved 
them wrong. My only hope is that this book, which owned my first class year, is appreciated by my brother rats. 

The staff started this year with the intention of producing an award winning publication. Only two small problems 
stood in our way. The first was that VMI had never produced a yearbook of competition quality, and second, only 
one person on the '87 staff had more than one year of experience. Well, for better or worse the BOMB went to 
Columbia for judging, and there are now seven staff members with more than one year of experience. 

I had always realized that our staff was small, 29 members, but I was a little disturbed when I read that the yearbook 
staff at the University of Virginia was 254 strong, and that their book was less than 100 pages longer than ours. Not 
only that, but they can also pool an entire journalism department to help them. The BOMB doesn't have that fortune. 
There is no journalism department at VMI. This book is the end product of many hours of hard work by a few 
dedicated staff members. I also know it's the best book ever produced at VMII 

Though the Editor and I completed many of the pages in this book, there were several other staff members who 
made major contributions. Tom, as the other senior staff member you could always be counted on to do your part. 
Your help was much appreciated. Scott, you, like myself, were also brought out of the darkroom in order to fill the 
gaps upstairs. Thanks for accepting that responsibility and for one fine job. Chris, way to hong tight with the photo's, 
and for putting up with my demands. You were there when needed most. Jim McLean, I was never so happy to see a 
rat as I was to see you. I hope you learned from me as I learned from you. Good luck next year. To my seven rookie 
section editors, it wasn't that bad was it? Just think, you now know what your doing. Brian, I don't know how you did it, 
but we didn't go bankrupt. Somewhere in that mess I suppose you knew what was black and what was red. 

Finally, to the Editor of this book, my roommate, best friend and the guy I am pointing to above, I thank you for 
giving me the opportunity to do this job. You often said that you were Editor in name only, but it was you who kept 
the drive in me going, and you who came through with the pages in the clutch. With your dedication and my 
experience, we put together this book. 

To my brother rats, here it is. It is for you, and I hope you approve. Of course it's in print and can't change now. Just 
remember we did our best with little to nothing with which to work. 

It is now 03:30, and the deadline is tomorrow. This is the last page. I have several tests for which I am yet to study. 
This is typical with the way this year has gone. It seemed I always hod tests on deadline weeks, AND MY GRADES 
IMPROVED! (I put one over on the pub board.) Last, but not least, the best part about being Managing Editor is that 
even if I made monsterous mistakes in this book, the Editor takes the blame! Thanks Drew, I love ya. 

Kenneth R. Devero II 
Managing Editor — '87 BOMB 

438 BOMB Staff 

As Editor of the 1987 BOMB, I have 
learned many things. The first and fore- 
most thing that I have learned is how 
to do a yearbook. The man w/ho 
taught me how to do a yearbook is 
the man that I am pointing to in my 
picture up above. My yearbook expe- 
rience began when I was a Second 
Classman. Ken, my roommate, best 
friend, and this year, my Managing Edi- 
tor, come up to me at the beginning 
of the semester and asked me to help 
out down in the BOMB room. I would be 
the Second Class Editor, he told me. It 
turned out that I was not only the Sec- 
ond Class Editor but also the Organiza- 
tions Editor. I enjoyed my work with the 
BOMB that year, so I planned to be the 
First Class Editor for the next year. I 
didn't plan on being the Editor-in- 
Chief, in fact no one planned on it. The 
only reason 1 became Editor was be- 
cause Ken, who deserved the job, 
didn't have the GPA to do it. I was 
picked for editor for all the wrong rea- 
sons, but I took the job because I knew 
Ken would help me out by being the 
Managing Editor. Together, Ken and I 
put together what we think is an out- 
standing book. I only hope that it 
came out on time. 

Don't get me wrong. Ken and I 
weren't the only ones that worked on 
the yearbook, there were a few others 
that helped me out. Tom Struckmeyer 
is one heck of a guy, he helped in ev- 

ery way possible and then some. The 
rest of the men who helped me are on 
the Staff page, they deserve all of my 
thanks. They came through when oth- 
ers wouldn't, which is the second thing I 
learned. Many people make promises, 
but only real men keep them! This was 
an important lesson I learned while I 
was typing First Class Histories over 
Christmas Break. I'm not complaining 
though, I needed to work on my typing 
skills anyway. 

The third thing I've learned is to ap- 
preciate my family, I've named them 
on the blackboard behind me. I wont 
to thank them all for talking me into 
staying at VMl. A special thanks to my 
parents for paying for school and an- 
other special thanks to my parents for 
telling me their new address after they 
moved back to New Jersey. 

The fourth thing I've learned is that 
VMl isn't all that bad (yes Mom, you 
were right). I have had an interesting 
time here, no different from everyone 
else that has come here. 

The fifth thing learned was, that as 
editor, I had a duty to my class. I hope 
my class is happy with the yearbook, 
because it is their yearbook. The Class 
of '87 is a great bunch of men who are 
unified and individual. I wish all of my 
Brother Rats all the luck in the world! 

Now, about the theme of the book: 
Ken and I were sitting around at the 
end of Second Class year trying to 

come up with something new. So 
many yearbooks in the post have had 
a theme of change at VMl, To be per- 
fectly honest, we were sick of it. Every 
year is different at VMl, nothing is ever 
the same, but at the same time, noth- 
ing changes. I know that doesn't make 
much sense, but any one that has 
come to VMl knows what I mean. We 
wanted something different, special, 
just like the class that we belong to. I 
don't remember who thought of it first, 
but we both developed it. Since our 
Cadetship began, we've been told 
that VMl men ore something special, 
so we decided that our theme would 
be the developing of that man. We 
wanted to describe just how that man 
was formed or better yet, molded. Ev- 
eryone knows that the Ratline is hard, 
but that alone doesn't make the man, 
because many don't come back after 
Rat year. Ring Figure is another step 
towards becoming the VMl man, but it 
isn't until graduation that we become 
true VMl men. Ken and I tried to en- 
compass all that in the '87 BOMB, but 
because of many intangibles, it isn't 
possible to capture the total VMl ex- 
perience on paper. That is where 
good memories come into play. Hope- 
fully the yearbook will serve as a cata- 
lyst in remembering our cadetships 
and not as a replacement of our mem- 

Andrew C. Campi, Editor. 

BOMB staff 439 


The 1987 VMI BOMB, volume 93, was prepared by 
the all cadet staff at the Virginia Military Institute. 
The VMI BOMB is solely cadet run with no assistance 
from any other organization. Under supervision of 
the Office of Cadet Affairs and the VMI Publications 
Board, all proposals and contracts for the publica- 
tion of, and portrait photogrphy in the BOMB were 
secured by the Editor and the ManagingEditor. The 
Editor and Managing Editor are solely responsible for 
the content of the publication. 

The offices of the BOMB are located In the bar- 
racks concourse of the Virginia Military Institute. Of- 
fice hours are 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., and 7:30 p.m. 
to 11:00 p.m. duhng the school year. The phone 
number is (703) 463-9513. All correspondence 
should be sent to The VMI BOMB, P.O. Box 8, Virginia 
Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia 24450. 

PRINTING: The 1987 VMI BOMB was printed by Jos- 
tens Publishing Company in Clarksville, Tennessee. 
The press run for^he BOMB was 1 100 copies. Each of 
the 440 pages of the publication was printed on 80 
lb. Enamel paper, with either single or four-color 
presses. Our local representative was Larry Shewan 
of Waynesboro, Virginia, and our plant agent was 
Shelia Maddox in Clarksville. 

TYPE: Body copy for the BOMB is 13 Avant Garde 
ranging from 7 pt. to 18 pt. Main Headlines were 36 
pt. #17 Italic Garamond type. Division pages were 
48 pt. #47 Italic Benguiat Book type. There are 
seven main dividers and 12 eight page four-color 

COVER: The cover was mounted on 160 lb. binder 
bodrd. The cover was designed by the Managing 
Editor of the '87 BOMB and Is blind embossed with 
the die cut by Jostens. There was a uv coating and 
a hot foil stamp on the spine and the cover. The 
cover color is 'Midnight Blue'. 

STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY: Individual cadet portraits 
found in the Corps section, pages 130-155, and the 
Classes section, pages 162-327, were taken by 
Yearbook Associates of Millers Falls, Massachusetts. 
Individual sittings were conducted during the 
months of September and October, 1986. 

duced on a total operating budget of $49,675.00, 
which Included a total printing bill of $33,000.00. 
Indiviuol copies of the BOMB sold for $25.00 and 50 
complementary copies were distributed among the 
Govenor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Ca- 
det Chain-of-Command, the VMI Publications 
Board, and the VMI Public Information Office. The 
Bomb staff Is solely responsible for the funding and 
distribution of the publication. 

No portion of this publication can be reproduced 
without consent of the Editor of the BOMB and the 
VMI Publications Board.